Avoid Doing These Things During Your Stay at Hotel

To accommodate yourself when travelling, you need a place to stay. The easiest way to do is to book a hotel room for as long you stay for your vacation. Hotel provides various amenities to help you stay comfortably and have a good rest.

Things you shouldn't do when stay in a hotel room

However, seasoned travellers suggest to not getting too comfortable in your hotel room. It is important to keep in mind that even private hotel rooms are still public space shared by hundreds of strangers.

Of course, you need to enjoy your vacation and get proper rest in your hotel room. However, you always need to stay on guard even in the safety of a hotel room you booked.

Things you shouldn’t do in your hotel room when travelling

Being more aware of your surroundings doesn’t mean you have to be hygiene freak or paranoia of your own safety. However, staying alert will give you more chance to act consciously to protect yourself from any threat.

There are many threats while travelling lurking around you such as theft, dangerous germ, bacteria, etc. Even in your hotel room, there is still possibility for you to face the real threat in various ways. Thus, it is recommended to avoid doing these things in your hotel room during your stay:

  • Leaving your valuables lying around the floor of your hotel room is a mistake you should never do during your stay. You may have heard lots of stories about hotel-thefts. Thus, you’d better keep your valuables safe. Make sure to put your valuables in inconspicuous place. Or, you can also leave it in the front desk and ask for receive to retrieve it later. It is more efficient if you don’t want to carry around your valuable during your trip.
  • Revealing your room number carelessly is a big no. It is important to avoid saying your number room out loud at check in, at restaurants and especially to stranger you have just met. No matter how friendly people you have met during your trip, it is highly advised not to reveal your number of hotel room for your own safety. If you want to meet them, choose public space instead of your hotel room. Breaking in is common case but doesn’t mean you have to be one of the victims.
  • Drinking from tap water in your hotel room is not recommended. You never know what’s in the water source. There is possibility of dead body or animals floating around and decomposing the rooftop water tank. It doesn’t mean all tap water in every hotel is bad. However, it is better not to risk your health. Drinking tainted water never do you any good.
  • Opening your door carelessly during your stay in hotel room is a big mistake. When you hear a knock, you need to make sure to know who is there. Even if you are expecting someone such as room service, you need to be cautious. Make sure not to leave your door ajar even if you are inside. 

Travellers Are Often Staying In This Bali Luxury Villas Seminyak

There are many of accommodations in Bali. Even, I think that there are too many of them. Numbers of villas are also keep on increasing in most of the popular and new destinations. It is no wonder that I can calls Bali as the “Land of Thousands Villas.” Seminyak as a village is also the same, no different with the other villages with popular spots. Among travellers, there are one and two Bali luxury villas Seminyak that are often becoming their favourite place to stay.

Since many businesses are widely open to be managed and ran by the foreigners, the local people will less capital surely will be put aside. That’s how any other cities and countries are happening. Foreigners with somewhat unlimited fund can do almost anything including building a villa and then rent it for the tourists. It can actually be a good sign especially when cultures and environment keep on well-reserved just like what the Hu’u Villas Bali is doing as one of the best place when it comes to talk about the Bali luxury villas Seminyak.

Bali luxury villas Seminyak that often stay by travellers

When you heard about this Bali luxury villas Seminyak where travellers are often staying, you can imagine about living in a cozy place where you are possible to experience the tropical Bali’s island along with the environmental aspects in every corners of the villa.

By the present of the private pool, the Bali luxury villas Seminyak are even getting more interested. Not only that you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing besides the pool, but the it can also helps the guests to get more refreshing environment. There is also a small spacious wall garden that add an extra green atmosphere around the villas.

Right besides the pool, the floor is made out of the wood and in another one villa is made out of the gravels where it can avoid the over heating at outside and also as the nature elements that work great with the water to create an environment friendly atmosphere.

You can also rent this Bali luxury villas Seminyak and stay in just like any other travellers have done. They were making a small party while inviting in their friends. Sometimes, they were also rent the interconnecting villas to get more bedroom possibilities so they can stay close with their best friends or family members.

Not far from this Bali luxury villas Seminyak, you can find the Seminyak beach in only a few minutes away by foot. The surrounds are also completed with various restaurants and cafes, mini bars, clubs for the night activities, souvenir centres, close to the main street so you will easy to find the taxi or any other transportations and many more.

When you are thinking about travelling and staying a while in Bali, don’t you think that barely all of what you have dreamed of can possibly fulfilled just by staying in the Bali luxury villas Seminyak? You don’t have to follow the way the other travellers spending their holidays, but if there will be one that can make your trip even more better and could enjoy life at its best, then you have no reason for not staying in this villa.

Hunting Sunset to These 4 Travel Destinations

Amongst your to-do list for traveling, watching sunset must be one in the top checkbox. Well, it is just normal because sunset gives you dramatic c=scenery to enjoy. You bask yourself with the warm while the sun gradually setting in the horizon.

Sunset hunting travel destinations

There are best places to enjoy the sunset such as up in the hill, at the peak of the mountain, in the beaches, and many more. People also enjoy sunset in different ways. Some of them like it to be more private so that they can do a self-reflection or just simply bask the environment without any disturbance.

Some others like it to be more joyful where they enjoy watching sunset in a group or within a crowd of people. You can choose your own way to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Recommended places around the world to watch the most beautiful sunset

  • Angkor Wat, Cambodia is home to tropical beaches, rice paddies, remote jungles, etc. Truth be told, Cambodia is a place where the landscapes are diverse. You can enjoy many different things in one go. However, Angkor Wat is also a place where ancient temple ruins are. The best place to watch sunset is by the pond where you can see the reflection of the triple towers of Angkor Wat. Watching the sunset in Angkor Wat, you will feel like looking at the most beautiful painting.
  • Machu Picchu, Peru is one of the most visited travel destination in the world. The beautiful scenic and exotic beauty is enough to draw attention from tourist and travelers alike. The Inca ruins are the most famous attraction that is always crowded with visitors from all over the world. However, people also visit city to witness the grandiose sunset. The best location to watch sunset is by the Intipunku sun gate, where the world’s famous-Inca trail is. Aside from being popular place to enjoy sunset, this city is also a favorite place to welcome sunrise. Since this is one of the most crowded travel destinations, it is highly recommended to visit during low season.
  • Uluru, Australia also has beautiful sunset you will have ever seen. It is one of the most popular landmarks in Australia to witness sunset over the massive sandstone formations. The view resulted from the setting sun is utherwordly. The gradual changes of sunset are truly mesmerizing that you will feel like in the twilight zone.
  • Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA is one of the most iconic places in the world. It has been popular amongst travelers due to its natural yet powerful beauty. The beauty of geological color and erosional forms decorating the canyon is more dramatic during sunset. The blaze orange, rust, and red shadowing the canyon walls perfectly creating scenic view. You can watch sunset at Yaki and Puma Points for more spectacular sunset view. However, it is highly suggested to visit this place during off season since this is one of the most visited travel destinations. Unless you want to share with the crowds, you can visit anytime.

Seminyak Villas With Private Pool In Bali

Finally, I have a chance to write down about this, the Seminyak villas with private pool in Bali. It is a village where many of the tourists are going to stay and also having some fun.

Seminyak is pretty much popular among the local residents as well as the travelers. The village is located near to the beach and also as one of the important Central Business District (CBD) in Bali. There are many types of businesses are running there, from the cheap souvenirs to bring home up to the availability of the various types of accommodations.

Of all the accommodations you can reserve when you are in Bali, there’s one choice that is possible to be in your list. It is the Seminyak villas with private pool that can takes your holiday become more memorable.

Seminyak villas with private pool in Bali

What do you think about staying in a village that is close enough to the beach? I mean, when you can go to the beach anytime just around 3 minutes by walking, that will be awesome, right? That Seminyak villas with private pool is there for you.

There are four kind of this villas that you can rent based on their own number of bedroom. There will be 1 bedroom loft, the 2 bedrooms villa and the 3 bedrooms penthouse. Those three options have their own uniqueness and advantages, but when we are going any further to talk about them, the last option that even more interesting to know is the interconnected villas.

The last choice will allowing you to unite (for example) the 2 bedrooms villa with the penthouse to get the 5 bedrooms villa if you need. And that interconnected concept will be possible get even up to 13 bedroom configurations.

Can you imagine how big it will be if you choose your own configuration? For those who are traveling in a big group or many family members and won’t be separated when staying, I think this will be the best option that you can get from a hotel rooms.

Anyway, all of those Seminyak villas are provided and managed by the Hu’u Villas Bali and all of them have their own private pool. You can be easier to access the beach and you can always use the pool at anytime you want.

Even if you just need the one bedroom loft’s villa, getting a small pool party with your partner and friends can also be the part of enjoying your holidays moment. But if that will be impossible since you may are the solo traveler, simply lay your head down after swimming besides the pool and sunbathing is always the worth thing to experience.

Those Seminyak villas with private pool are situated at the hidden gem in Bali. You will even forget about the sound pollution because of their quietness. It is a place for your contemplation and self-meditation right before and after a full day of surrounding Bali.

After all the activities you have done in a day, at the end of the day, most of us will need the peaceful spot for clearing our mind and relaxing our body. That’s why the Seminyak villas with private pool will be the great deal for you.

Tips to Have the Best Stay at Your Hotel while Travelling

Travelling is supposed to be an indulgent for your free time. This is when you get the best of your life and forget about all negativity. For travelling, accommodation is essential and you cannot go travelling without knowing if you will get the best room with the best service. Well, expecting the best service with great amenities is common for travelers.

Tips to have the best stay at hotel

However, sometimes you get the unexpected for example when the staffs of the hotel you booked in show their not so positive attitude or service.

Well, there are many reasons to that. It could be you have a problem with your etiquette or the hotel just employs unreliable staff. Either way, you still can fix the problem. Here are some tips for you to get the best experience to stay at the hotel:

  • It is understandable that you get tired after sitting for hours on the plane to your destination. And when you arrive at your hotel, you become moody and snap at every staff you meet there. Well, some guests may think that being dominant or intimidating will favor them and make the staff obey them. Well, just remember that the staffs are also human and they expect hospitality and friendliness especially when they have to stand and greet every guest that in and out the hotel. Thus, it is highly suggested to show you friendliness and be respectful to them. It will score you positive feedback when you are nice and pleasant.
  • The tipping can be a trigger for bad service the guest receives from the staff. However, tipping is not in control of the staffs but the guests. Thus, you need to know how to tip them and how much you are willing to give. Recommended amount for tipping according to the American Hotel and Lodging Association is $1-5 per night. Tipping your housekeeper is expected when you stay at hotel just like how you tip the waiter in a restaurant.
  • There are some guests who like taking things from their room when they check out. Well, there are things you can take and surely there are things you shouldn’t. You can take minor things like shampoo, notes, pen, etc. However, you will be charged if you take furniture or fixtures including blankets, throw pillows and bathrobe. Thus, make sure to not take anything you are not allowed to or you will face the problem when checking out. It will be unpleasant experience.
  • If you happen to receive unpleasant service or other things during your stay, make sure you talk to the staff instead of announcing it on your social media. Address the problem to the staff and make sure they understand so they can fix it. Remember that they are your priority and they will do anything to make you feel safe and comfortable during your stay. Technical problems and human errors are common so talk it out instead of shout it out. Then, you will be appreciated and receive better service in return.

Hammock Camping Is An Affordable Leisure For Many Of Us

I am actually wanted to say that the hammock camping is an affordable leisure for everyone, but I realized that there are also some of us who are unlucky. For those of you who have money, at least a job, I think that a hammock is pretty much affordable, right?

I am asking you about the hammock itself that is made of parachute and you don’t have to start counting about how much does the hammock tarp or the other accessories and tolls will cost you. I have found that a hammock that most of the users are using it when camping is around $50 – $60, sometimes the price can be more than that and sometimes is possible to be more cheaper.

All we need to know is, it is so much affordable knowing that it will really benefits us and can be used for even years.

Hammock camping for more affordable leisure

There may some of the advantages that you have known about the hammock camping. It can be our shelter when we are hiking or adventuring, magically is possible to helps us falling asleep quicker, lighter since it will has the weight for around 500 grams or less, and many more that leads us to feel the leisures we have never thought before that we can experienced them.

Although you have to tie the hammock camping to the poles or the trees to start using it, i think that learning about how you will do it is really easy. Even you can see many of the guides or tutorials on YouTube for that. Most of the hammock manufacturers are also provide the “how-to” guide for the customers, so you needn’t to worry about it.

Hammock camping is one of the fun, useful, and comfortable products you can get related to the travel industry. A pair of adventure shoes may help us to step safer, but when you are tired of walking, then a hammock can take a good care of yourself. It is also one of the sleeping gear that somehow can really be considered as safer because you can avoid the threats from the ground animals if you are camping in the woods or jungle. The threats can really disappear, but you know that you can at least minimalize them.

Hanging inside the hammock camping is also the wonderful thing you can get even if you are doing it inside your house. And when you are going outside and go for it, I think that the view can be more beautiful and being seen differently. Surely that can be guaranteed especially if you are planning to the hill or any spots with mesmerizing scenery.

The hammock is actually encourages us to exercise. This is one thing that I love about it. If you think that you are the lazy person, try to get a hammock. By doing that, you may will be thinking about going out and walk yourself to the park around the city or to the closer river. It won’t turns you as the diligent person, but again, it is possible to encourages you to do so in case you haven’t someone to motivate you.

Last but surely not the least, if you think that hammock camping is only for the kids or the scout, then you are really need to change your mind first. It is because you are also possible to get the adventure as what everybody else have got. It is not just as affordable as it could be, but also there will be more interesting travel and adventure stories will be made in the future.

What You Need to Know about Halal Tourism

Halal tourism or halal travel has become more and more familiar. This is a subcategory of tourism which focuses more to accommodate Muslim families who abide by the rules of Islam. The number of Muslim tourists and travellers has increased which makes many countries try to attract them by providing halal tourism program.

Travelling is for everyone including Muslims. However, traveling isn’t always easy for Muslims since they need to consider the food, prayer, as well as activities which won’t them break the rules of Islam.

For example, pork is not included into halal food for Muslims. Therefore, they cannot just eat carelessly without knowing whether or not the meals they order contain pork. Muslims also have their prayer time. Thus, they will need a place which can accommodate their need to prayer such as mosque. It is predicted that the number of Muslim travel will keep increasing in the next four years.

Characteristics of halal tourism or halal travel

Getting to know about halal tourism characteristics

When it comes to halal tourism, it means alcohol free environment. Started from the hotel to the flight, halal tourism won’t have alcohol in any aspect. For your information, Turkey is the first country that provides halal hotels for Muslims.

This type of halal tourism program doesn’t always exist even in Muslim country so this is something special needed by Muslim travellers. In halal tourism, hotel and beaches are usually separated.

Muslims play big role in the economy of a country. That is why the program of halal tourism isn’t always provided by Muslim countries like United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Malaysia but also Muslim-minority countries such as Japan and South Korea. There are travel destinations in Europe which also provide halal tourism such as London, Spain and Bosnia.

Halal airline provides halal foods which alcohol, and pork free. They also provide prayer calls, Qur’an in seat pockets as well as separate section for male and female travellers. This makes Muslims travel easier since what they need is provided following the rules in Islam.

Aside from the airlines, halal tourism also include hotel providing halal foods in which the meat comes from animal slaughtered in accordance with the teachings in Islamic Sharia. The foods are also free from any substance forbidden by Islam such as alcohol and pork.

The staffs of the hotels are also trained to give service and treat Muslims guests in certain way which won’t violate Islamic sharia. Thus, Muslim guests will be more comfortable while staying in the hotels. Other characteristic of halal tourism includes facilities such as providing swimming pool separating male and female area.

For your information, there is Muslim travel standard as reference tool dedicated to Muslim travellers. the standard is divided into a rating scale form one to seven. Those rating scales are made based on the amenities and services. Those include the availability of qibla direction, alcohol policies, prayer carpets, as well as halal-certified food.

With the hype of halal tourism program, Muslims all around the world have more chances to enjoy their travel comfortably.

Website Design and Development Company In Bali

There are two main reasons why your website design is important, both are; good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and to help your visitors or customers navigate easily through your site. So it will not only to get the better look of your website when accessed using various devices, even though to make it looks better is also challenging.

Website design and development company in Bali

I am sure that dealing with the website design is pretty much challenging, so that, many of the web agencies are also have their own website designers. Later on, the designers will work together with the developer to create a better site as the client need.

We have known that today, many business owners are deciding to put their business online. Either they will build an online shop, community for their customers or organisation site, forum and group, and many more. So with the local government that needs to be transparent to the people and want to shows us about what they are doing.

Later on, many businesses, institutions, organisations, communities, etc are requiring the skilled people from their own to make their own site. But the thing is, sometimes none of them have the required knowledge and experiences. So that, you will need to hire the website design and development company to fulfil your needs of a website. And today, I’d like to present you about the related company based at Bali.

Website design and development company in Bali

I have mentioned about the agency on above. All I mean is the digital agency or at least the website agency that is offering you the services such as website design Bali and web development if you will need one.

If you have been in Bali before and doing some businesses, you will realise that it is not hard to find the website and digital agency at there. Since the Bali’s tourism sector is keep on increasing, then many businesses are also running pretty much good. It may one of the cause why there are many agencies in Bali.

One of the benefits you can get when building an agency in Bali is that, the international market for your products and services have been formed. I mean, people from everywhere are in Bali or will likely to be there.

If you have a business related to the tourism such as providing the accommodation, car or motorbike rental, restaurants, souvenirs and many more, I think you have to think about going it online. Build a site for that to get more customers from around the world.

Now, one of the digital agency that is also can help you with your business website design and its development is Kesato & Co. Haven’t heard about it or you have been working with the agency for years? It is one of my recommended agency if you are also requiring and want to deal with all the digital marketing things.

The company is providing you various services, not only to help you with your website design in Bali. You can also talk to the agency about your business brand identity and how to make your customers aware about that, design graphic services in case you will need one like making your business the better annual report, photography studio for your products and services and many more.

Things You Need to Know before Visiting Cambodia

Cambodia is a country located in Southeast Asia. There are many travel destination desired by travellers around the world. Most of them are natural and adventurous destinations. One of a must-visit places when visiting Cambodia is Phnom Penh.

Things to know before visiting Cambodia

It is not as metropolis as Bangkok in Thailand because Phnom Penh is more down to earth. However, this s a great destination for travellers who don’t want to experience over-crowded place to have fun. There are many things you can do in Phnom Penh but it is recommended to find out more about Cambodia before visiting.

  • You will need to present valid passport and a Cambodian visa. You can get your visa before visiting the country or on your arrival. You can choose according to your convenience. If you don’t have much time for preparation, you can also apply for a Cambodia e-visa online where you can complete the online application and pay with your credit card.
  • Next, you need to know Cambodia customs regulations. If you are 18 years old or older, you are permitted to bring 200 cigarettes, one opened bottle of liquor, and perfumer for personal use. You are not allowed to bring antiques or Buddhist reliquaries out of the country.
  • It is highly recommended to take health precautions before visiting the place. Recommended shot to take before visiting Cambodia is malaria prophylaxis. You need to ask advice from your doctor to take necessary shots to prevent from typhoid, cholera, tetanus, polio, etc.
  • Official currency of Cambodia is the Riel. You can change the currency before visiting. Remember that you will need more cash than credit card when travelling to Cambodia since not a lot of places accept major credit cards.
  • It is highly recommended to be careful especially in the nighttime. Don’t stray off the known paths. It is recommended to hire a guide if you want to travel around places in Cambodia to make sure that you are safe.

What you can do when visiting Phnom Penh Cambodia

There are many interesting things to do when you visit Cambodia and the capital city, Phnom Penh, such as:

  • Shopping is a must when you visit Phnom Penh especially jewelry shopping. You can go for it at the Central Market. This traditional market is a great place to buy precious stones, metals, as well as jewelry. Aside from the good stuffs available in the market, the interior is also distinctive. You can enjoy Art Deco fusion style in this market.
  • Royal Palace in Phnom Penh is also a must visit. This place is open for visitors. You can go visiting the Silver Pagoda and the Moonlight Pavilion. It is recommended to visit the Royal Palace at night.
  • You can also spend your time relaxing near the river and enjoy the sunset. You can also go a cruise boat to enjoy the river more. You will sail past traditional fishing villages, as well as Phnom Penh Skyline. It is recommended to visit this place in the late afternoon.

This Luxury Villas Seminyak Bali Is All You Need To Rent

Have you ever heard about the Hu’u Villas Bali before? It is one of the best luxury villas providers in Bali that specially located at the special area called as Seminyak. Seminyak is a village but there are many of the tourists are staying there as if it is the centre of the island. In tourism sector, Seminyak is actually one of the main important area in Bali. The location is strategic where you can easy to go anywhere to the popular destinations, there are various public buildings, beaches are also easy to access and you are possible to stay at where the local people are around you.

Luxury villas seminyak bali is all you need to rent

In short if you are staying in the luxury villas Seminyak owned and ran by the above provider, you are the lucky one. That will be the perfect choice you have ever made in choosing the travel accommodation.

There are some of the luxury villas Seminyak you can get depending on the numbers of the bedrooms. The lowest number of the bedroom is 1 and you will be sleep on the second floor (loft) while its private pool will be under the balcony on the front.

The highest numbers of bedrooms is 13. This luxury villas Seminyak is also applied the interconnected bedroom so there will be various number of the bedroom’s configurations. 13 bedrooms as maximum.

The other standard villas are the 2 bedrooms villa and the 3 bedrooms penthouse. 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms as the regular packages but you can also get the special offers such as discount and the various services.

If you will ask me about who will be the best to rent this luxury villas, then there will be 3 people. The villas are perfect for the couples and honeymooners, for family vacation and the last one is for those who are travelling in a group for certain event or occasion.

At the above first paragraph, I have told you about the superiority of the Seminyak village. And when it needs to talk about your temporary stay in the luxury villas at the same village, then you can also experience the same benefits. You know what, the beach is only within the walking distance. How far you’d like to reaches the beach? I think that the longest will only need about 5 minutes.

There are also the restaurant provided by the villas management and the bight club if you want to party every night. There won’t be a chance for you to get bored in Seminyak, Bali. Those two facilities will be great for all the guests since there will be the special privilege for they who are renting the luxury villas.

I don’t exactly know about what actually you will looking for in the other luxury villas at Seminyak or other accommodations, but thinking about all what you are possible to get and experience, one of the above villas will be all you need in your trip in Bali as a couple or family.

I can’t give you an example of the luxury hotel room that you’re also possible to reserves. But if I will comparing it with the luxury villas amenities at Seminyak, hotel room will be the thing you won’t need any longer. It will less in amenities and facilities, and the price can also be more expensive.