Leave the Beach, Escape to the Cool Air in Bali

When you are thinking about Bali, it’s almost guarantee that you gonna be thinking about playing in the sunny beaches or lounging on the poolside. But have you ever heard about the cold places you can visit in Bali?

While mainstream tourists are busy roaming Kuta and other south part of the island (where the sun is!), the northern part remain calm and hide their beauty under the thin fog. Enjoying the day under the sun is great, but it feel nice to have fresher air to breathe and cool breeze to blow your skin sometimes. This time, leave your bikinis and short pants. Take your long sleeves and let’s wander to underrated Bali’s colder places.

Ubud: Tegallalang Rice Terraces and Healthy Living

bali terrace field

Though still a tourist hub, Ubud holds special place for many. This is the starting point of your journey. Famous for its soothing greens and grounded living, Ubud is the place where you will get more connected to nature. While you can find vast rice paddies here and there, one of them is just extraordinary and almost magical. Tegallalang rice terraces is just breathtakingly awesome. This is not your ordinary rice paddies. Every levels of the rice fields holds sacred philosophy of Balinese Hinduism. If you wish to feel tranquility, visit Tegallalang early in the morning, where the air is still pure and rays of sun lights radiating between palm trees, creating an almost magical scenery.

Other than that, Ubud is also primary destination for healthy-living and raw eating enthusiast. A paradise of vegan and vegetarians, you can start your venture of finding the best raw meals among hundreds of nature-conscious restaurant in Ubud.

Bedugul: Bedugul Botanical Garden & Pura Ulun Danu

botanical garden Bali

Up a little more to the north, you will notice that the air is much cooler and you might want to sling your scarf to give you little warmth. Bedugul, a small city near Lake Bratan, sits in the center-north of the Island, 1.500m high from sea level. You will find that the climate here is slightly different than down at the south. Thin fogs hanging on the air, and sometimes light rain falls.

Bedugul Botanical Garden, the biggest botanical garden in Indonesia, of course make it to the top-list destination during your time here. You’ll never get tired of endless lush green surrounding the area. Thousands of mature trees from various kind, grassed hills, bushes lawns, and specific garden designed for specific type of plants make up this area. You can take a very instagrammable photos inside Cactus & Succulent greenhouse, riding between the woods, or just laying around in grassed hills, taking time to relax.

Pura Ulun Danu Beratan is also amazing place to visit. After some time hiking up by carm you will be granted by fascinating view of a Ulun Danu temple, stands gracefully in the middle of the lake, reflecting the clear blue sky above. The calm lake granted you soothing scenery and fresher air to breathe.

Surrounded by greeneries up in the mountainous area surely will be a fresher option for your holiday.  

A Must Visit Destinations Near Bali Villas For Traveller

Bali villas have become a popular and trendy accommodation for tourists, especially foreign tourists. The development of Bali tourism is growing with the support of all potential aspects that optimize.

Ranging from culture, a uniqueness of customs, beautiful nature and beaches premises with well-managed potential with various packaging. This is what makes Bali increasingly popular and included in the top ranks of world tourist destinations.  

Bali Villas

Foreign tourists usually visit Bali for 1-2 months, they know that renting a long-term residence is a wise choice to cut a budget. Bali villas are increasingly developed for foreign tourists who work or vacation for long periods. The facilities offered are complete and able to provide comfort.

Feel Free To Choose Your Bali Villas Location

Hundreds and even thousands of Bali villa list of interesting with different designs.  Ranging from minimalist, modern to the design with the feel of Bali presented with all the fittings to meet the needs of the tourist.

Each area in Bali has many interesting places to visit, ranging from coastal strikes in Seminyak area, holy temples at Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, spot diving in Amed, Tulamben, and many others. Especially in the area of Seminyak, you can enjoy a row of cafes, bars, or the amazing  hangout place to enjoy your after dark.

When deciding which part of Bali you are going to visit, it is important to consider your accommodation. In fact,  villas is an accommodation that attracts many foreign tourists to spend their long time in Bali.

Bali villas are increasingly popular that built in a large area and perfect accommodation for families, groups, honeymoon, or those who want a peaceful holiday. Bali villa rental keeps you immersed in culture and uniqueness during your stay.

Other areas such as Ubud, offering silence and relaxation to rejuvenate the soul so that the perfect place for meditation or yoga, If you notice, there are many yoga and meditation training offerings in the quiet and cool area of Ubud.

Discover the beauty, serenity, and uniqueness of Bali Villas with a combination of modernization that provides fun and exciting night in Seminyak. This is the best moment that is perfect for you and unforgettable when you spend time in Bali.


5 Exotic Animals You Can See During Your Marine Adventure in Bali

Lies in the equator, tropical climate of Bali invites thousands exotic marine life to life under its sea. Some might be difficult to find in colder water, such as Europe or American water. Aside from pretty corals in beautiful hues of red, purple, orange, and yellow, you will find yourself fascinated by an attractive marine safari scenery, more captivating than any other zoo you ever visit.

5 Exotic Animals You Can See During Your Marine Adventure in Bali

Bali’s reef site is home to thousands different species of sea life. Some of them are stars of diving spots in Bali, such as Mantas and Mola-Mola fish, which are hugely popular among divers. While you are swimming among the swarms of fishes in Bali, here are five exotic marine animals you can  encounter.

  1. Ray Mantas

Nusa Penida, being Bali’s one prime diving destination, is famous for being a Manta Ray point. Divers from all across the world patiently wait for this majestic fish to reveal itself. This gentle giants are often seen swimming—almost like flying with its huge fin—with school of cleaner fish busy plucking parasites on its skin. Manta, remarkable for being friendly and curious around human, are easy to witness within the clear blue water.

  1. Mola Mola or Sun fish

Seeing Mola Mola has been in nearly every diver’s wish list. In fact, its one of the main attraction of the marine safaris in Bali. How not to be? This enormous puffy fish is very adorable. Commonly referred as Sun fish, this large ball of cuteness commonly lives in deep ocean. When it comes to the season (around July – October), Mola-Mola will spend most of its time in the surface, getting sun rays as much as they can. However, it can be quite hard to reach the diving site where Mola-Mola lives, and you are lucky to get a glimpse of them.

  1. Turtles

One of the big stuff to see in Bali is the turtles! You can find three species of turtles living in Bali; the green turtles, leatherback, and the hawksbill turtle. This large reptiles appears very calm and peaceful, almost like a zen among thousand busy fishes. Hanging out with the turtles in the wild is one of the coolest thing you can do while diving in Bali.

  1. Nudibranch

Moving from large creatures, nudibranch might be the one who you want to meet next. Popular among macro underwater photography, this magnificent sea slug is famous for its translucent and colorful soft bodies. They come on almost every color combination you can imagine, strikingly beautiful among the world of blue

  1. Reef Sharks

Can you see sharks in Bali? Of course you can! For a more adventurous diving, the underwater world of Bali offers the famous Whitetip reef sharks spotting. They commonly swim across the coral reefs (hence their name) and generally harmless. Don’t worry, they are commonly not interested by your presence, unless provoked.

Though it can be exciting to meet them in the wildlife, be warned as some of them might require higher diving skills. Consult with your diving center before making the marine trip to ensure a totally safe, memorable experience!


A Commoners Guide for Totally Unusual Trip in Bali

Do you think Bali is only synonymous with beaches and surfs? Behold, wanderers! Bali treasures much more hidden beauty if you are willing to step a little farther than the shoreline. Forget the beaches and the shops. Out to the beaten track, you will encounter stunning hidden places that will makes your travel log out of the ordinary.

A Commoners Guide for Totally Unusual Trip in Bali

  1. Find Serenity in Pura Lempuyang, the Temple Above the Clouds

Located in Karangasem, this temple is best described as secluded. You need to ascend several sets of stairs before reaching the main gate, and the view is downright wonderful. Described by many as Stairway to Heaven, you will quickly realized that you are almost as high as the clouds, with Mt. Agung towering before you.

  1. Strolling around Ubud’s signature terrace paddy fields

Ubud’s soothing atmosphere thickens as you go up to the hills until reaching enormous layers of green paddies. Go at dusk or dawn to capture the serene rays of sun falling gracefully to the terraces of paddies.

  1. Discover Hidden Waterfall

Bali treasures a number of hidden waterfalls deep inside its forests. Pull your adventurous soul out, and go hike! Sambangan, Northern Bali, holds some of the most beautiful waterfall in the Island. You can choose between Banyumala Twin Waterfall, where two flows of water stream down right into a turquoise lake, surrounded by green jungle, or Secret Garden Waterfall, where you can jump from the waterfalls right into calm blue lagoon beneath. Look up also to Aling-Aling waterfall, Like Beke Waterfall, and the most romantic waterfall among all, Sing-Sing Waterfall in Lovina.

  1. See the first sunrise in Mount Batur

Watching the sun peeking up between the clouds feels significantly different than the one at the beach. You’ll need to wake up hours before dawn, and take two hours hike to the top of Mount Batur. After some sweat and tired legs, however, you will be greeted by one of the most stunning view possible. Watch the dark sky of the night, sparkling with constellation of stars, slowly turns into soft hues of pink and purple, and finally warmed by layers of oranges before the stars are completely disappears into the light. Definitely an ultimate kick to start the day.

  1. Soak in Natural Hot Water Spring, Kintamani

If you think Bali is just hot and sunny, you definitely need to chill at Kintamani. Sits in the feet of Mount Batur, you’ll get plenty of cool, fresh air, and have selections of hot springs available. Indulge yourself in hot spring retreat to calm your mind and soothe your body. Spend some good hours inside this therapeutic thermal waters to give your body a healthy dose of natural remedy.

  1. Paddling a boat across Bedugul Lake

Aside from surfing, this is one kind of water sport that you can do in a much calmer water. Located at the central highlands of Bali, Lake Beratan is most popular with the locals rather than overseas tourists. It’s easy to get absorbed with the cool air, view of greenery and the mountain. A temple stands near at one of the side lake, marking this lake as one of the sacred sites in Bali. You can reach this temple by speed boats or paddling one by yourself.

  1. Pay a visit to the dead at Trunyan Cemetery

How does visiting the dead sounds to you? You’re gonna encounter one of the most grotesque cemetery ever. Villagers at Trunyan are living the Old Bali, much different than the rest of the Islands. Instead of cremating the dead, a common practice among Hindu Balinese, they left their dead family just in the open air under Taru Mayan Tree (A beautifully scented tree). Seeing bones and skulls lying peacefully will gives you a whole different perspective of death.


Top 5 Bali Cuisine You Must Try on Your Next Visit

Talking about the natural beauty of Bali will result to no end. Now’ it’s time for adventure in another field. Yes for food! During your travel in Bali, it’s mandatory to try out their local cuisine, some of them are sooo good they’ll leave you with everlasting impression.

Top 5 Bali Cuisine You Must Try on Your Next Visit

1. Satay! Pork or fish

Whenever you visit Bali, trying their satay is an ultimate must! Usually they sell their satay in a small stall at sidewalks. Most of the stalls are selling pork satay, unless they specifically that it’s a chicken. If you are lucky, you can find good seller whose satays are soft and juicy.

Bali, however, has its specialty satay, the locally famous Satay Lilit (Twisted Satay). Unlike any other satay, where the meats are minced in cubes, Satay Lilit uses ground chicken/ pork/ fish meats marinated with coconut and Balinese distinct spices. These dense mixture is then twisted and twined around a thin bamboo stick before grilled, resulting in a very rich smokey flavor of tender meat. Try it!

2. Suckling Pig

Sucking pig (Babi Guling) is ridiculously popular among both locals or tourists. A whole pig seasoned with turmeric and then filled with a lot more seasons: coriander, lemongrass, garlic, chili, and many other Indonesian seasoning, before roasted for hours at coconut husks, resulting in a tender and flavorful meat. As other main islands in Indonesia are majorly occupied by the moslems, who you won’t find Suckling Pig in any other places than Bali.

3. All vegan food

The Balinese was divided into some hierarchy culture, and those belongs to the priests are forbidden to eat any kind of meat. That’s why vegan and vegetarian dishes are blooming  in Bali, especially at Ubud. Vegan restaurants are always within reach—from modest vegan warungs (food stall) upscale restaurant. Wide variety of vegan foods are available at your choice; the simple smoothie in a bowl, the traditional gado-gado salad (mixed vegetables, tempe, and tofu with peanut butter dressing), or fancy mix of raw food you mostly see in Instagram or health channel. Bali is a true paradise for vegan and vegetarian food.

4. Seafood

A must when you are around Jimbaran, the seafood here is just beyond amazing. Jimbaran beach has long famous for its fresh seafood, and they have grow a lot at its serving. Even though western-style serving are widely available, you should try the local version. Their grilled fish with chili sauce (sambal) is a winner, but the other dishes will tempt you too. Try fried fishes with Dabu-Dabu or other traditional sauce which will leave your palate with wonderful aftertaste. Other than fishes, you can always choose wide range of shrimps, calamari, lobsters, clams, crabs, and many other seafood in various seasoning.

5. Gelato (and its friends)

Gelato is always a good idea at any day in Bali.  The hot and humid climate here is perfect for a cup of gelato, sherbets, and ice cream. Gelato stall is a common sight in Bali, you can even begin a quest to find the most delicious gelato in town. Balinese gelato gallerias has awesome job in incorporating local fruits and delicacies into their product. Forgot the classic vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry; try the distinct tropical flavor that’s almost impossible to find at any other places such as lemongrass, kemangi (local basil), soursop, dragonfruit, coconut pandan, to bamboo charcoal. Be wild!

Diving for Dummy: What You Need to Prepare Before Taking Your First Dip

So, you have decided to leave your fear and put diving in your next trip to Bali. After all, who can resist the temptation to see directly clown fishes peeking from anemone, the ever-graceful Manta Ray “flying” in vast ocean, and other awesome marine life right before your eyes?

Diving for Dummy: What You Need to Prepare Before Taking Your First Dip

Yet, preparation could be overwhelming, especially for the rookie. Behold beginners, this is what you need to prepare if you have never been diving before.


Know your suit. Commonly, there are three types of suits that available at the market based on its thickness, ranging from 3mm, 5mm, to 7mm thick. If you are wondering what’s the difference, it’s the water you’re going to enter. The colder the water is, the thicker your wetsuit should be to protect you from the cold. In tropical climate such as Bali, however, the water is much more warmer. Your diving suit also need to be tight, but is still comfortable for moving.

Dive Mask

One of the most important gear you need to pay attention is, indeed, your dive mask. This is the instrument that will ensure your ability to keep breathing. Never take a dive mask that’s too loose for you. It should sit snuggly at your face so you can inhale properly.


Are you going to take photos of the underwater life? Most certainly you are, as an underwater exploration is quite a rare trip to have. Moreover, this is your first time seeing the wonderful aquatic life! However, know the depth of your diving location. Most underwater cameras could go up to 10 – 20 m, and beginner divers usually are just permitted to dive as deep as 10 – 15m with direct supervision.


Nobody likes getting sunburn. After busy preparing your diving kits, it’s easy to forget this little one. You gonna spend hours at open water, and be sure to slap enough sunscreen to your face to protect it from sun radiation.

Get used with the water

Even though some scuba diving center accepts a total novice—those who totally cannot swim—it’s still better to get your body used to the environment. Try to practice swimming pool before your appointment day. After all, you gonna spend a lot of time deep below the surface, so at least you can feel more secure during your first diving.

Your Health

Diving, just like swimming, burns a lot of calories. That’s why you need to prime up your body with enough healthy food and sleep before your first dive in the next day. Under any circumstances, do not get drunk before diving. Avoid alcohol, as it can dehydrate your body (and your body is going to need a lot of water when diving, so make sure you drink plenty of water before!)

Keep Your Mental On Check

It’s easy to get panic attack when you were forced to breathe differently, in a nature you are totally not familiar with. You might experience the urge to go up to the surface, but just don’t. You need to keep calm at any cost during underwater trip to avoid fatal mistakes. Whenever you feel nervous, just grab your instructor—s/he knows what to do.

The Ultimate Reasons Why You Should Try Diving in Bali

For most people, Bali is all about beaches, surfing, shopping exotic goods, walking under the sunny sky, or swimming during a hot day. Some adventurous folks may take further steps exploring hidden caves or rice terrace far from hot tourists hub. But have it crossed your mind about taking a journey deep under the land?

The Ultimate Reasons Why You Should Try Diving in Bali

The beauty of Bali stretched from craters of the majestic Mount Agung to the riverbed of its ocean. And this is the reason why you need to include diving in Bali your bucket list for your next holiday:

  1. Otherworldly Experience

Obviously, you are entering an another world once you jump from the boat. You are going to witness entirely different ecosystem, a world where most of its creatures are not breathing from lungs and air. Below the surface, everything is at bluish hue, with greatly diverse marine life in any colors you can imagine.

Diving is very different from walking on earth—it almost feels like flying. Under the sea, space fills all around you, above and below. You’ll get to places by moving your body instead of walking, feeling like you are almost weightless.

  1. Refreshment from A Crowded, Touristy Area

Diving is a very specific activity—not all people has diving in mind. Only true diving enthusiast or those who really want to give it a try will go for diving. While you went into diving spot, it might only be you and your instructor—or your travel group, within the vast blue ocean. You will be able to enjoy all the breathtaking beauty of the ocean, all the details of each corals, or take as many photos as you want (as long as your oxygen tank permits) in total liberty.

  1. A Chance to See What Others Cannot

Your furthest experience of seeing a Manta Ray or Big Turtle might only extend to Discovery Channels—or Finding Nemo. Here in Bali, you have the chance to see the marvelous Manta Ray crossing above you, swimming composedly. And your friends will only got to hear it from you.

  1. Watch How (Aquatic) Nature Take Over Giant Ship

A once majestic ship serving at World War II, USST Liberty, has turned into a home of thousands vibrant corals, variety of tropical reef fish, and great barrel sponges. After spending some decades sunken under the water, you will see how the sea quickly birthed a healthy coral garden within this wreck.

And this cool spot belongs to one of the easiest diving spot in Bali, it’s even highly recommended for beginner who just get to dive for the first time! In fact, this is the easiest wreck that you access as it sits in just shallow water.

  1. Take A Rare Trip to Underwater Temple

Rooting from its thick religious culture, Bali took Pura—temples—as one of its major icon, You might have visited the famous Uluwatu or Tanah Lot Temple, but have you seen the underwater one? At Pemuteran, you will get a very rare chance to swim among the religious statues and feel a very intense sense of tranquility that you might not able to feel up the land.

So, are you adventurous enough to take a dive in Bali?