Korea’s Indoor Seafood Market, Noryangjin for Seafood Lovers 

South Korea is popular for their various fresh seafood. Korean are good at eating seafood. They enjoy it almost on daily basis. If you are also seafood lover, might as well visiting Seoul, precisely Noryangjin, the indoor seafood market in Korea. Noryangjin Fish Market is considered to be the biggest indoor seafood market. You can buy fresh seafood or let the chef prepare them for you. This is a paradise for foodies since you can hunt various seafood dishes fresh from the ocean. 

The interesting points of Noryangjin Fish Market

This place is open 24 hours everyday. There is no holiday for this market so you can visit this place literally anytime. This indoor seafood market has gone through some modernization projects. Currently, the structure of Noryangjin Fish Market consists of eight floors. It houses hundreds of shops. You don’t have to bother remembering the name of the shops since some of them don’t have any. Just enjoy your adventure in this indoor market and find your favorite seafood. 

Seafood volume

There are many interesting facts of this fish market you can learn during your visit. For example, this market alone manages 50% of metropolitan seafood volumes. Around 300 tons marine products are traded on daily basis in this market. The seafood come from various ports around the country. All seafood are fresh and you can get them in cheap price. 

noryangjin fish market korea

Aside from hunting foods, you can also join the excitement of the market. One of the most interesting time is during the auction. To do this, you should come to the market very early. The auctions usually starts at 1 a.m. if you just want to watch the auction, it is fine too. You can see how the locals proceed the auction. It is truly similar to the any other auctions. The marine products are being displayed while the participants bidding. 

Cooked straight out of the tank

Another interesting time when visiting Noryangjin is during food hunting. You can pick the seafood yourself right out the tank. They will prepare you them for you once you made your pick. You can ask the fishmongers to clean seafood you buy so you can just cook them yourself. Or, you can also visit nearby restaurants that cook fresh seafood directly purchased from the market. It is not the fanciest experience but it is fun and exciting. Not to mention that the foods taste extra delicious this way. 

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One of the reasons why Noryangjin is very popular in South Korea is because of the much lower prices of marine products being traded. The price can fall 20-30% below the larger retailers. You should bargain if you want to get seafood in particularly cheap price. Do not get intimidated by the sellers who hold sharp knives. They are not as scary as they look with the knives. They are friendly. It is highly recommended to bring a friend who can speak Korean. However, feeling the buzz of the market yourself will make such a memorable experience.

Bali Tattoo Studio – Why Are There Many Tattoo Places in Canggu?

When you’re looking for Bali tattoo studio to get inked on the island it’s inevitable that you’re going to come across Canggu as a place where many studios or parlors are located. Canggu Bali tattoo has now undoubtedly become a favorite place for many tattoo artists opening up their tattoo shops. The Bali-based tattoo artists are not just from Indonesia, but all over the world as well. But what makes Canggu so interesting? 

bali tattoo artist

Bali tattoo studio Canggu as a new and upcoming destination 

Canggu is a small coastal village that you can easily reach from Seminyak. From the main Sunset Road, it takes only approximately 10 to 15 minutes to reach either by scooter or car. Unlike the overly crowded Kuta and Legian or the upscale Seminyak with its many boutiques, Canggu is so much more laid-back. Many have mentioned that Canggu is so reminiscence of Bali of the old days. This charm of Canggu and its surrounding areas make the place a trendy destinations for those who travel to Bali and seek for less touristy alternatives. 

canggu tattoo bali

Canggu Bali tattoo 

Tattoo artists from all over the world go to Canggu Bali tattoo and establish their own Bali tattoo studio. If you do your research well, you’ll find several established Australian owned tattoo shops Bali that maintains the tattoo standards and hygiene like how it is back home. Aside from Canggu, many tattoo shops can be found in Bali tattoo Seminyak as well. Sure Bali tattoo risks exist but just like in any place where you’re traveling for a tattoo, as long as you protect yourself and conduct your due research, chances are you’re going to be fine. 

studio tattoo in bali

Finding professional Bali tattoo studio in Canggu 

Sure Canggu has a lot of tattoo places. But are those places really run by professional tattoo artist Bali or are they the same as those shady tattoo places in Kuta and Legian? So far from our observation, most of the tattoo studio Bali we saw in Canggu are beautiful studios run by professionals in the industry, far from the cheap, quick-cash image some tattoo parlors in Kuta seemed to perpetuate. However, just like when you’re considering to get a tattoo back home, make sure to always do your due research. 

How to find the best studio tattoo in Bali 

bali tattoo studio

Researching before you make any tattoo deposit should always be a prerequisite whenever you’ve decided to get a tattoo; whether it’s your first time or your many times getting one. Do this after you browse Bali tattoo designs inspirations. It’s always wise to be on the side of cautions rather than feeling sorry for yourself later on. And the best way to go about this is to research!

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As someone who wants to get inked, what can you do? 

  • Find your tattoo artists. Just like when you’re going to tattoo anywhere, find the ones whose style and portfolio speak to you. 
  • Meet your tattoo artist before you strike a deal. 
  • Go to the Bali tattoo studio before you make any kind of deposit or say yes to any deal. Being present in the tattoo studio in person is something invaluable that will help you decide whether a tattoo place is worth your investment or not. 

The Value Of Sustainable Travel

You may have heard a lot about tourist being disrespectful during their trip. There also have been travel destinations where the locals ban the visitor to enter their place due to problematic and unruly tourists. This kind of behavior during travel is so saddening because the value of travel has become meaningless. The purpose of having travel or trip is to educate. Through travelling, we learn more a bit about something related to the place we visit be it the historical or cultural value of the locals, to the nature. Therefore, you understand them more and know how to respect and preserve them. Sustainable travel has been encouraged to help preserve nature and respect the locals. 

The Value Of Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel for positive tourists behavior

Sustainable travel or ecotourism is meant as a learning experience for everyone both the tourist and the residents. Remember that when you know more about something, you grow fonder. You are filled with more adoration. Therefore, it is illogical to behave unruly because it is the activity where you get to know the place more. 

More understanding to local’s life

By travelling, you learn more about the tradition, the culture, and lifestyle of the locals. You also learn how natural resources are what they are relied on. Therefore, it brings you more understanding. Travelling is supposed to make you appreciate the beauty of the surroundings even more. Thus, visual appeal is not the only thing you appreciate when travelling. When you reach deeper level of understanding, you will become more protected of it. There is a sense of responsibility to help preserve those beautiful aspects of nature and the people living in it. 

Doesn’t mean free of responsibility

There are many reasons why some tourists behave unruly and uncontrollable during their travel. Most of the times, they feel like free from any responsible they have at home. They feel like gaining unlimited freedom and excitement which make them behave irresponsibly. Instead of protecting, they tend to disrupt or damage the nature as a form of admiration. Unruly behavior conducted by tourists often bring physical and emotional stress to the nature and the locals. There have been many travel destinations destroyed by tourism activities. It endangers the balance of the ecosystem. 

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Take time to understand the impact of sustainable travel

The Value Of Sustainable Travel

What you do when travelling can result in either good or bad impact to the planet as well as the well-being of the people. Therefore, it is important to understand the value and the benefit of sustainable travel. There are harms and pains caused by unruly behavior of tourists. Some are fixable and some are not. When we don’t practices the principles of sustainable travel, animal suffer from it. They are often caged and forced to do performance to entertain tourists. Thus, make sure to choose the type of travel you want to do that help promote nature’s sustainability. 

Preventing destructive habits

Destructive habits can be prevented when we choose sustainable travel. It helps to prevent from negative impacts the nature and the locals often have to suffer from unruly behaviors. Therefore, it is time to turn into eco-friendly alternatives for a trip which still enjoyable for you.

How to Make Your Home Looks Expensive with Few Pieces of Luxury Home Decor

Almost every dream of homeowner is having a cosy home that evoke the looks of fancy and luxury. No matter what your preference is—rustic, simple, urban modern, glamour, or whatever—you want your home to look classy. However, the dreams could be a little difficult to achieve when you only have budget for one or two fancy item. This might sound like a dream breaker, while in reality you can create a chic home with few pieces of high end brands. The key is building a solid base with a set of essential luxury home decor — the rest is creativity!

How to Make Your Home Looks Expensive with Few Pieces of Luxury Home Decor

Find One or Two Basic Luxury Home Decor

If you want the word ‘luxe’ popped up in the mind of anyone who enter your house, you need to incorporate high ends materials in your furnitures where you can. Think about materials that screams expensive; leather, golds, teak wood, marble, crystal, silver—anything that either shiny or antique. Find the one that match your personal style and buy just some luxury home decor in that material. A dark teakwood chest with marble top, for example, can be perfectly paired with half sized wall mirror.

Now, this is a solid base to establish grandeur design in your living room. Not every item in your house has to come with a price tag, so find accessories from more affordable places. You can just add a standing lamp with golden accent for continuity in one side of the table, a vase of roses in another side, and a stash of books in the centre. Give a little statue or book holder for decoration if you like—you can get it from chain store to thrift shop. Voila, now you have an overall fancy looking cabinet that’s enough for an entry way or living room corner. 

How to Make Your Home Looks Expensive with Few Pieces of Luxury Home Decor

This luxury home decor pairing can happen with other items, too. Think of glam up your entire living room with just a pair of chandelier and soft area rugs underneath. You can also work with a pair of high end sofas and coffee table and decorate it with more affordable blankets, vase, and rugs. Just think about the base that you can afford and build with. 

Invest on Standing/ Table Lamps for Balanced Lighting

Wanna know the key of making a room feel upscale? The key is on the lighting. Don’t rely on your overhead lighting. The light coming from central overhead lighting could come quite harsh or even too dimmed. Balance your lighting by spreading it out. Have a standing lamp or table lamp in the room to give a more welcoming ambience.

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A Large Print for Statement Art

How to Make Your Home Looks Expensive with Few Pieces of Luxury Home Decor

One pf the piece that will instantly lift the mood in the room is a frame of art. Know that keeping the art to just one to two pieces is important to create an illusion of lavish space. If you go for gallery, the space will look rather cluttered—it works for pure rustic and antique designs, though. You don’t really need a luxury piece of home decor for this, though. Just go for solid-coloured frame and a photo or painting that speaks meaning to you. Print it on 8×10 and hang it in a frame one size bigger to evoke the high-end feeling. 

A Piece of Luxury Home Decor in the Table

The table on living or dining room often become the centre of attention. Invest one or two piece of luxury home decor for your table to create stronger sumptuous design. You can play with a mirrored tray, tae statues in glass, silver, or any glossy colour, brass candlesticks, or a vase in matching theme. The key is having small candle on the table and let the light bounced around the reflective furnitures.

How To Make Your Business Ideas Standout

Competition in business industry can be hard and daunting. That’s why business is not for the weak. When you decide to get involved in business, you should be prepared with various challenges including the competition. Of course, it can be unhealthy to put your focus solely on your competitors. It can make you lose your your aim. However, it is not something to be ignored as well because you don’t want to be left behind and only receive the leftover. Your business growth and survival are vitals. That’s why, knowing what you can do to defeat your competitors can be good for your business as long as you don’t lose your focus and let yourself lose in the process.

How To Make Your Business Ideas Standout

Creating better ideas than your competitors

In order for your business to grow, you have to be creative and innovative. It is not easy because sometimes creativity is not enough. Your creative ideas should make great impact in order for your business to standout. What you can do to make better business ideas than your competitors?

Do not lose yourself in competitive space

Your eagerness to beat your competitors can make you lose your focus and limit your way of thinking. What you can do to create better ideas is focus. Instead of adding some new features or make a better version of your products and services, it is better to focus on tailoring or tweaking existing features to an undeserved group within the same market. This can earn your brand a unique point. See, your focus should be on customers. This will lead you to have better and better ideas which result in your business to become better than your competitors. 

How To Make Your Business Ideas Standout

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Next thing to do to have better business ideas and execute them better than your competitors is pay attention to the positioning. Your business must have its own position in the market. It starts with your brand and target customers. Understanding the market is the first thing to do to position properly. When you understand your position in the market, you will be able to analyze every data from your research and turn it into something that can benefit your business. This will help you to deliver the right message to the right target. Instead of focus on your competitors, you should focus on your positioning. This will lead you to brilliant ideas because you focus on what’s good for your business. 

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Take inspiration from technology

Take advantage of technology to earn inspiration so you can come up with brilliant business ideas. To present different from your competitors, you should personalize your ideas into something that can earn your brand personality positive remarks. Personalize your existing features using the advanced technology. It is more efficient and effective. However, do not forget to also incorporate human touch to your features. This can be what makes your ideas different from your competitors in a good way. Of course, this strategy should go hand in hand with putting your focus on the right thing and paying attention to the right positioning. 

Here’s What You Need to Do During Your Time in Surf Camp Spain

The Iberian Peninsula is known to be home of the best waves in Europe. Combined with rich culture, historical heritage, awesome city, sunny weather and delicious food, Spain emerge as one of prime surfing destination in the world. You can practically come to Spain, stay at one of the surf camp and have some surf at any time of the year. Beginners would love the waves during summer to early autumn, while intermediate and advanced will find their challenge during spring and autumn, when the swells are bigger and the beach emptier. Professionals and record-breakers come around winter as the the swells are huge are more powerful. The España is perfect for your surf gateway, and these are the must-dos you need to try in the meantime. 

Here’s What You Need to Do During Your Time in Surf Camp Spain

Trying Different Beach Each Day 

You are in one of the most popular surfing destinations in Europe! And if you come around May to September, you can practically surf at any beach in the country. One of the best way to do this is by staying at a surf camp Spain that offer surf excursions. They will lay out the schedule for you, they will have professionals to give you a guided surf tour at those beaches, and they will arrange all the transportation. We love this mode of surf excursion as it’s more laid-back and way safer. Because we have a professional to explain the characteristic of the swells, currents, weather, and everything at every surf spot. Also, choosing a handful of appropriate surf sites that match with our level and skill set among hundreds of beach option could be quite overwhelming. But you can always do it independently if you want to have a more authentic surf holidays!

Pick Up Some Spanish on Surf Camp Spain 

Spanish is one of the most sexiest language in the world, so why don’t you learn some words while you are there? A lot of surd camp Spain we know offer language class. It’s a good opportunity to add some skills! Also, Spanish won’t only make you look cooler when you return home. It’s one of four most spoken languages in the world, which will come useful one day. 

Learn Kite Surfing

Here’s What You Need to Do During Your Time in Surf Camp Spain

What’s better than surfing? Kit surfing of course! You can’t just do kit surfing anywhere. A lot of surfing destination in the world cannot offer this experience. They might not have the equipment, the license, or the right weather to support this sport. So if your surf camp Spain have this activity on the list, be sure to not miss it. Most of the time, kite surfing will charge extra price outside of the package, though. So be prepared. 

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Eat Free Tapas and Learn to Make Some at Surf Camp Spain 

What’s the point of coming all the way to Spain if you don’t get to taste the free tapas?! Going tor Tapas is one of the quintessential of life in Spain. You will need to pay for decent price for the best tapas, but Granada and few other cities are known to give free tapas that come with your order of drinks! Your surf camp Spain will also serve tapas at some point (if not every other day). This is an awesome way to experience a slice of Spanish’s authentic culture (quite literally). If your surf camp offer tapas cooking class, don’t think twice and sign up for it. You will come back home being able to create a tapas and that’s one of the coolest thing ever. 

Visit the Games of Thrones Set 

Here’s What You Need to Do During Your Time in Surf Camp Spain

While you are in Spain, why don’t you visit some of the cities that were used as set of HBO’s most popular series Game of Thrones? The Girona city is known for its small, medieval village that will instantly take you back in time. If you are a huge Game of Thrones fans, you will find it familiar with the King’s Landing, the capital city of Westeros’ Seven Kingdoms. If you have plenty of free time and are Game of Thrones enthusiast, you will be delighted to check out dozens of other set of the series that scattered all across Spain.

Learn More Common Injuries From Hiking

Hiking is great activity to relieve some stress because being close to the nature do wonder to your body and mind. However, outdoor recreation such as trekking, climbing, including hiking entails risks. It is highly possible to get injured even if you are already careful enough. There are many factors that can put your safety at risk during hiking such as bad weather, remote locations, and unexpected dangerous situations. 

Learn More Common Injuries From Hiking

How to prevent and handle hiking injuries

It is important to do standard precaution before taking outdoor recreation like hiking. Packing proper essentials and the right equipment is a must to avoid injuries. Even if you get injured, those essentials will help prevent from severe injuries. Here are most common hiking injuries and how to overcome them:

Muscle cramps

Muscle cramping may not be life-threatening but bring absolute discomfort to pain. You cannot continue your hike if your muscle cramps still there. The most common factors causing muscle cramps is dehydration. Thus, prevent it by drinking plenty of water. It is also important to warm-up before hiking and do some stretching. If you experience muscle cramps during hiking, take a break and stretch your muscle. Refuel your body by drinking water. Apply muscle cramp reliever cream to the affected area. 

Sprained or twisted ankles

Learn More Common Injuries From Hiking

Sprained or twisted ankles is also highly possible to happen during hiking. The activity requires you to walk through various kind of trails. Sometimes, the trails are dangerous and contain various hazards. Make sure to wear proper footwear for hiking. Carry stabilizer that can help balance your steps. If it still happens, take a break and asses your ankle. If it swells, take a proper rest before continuing your journey. Make ankle brace to secure your foot properly and prevent from further injury. 

Extreme fatigue or exhaustion

Extreme fatigue or exhaustion is also common during hiking since it is considered strenuous outdoor activity. It strains your body at some level. The most common causes of severe exhaustion or fatigue is lack of nutrition and dehydration. To prevent it, drink plenty of water and have some snacks (granola bars, candies, fruits, etc) to keep you energized and hydrated. If it still happens, take a longer break before continue.

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Learn More Common Injuries From Hiking

Sunburn may be considered as common injury fro any type of outdoor activities including hiking. It can make you restless during your sleep due to the discomforts. Wear proper outfit for hiking. Also, make sure to apply sunblock or sunscreen thoroughly over your body. Reapply it every two hours. If you forget all those precautions and experience severe sunburn, apply gel or cream containing Aloe Vera. It has soothing effect. 

Bug bites

Other most common injuries may happen during hiking are bug bites and blisters. Those bring discomfort and can go severe without proper treatment. Apply athletic tape and keep your feet dry to prevent from blisters. Apply bug or insect repellent before hiking. If you still experience blisters, apply antibiotic ointment, utilize a band-aid then layer it with athletic tape. If you still have bug bites on your skin, apply calamine lotion to reduce the discomforts.

Best Diving Plan in Bali

With perfect currents and warm, nutrient rich waters, the world beneath the water in Bali blooms with marine life. Bali house more than thirty world renown dive sites that has been coveted as one of best diving destination in the world. Combined with the affordable living costs and easy transportation between locations, diving holiday in Bali come as a no brainer for anyone who are interested in underwater exploration. If you want a perfect dive holiday in this island, here’s how you plan it. 

Best Diving Plan in Bali

What Are You Going For? 

What is your intention on the dive trip? Are you interested more in photographing ocean critters or swimming with the majestic Manta Ray? Do you come specifically to see the rare and bizzare Mola Mola sunfish? Or are you comfortable with any options and just want to see what Bali has to offer? Your initial thought before coming to the island will largely shape your diving experience. Make sure you know what you want because Bali has DIVERSE dive sites—each having its own uniqueness. Some sites are abundant with corals and critters, while some are perfect for adrenaline-pump drift diving. If you come for Mola Mola and Manta Ray, you have to travel to Nusa Penida, in specific time time of the year, when the fish will be in season. If you truly want to experience the best diving in Bali, do your research. 

Which Diving Sites in Bali is Best for You?

Which Diving Sites in Bali is Best for You?

Knowledge is power. Even when you have choose the dive sites that you actually want to visit, try to Google up their characteristic. See how’s the currents, the marine life, techniques you might need, as well as the entry and exit point of the dive site. This will help you plan the dive in detail. But if you want it easy maybe you can sign up for an arranged dive trip with some of the best diving operator in Bali. They will do the calculation and detailed planning for you. 

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What Will the Maximum Depth and Duration Be?

We cannot stress this enough. Always plan the maximum depth and duration in your every dive. Every. Single. Time. Everyone has personal bottom time and depth limits, and you should know yours. Having a dive computer can make it a lot simpler; you just need to put it on, take the plunge,  dive into the depth you want, and hang around until the computer tell you to resurface. However, you still need to get your personal calculation right. Don’t lose the mastery of the basic just because you have a dive computer to help. 

Best Outdoor Spaces in London You Should Visit

London is already known as urban city as well as favorite travel destination. However, London recently became a National Park City. It is said to be the first in the world. It is a campaign to make visitors have healthier, greener and wilder experience during their visit. Well, London is more than an urban metropolis. There are many outdoor spaces full of lush garden and parks which considered this city to be green. At the peak of green season, you will even get to see the contrast between lush and tall trees in the open spaces with the modern buildings around the city. 

Recommended outdoor spaces to explore in London

Visiting London for your holiday can be a great idea especially if you are into green travel. There are gardens and parks you can explore during your visit. Here are several of them:

King’s Wood is located in South London. It is an open space covering 147 acres. It is actually an ancient woodland which full of captivating scenery. There is also evidence of Iron Age infrastructure that has been found here. The place is not only historical but also magical with its beautiful, luscious trees and plants. It is a great place to explore to promote relaxation. 

Chiswick House Garden is also highly recommended open space in London to visit. The gardens are beautiful and has that effect that can make you feel calm and relaxed. One of the most notable things from this garden is the presence of Atlantic blue cedar trees. Some of them were originated in Lebanon. For your information, this place was also used as filming location for the Beatles’s music videos. 

Primrose Hill is located in Central London. It is one of the most important green spaces in London. This is a great space to spend your family vacation. The park is spacious and is designed for an urban space. Thus, you can still see the sight lines to the city’s key landmarks. 

Abney Park Cemetery is located in Stoke Newington. It may sound morbid to have an outdoor trip to a cemetery. However, this place is more than that. This open space offer serene environment along with old, big trees. This park was originally a burial ground indeed. However, it was closed in 1970. However, it didn’t stop the area to flourish a wild-environment. Variety of plants and fungi are also thrived in this park even the rare ones. Not to mention that you get to see rare buglife and birdlife as well. 

Battersea Park is located in Wandsworth. This open space is historic and human-crafted. This urban park has varied use covering 200 acres. It was precisely located on the south bank of the Thames. This park was open in 1858 and has various spots including memorials, playing fields, bowling greens and bandstands, protected wild woodland, beautiful lakes, open spaces, and more. This park truly looks magical especially when the sun shining through the gaps between the trees.

How to set the house rules for Seminyak private villa Bali?

Rental property such as Seminyak private villa Bali is a promising business that is started to flourish in recent years. Particularly important is the development of an online booking system that enables the property owner to benefit well while the renters do not really pay for a high price. However, managing a rental property is not as easy as you imagined. It requires a series of complicated processes that include things such as contracts, maintenance, supplies, etc. If you want to be a good owner of a rental property business, you can learn and prepare it from now on. As one of the most important things in this business, the house rules are the basic thing to set and here is how to do it.

Seminyak private villa Bali with a private pool and living room semi outdoor.

Leave a friendly welcome note at Seminyak private villa Bali

Welcome notes are very important to create the first impressions after the guest arriving at your property. These notes consist of nice words to make your guests feel most welcomed and comfortable. In addition to that, a friendly welcome note can also be a strong attention catcher and a great way of making an added value of your Seminyak private villa Bali. Most importantly, this note can improve the effectivity of the other notes. In this case, the set of house rules. So, this friendly welcome note is just quasi an introduction to the actual house rules.

Create a house map and general rules

In order to make your guests obey the rules you have created, you should give some information to help them know and understand the condition in and around your Seminyak private villa Bali. This can be done by providing a house map hanged on the wall. House map and general house rules are two very correlating things. For instance, if one point of the house rules said to ensure closing all windows before leaving the property. The house map will make the guests understand where all those windows are located and they can do the command easily. This also applies to other things such as rules for property inventory and electronic devices.

Make a priority of your guests’ safety

It is very important to make your guests feel cared for. A set of good house rules must pay attention not only to the interest of the owner but also to the guests. In fact, the guests’ safety must be your priority in setting the house rules. You should make bold of the house rules related to the critical areas such as children’s playground, kitchen, parking lot, balcony, and swimming pool. These areas could be the major risk zone for all guests. For instance, a balcony could be dangerous in bad weather and therefore the guest must ensure to close its door or deck to avoid being struck by lightning and also to avoid the breakage of the Seminyak private villa Bali.