Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Should Avoid

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Just because you made mistakes doesn’t mean you are a total failure in building your business because even seasoned entrepreneurs make mistakes too. Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned. There are many ways you can make mistakes when building business especially in the marketing area. What’s most important is use mistake as positive asset to teach you valuable lessons so you can improve your business.

Mistakes small business owners can avoid

Mistakes are sometimes inevitable because of one thing or another. However, there are also mistakes that can be prevented. It is important to avoid big mistakes that can cost your business  a lot or damaging in long-term. Below are the types of mistakes due to misunderstanding of best marketing practices and you can actually avoid them:

The first mistake is doing branding on your own even though you have no sufficient skill. Marketing your business without  a brand strategy is bound to fail. Branding is essential in marketing and you need to do it with good plan and strategy. It is not only about logo but also about the message you want to deliver. If you don’t understand how to do it well, do not hesitate to bring in an expert. 

Treating everyone as your potential customers. While it is good to be hopeful and positive, a mindset like that won’t get you anywhere. What you offer might not be suitable for everyone. Hence, it is important to decide who your target customers to market to. Be more specific with who you want your brand to be recognized by and it will help your brand to standout. Be unique and and relevant by crafting your message specifically for one niche segment of the marketplace.

Making broad assumptions about customers. Everything that is based on assumption often ends bad. Keep in mind that you are not your customers so making decision based on what you assume of them will do no good for your business. The result will be disappointing. Rely more on data and research to support your ideas. It is highly likely that you have different perspective with your customers. So make sure not to assume you know them well if you don’t. 

Being all out from the initial marketing campaign to get the spark. This is marketing mistake you should avoid because investing too much money at the start of your campaign is too risky. If it fails, it costs a lot. Excess waste will be what you get. Instead, get to know who your audience first then decide what kind of campaign that work best. Slowly, you will get more data about your audience and what platform that work best for your marketing campaign. 

It is common sense to avoid the mistakes above. However, there are still many entrepreneurs and small business owners alike who still make those mistakes. Build your network with marketing experts and balance the advice you get with your knowledge of the marketplace, experience, trends, etc.

Labuan Bajo Tour Goes to Pink Beach

Tour Labuan Bajo

Blue, white, and pink are all adorable colors. These colors are very familiar with things like candy, sweet food and drinks, cartoons, and so on. Just name what you imagine when dealing with these three colors. But if you take part in the fantastic Labuan Bajo Tour you will find a beach with these colors, but not because it is man-made, it does arise as it is because of its natural nature. Like flakes of confectionery, it’s so cute that the sand along the Pink Beach wants to be eaten, so it’s a good idea to make sure you bring lunch or have eaten before. 

Interestingly, Pink Beach is an island that is only inhabited by a herd of kings, the king of lizards, Komodo Dragon! Therefore, if you want to stop at Sugarcane Beach, you have to use the guidelines, because the king is quite savage and the island is their habitat, even though sometimes they move slowly, but you have to be careful with this one wild animal. 

Pink Sand on Labuan Bajo Tour

Pink Beach is not only inhabited by Komodo Dragons but also a lot and maybe hundreds to thousands or millions to billions of micro sized animals called Foraminifera. They give pigments to the corals in the sea, sea waves fling them to the beach into pieces. These flakes make the coast look very beautiful, so spoil the eyes when the color blends with the seawater. 

Chill on Sabana Hill 

Not far from the shoreline you will find a hill that is not so high, so we can easily reach the peak to take a selfie from above to capture the panoramic view of the scenery around Sugarcane Beach, as well as the ships that are anchored from the Komodo Sailing Tour. But you still have to be careful if you want to walk around, because together with the guide will be safer.

Tour Labuan Bajo

Say Hi to Exotic Corals in Labuan Bajo Tour

Maybe you are used to diving, but even though this is your first time, diving in the sea of Pink Beach is very fun and not difficult for divers. But when you are in the sea you will realize why large ships are not allowed to take the passengers to the shoreline and only small ships are permitted because they do not have the potential to damage the existing exotic corals. 

Therefore, we as divers must also maintain and not destroy what grows and is owned by any sea. So you don’t need to hesitate to bring diving equipment for the Komodo Sailing Tour and get ready to enjoy and experience the sanctuary and wildlife in the islands of Flores, Eastern Indonesia. 

Swim and Swing with the Pink and Meet the King 

For the safety and comfort of tourists, it is advisable not to bring a wallet or cellphone. It is advisable to take pictures using a waterproof camera only because the ship that took us to Pink Beach only stops far from the coast and we continue with a smaller boat. Or even dive right in on Labuan Bajo Tour.

Usually, after diving the divers will stop at the beach, putting their things around the tree. Then take a walk to explore the island which is only inhabited by the lizard king. You will see from afar that the island is shaped like a crescent moon or the letter C.

On the left and right, some hills will attract your attention, but maybe it is more accurately referred to as a cape because the size of the hill is still not too high. You have to feel the sensation of both, and usually, if you explore the Labuan Bajo Tour at Pink Beach you will spend two to three hours until you are satisfied and return to continue the Komodo Sailing Tour. 

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Travel Makes You More Contented and Relaxed Person

Travel Makes You More Contented and Relaxed Person

Travel Makes You More Contented and Relaxed Person

When you travel, there are expectations you set before leaving your home. You have goals in mind. Every traveler’s expectation can be different because travel itself is personal choice. There are travelers who set physical expectation such as being able to climb particular mountain, taking picture of certain monument, or entering an ancient cave. There are also travelers who have expectations that beyond those. There are those who try to find peace withing themselves, discover more of their sides, or  being internally close to the maker of the world. 

Can travel make you more content and relax?

Your real voyage of discovery is not only about seeking new landscapes but also about having new eyes. Travelling might not make your problems go away. However, you can escape from all the hectic and stress with travelling. Then, you will return with clearer mind and happier spirit, enabling you to think better. 

It is true that travel enhances your mental well-being regardless of your purpose. Because through travel, you build your self-confidence. You build new experiences every time you travel and more memories to remember by. Those are something you cannot buy with money. Just by planning your vacation, you feel the hype, the excitement, and anticipation. From that only, you already have some of your stress released. 

Can travel make you more content and relax?

Then, you plan activities to do and places to visit. It is okay if you don’t have such big goals like self-discovery or something. It is okay if you travel just to quench your curiosity of the place or to satisfy your wanderlust. The most important thing is to enjoy the journey and focus on your surroundings. Open your mind and you can see how little things can make you smile easily. Those little things can make you feel settled because they help take your mind off pressing issues that put tension in yourself. 

Travelling can make you appreciate your family and home because you are being away. When you realize you take them for granted, you feel more grateful and appreciate them more. Also, travel is often unpredictable regardless how neat your plan is. However, you build your self-confidence with those unexpectedness. You learn how to deal with things out of your control and stay grounded. Once you solve the problems, your confidence will be boosted. 

Travel make you feel content and relax when you connect with others. Meeting new people can bring excitement. You can talk about everything and anything that won’t pressure your mind. However, you can also have your ‘me’ time. It helps revive the space that feels like suffocating lately. Stress and tension will be lesson when you have time to fully with yourself. 

Simple things during travel can simply put you in a better mood such as watching sunrise, petting cat that walk by while sipping your coffee, etc. Departure into unknown lands can give you that healthy glows because you return feeling content, relax, less tensed, confident, and happier in general. 

Luxurious Seclusion in 6 Bedroom Villa Jimbaran

Luxurious Seclusion in 6 Bedroom Villa Jimbaran

There is always something alluring and charming about seaside cliff villas. Imagine getting away from the busy world for a moment, nestling at the edge of the cliff, and having all the unobstructed view of the endless ocean all for yourself. Cliff villas is the pinnacle of dream holiday and certainly you will fall in love with this 6 bedroom cliff villa in Jimbaran, Bali. 

Catching Rippling Waves

Catching Rippling Waves

The Villa Cara is a private clifftop house that was built with the concept of balancing relaxation, privacy, and getting surrounded by the great outdoor in mind. The airy space allows the mind of holidaymakers to live a flexible and relaxing days. Bathed in natural light and brimming with warm earth tones, the wide open expanse is an ode to a laid back opulence. Wide openings and 180º glass windows provide comfortable experiences of oceanfront living, framing the best possible views of the Jimbaran Bay. Being a standalone villa in the hill means dwellers of the house is blessed with a sense of being faraway. It’s time to reconnect with loved ones; enjoying an al-fresco breakfast from the private terrace or plunging into the pool. Gated and highly walled, this house ensures everyone to be happily wrapped in a bubble of bliss.

Living Inside the 6 Bedroom Villa Jimbaran 

Living Inside the 6 Bedroom Villa Jimbaran

The master bedroom is auspiciously oriented to receive direct views from the Jimbaran Bay. Combined with the earthy hued deco and panel doors, this is such a divine sight to see everyday. Walls are swapped with tall windows to allow the sun to flood the room with ample of natural lights. The other bedrooms are just as gorgeous. All bedrooms features a king sized bed, air conditioners, and spacious wardrobe area to tuck all the guests’ clothings. The ens-suite bathrooms are equipped with bath tubs and rain shower, all amenities included. Four main bedrooms are all built facing the Jimbaran view, while two other smaller bedrooms are available for extra charge. This 6 bedroom villa Jimbaran is perfect for large families who want to enjoy tropical holiday at its finest. The extra two bedrooms with sharing bathrooms could be requested for kids or guests of the family. 

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Spirit of the Outdoor

Spirit of the Outdoor

Living in this 6 bedroom villa Jimbaran is easy. The air conditioned living pavilion in the second floor is adjoined with alfresco terrace boasting view of the bay. The lounge features large luxurious sofa where everyone in the family could sit back and watch some movies from the massive flat TV across the room. Entertainment is on top notch quality as it’s equipped with home theatre set. The second lounge area in the ground level opens up to the grand pool and outdoor garden. This way, guests of the villa would feel like being a part of the nature; feeling the ocean breeze and the tropical sun while still enjoying ultimate comfort of the house. The infinity pool sets the magical sense of being the same body of water with the ocean. This villa also comes with attentive staff to make sure a worry-free experience during your stay. 

Endangered Travel Destinations Around The World You Should Know

Overtourism and climate change are two major factors of some places to be in endangered category. Some of the most wonderful places around the world are on the verge of disappearing. Hence, it is important to start travel responsibly to preserve the environment and culture. There are many things you can do to practice green travel such as leaving no carbon footprints, keeping safe distance with wildlife, respecting the local cultures, and doing simple things that make big differences such as leaving no trash, using reusable travel items, supporting local community, etc. 

Machu Picchu

Endangered travel destinations around the world

Machu Picchu is one of the most visited travel destinations around the world and now on the verge of disappearing due to the overtourism. This wonderful archaeological site might not survive tourists. Many people come in large groups and leave trash behind on the Inca Trail. Some of them even vandalize the stones irresponsibly and disrespect marked trails. Many tourist ugly behaviors have damaged the site irrevocably. 

The Amazon is the core of the earth. This amazing rainforest has breathtaking and unimaginable biodiversity as well as indigenous communities. However, this place is also on the verge of disappearing sooner than later due to deforestation. Amazon is the lungs of the world and we cannot even imagine what would the world like if it’s truly disappeared just for the sake of cattle ranching and mining. Threatening the Amazon means threatening the health of the entire earth. 

Antarctica is often at the top of travelers’ bucket list. This might be one of the most remote place on earth but many people want to visit it once in their lifetime at least. Just like the Amazon, Antarctica plays such a major role in our life. Climate change has affected Antarctica badly and caused the ice melted at an alarming rate. Added with human carbon footprint, this place is at the verge of disappearing which in return lead to deathly imbalance on earth. 

Borneo is often called the Amazon of Asia. This rainforest also has such an unimaginable biodiversity. However, it is also on the edge of disappearing due to illegal logging and palm oil plantations. The forest has been reduced by a third. You can help by contributing to the community who is giving their best effort to conserve the forest through various supports. Visiting Borneo is still allowed but if you plan to do it, make sure to visit with more care and responsibility. Leave no carbon footprint and be mindful with the wildlife. 

The Alps is one of the greatest things we have on earth. However, global warming has put this majestic Alps to be on the edge of disappearing. The victim of global warming are the ice caps of the Alps. The rising temperature has caused the ice throughout this European mountain range melted. The people in the town are trying their best to preserve their livelihood but the way they do it doesn’t solve the root of the issues. 

Labuan Bajo Safe Trip 2021 With A Premium Yacht

2020-2021 is a difficult period for the tourism industry. The Covid pandemic that has spread around the world is the biggest barrier to travel. Currently, all countries are preparing to fight against Covid and distribute vaccines so that economic activity can resume stretching out. International traveling has not yet been reopened at this time, but to travel locally, of course, there is still a possibility with the condition that you have to do a covid test or have been vaccinated. Flores and its surroundings, Komodo Island, or doing a Labuan Bajo trip offer an impressive and unforgettable experience. Of course, travel must be safe and in accordance with health protocols.

Labuan Bajo Safe Trip 2021 With A Premium Yacht

Labuan Bajo Trip & Exploring Around

Komodo, one of the entries that you must visit when doing the Labuan Bajo trip. This spot is already global and has even become one of the Komodo National Park areas managed by the Government. But Komodo Island is not the only enchanting spot. There are many more spots in Labuan Bajo and its surroundings that you must visit.

Cunca Rami Waterfall

Called as a hidden paradise in Labuan Bajo. Cunca means waterfall, rami means forest. The fact is that Cunca rami waterfall is indeed in the forest. The distance from Cunca Rami from Labuan Bajo is approximately 30 kilometers. When using a rental car, you can reach the location in approximately 1 hour.

Rongko Cave, Private Swimming Pool in NTT

From Labuan Bajo, you can reach Goa Rongko with a 1-hour trip. You will feel the freshness of the water and serenity. The water in Goa Rongko is saltwater that comes from seawater. Rongko Cave is one of the destinations visit by many local residents. So don’t be surprised if this spot is very busy. When you look at the top of Rongko Cave, you will see beautiful stalactite ornaments with various irregular shapes. The best time to visit Rongko Cave is 12-14 noon, when the sun enters and provides light in the cave.

Kampung Adat Todo

When you look at the houses of the inhabitants of the Toso traditional village, at a glance it is similar to Wae Rebo Village. Todo traditional village can be reached 3 hours drive by land and is easier to reach than Wae Rebo. To enter a traditional village, tourists must register and pay 45,000. Tourists are required to wear complete traditional clothing. For women must wear a headband, and men use a head covering or cap.

Magia 2 yacht | Hello Flores

How to explore Labuan Bajo trip safely in 2021?

Vacationing during the Pandemic will be very different because you have to travel safely. One option that is currently in great demand is on board or using a phinisi ship. Security and cleanliness are guaranteed because you will sleep and have activities on the ship. You will be well guided when exploring various spots. Several boat options for Labuan Bajo trips such as Aliikai liveaboard, Magia 2 yacht to Splendor liveaboard, offer vacation privileges for 3-5 days.

Help Your Houseplant Make It Through When You Are Travelling

Houseplant can be your lovely friends. They are not more than just your house decoration. They are your companion that always welcome you home. However, taking them when you have to travel is not ideal. Leaving them probably cause them dead when you return from your trip. Therefore, it is important to know how you can keep them alive while you are travelling around the world. 

Keep your houseplant alive while you are travelling around

First thing first, it is important to choose the right plants from the start. It is not only about getting fancy houseplant. It is about searching for something you need. If you cannot commit to keep houseplants that need high-maintenance and don’t choose them. Opt for low-maintenance plants that can withstand waterless for a month. You can opt for succulents of cacti family. 

Then, choose the right soil. It is best to choose soil with coconut fibers or peat moss. This kind of soil is more ideal for houseplant that often neglected by frequently travelling owners. This soil will stay in medium-moist for longer period due to the mixed-in moss and coconut fibers. Also, it is important to choose the right pot. Always opt for pot that is ideal for the type pf the plants you own. Specific pot for specific plants is the most ideal. 

Keep the maintenance of your houseplant because well-maintained plants can better withstand neglect. Watering, feedings, trimming off your plants on regular basis is necessary as they are part of needed maintenance to keep. Also, it is important to find the perfect spot to put your plants. Factors such as how much the sunlight that the plants receive is significant to their longevity. 

Before you leave your home, move and group your plants because excessive light and wind can make your plants thirstier. Move them away from source of heat and wind such as AC, radiator, south-facing windows, etc. Group your plant together near windows that provide indirect sunlight instead. This way, your plants have higher possibility to withstand neglect. 

Opt for self-watering techniques you can apply for your plants. You may consider slow-release watering using sandwich bag. It is ideal to be implemented during brief absences. Fill the sandwich bag with water and prick it with the needle to make the tiniest hole. Then, lay the bag on the plant’s soil bed. Make sure the hole is facing downward. 

Another self-watering technique you can adopt to keep your plant alive while you are away is slow-release watering with wine bottle. If you don’t have wine bottle, any bottle with a long neck will do. Rinse the bottle and fill it with water. Then, drive its neck into the soil of your plant. To control the amount of water to trickle, you can use a wine bottle with a screw top that you have made a hole through. Or, you can simply toss a few pebbles into the bottle. This way, you prevent the risk of over-watering. 

Villa Ubud is Perfect for Wellness Escape!

There’s something wondrous about going away on a trip to Ubud, Bali. You’re leaving the pressures of a busy city or work and all those boring things behind. Ubud can bring the promise of a holistic wellness retreat that can benefit your soul and mind. It can help you to improve your health and refresh your outlook on life. It also boosts your mental well being.  Whether you’re a family, a couple, or a large group, staying in your own private villa has the power for your wellness break. When you book a villa Ubud, you have your space all to yourself. So, you can have all the peace you desire!

Mind, Body & Soul Wellness Immersions at Villa Ubud

Nothing spurs holistic wellbeing more than a peaceful small town like Ubud, with its natural beauty and spiritual features. For wellness warriors looking to push the boundaries, Villa Ubud is the best place to host a wellness retreat and recharge positive energy. Most villas are surrounded by beautiful rice fields landscape, looking out to a hidden jungle, sitting atop the river, and luscious gardens. The natural beauty of Ubud is magical. Just gazing at the gorgeous nature view from your villa will calm your mind and boost your mood.  Breathe in the fresh air, let the sun kiss your skin, and enjoy the luxury of your villa as you recharge your batteries!

How to find a holiday villa that inspires wellness?

Wellness is personal and this needs to be reflected in where you stay. This means finding a perfect villa that perfectly meets your needs. Here are important things to consider when booking a perfect villa for a wellness escape!

Villa Features. One of the best things about staying in a villa Ubud is that you have your own private pool. So, you don’t have to share the infinity pool with dozens of strangers. There is something so much fun and intimate nurturing about taking a dip in your own private pool, especially with the stunning view out over the rice fields. Some villas also feature a shallow section for the kids. Higher-end villas often include a fully equipped gym. Getting in a great workout will inject the body with some adrenalin and boost energy levels that leave you with more in the gas tank to be super fit. Perfect villas are beautifully designed and styled in a way that impacts your mood!

Energizing activities  

Wellness retreat comes from learning how to unwind and from being surrounded by perfect villa features in stunning vista. It is also important that part of your wellness escape is keeping your mind and body active with fun activities. Trying new things and learning new skills just outside your comfort zone can prove to be a reviving tonic.

Shopping Tips for Travelling Abroad

Shopping Tips for Travelling Abroad

One of the most favorite activities during travel is shopping. It may not the main purpose for when someone travelling. However, indulging yourself to buy various authentic items from local stores can be very satisfying. Even if you are not a shopping lover, you may find it interesting to do during your travel abroad. It is different from when you shop at your hometown. The interaction with the local shop owner itself can be a wonderful moment to remember.

Tips for fun, worthy shopping during travel abroad

Shopping abroad can be rewarding but sometimes it also comes with its pitfalls. One of the most common things of shopping for traveler is the overpriced products especially when the seller know that they charge a tourist. However, your lack of knowledge about the local culture may out you in difficulty to know whether the price is fair or not. Also, it is often that travelers manage to buy affordable souvenirs but they find it to be fake at home.

The very easy and important tips for shopping abroad is do your own research in advance. If you plan to go for a shopping, do your research at home or when you are in your hotel room. Window shopping and spontaneous spending often cause more troubles than fun. Do your homework prior the shopping endeavour especially when you aim for having a major purchase.

Shopping Tips for Travelling Abroad

Even after you have done thorough research, it is recommended to shop around before deciding your purchase. This is a good way to compare price and quality of the items you want to purchase. If you travel with an agent, they may suggest you to shop at certain store. However, always be cautious because the seller may charge higher because they have to give commission to your travel agent. Don’t feel pressure to buy from the shop your agent point out. You can also shop from a store you find on your own if you think it offers a better deal.

Haggling or bargaining is still used practice in some countries especially in some local markets. It may not be your cup of tea to bargain the price until you get a good deal. However, it can be fun as long as you do it with respect. You can test your negotiation skills during shopping abroad. It is recommended to learn more about the local culture in advance because the process can be assertive in some countries while in other places it can be done in softer tone and approach.

Regardless of where you shop, always bring positive attitude during the transaction. Avoid unnecessary fight and you’d better find other places to shop if you cannot get the best deal. Also, it is best to have decided how much you are willing to pay for the item so you won’t look confused or indecisive. Also, be careful when choosing shipping method if you choose to ship your purchased items to your home. Make sure that the seller offer insurance and make the transaction as clear as possible.

What to Do in Cendrawasih Bay

Cendrawasih Bay

Let’s start with West Papua and should be on everyone’s bucket list. Papua is known as an area with rich natural resources and a pristine paradise. One of the best holiday destinations is the Raja Ampat. However, many fantastic holiday destinations are just as incredible. One of the significant areas you can find in Papua is the Cendrawasih Bay. This large Bay has many beautiful islands with some of the last remaining pristine reefs in the world, dramatic karst cliffs, white-sand beaches, and swaying palm trees. It is best to have a combination of rich experiences and hidden gems. Let’s get going with the complete list of things to do in this big Bay.

Island hopping

Cendrawasih Bay has many beautiful islands. You can hop from one beautiful island to another, so long as they are all nearby. As the Bay is massive, you probably need a long time to explore all of the islands inside it.  With the abundance of deserted white sand beaches spread across a string of these beautiful islands in this sparsely populated area, a cruise could set up a beach party on a different island.

Whaleshark interactions

This Bay is the perfect spot for those interested in marveling at the giant extant fish species on the earth, the whale shark.  Moreover, you can day frolicking with these whale sharks at almost any time around the year, except for a few days surrounding the full moon. The sharks actively gather below the fishing platform.   The feeling of swimming next to these massive fish is an awe-inspiring experience and should be on the top of any travel enthusiasts’ bucket list.

Cendrawasih Bay

Explore remnants of World War Two

The northern edge of this Bay has the island of Biak. The island of Biak was a Japanese stronghold and was continually bombed by the Americans to force them to surrender the vital air base. It is home to a selection of wrecks that are accessible to divers. A World war two relic that is now home to colorful fish. Green turtles, hawksbill barracuda, and surgeonfish all live in the area.

Visit traditional villages in Cendrawasih Bay

With a population numbering around 20.00 people, this Bay is mainly untouched by the human population. One of the best traditional villages to visit is Roon Island; it is home to the oldest Christian church, which has the Bible published in 1898. In other words, Roon island boasts a remarkable array of exotic adventures.

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Find the legendary birds of Cendrawasih Bay

Take a short hike through mangroves forest in search of the exquisite bird of paradise. Along with the Birds of Paradise, over 300 species of rare and beautiful birds such as Hornbills, Cassowaries, Crested Pigeons are also found here.