Planning Your First Post-Pandemic Getaway

Why should you plan your first post-pandemic trip?

Today, the ability to travel is like a luxury. It is not about affordability anymore. Safety is the main concern for travel since the coronavirus outbreak. It still continues and many have canceled their travel plan be it for business or leisure. Putting your travel plans on hold is necessary to help reducing the number of covid-19 case. However, it is still okay to anticipate and plan your dream trip now. You can plan your first post-pandemic now even if the future is still uncertain. Planning a vacation also can help relieve some stress in your system. 

Why should you plan your first post-pandemic trip?

Many health experts said that planning a post-pandemic trip is good for your health especially the mental one. It helps build anticipation and excitement which means you gain positivity. It increases the chance of you to be happier even during these tough times. It is also like a reminder to yourself that the crisis of the pandemic will be over because it is not the first kind of outbreak the world has faced. There will be an end to the this pandemic. 

A coping mechanism from stress

In the meantime, it is okay for you to daydream and plan for your first post-pandemic vacation. You can use it as your coping mechanism in dealing with stress caused by the pandemic. However, be flexible when planning. Do not state exact dates or such because the pandemic could cancel it. Instead, go in a slow pace in planning the trip. You can make vague itinerary containing things you want to go and activities you want to do. 

Keep it a vague plan

Planning Your First Post-Pandemic Getaway

If you finalize your plan too early or too detailed, you will set yourself up for another disappointment and heartbreak because no one can predict whether the pandemic will stop soon or continue. While anticipating for your first post-pandemic getaway, remember that you still have to wait for the right time to do it. Summer trip seems impossible especially if you live in severely affected place by the covid-19. you can look at travel opportunities provided by some travel companies for now. 

Do some window shopping!

Window-shopping for your future trip online is fun thing to do during your isolation. There are many websites and apps you can use to hunting for your dream destination. If you want to book a really temping deals, make sure to choose that is flexible just in case you have to postpone it due to the uncertain situation of the pandemic. 

Use the pause-moment to consider what you really want

The pandemic has made the world pause and reset. You can use this moment to truly consider what you really want from your next getaway. Look for something that will be meaningful and memorable for you. You can choose a very far destination or a place you even have never heard of before. Hence, you can start learning about the place now since you have time. You can educate yourself and fill in as much as information to help you have a well-deserve getaway post-pandemic. Use some tools to help you organize your first post-pandemic travel plan.

Things that Will Get Kids Excited in This Best Family Resort Nusa Dua

Things that Will Get Kids Excited in This Best Family Resort Nusa Dua

Resorts are usually a sanctuary for adults—but how many resorts are there made for kids? Other than summer camps and Disneyland resorts, it’s quite difficult to find a resort where kids would feel actually welcomed. Usually they have to go with whatever Mommy and Daddy choose and make the best of it. However, this family resort in Nusa Dua is best when it comes to giving out joy to both adult and pint-sized travelers. With kids-proof balcony, kids-sized pool, everything kids-specials, the young travelers would feel really special as things seems to be made just for them. These are things prepared by the resort that would get them excited and talk about it for days!

Getting A Nudi Doll from the Best Family Resort Nusa Dua

Getting A Nudi Doll from the Best Family Resort Nusa Dua

The check-in process was always boring for kids. They got to wait by themselves while Mommy and Daddy are busy with booking and payments. But that’s not happening in this best family resort Nusa Dua. When parents are dealing with check-in process, kiddos are receiving warm greetings from the staffs and getting a Nudi Doll! It’s a cute resort mascot in the shape of Nudibranch, a micro ocean creatures that usually live in between corals in the ocean floor. And yes, they are free. Aside from the Nudi doll, the little travelers would also receive a kid-sized carton of milk while the adults are having their welcoming drinks. 

Receiving an Activity Pack to Shush the Boredom Away

Time pass slowly when we were little, and once again this resort know this better. To help kids pass the time and cast away the boredom. With the Nudi doll kids will also receive an activity pack; consist of a playbook and a pack of coloured pencils. It’s great to entertain their mind while engaging their creativity!

Getting Their Own Room! This is the Best Family Resort Nusa Dua Ever

Getting Their Own Room! This is the Best Family Resort Nusa Dua Ever

Having their own room at this family resort Nusa Dua is the best thing ever for the kids! It’s definitely going to be a hit for them especially with all ocean-decor going on in the room. The  dolphins, the crabs, and all the fish cartoon on soft aqua walls as well as blue beds would make them feel like a mermaid—or merman in that matters. The kids room have its own TV, kid-sized wardrobe, and a bathroom for little persons. Everything is designed to be within reach for these little adventurers. It also connected to the master bedroom so the kids will never feel like being left alone. 

Having the Time of Their Lives at the Kids’ Club

Having the Time of Their Lives at the Kids’ Club

How many times have you wishes for a little time out from the kids and just enjoy a quality time with yourself? Well, the Holiday Inn Bali Benoa has a Kids Club where children could spend they day playing. And it’s not just a kid-club. It’s a kids club which actually give fun play time for the kiddos! With trampoline, ball pits, wall climbing, and cartoon movies, they can easily spend hours without you. In the end it’s going to be you who have to getting used to them not being with you for a day. 

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Making Kites, T-shirt, and Other Awesome Crafts

The Kids Club is not a place to be bored as it’s loaded with tons of fun-activities. Some extra activities cost from IDR 50.000 to 150.000 while some others are free! Here kids can get busy making something awesome like T-shirt, do some face painting, create balinese kite (and fly it afterwards!) or free painting. Something that they will proudly show to Mom and Dad after.   

Do you think the Holiday Inn family resort Nusa Dua is the best for your family?  

Get Your Car Ready For A Road Trip

Get Your Car Ready For A Road Trip II

Car travel is considered one of the safest alternative to take during this global pandemic compared to travel with public transport such as bus or train. Car travel may still put you at risk of contacting the virus especially if it is a long drive. You have to take bathroom breaks, filling your gas, etc. However, can prevent you from being involved in a crowd for so long. Getting your supplies ready including foods, drinks and sanitary supplies is important. However, auto maintenance should be on your list as well. 

Things to check for a safe road trip

A long road trip can put your car in a test. You can see its strength. However, it is also possible for you to not notice anything is off prior to your trip. Therefore, it is always wise to have your car serviced beforehand. Thus, you know that your car is in good shape for a long drive. Here are things you need to check for a smooth road trip.

Is your tires okay?

Tires are often forgotten to check prior a trip. However, tires with good condition are essential for smooth trip. Not to mention that it is important factor for your car’s safety, fuel efficiency, traction, and performance. You can check the pressure of all tires and take a look at the tread depth to see any damage. Replace if there is any. 

Get Your Car Ready For A Road Trip II

Take a look on the oil

Oil change is necessary thing to be in your checklist prior to your trip. Oil is like the lifeblood of your car. Thus, it is essential for your car to have oil change. Timely oil changes are necessary according to professionals. And you have to make sure of it before the trip especially when your vehicle is not used to be driven at highway speeds.

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Does your brakes work?

Brakes are essential to check for your own safety. If you keep delaying to service your brakes, there might be more serious damage which can also cost a lot higher than you expected. Usually, brakes send some signals to let you know if there are any upcoming issues. Do not dismiss those signals and repair your brakes immediately. Even if the brakes are fine, having them checked by professional won’t hurt to ensure your safety while on the road later. 

Make sure all the lightbulbs are bright and okay

Interior and exterior light bulbs are important to check so you won’t have trouble with your vision later especially in the places with lack of lighting. Some bulbs can be replaced yourself. If you are unsure whether they need a replace or not, take your car to the professionals. 

Is there anything strange?

Check for any leak, smell, or noise coming from your car. Those are usually signs when there is something off with your vehicle. A leak under a car is a warning and you have to check it immediately. It is highly recommended to bring your car to a professional two weeks prior your trip. Thus, there is still plenty of time to fix things. You also have time to do a test drive after service. 

Preparation Before You Meet Mola Mola in Bali!

Being the biggest bony fish in the world but end up with the gentlest heart and somewhat a confused-looking face, the Mola Mola sunfish is one of the wonders of the deep sea. The elusive sunfish is not easy to meet. They only live at tropical and temperate waters, and they usually dwell deep in the twilight zone of the ocean. Bali, being a tropical island, is one of the few places in the world to see the Mola Mola. But you can’t just fly to Bali just anytime and hope to see the Mola Mola. You actually have to wait for certain months when they finally emerge from the deep waters into the surface. Here are some preparations to do should you wish to meet this wonderful creature!

Preparation Before You Meet Mola Mola in Bali!

Plan to See Mola Mola Bali During It’s Season

During most of the time of the year, Mola Mola spend its time in the deep waters, where it’s dark and cold. They will come out of the twilight zone when colder currents flow. In Bali, this happens around mid-June/ early July to November. You might see Mola Mola out of the “season”; you just have bigger chance to see them during the season.

Bring 5mm Wetsuit to Dive with Mola Mola Bali

Despite of their tropical water preference, Mola Mola actually love cold waters. They like to hang out in colder temperatures and that’s why they can only be met while the cold currents run. To see the Mola Mola in Bali, use a minimum 5mm thick wetsuit. Shorty might be appropriate in other Bali’s dive sites, but not for Mola Mola.

Prepare Deep Diving Certification

Bring 5mm Wetsuit to Dive with Mola Mola Bali

What shallow means for Mola Mola doesn’t translated the same for us. They usually swim around in 60 meters depth. It falls into deep diving category for divers and there’s no way you can dive with only Beginner Open Water certification for that. You need the Advanced Open Water to be qualified to dive into 60 meters below the surface. If you don’t have the right certification already, this is the right time to get into the course.

Prepare for the Currents

Nusa Penida is famous with its strong currents, which is what the sunfish like. To see Mola Mola in Nusa Penida means you have to be prepared with the currents. Unlike other dive sites in Bali, it can get pretty strong and unpredictable. Make sure you have some dive current training or related experience before going there. Take a drift diving specialty course—it’s highly recommended to prep you up!

Bring Reef Hook, Just in Case

When the currents get too strong to handle, you will thank yourself for having a reef hook ready. No one wants to be declared lost while investigating the phenomenal Mola Mola.

Prep Up Your Underwater Camera

You don’t want to miss this rare opportunity. Make sure your underwater camera is ready for deep diving. List everything to prepare; probe, lighting, camera handles, battery levels, and other things you need.

Learn the Etiquette to Dive with Mola Mola Bali

Learn the Etiquette to Dive with Mola Mola Bali

Some irresponsible divers have the guts to try touching the Mola Mola. Don’t be that diver. Also, Mola Mola Bali are shy creatures; they don’t like much attentions and they especially don’t want to be surrounded by too many divers. Learn the full etiquette before you go.

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Find Accommodation in Nusa Penida

This is optional, but you might want to stay in Nusa Penida for few days aside from the Mola Mola sighting. It’s a beautiful, rugged and totally unspoilt. You might want to wander to some of its beautiful beaches and other dive sites around the island

Bring Enough Cash with You

Nusa Penida has this bareback and rustic feeling compared to the mainland Bali, but it also more remote. It has few ATMs in the island and even fewer ATM for international cards. You better bring enough cash in the pocket before embarking for Mola Mola expedition in Nusa Penida.

Dive with A Trustable Dive Centre

Never attempt to see the Mola Mola Bali alone. You need he right guidance and with Nusa Penida’s down currents, you can get lost in the process. See a trustable dive center like Dune Atlantis, one of the oldest dive center in Bali to take you for Mola Mola sighting safely.

Travel Within The Country Safely

Travelling within the country has become more possible especially in countries in which their cases of COVID-19 have been decreasing. The travel restrictions in some countries have loosened up. Thus, more people start travelling within the country especially for work purpose. Even in the United States, it is still allowed with various policies and guidance followed. For example, mandatory self-quarantine upon arriving in another state for those who are travel within the country. 

travel safely

Tips to stay safe when travel within the country

In the United States, travelling to different states is risky especially with the number of reported cases that hasn’t slowed down. However, if you are in the U.S and you have to travel within the country, you have to take precautions. And remember that some states have implemented interstate travel restrictions. 

There are many considerations you should take before travelling even within the country. For example, is COVID-19 spreading where you live? You may not realized that you have been infected by the virus due to less symptoms or at all. You may at risk of carrying the virus and spreading it in your destinations. Thus, consider this first before deciding to travel within the country. Another thing to consider is your destination. If where you live is not affected by the virus but your destination is, then, you will be at risk of getting infected when you arrive there. 

It is safer to check your health before deciding to travel within the country. Even if you are not infected by the virus and just get regular sickness such as flu or fever, it is wise to stay at home rather than driving to another place and put yourself at risk of getting infected. Your immune system is weak when you are sick so it is more likely you will be an easy target to get infected by the COVID-19. 

It is essential to check the regulations in your destinations. They may have restricted a visitor. You may not get punished but they may require you to go back to where you live. If you disobey, punishment is possible. You may serve jail time or get fined depending on the severity of your disobedient to the regulations. 

If the government allow you to travel within the country, driving is the best option because public transportation has higher risk of spreading the virus. It is also recommended to bring the right essentials for yourself. You can pack your own foods and drinks. Stopping to eat in a restaurant increases the risk. Thus, it is highly advised to limit interactions with other people as much as you can during your drive. 

If you have to leave your car during your travel, make sure to always maintain social distancing rules to keep yourself and others safe. Always wear a mask and wash your hand regularly. If you have to go to the toilet, make sure you keep good habit of sanitation. Be mindful in using public facilities during your travel.

Villa Seminyak, A Memorable Journey In Bali

Bali has been a popular holiday destination for decades. The Island of the Gods, as Bali called, is one of the few places in the world that still maintains its culture, tranquility, tranquility, and natural purity. In recent years Seminyak has outperformed most areas in Bali as a popular area for foreign tourists. Bali is famous for its culture and uniqueness and the hospitality of the local people around the luxurious and magnificent villa Seminyak.

Villa Seminyak, A unique combination of privacy and luxury

Villa Seminyak, an attraction amid in the local people

Bali villas Seminyak very similar to other accommodations such as hotels, resorts, or cottages. However, the villa offers a unique atmosphere and is different from other types of accommodation. The new experience of staying in villas, amidst the local people, will bring you to see how they maintain Hindu culture and religion. The smell of incense in the morning gives a unique and fun nuance. Small offerings in front of local people’s houses are seen every morning. It’s just a tiny thing but has an essential meaning in Bali.

A unique combination of privacy and luxury

Bali seems to provide the best answer to accommodation arrangements. The row of Seminyak villas is even close to the beach, offering tourists enjoying the beauty of the beach all day long. Villas in Seminyak are designed to cater to the most demanding travelers. A personal touch in a villa with services for an elite handful. Bali Villas Seminyak offers an extraordinary experience with the premium facilities available.

Seminyak villas, perfect for honeymoon and family gathering

villa Seminyak, perfect for couples and family

Seminyak villas are perfect for couples and large families of 6-10 members. The 2-6 bedroom option offers the best bedding arrangements for the holidays. Overall the villa provides a dining area, kitchen, and utensils as well as ample outdoor space. Internet connection is available for you to connect with cyberspace. The nightlife with a row of shopping centers, bars, and restaurants are quite busy in Seminyak.

Villa in Seminyak on the outskirts to cut the budget

Not all villas in the Seminyak area offer high prices. Some are on the outskirts of town with rice field views providing more privacy for tourists. The price may be somewhat lower than a villa with close access to the beach. You have to use transportation to the beach or reach other public places. But, you have the perfect Seminyak villas atmosphere with more privacy.

One more thing, the serene and pleasant atmosphere in the villa is perfect for people who want to detect both body and soul. Some of the villas offer yoga, meditation, fresh therapy, and a spa to strengthen your senses. You can also taste foods with local flavors. Many choices for you and your family in Bali. You’ll get attention to the comfort and satisfaction of your vacation in detail. It’s time to choose a Seminyak villa location that suits your taste.

When Is The Right Time To Travel Again?

The pandemic has affected many lives including avid travelers who usually travel on regular basis. Considering travel during global pandemic is risky and tricky. The situation in different places might be different. However, precautions are still necessary. You cannot just book a flight and take vacation without considering the risk. However, this situation is not going to last forever. It is getting better in the majority of places around the world now. Some places are starting to reopen.

Considering the right time to travel

Considering the right time to travel

Form the reports and news, we can see that some countries are in better situation now. They start to reopen their roads and skies. However, there are still some others that are in tight restrictions. Therefore, knowing exactly when it is the right time to travel now seems difficult. It is more likely a waiting game for all of us, especially avid travelers.

Keep on tab on the news

Monitor the news from trusted authorities is essential if you want to travel safely. Watching news all day might not be a wise decision to do because it can cause you to panic even more. Instead, monitor the updates from your local authorities as well as government and WHO. You can see the updates of the reported cases. It is decreasing in some places around the world. However, it is increasing in some others. Monitoring current situation can help you consider the right time to travel.

Monitor the number of testing at your destination

Aside from monitoring the updates of reported cases, it is also important to monitor the number of the testing. Some countries may have it at slower pace which make the reported cases seems low. The more people getting tested, the more accurate the number of reported cases. A country with consistent testing as well as prolific symptoms reporting can help you find more information about more accurate travel policies.

Travel domestically first

Considering the right time to travel

It the majority of countries, it is possible to travel especially domestically. Even in the United States, it is still possible to do so. However, adjusting back to our travel habits like before the pandemic is impossible to do now. You need to follow the new travel guidance and policies to stay safe and healthy. Preventative measures are necessary because even though the situation is getting better, you cannot really predict the future. It is important to always wear mask when you are in public, follow social distancing rules, and follow other necessary policies and habits to help reduce the spread. Do not get surprised when your travel authorities implementing new measures.

Stay safe in home if you don’t feel very good

Even if you are not affected by the virus, it is still possible to fall sick. If you are in not a good condition now, it is safe to stay at home rather than travelling even though it has been allowed in your country. When you are sick, you are at higher risk at getting infected because our immune system is weaker. Then, it is more likely you will spread the illness to other travelers. The pandemic is still going on so always be thoughtful to decide when to travel.

5 Best Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners Destination in Indonesia

For many divers, Indonesia comes as no strange land in terms of diving destinations. The country is nestled right between two oceans and, combined with its archipelagic state, made its underwater so rich in marine biodiversity. Indonesia doesn’t have only one or two diving spots. It has almost a hundred of dive sites—mostly hidden on remote islands. On top of that, the dive sites are greatly diverse in terms of marine life and level of difficulties. Both professionals and beginners could have a wonderful scuba diving vacations in Indonesia. Here are our recommendations.

Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners in the Stunning Pink Beach

5 Best Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners Destination in Indonesia

You cannot simply come to the Pink Beach of Komodo without diving there. Appreciate the staggering pink sea shore in light of the fact that the sea shore has a couple of pink, particularly when the waves is lapping on the sand, and the shading pink will be seen all the more obviously. This rare sea shore occupied by various marine life, 1000 types of fish, 260 types of coral, and 70 types of wipe. The suite is quite shallow yet it displays unbelievable sights of coral reefs, red corals that make up the pink beach, and lively tropical fish. The site would be very suitable for scuba diving vacations for beginners.

The Remote Togian Island

wonderful diving destination in Indonesia

Togian island is the best game after Raja Ampat diving. The excellence of marine life Togian islands ready to draw in nearby and unfamiliar sightseers with four sorts of coral, butterfly fish, pilot whales, stingrays eyes, shark dark reef, monster shellfishes, and in the event that you are fortunate you can see an uncommon turtle, similar to hawksbill and the green turtle. Making a plunge togian islands has its own pleasure with the 596 ‘types of fish from 62 families, mollusk, gastropods, bivalves and others. In this island, you won’t just jump trips yet in addition can appreciate the cascades, cooperate with individuals in the ancestral settlements Muna and the Bajo individuals who are specialists in plunging.

Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners in Alor, NTT

wonderful diving destination in Indonesia

Alor is not only a good destination for scuba diving vacations for beginners, but also a loved diving destination by many. The Pantor Strait in Alor is one of the acclaimed spot for divers. Some even say that its magnificence goes past Raja Ampat. You can appreciate the marvel of a marine park, which is the beauty of the world class diving. Notwithstanding the astounding diving spots, you can likewise appreciate the wonder of cold seawater.

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Halmahera, Maluku

5 Best Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners Destination in Indonesia

The waters of Halmahera ready to astonish any divers, both from the beginners to the pros. Spot Morotai is said to be one of the best destinations for scuba diving for beginners. In this spot, divers could see some wreckages from the World War II era at a profundity of 20-30 meters. You can also see another shark species named Hemisyllium Halmahera. Plum Island and North Halmahera is a diving spot with wide arrays of marine life!

Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi

wonderful diving destination in Indonesia

The Lembeh Strait offers an out-of-this-world experience for any divers. Here you will see whale sharks, dugongs, dwarf seahorses, to the mantis shrimp. Lembeh Strait generally shallow with a perceivability scope of up to 20 meters due to the lucidity of the water. This dive spot could be the ideal decision for your beginner diving trips in Indonesia.

Visit the country in the Gulf, “Republic of Iran”

Iran is an Islamic Republic of the Persian (Arabian) Gulf rich in numerous historical sites dating from the Persian Empire. Significant marble ruins characterize the city of Persepolis, capital of the Empire founded by Darius I in the sixth century BC. The modern capital, Tehran, is home to the opulent Golestan Palace, residence of the Kadjar dynasty ( 1794–1925), as well as more modern monuments such as the Milad Tower, 435 m high. the climate of this country is not so stable, so we recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and do not forget to take lotions to protect your skin from the sun! Here are some beautiful cities below as the tourist destination in Iran!


Visit the country in the Gulf, "Republic of Iran"
Erum Garden in Shiraz

Shiraz is a city in south-central Iran, renowned for its literary history and its many gardens. The Hafez marble mausoleum, which honors the revered poet, is surrounded by a garden. To the east, the Mausoleum of Saadi houses the 13th-century mosaic tomb of the writer and an underground swimming pool. Shiraz is an access point to Persepolis, the ruined capital of the 6th century BC. AD located to the northeast and with huge doors, columns and friezes.


Visit the country in the Gulf, "Republic of Iran"
Beautiful waterfall in Sari

Sari is the capital of the province of Mazandéran in Iran. It is located north of the Elbourz mountain range and on the south coast of the Caspian Sea. The name of the city derives from Sarouyeh, son of Farkhan the Great, King of Tabaristan. The city is located between the Alborz mountains and the Caspian coast. The city is famous for its natural beauty. This city also has various attractions such as “Clock Square” and a number of historic tombs.


Visit the country in the Gulf, "Republic of Iran"
Golestan Palace, Tehran

Tehran is the capital of Iran; it is located in the north of the country. The Golestan palace complex, with its decorated rooms and marble throne, is located in the city center and was once the seat of the powerful Kadjar dynasty. The National Jewels Museum houses many of the jewels of the Kajar monarchs, while the National Museum of Iran displays artefacts dating back to Paleolithic times. The Milad Tower offers a panoramic view of the city.


Visit the country in the Gulf, "Republic of Iran"
Chah Mosque

Isfahan is a city in central Iran, renowned for its Persian architecture. Dating from the 17th century, the Chah Mosque, whose dome and minarets are decorated with mosaics and calligraphy, stands on the huge Naghsh-e Jahan square. Ali Qapu Palace, built for Shah Abbas and completed at the end of the 16th century, includes a music room and a terrace overlooking the fountains in the square. Sheikh Lotfallah Mosque is famous for its finely crafted mosaics. The Chah Mosque is a religious building located in Isfahan, built for the Safavid sovereign Chah Abbas Iᵉʳ between 1612 and 1630. These are some cities in Iran whose tourist sites are mainly historical monuments.

Diving in Komodo Basics: What to Prep!

Diving on Komodo sit on the head of traveler’s top pick. Exactly how they can’t? To be awake and get yourself encompassed by beautiful islands and translucent water, the take the plunge to one of world’s most wonderful submerged locale. The world beneath the waves is brimming with dense corals and all kinds of tropical fishes. This region is a very busy coral triangle hub! Flores never fail to entertain even the most experienced diver in this planet. 

Before you are going too energetic about the diving trip in Komodo, there’s something significant you have to do first. Yup, the dive packing. However, you need to remember that diving trip within this national park will likely require you to embark on diving liveaboard. That is to say that most of your diving needs will be met by the liveaboard. So what else that you need to prepare for the dive trip Komodo

Wetsuits for Diving in Komodo

Diving in Komodo Basics: What to Prep!
long wet suit is the best for Komodo’s waters!

Your diving liveaboard would likely rent out diving suits, but you might want to bring your own. Many divers find that a tight-fit dive suits actually make difference on diving experience. You don’t want to wear something that’s too tight or too loose. Also, you will want to wear 3mm long suits for diving in Komodo. The water here can be quite cold if you wear a shortie—but too warm for 5mm dive suit or thicker. 

An Under Suit

Have you ever think of bringing an under suit to your dive trip? Wearing layers underneath the wetsuit protect your body heat, along these lines increment the glow and giving better adaptability. Simply ensure that your under suit despite everything feels good for moving around. Listen to the dive instructors’ brief; they will give you datas of the current water temperature. This will help you decide whether you need to wear the under suits or not. 

Your Daily Medications 

Medication is very personal. Do not rely to the diving liveaboard crews to provide your medication; you probably won’t find what you exactly looking for. Also, be ready to what Flores’ warm climate might bring you. Your med kit should covers the basics like seasickness medication, flu and cough, paracetamols, and mosquito bites cream. 

Camera Gears and Storage to Capture Beauties on Komodo Diving

Diving in Komodo Basics: What to Prep!

It’s very difficult to see explorers who are not bringing their camera along the excursion nowadays. What is diving in Komodo without taking snaps of the extraordinary submerged landscape anyway? Remember the channel and other unique types of gear to make the camera gadget work effectively. Bring your own camera stockpiles and links for charging, on the off chance that the liveaboard doesn’t have an extraordinary camera station. 

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Rest Comforters

Keep in mind quality rest when you are on a diving trip. While we trust you are taking a quality diving liveaboard with pleasant lodges rather than shared-deck dozing quarter, there are two easily overlooked details that can assist you with getting by the drove, great quality rest; ear plugs and eye mask. Eye mask truly miracle to help you battling sleep deprivation and squares lights from lodge’s window. It’s likewise dependable in the event that you need to get a rest in the middle of dives. Similarly, ear plugs is extremely useful to hinder the sound of the boat’s motors or uproarious individuals talking that occasionally get past the cabin’s flimsy dividers.