Understand More the Types of Accommodation for Travellers

When you travel to a certain place, you will need accommodation so you will be safe during your trip. Before you depart, it is better to understand more types of accommodation for travellers. There are different types of accommodation you should know. There is no exact type of accommodation but at least you know the basic. Each type of accommodation is varied by size, service, characteristics, etc. You can choose accommodation that suits your needs and taste. For example, it is more convenience for you to stay in hostel if you are backpacker since it’s less costly. However, here are types of accommodation you should know for better understanding:

  • Hotel – This is one of the most basic types of accommodations you can find anywhere. This provides you with paid accommodation as well as guest services. Hotel is usually categorized from one to five stars. Another rate system uses A-F grades for the hotels. Each country may have different rate system to their hotels.
  • Hostel – Another type of accommodation you can use during your travel is hostel. The establishment is aimed at backpacker and other budget travellers who are mostly the youngster. Hostel is arranged to dormitory bedroom style. The bathrooms are usually shared. The service usually includes light meals.
  • Guest house – This is one of the types of accommodation for travellers in a form of a private home. The house is dedicated to accommodate guests exclusively. This house is owned by a manager who live separately or within. The service is varied and depends on the manager. Sometimes, it follows what the guest order.
  • Lodge – This is accommodation which can optimize the feeling of true bond with the nature. The building features natural materials such as wood or stone. This accommodation is the best for outdoor trip. Lodge is usually booked by group travellers.
  • Resort – This is considered as exclusive accommodation with high class service delivered to the guest. This building consists of varied story accommodation units either single or double. This is actually similar to hotel but it has wider range in the service department and facility. Resort should be rented and sometimes it offers camping area for the guest.
  • Motel – Originally, motels are designed for motorists. This is also called as roadside hotel but can be a god alternative for budget travellers. This is equipped with minimal amenities. The room is not as luxurious as hotel but it provides traveller’s main necessities such as bed, TV, and bathroom.
  • Mansion – This is a luxurious accommodation aimed at high class vacation. The building is equipped with best facilities to accommodate the guests. The size of mansion is usually large. It is usually built in historic architectural style.
  • Treehouse – This is basically built for recreational purpose only. This is a structure built among the branches of the tree so the guest can feel more connected to the nature. The size is relatively different from one another. Now you know the types of accommodation for travellers. Which one of them is suitable for your travel plan?

Seminyak Private Villa Bali To Pamper Yourself

Villas for rent in Seminyak Bali attracts tourists for many reasons. Strategic location, easy access to beaches, complete public facilities are some of the reasons Seminyak is becoming increasingly popular. Seminyak is also a luxurious, trendy and classy area. You are not only surrounded by luxurious facilities but also surrounded by local residents of Bali. Paying attention and studying the daily lives of the local people is an unforgettable experience.

An Affordable Touch Of Luxury

Seminyak private villa Bali is the accommodation for you to enjoy tranquility while on vacation. If lucky, you can stay and enjoy the villa face to face with the beach. If you want to enjoy a holiday full of sensations then stay villa is a perfect choice. Villa is the place you pamper yourself with all the facilities available.

Many accommodation options are offered when doing internet research, but you will see the best is Seminyak private villa Bali. Villa in Seminyak is equipped with luxurious facilities ranging from internet connection to the swimming pool.

Seminyak private villa Bali is very easy to get. You can adjust to the price your budget. Villa less attractive domestic tourists, because most choose to stay at luxury hotels and imprisoned. International travelers know for sure, where to stay while visiting Bali. Whether you rent a villa in a rural area, or in the Seminyak area, you can still enjoy the luxury of a villa for rent for a week or even monthly.

For family vacations, this is the best time to spend time with. Gathering in an environment far from home, making together more meaningful. In the villa, you can monitor children activities. The security of the children will be awake. You can enjoy a glass of ice lemon tea beside the pool as well as monitor the children while swimming.

Browse as many websites as possible that offer villas. The more, the easier it is to compare the facilities, the comfort and the price of the villa. Making reservations well before your holiday arrives, you will get a cheaper price. Note the rules and regulations set by the villa owner. This will be very useful to avoid because you have to compensate the villa owner

Make sure that Seminyak Bali private villa facilities that you order according to those mentioned on the internet. Seminyak Bali’s private villa is a temporary respite while on vacation that is able to give you millions of surprises to pamper you.

Tips to Safely Go Travelling During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blessing but sometimes it makes you have more limits in almost everything. You have to watch what you eat, what to do, and where to go for the sake of you and your baby. However, it is not impossible to go travelling during pregnancy. Some women might be like sprawling around the bed during their pregnancy. However, there are also lots of them who enjoy more exploring outside their house. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun travel. You can have it but you need to do it safely.

How to go travelling during pregnancy safely

If you plan to go travelling regardless of the destination, you need to prepare everything well. Here are tips for you if you want to go travelling during your pregnancy:

  • Consult your doctor to find out if your pregnancy is high risk or not. Your doctor will need to examine your health including your pregnancy to make sure that you are in fit to go for travelling. Thus, plan your travel in advance to give you time for counseling and preparing.
  • Choose your destination wisely. For pregnant women, travelling to developing countries is not recommended because there is high risk of diseases such as typhoid, etc. This risk is dangerous not only for the mother to be but also for the unborn baby. You will need to get a shot for vaccines if you decide to visit developing countries to minimize the risk.
  • The safest time to go travelling during pregnancy is the second semester. In this period, you are in lower risk of having any complications. In the first semester of your pregnancy, your body and your baby is still in high risk of developing some complications. This is also happens during the third semester. Thus, it is best to travel during your second semester of pregnancy.
  • You need to make preparation based on what kind of transport you take for the travel. Each transport has potential risk that you need to pay attention to. Make sure you list each potential risk and solution so you will be more prepared for your trip. For example, travel by plane may put you in turbulence. Thus, you need to remember to stay in your seat but stretch and flex your ankles regularly.
  • Actually, long distance-travelling is not recommended for pregnant women since the risk of clots forming is high. This condition leads to lodge circulation in many parts of body which are bad for your health. To avoid this condition, you need to do frequent leg exercise, stay hydrated, avoid caffeine intake, as well as walk regularly.
  • You need to be wary of any kids of medication. Wrong medication intake can lead to miscarriage. Thus, you need to consult your doctor to prescribe you necessary medication to bring. It is highly advisable to no take over the counter medicines during your travel. Always call for professional medical help if you find any problem in your travelling during pregnancy.

Nightlife Seminyak Bali, Where You Can Party Every Day

Partying in Seminyak? Seminyak is not only popular with a row of luxury hotels. Bars, restaurants, clubs and nightlife variety entertain the night of the tourists. It’s easy to find nightlife Seminyak Bali. There are many recommendations and best reviews for you to visit. Seminyak becomes a fun nightlife icon of Bali.

Many Bali Seminyak nightlife is happening and visited by many tourists every day. Do not be afraid of getting bored in Bali. Bali is not only rich in customs but also a perfect place for you to party. What kind of nightlife are you looking for?

Ever enjoyed a nightlife with a beach-style costume? Nightlife Seminyak Bali is perfect where you do not have to dress up. Dancing casually barefoot along the beach will be very impressive.

Bali is always full of surprises for you. Nothing will be missed while you are on vacation. If this is your first time enjoying Bali Seminyak nightlife, there are some best recommendations.

Sea Vu Play

Designed to provide comfort. Pirate theme looks unique from other nightlife. You will serve by waiters using pirate crew costumes. You will see the difference between morning and evening ambiance at Sea Vu Play. If you want to dance, Sea Vu Play is one of the nightlife Seminyak Bali you should visit. The strains of international Dj music and bartender blend add to your night.

La Favela

This is one of the most popular and happening nightlife in Bali. The issue of racist action from the La Favela party that rejected guests from Indonesia. But this did not happen to some other Indonesian guests. Nightlife in Bali has its own policy and refuses guests who do not provide comfort to other guests. This is right for the security of La Favela.

Ku De Ta

It’s time you try to visit Ku De Ta. Nightlife with a comfortable, luxurious, and classic atmosphere is the perfection of Ku De Ta. Want to dance under the moon? Then you should not miss a visit to Ku De Ta. For young people, this is the coolest hangout and happening place. Tourists willing to wait waiting list to be able to enjoy the atmosphere in Ku De Ta.

Bali not only offers its natural beauty and rich customs. Many interesting activities that can be done. Diving, surfing, snorkeling, biking, hiking, and more make Bali very interesting to visit throughout the year.

How to Stay Fit During Travel

Travelling is meant to get fun and relaxing moment. This is when your body releases all stress from daily jobs which have been take a toll on you. However, travelling requires fitness since you will go from one place to another whether it’s luxurious travelling or not. Therefore, you need to know how to stay fit during travel. Only then you will be able to enjoy your vacation wholeheartedly with the best condition and mood. Sometimes, you get too excited to finally be able to travel. Then it’s common to get sick during travel since you are in the best mood and forget your health.

Stay fit during travel with simple ways

There are many factors causing you to get sick while travelling. They can be caused by local weather, virus, weak immune system, foods, sanitary, etc. Those can happen especially when you are travelling to foreign country. Your body must have taken time to get familiarized with surroundings and caught off guard. So here are the tips to avoid health-related issue:

1. What you are eating?

Watch what you eat especially something that you have never tried before. You can ask the local about the ingredients so that you know exactly what you eat. Food intake should be taken seriously especially if you have some allergies related to food. Upset stomach can be the mildest condition. However, allergic reaction can be worse so it’d be better safe than sorry.

2. Cleanliness is the key

Stay fit during travel

Check the sanitary of where you stay. Being clean doesn’t mean you need to be hygiene freak. You just need to ensure that the water for your bath and drink is clean and safe. It’s easy to get infected by some kind virus and bacteria through water.

3. Exercising and take a rest as well

Don’t be a couch potato during your trip. To stay fit during travel, you need to activate your muscle so that your body can keep up with your agenda. If you feel your joints too stiff, you can do simple workout in your hotel room for 15 minutes per day. However, you need also remember to take a rest properly. No matter how excited you are, your body has its limit. So don’t force yourself if you feel too tired.

4. Walking around is also a fun recommendation

If you have spare time and don’t have agenda to catch up, you’d better out of your hotel room and take a walk for a while to see your surroundings. This can be a healing moment especially when your surroundings is full of green view. It can help releasing your stress which can cause sickness as well.

5. Don’t forget to bring your medicine

If you have certain illness, you’d better bring your medicine everywhere. This can prevent from collapse episode or something. This will help you when there is no health facilities around.

6. Gathering all needed information about your destination

If you are going to a place where there are potential risks of epidemic, you’d better get vaccine before going. This will prevent you from unwanted infection and diseases. So you’d better research about the condition of your destination.

Thus, you will always maintain to stay fit during travel.

6 Reasons To Have A Double Hammock For Camping

So, you have heard about the double hammock before and you think that it will be great to be used with your best friend or someone you love. I do agree with that. But, for some people, many have not even get for even one and some have got it as well but only a single hammock. It’s ok for me and sometimes it may be more than enough than you need. Moreover, you are the only one who know what actually you need according to camping at anywhere you like.

If you are thinking that, for example the double hammock, as your own bed as you usually using in your room back at home, than treating the hammock itself might be more special than before. A lightweight bed that you could bring everywhere as you like and could provide bigger rooms or spaces for at least 2 persons. I know that the term of “double” will be automatically interpreted as for 2 people as maximum and not more than that.

But if it really possible to load more as long as it is not exceeds the maximum weight of its carrying capacity, then using the double hammock will be recommended. At least that what I will say for now. But keep in mind that you need to make sure that all of the related security issues must be prioritized.

For example, don’t use the double hammock for 3-4 people where you are hanging it beside the cliff or maybe between it. But if only you could setting up at your backyard with the thick grass on the land, then you are good to go.

Reasons to get your own double hammock for camping

There are various hammock styles available whether at online shops or not, so with the double hammock itself. And for one or some reasons, it can be really difficult to choose which is the right one for us. As you are gathering all the needed information available, you may want to consider to get the double hammock.

If you are a “camping nerd” aka an amateur as I am, the double hammock somehow is also popular whether for campers or even travelers around the world. My first two guesses about the related reasons for that are of its space and also because of the more bigger spaces, then we’d likely to have the chance to experience more intimate moment. Don’t agree with that, do you?

Beside that, there are other several reasons that I will show you in the lists below about why you need a double hammock.

1. Bigger and even more than enough for two person

Yeah, you may think that I am keep repeating what I have been written above related to the double hammock space that it could get. But, why not?! It will allowed both of you to sit in it, safely and comfortably. But not only that since you and your partner are could also sleep in it.

2. Really helpful for the taller person

In my opinion, the single hammock may the most popular one. But it doesn’t mean that it could provides of what most of us needs. A taller camper or traveler as an example. It will be a really troublesome for the taller person if using the single hammock since the entire legs can’t be inserted into the hammock.

Double hammock for camping

But that issue will mostly not be found when using the double hammock because we have a bigger chance to covered all of out body parts. Even for 2 person as well.

3. Adding more fun

Related to the romantic moment as I have mentioned earlier. Hammocking with our partner using the double hammock sounds fun and interesting to me. Not to mention if the partner is your own beloved one. A father with his child, sleeping in it, also a good way to build a strong relationship for the family.

4. In case the climate or atmosphere is harsher

If you are hiking the mountain and taking rest at night in your hammock, we know that the atmosphere could really drastically change. You may finds that the air is colder than before and other things that could not even being predicted by yourself.

Using the double hammock surely will help in that situation as well since the extra length and width can add more of coverage to your body. Bringing the blanket, small pillow or your sleeping bed if possible will also help you to get warmth inside because of its bigger space.

5. Carry less

It is for 2 person right? Then there will be one that can’t possible takes the hammock in the backpack. As simple as that. And take it easy, you may finds that its weight will not even reach 1 kg. So you will keep move in comfort and quick.

6. Cheap or at least affordable

I have found that the price of the single and double hammock may differ in only $1 or $2. So, no need to think about to double the price for the extra size of hammock. Nope. Yes, it is true for sure. But, since I might not compare all of the brands available, you may need to do your own researches.

Yet the double hammock have more advantages. But I think that also applies for the single hammock although have some differences. If you are confused which one to be taken home, you can start with your own personal preferences about what actually you will do with it.

How to Find the Best Accommodation While Travelling

Accommodation is essential for your travelling no matter where your destination is. Let it hotel, hostel, guesthouse, or motel, you will need a room to stay during your travel so you can take a rest when your body need it. You need to find the best accommodation while travelling so that you can enjoy your stay during travel without much hassle. People have their own criteria when it comes to accommodation. Some people like it cheap, others like it full of facilities. Thus, it’s important to know what you really want beforehand.

A quest to find the best accommodation while travelling

Find the best accommodation while travelling

Some travelers like to book everything beforehand, including accommodation. They book hotel far before they depart to the destination. However, there are also people who like challenge and try to find ideal accommodation during the trip.

Decide what you need – It is essential to know what you need of your accommodation. What your criteria of accommodation will decide what type of accommodation to fit. Decide whether you want a large or small room, expensive or cheap room, etc.

Do little research beforehand – Even if you don’t intend to book earlier, you can search for some option for hotel, hostel, etc. Thus, you are not totally in the dark when you need accommodation. This will also a great help to prevent scam. Just in case you face emergency like arriving late, you can directly go to the place you have marked during your research online before.

Set your budget – Well, your budget will decide what type of accommodation you can afford. If your travel budget is limited, you’d better find cheap accommodation while travelling like hostel. Thus, you won’t spend excessive money just for sleeping. If your travel only require you to stay at night to sleep only then you don’t need luxurious accommodation since you will spend most of the time exploring your destination instead of staying in your room.

Choose alternatives – If you travel with many friends, you might as well rent a house or search for a homestay where the locals allow you to stay together with their family. This is great experience though, since one of the family members usually show you around to find out more about fascinating things. This type of accommodation is budget friendly so you can save your money for other things which are more important.

Safety comes first – No matter how expensive your hotel is, if it’s not safe then it’s a waste. Thus, your priority in a quest for best accommodation is its safety. You need to find the place that guarantee your safety during your stay. That’s why it’s always best to search for basic information beforehand at least from the internet where you can see the review of previous customers.

Travelling is fun but you need a safe place to stay at least for resting or sleeping. There are many choices for accommodation as tourism today is getting better where the facilities are provided to fulfill tourists demand. So find yourself the best accommodation while travelling.

5 Useful Tips For Your Trip To Komodo

So, for your next traveling or holiday, you are now planning to trip to Komodo Island, aren’t you? Not only to monitor how the Komodo dragons are living as well as the other ancient species, but also to enjoy the beautiful and colorful coral reefs, Pink beach, and mesmerizing hills that could make you forget about the time.

Trip to Komodo Island

The islands view from top of the hills should not also be missed as it is may becomes one of the beautiful thing you will ever grateful for. And talking about the destinations and the attractions for your next trip to Komodo, then you should to spend more of your times since they are couldn’t be done in only one or two hours. So that, let us just focusing on the useful tips to help you out making your plan to get the most out of your Komodo Island’s traveling.

1. Trip to Komodo Island at its best time

Surely there won’t be such a worst time for your trip to Komodo, although it also depending on many aspects such as how long your holiday is, budgeting, etc. But, you know, there is always the best time for it.

So for your first trip to komodo tips, if you are also planning to dive at Komodo Island, then September until November is really recommended if you need to see its underwater wildlife. Let’s say the animals such as Mantas, Whales Sharks and many more. From April to June, the sea is usually calms and clear if you’d like to dive or snorkeling as well while enjoy the green landscape at most of the islands over there.

If you have decided which month to visit for your trip to komodo, then it is also recommended for all the girls and women to pay attention in their period or menstrual cycle. We should also aware that the Komodo dragon is the beast and could smell blood for miles and feared that it would be a new issue for your plan since it could harm yourself. But if you still need to traveling, then discussing about it with your tour guide or the ranger somehow is a must to me.

2. Prepare the useful clothes

You need to bring and use your shirt (the cotton-based) to absorb your sweat since traveling in Komodo Island can also means that you will be trekking for many times. Keep in mind to also use the useful pants that allows you to run without obstacles. I mean, there may be a chance that you will be pursued by the komodo dragon, so it would be better to make yourself ready in any situations. So with the shoes or mountain sandals that could help you move faster. I know all of them may sounds like a dangerous trip to Komodo, but I think it will worth best to get the most out of your traveling.

3. Prepare your cameras and the lenses

Bringing your telephoto lenses if you’ve had one will be better to get pictures since there are many islands around your trip to komodo. And if you’d like to dive, then your underwater camera shouldn’t be left as well. You’ve come so far and I think you deserve more beautiful photographs in your card’s memory. Surely this will be an optional tips related to your need.

4. Create your itinerary

There are many you could do since the Komodo National Park has more of the beautiful islands such as Komodo Island itself, Padar island, Kelor, Labuan Bajo, Rinca and many more. Believe me, even a week or two is too short for the islands to be explored. So, your trip to komodo needs to create and plan your itinerary. From the glorious sunrise in the morning to the magical sunset in afternoon, you need to start early as you can so you could experience more.

While talking about that, your trip to komodo can be helped out by the tour agent that you are using. And there are one of them that has been prepared their itinerary for the travelers in case the tourists may confused by their itinerary. Hello Flores, for example. As one of the best Komodo liveaboard that allows you not only living on the boat, but also create your itinerary that is also related to the destinations and attractions you’d like to experience.

5. Trip to Komodo in a budget?

Take it easy. If you think that traveling to Komodo Island is somehow expensive, there may a change to deals with it. Some of the travel operators are offering their services according to the trip to komodo, in cheaper prices. And most of the times, one of the requirements that you should be met is, getting more people to take a trip with you. The more you could get, the cheaper you might pay. I mean, all you need to do simply just asking or taking your friends with you, moreover if they might have the same plan as you are.

There are many other useful tips that could be helped for your trip to Komodo, but I think that the above 5 tips are enough for now while I am also planning to update this article if getting any chances.

Find Out Best Country for Travelling Alone

Travelling solo is not a big problem but it’s should need consideration as well. Safety comes first for everything includes travel. If you have had a plan to travel overseas alone, you need to find out first best country for travelling alone. There are many countries you can visit for travelling. The thrill to travel alone overseas might trigger your desire to do it immediately. However, preparation won’t hurt. You need to fully aware of what kind of country you are going to visit before going there.

Recommended Best country for travelling alone

Some people who travel alone like to visit countryside, a real wildlife, or smart city. You can decide what kind of destination you want to be. You can either the most secluded places or vice versa. If you have no idea which country to visit when you are travelling solo then here are some recommendation for the best countries to travel alone:

  • Indonesia comes as one of the best countries for travelling solo. This is the place where you can find the infamous Gods of Islands, Bali. This place offers the captivating island along with original culture that the local people maintain. Aside from the nature beauty, there are also others captivating spots like ancient temple, and many more. This is also the cheapest of all countries to visit so you won’t need to spend much money.
  • Italy is the next recommended country for travelling alone. This is safe country to visit and there are beautiful spots you can enjoy. Aside from the natural charms, Italy also offers the best wine you can enjoy along with delicious local foods. This is the most sought destination for travelling, especially those who want to travel alone.
  • Next best country for travelling alone is France. This romantic country has been famous for local cuisine as well as captivating tourism spots. The infamous Eiffel tower is the most wanted spots to visit especially during night. Lots of tourists spend their night around Eiffel tower to feel the sensation. France is the place where you want to find intrigue and ancient spots.
  • Thailand comes as one of the best countries you can visit for travelling solo. There are many cities in this country you can pay a visit. This country consists of many ancients building and spots. Buddhist attraction with defensive walls were built long since 13th century.
  • New York City in the United State is your recommended place to visit alone. You can explore the streets of Manhattan alone. You will find lots of iconic landmarks. For you who are museum lover, you will find the best museums in the city. Don’t forget to pay Central Park a visit to find the fun of crowded people.

You can experience fascinating ride by going solo for your next travel. Travelling alone isn’t always lonely. With this chance, you will be able to experience self-discovery and eye –opening moments. Your passions will be fed well. So choose the best country for travelling alone now.

Packages Diving Bali, Plan For Your Unplanned Adventures

There is no perfect holiday like a holiday in Bali. Want a holiday different from the others? The challenging activities in Bali are very popular and are being asked by tourists. Diving is one of the most popular and trendy activities in Bali.

The underwater beauty of Bali is undeniable. Beautiful corals, rare fish species up to large fish you can find. Bali diving packages are perfect for everyone, whether beginners or professionals. The packages offered will vary according to the level and level of the divers.

Perfect Locations To Dive

Best deals on scuba diving Bali packages make it easy to choose the diving spot you want to explore. Some Bali diving spots are visited by many tourists because they offer a million underwater charms.

The number of packages diving Bali offered to tourists makes it easy for you to find, compare and get the best package. The best of Bali is you can dive without planning. When you arrive in Bali, you can directly and see the packages offered.

Usually dive center will provide a complete package including transportation from the hotel to the dive spot, diving equipment, lunch, and more. Each dive center offers different facilities, so you should compare them.

There are several things you need to consider before selecting scuba diving Bali packages. Instructors who later become your guide should be professional and reliable. The certificate an instructor must possess is excluded from the PADI organization. Why should it be from a particular dive center? Because PADI organization has been accepting all over the world.

How to find the best dive center to perfect a plan you did not plan? The world of the mouth is the best for getting dive center information. Many dive center recommendations offer Bali diving packages in some forums. Foreign tourists usually give a review and comment about the dive center they use.

What is the reason Bali became one of the world’s popular diving destinations? In addition to its natural beauty, Bali is easily accessible to foreign tourists because of its cheap dive location. For only $ 30 – $ 100 you can dive in the best spot in Bali.

Make sure that you do dive 24 hours before and after the flight. Why? You will get an explanation from the instructor in detail. Broadly speaking, you will be exposed to decompression disease that can lead to death. Packages diving Bali from one of dive center, Dune Atlantis is the best, reliable and professional.