Visit Underwater Museum for Your Next Travel Plan

Visiting museum is often included in your itinerary while travelling. This is like a must thing to do when you visit a travel destination. Visiting a museum is a great way to learn more about certain culture and art. There are many things on display that you can learn about. However, it is time for you to try museum tour in unconventional way. There are underwater museums around the world you can visit for your next travel plan.

Underwater museums to visit

This is a great idea especially for those travelers who like exploring the underwater. Enjoying underwater museum is worth trying since it is quite rare occasion.

Underwater museums around the world you can visit

Underwater museum refers to museum-like area in the sea. It can consist of archeological ruin and something more. The thrill is different from when you visit a museum on the land. Aside from admiring the underwater museum, you can also enjoy the natural beauty offered by the open sea surroundings. By visiting underwater museums, you can get lots of interesting things at once. Thus, it is worth trying. Here are underwater museums around the world that you can visit:

  1. MUSA or Museo Subacuatico de Arte is underwater contemporary art museum. It is home to hundreds permanent monumental sculptures. There is a goal of the museum which is to show the interaction between art and science. Besides, the cultures can become reef structures for marine life. The sculptures are made of special materials which can help promoting coral life. They are also tethered to be seabed. You can visit this museum by snorkeling, diving, or glass bottomed boat tour.
  2. When you travel to Italy, you can visit underwater museum called Baia Underwater Park. This is one of the most favorite areas for diver and snorkelers to explore since the size of the area is three times of Pompeii. It was once a city before submerged underwater and abandoned in 8th century. It is said that this city was once an area specialized for rich Romans. If you want to visit this underwater park, you need to be guided by local instructor. There are many things to explore such as mosaic floors and marbles sculptures.
  3. There is also Museo Atlantico Lanzarote that you can visit. This is a great place to remind you how important it is climate change and environmental issues. This is a contemporary art museum which is similar to MUSA. This museum promotes new marine habitat especially for the Canary Islands. There are proximately 300 sculptures in this museum. It can be accessed by diving but you will need local instructor to lead the tour.
  4. Herod’s Harbor is an underwater museum located in Israel. There are various exhibitions displayed in this museum that you can enjoy to the fullest. There are many interesting spots you can visit during the tour such as ruined lighthouse, pedestals, as well as exploring the marked trails of the sunken harbor. This can be explored by snorkeling and diving. Even beginner divers can explore this underwater museum.

What Is Actually the Bamboo Bed Linen and Why It’s Important?

There are actually two house objects or items related to the bamboo bed linen, those are the bed itself and the bed sheets. Since both of the objects are related to one another, so let’s just talk about them both as one package topic even though I am pretty sure that I will mostly mention the sheet in this article. Either the bed or the sheet, they can be make the bamboo plant as one of their main material. The bed needs the coverage for its foam or content and we are mostly will use the sheet as to cover the whole surface of the bed.

Bamboo bed linen and its importances

Bamboo bed linen is not the new product to be used at our bedroom. At least, for the past five or even ten years, it has been popular for those who need the organic bed sheets. The first question to be asked if you haven’t known much about that is; What actually is the bamboo linen? If that is so fame among the other related products, why me and most of my friends and family never heard about it before?

For short, it all started with the term of linen. It is the textile made out of the fibers of the flax plant. In Latin language, it is called as the Linum Usitatissimum. One of the characteristic of the linen is, it is relatively stiffer compared to cotton fabrics with thicker yarn fibers. But even though it feels stiff when you touch it, the linen is also feel soft and supple. The longer you are using the fabric made out of the linen, the softer and more supple it will be. That is also one of the reason why the bed cover, sheets, and duvet covers are made of the linen.

One of the plant that we can make the linen fabric is the bamboo. So that, no wonder that many people are calling the bedding set as the bamboo bed linen.

The most valuable thing of the bamboo bed linen is, it is considered as one of the best eco-friendly product. It is called as the organic not just by its raw material that we have known made of the organic bamboo, but it is also because it will help to keep the earth as the better planet to live in.

Bamboo is the sustainable resources and most of it can be considered as the world’s fastest growing plants. Did you know that bamboo can even grow up to a meter in a day? What the other plants can reach such a growing? Even for 10 or 20 cm grow each day for the plants sometimes can be so hard. It will also naturally grow without need to be watered, put some fertilizers or else. When harvesting the bamboo, the way you will do it is cut it down, not uprooted. It will allow for re-growing rather than re-planting it so that it will help the soil stability.

All the products made of it including the bamboo bed linen are biodegradable. It means that when you are no longer need your organic bed sheets, you don’t need to worry that it will decrease the environment quality. Nope. Your bedding sets will be broken by theirself just like the leaves that were falling to the ground. They can even be the organic fertilizer for the soil.

Those why the bamboo bed linen is so important. Can yours make the same?

Experience Market Travelling in Asia

While you are travelling to different country, you are not only enjoying the attractions but also the local market. This is fun thing to try during your vacation abroad especially in Asian countries. Asia is rich in cultural diversity which makes it one of the most exotic places to visit. Well, there are many places you can visit in Asia. Aside from the tropical forest or beach, you should try visiting their local market. It is exciting to do. You don’t have to think of many things when market travelling. You just enjoy the experience to the fullest and buy what you want.

How to truly enjoy market traveling in Asian countries

Asian countries are always buzzing with life and frenetic activity and everyone know that already. Market is the best place to prove it. That is where you can buy the things you don’t actually need. Market is indeed a place full of fun. However, you need to remember that night market is different than local market. Night market is purposely built for tourist attraction. The setting is built in certain theme to fit the tourist’s liking and the price of the goods is often overboard. Market travelling will only be worth it when you visit markets where the locals go to do their activities like buying, selling and trading various products. Here are tips to truly enjoy your market travelling when you are in Asian countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Korea, etc.

  • Try your best to arrive as early as possible. The market is usually livelier when you arrive early. However, you will not have to deal with over crowds. Besides, merchants often offer lower price for the earliest visitor to their booth as a lucky day. They tend to have more energy to interact nicely so you can close the best deals.
  • Since you are the tourists, you will likely receive more attention from the locals. However, stay calm and keep going. You don’t have to worry too much when they stare at you or ask you many questions about where you come from. You can even take advantage of their attention by interacting properly.
  • You must realize that market is the place where you need to negotiate well. However, you don’t need to be all serious while negotiating. There is no need to glare or stare at them just to win over lower price for the things you want to buy. Try to be playful and consider it as fun game. Even if you fail to get the price you want, consider it as the way you contribute to inflate the locals’ profit. Or if you don’t agree with the price, just don’t buy it and don’t make unnecessary argument.
  • The art of enjoying market travelling is the food. In Asian markets, you will find many interesting foods to try. They are inexpensive and authentic. Make sure you bring small change to buy cheap delicacies throughout your exploration in the market. It is also often that they give you small bites or sample for the food they sell so you can taste them before deciding to buy them.

Bean Bags For Kids, A Trendy And Safe Furniture For Your Lovely

Toddlers and children in active periods usually look for toys or creative items that help socialize, play with their friends. There are some children who are hyperactive and difficult to handle. Parents must be responsive and look for items or toys that are safe for them. What are the children’s preferences when playing? Jumping on the couch is their pleasure. Don’t be surprised if children are a little hurt after playing satisfied.

Bean Bags for Kids

If this is the case, you should consider buying bean bags for kids. This sofa is very popular with children and they really like to play because it is soft and comfortable. Kids bean bags are also very suitable for children’s room decoration.

Sometimes parents worry because children sit for hours watching TV, playing gadgets. Bean bags for kids are different furniture and can make children more active outdoors. First of all, we must know the design of this type of comfortable chair. They are created and their uses are indoor and outdoor. This is clear, why they make it so light. Children can easily carry and move it anywhere.

Personalize Bean Bags For Kids

Naming children’s items is the right idea. This can make children happy and feel possessed. The positive side that can be obtained is that children can be responsible for the items they have. The formation of characters since childhood is important for the future of children.

Covering Kids Bean Bags

No wonder when you see children’s clothes and items look very dirty. Bean bags for kids are designed to prevent complicated treatments. You can buy colorful bean bag covers available on the market. If you look dirty, you can open the cover and wash it. Making bean bags for kids is very modest so it’s safe to play.

Bean Bags Kids Filling

When it’s time to replace furniture, then you will throw and buy a new one. Model furniture will certainly be adjusted to market trends. Especially children’s furniture. You must replace each of them to grow. For this type of bean bag, you only need to buy filling to replenish it when the bean bags for kids feel flat. The price of bean bag stuffing is also not expensive. You can make a lot of savings for children’s furniture by using bean bags for kids.

If you are looking for trendy, comfortable and modern furniture, then bean bags for kids are the right furniture. They help to be a cool and inventive way to solve furniture problems in a child’s room.

Family Friendly Festivals around the World

While traveling with your family, sometimes it is quite challenging to find the right attractions. It means that the attractions are supposed to be kid and adults-friendly. Therefore, it is called challenging. However, there are many things you and your family can do for traveling.

Family friendly festivals around the world

Yes, going to the beach is fun and playing all day in theme park is exciting. However, it is also fun and exciting to attend festivals while you are traveling overseas. There are many types of festivals around the world that you and your family can attend. Festivals are fun because they are not there every day. You need to research about the schedule of the festivals before visiting the destination especially when they are abroad.

Festivals you and your family can enjoy to the fullest

Festival is not only fun to attend. It is not only about colorful shows and performance but also about how you can let your kids learn more about the diversity of culture. Outdoor festivals are more interesting even. There are many things to do to inject them diverse cultures in fun ways. Without further ado, here are some festivals around the world that you and your family can enjoy for your next travel plan:

  • Lake Eden Art Festival is held in Black Mountain, NC. It is held in May and October. The festival is more like biannual circus which every kid loves to the core because there are many fun things such as magicians, puppets, hoop dancers, trapeze artists, etc. You can even bring your family to camp out in this place and do lots of fun activities together such as swimming in Lake Eden, enjoying music performances, and many more.
  • Another festival held in May and October is Joshua Tree Music Festival located in Joshua Tree, California. This is a music festival which is kids-friendly. Lots of families like visiting this event along with their kids. Performances are worth watching since the musical artist come from around the world. Aside from music performance, you can also enjoy other fun events such as dance parties, circus, crafts, etc.
  • Next family-friendly festival is Austin City Limits which is located in Austin, Texas. It is held in 2 weekends in October and consists of lots of attractions including foods, music, market, etc. The activities are kids-friendly which are wrapped in fun and creative ways so that they can learn many things excitingly.
  • Bumbershoot is a festival held in Seattle, Washington. It is held in September and the best event to introduce your family to art and culture. The events are wrapped in fun activities with various departments such as art, music, dance, film, theater, performing arts, and many more. The activities facilitated in this festival are not only fun but also educative especially for those who like art and cultures. This festival is loved by kids the most because they can express they interest in a department they like by enjoying related activities. And the good news is this festival is free from kids age 7 and under.

Best Parachute Hammock to Rest In During Your Adventure

We are traveling not to escape from life. We just need another silent moment to get away of it for a certain period of time. We need to re-think about our own life, how we have to live for the next days and many unanswered questions. An adventure is commonly allowing us to engage for the unusual but still exciting activity, and sometimes it can be dangerous too. The same way of the best parachute hammock is offering us, it can gives you a unique, hazardous and different experience or activity you have never thought before.

The best parachute hammock to rest in during adventure

I always agree with the tagline of National Geographic which is; Get Lost! Somehow, it have encouraged us in its own way to discover the new things in life. To experience what we have had before in more interesting way. Adventuring with the lightweight parachute hammock will also do the same. It will widely opened the new adventure stories of your life, not only as the stories you can create during your travel, but more than that.

Many of us may have never thought before that it will be possible for human being to rest in between the trees. But since the parachute hammock was coming in, it even not a surprise at all when you see some adventurers challenging theirself to be among the hills or cliffs. They have got their own parachute nylon hammock setup at the spot that can be considered as the extreme spot or even the forbidden one.

The best parachute hammock to rest in during adventure even at the extreme spots

Ticket To The Moon  (TTTM) is one of the popular parachute hammock brand based in Indonesia. Precisely, it based on Bali where you can get your own great travel stories and thousands of challenged spots need to be discovered. The pioneers of TTTM even as the adventurer themselves until now as i believe. So, the hammocks they are providing are the best ones since they have tested the products in any conditions, plus along with all their own team experiences on the field.

It is actually popular at the other countries as well because they have dozens of distributors to fulfill the international market. I have no idea of how many of their fans that have been bought the best parachute hammock from TTTM, but I am sure to be exhausted in counting.

Now, you just knew about where to get your own best parachute hammock if you haven’t even one at this moment. You are also welcomed to get the hammock for comparison purpose. Feel free to compare the hammock directly with other brands such as ENO, REI, TrekLightGear, and many more. I won’t say that TTTM has the better hammock than the others, but hopefully it will be the true someday. I still falling in love with it so far, so thank’s, but i will leave other hammock brands behind.

For the next adventure, hopefully you will have accompanied with the best parachute hammock in your backpack. You will then get rid off all the worries regarding to where to rest in. As long as you find the trees or even the big rocks that are possible for setting up your hammock. You will still experience the luxurious comfort of sleep that can even better than your bed. I am telling you the true right now, hammock can even possible better than any bedding sets.

Great Travel Destinations for Families

Solo travelling is fun and all but going with your family is much more fun since you can share all happiness together. However, it is not always easy to find travel destinations which are family-friendly. It is more complicated when you have to bring your kids. However, their happiness is your priority. Thus, looking for the right destination for your next travel plan so you can bring along your kids is going to be worth it. The first priority when searching and deciding family-friendly travel destination is safety. You need to make sure that the place you are going to visit is safe especially for your kids so you are not going to risk anything.

Best travel destinations for families with kids

Aside from choosing safe travel destination, you should also consider the value of the travel itself. Gaining some fun and memorable moments with your family is one thing. Earning more education by introducing your kids to new cultures is a bonus you can also take. Therefore, it is highly recommended to select the best destination for your next travel plan with your family. Here are some recommendations to help you decide the best one:

  • Auckland, New Zealand is one of the most kids-friendly travel destinations around the world. Remember that New Zealand is the filming location for the movie the Lord of the Rings as well as the Hobbit. There are many interesting places to explore along with your kids. Besides, you can also have a chance to introduce your kids to Maori culture at the infamous the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Another thing that will draw your kids’ attention is the wildlife, especially sea creatures.
  • Singapore is one of the most modern countries in South-East Asia. It is even included into one of the countries with the best safety and security in the world. The area of Singapore might not be as large as other modern countries. However, there are many attractions that will make your kids fall in love with this place. There are nighttime safari tours, indoor snow park, as well as the amusement mecca of Sentosa.
  • Lausanne, Switzerland is a great place for your next travel destination. There are lots of outdoor activities for your kids such as snowboarding or skiing. There are many things that kids will love from this place such as cheese fondue, chocolate factory tour, staying at challet, as well as visiting Thomas the Tank Engine. Loads of fun are available in this country for the sake of your kids happiness.
  • Ottawa, Canada is also one of the best travel destinations especially for families. This place is even included into one of the countries in America with highest safety ranking. There are fun things to do such as visiting Parliament Hill, Canada Museum of History, or just enjoy your time with your kids roaming around ByWard market to grab some foods. This modern travel destination holds fun through its attractions which are family-friendly. This is why this is a great place to choose as your travel destination for your family.

PADI Diving Course Bali For Your New Amazing Experience

PADI diving course Bali is fun! For beginners, it takes 3-4 days to complete the course. Basic skills in the form of modules and theories are the initial stages. The introduction of diving equipment in a swimming pool is an advanced stage after you learn the basic theory well. The final step is to take you to try to dive on the high seas. 3 stages are completed properly, pass the predetermined test, then you are immediately certified as a beginner diver.

PADI DIving Course Bali

PADI Diving Course Bali, Professional Association of Diving Instructors

In fact, diving is no longer a scary activity. Diving offers its own pleasure, in contrast to other extreme activities. Amazing and extraordinary views from under the sea is an attraction. Underwater exploration has become increasingly popular and has been a trend in recent decades. Need a lot of money? Diving is no longer an expensive activity! There is no expensive word in diving. Far different from the cost you have to spend on diving 10-15 years later.

The tips are don’t take the wrong dive center! Don’t make the wrong choice of diver organizations to pursue diving certificates. This is a fatal mistake. Prices are no longer a guarantee. What is needed is what about a certificate, you can be accepted and lined under the sea in various parts of the world.

The PADI diving course Bali program is a level of certification that is perfect for people who are on vacation or just to dive with a certain depth. PADI is an organization with international standards to ensure divers can safely dive under the sea. It is clear the reason why Bali is the best place for you to take dive training.

Diving is not just your activity in Bali. Bali offers many other kinds of activities, both extreme and to relieve stress. When you have completed the PADI diving course Bali, surfing can be your next choice of activity. If you want a quiet vacation, Ubud can be the right choice. You can do rafting di Ubud, either with family or for solo traveling. 

Basically, a diving license is almost the same as a driving license. Without a driving license, you cannot drive a motorized vehicle. Likewise diving license. Without having a diving certificate, it is impossible for you to dive with a certain depth and enjoy the underwater panorama. PADI diving course Bali is the right amazing activity to take advantage of your best vacation.

Fun Things to Do in Dubai without Costing Much

Dubai has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. The popularity of this place is amazing by years. The transformation happened in Dubai was so significant. In the past, it was just a place full of hot sand. Today, Dubai is a home to the world’s tallest building.

Fun things to do in Dubai

The shopping mall in this place is beyond expectation. Luxury is what people describe Dubai today. Both indoor and outdoor activities are provided to facilitate foreign tourists enjoying their time during their travel. However, it is also not a secret that having a vacation to Dubai cost a lot. Most major attractions have superior price tags that it is not surprising if someone says it’s only type of vacation for the wealthy.

Some fun and cheap things to do while traveling in Dubai

Even though Dubai is home to extravagant price tags in almost all places, it doesn’t mean you cannot find inexpensive attractions to enjoy during your travel. Your visit can still be affordable for your wallet and here are things you can do while having fun in Dubai without costing much itinerary:

  1. Window shopping in Dubai Mall is not a bad idea after all. Who says you have to buy something once you enter the mall? It is just fine if you only want to survey the area and see what they have inside. They won’t just kick you out just because you only window shop. Dubai Mall is the world’s largest mall and has become one of the major attractions.
  2. Spend your time to enjoy the view on the Rooftop Gardens at Wafi Pyramids. There is event called Movie under the Stars held every Sunday at 8.30pm. The good news is the event is for free. There are others entertainments available which require money but you can enjoy what you can take since it is not bad at all.
  3. While you are window shopping in Dubai Mall, spend your time to watch the infamous dancing fountains. This is claimed as the world’s biggest performing fountain. The lights and the projectors are in huge numbers. However, this attraction is for free so you can enjoy the performance of dancing fountain to the fullest.
  4. If you think Dubai is a home to tall building and luxurious mall then you need to visit Ras Al Khor. It is a place where you can see lots of bird species especially flamingos. It is free to enter the area. This wildlife sanctuary is one of natural attractions you can enjoy while you are in Dubai.
  5. Even though Dubai mostly consists of dessert, you can still find sea water at Jumeirah Beach. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions which is also a home to luxurious hotel and other facilities. However, you can still enjoy the public portion of the beach that is for free. However, beware of the hot temperature and make sure to bring proper footwear since it can reach to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Bali Photoshoot Package for Couples in Love

For many couples that are in love out there, you may feel that you can give anything in this world to your love. Sometimes, it can be the impossible things and sometimes, they are things that are easy to get. For many reasons, many of the couples will be agree with me that giving each other the special and memorable things can be the great one. And one of that can be the best Bali photoshoot package for both of you.

Best Bali photoshoot package for couples

That will be making sense if you are in Bali at this moment, and if you have been here for days or weeks of traveling, you’d better think about this before you left for your country. You have realized that you can’t be here at anytime you want because you are from the different country. So that, make your traveling stories more special by taking one or two photography package in Bali.

You know that you can counts on Bali regarding to the beautiful landscape, exotic beach and underwater, tropical weather, tasty foods and refreshing drinks, and more. With all the supported and beautiful nature, you are possible to catch some perfect moments as the great photographs. That is why you will need the Bali photoshoot package to frame the memory with someone you love.

There are at least 2 options you can choose related to where the photoshoot will be taken. You can ask the photographer for taking pictures at outdoors as your chosen spots, or you can get the conceptual photography by get advantages of the photography studio (indoor). Getting both of them will be great, but even if you can only get one, that will still also the perfect one.

Many of the couples i have seen before also get their underwater Bali photoshoot package. Mostly, that were the pre-wedding photography services and the photographer or the studio is providing that special package surely for the special couples who need it. You can also use the same service or the others if you want.

If you have been in Bali for weeks or months, you will also know that almost every months in a year, many of the sacred and holly places for they who are embracing Hinduism also held some rituals that attended even up to hundreds of people. Then, it can be one of the rare sight to be seen and will be perfect to be captured with the photographers you have been asked for their services to capture more local wisdom, religion activities and cultures.

Bali is really perfect for any kinds of photography concepts since it has offering us many accessible things. You can get the traditional looks of images with your couple at the rice field up to the modern theme of photograph at the modern and popular buildings. We can say that Bali is the new small world where many of the residents from other countries are here. Sometimes I think that you can even meet any people from any countries in the world. That will also will add the uniqueness of Bali that you may can included into you pictures if needed.

The important thing is, since you are in one of the best city or island in the world, you are deserved to get the best and great images to be remembered, and whatever Bali photoshoot package you are hired, that will be the perfect step for your future memory.