Picking the Right Tenants for Your Rental Investment Property

When you choose rental investment property as your source of steady income, you need to be able to pick the right tenant. It is as much as important as maintenance. No matter how promising your property is, it won’t be resourceful if you don’t get the right tenants. Of course, it could be easier to just let any tenants rent your property/ however, the risk is too high. There is that tenant is irresponsible for the property or they don’t pay attention to on-time monthly rent. The right tenant is not only about those who can pay on time though, there many other aspects of them that will help your property investing to grow better and bigger and not the opposite.

How to pick the right tenants

After purchasing your first property, it is time for you to think about who is going to occupy it. It can’t be random people that comes to you first. You need to select carefully of who really deserves to rent your property. It is your asset after all so it just makes sense for you to take care of it and make sure that tenants will be doing just the same. Here are some tips to pick the right tenants:

  • It is recommended to hire property manager to pick the right tenants. It doesn’t mean to judge your ability to do the same thing. It is just that they have ability to pick in professional and business manner since they have no relation to the said property. They won’t be weighed down by personal feeling or emotions. Besides, they are experts in this field. If it is your first investment, they are obviously more experienced than you in handling rental property. You also need them in other aspect including property maintenance, rent, etc.
  • If you decide to hire property manager, you can choose to let them do all the work or you can involve in selection process. However, it is more recommended for you to involve and give your own opinion to make decision.  You can also discuss first of what kind of tenants you prefer to occupy your property. This way, property manager will search and sort candidate based on your preference which makes the work easier as well.
  • It is recommended not to accept tenants who move a lot within short time. You need to choose tenants who have experienced to stay at least two years or more in their previous rentals. It is also important for you to pay attention on their job stability. You’d prefer tenants with consistent employment because it indicates their ability to pay the rent each month on time.
  • It will be more advantageous if you pick the tenants who are willing to rent for a long haul. Settled couples or family with schooling kids are more preferred for long haul rentals. Thus, you might as well consider them to rent your property. After finding the right tenants, make sure to hang onto them by giving them the best service they deserve.

Leasing Property In Bali, A Comfort Life For Foreign

What is leasing? What is the definition of leasing? Leasing is a contract where one party gives the right to use certain items to another party within a certain period of time. The tenant will then pay for the transfer of rights while using a fixed amount of fixed assets. Payment adjusts to the agreement with the owner, whether the payment is monthly or annual.

Leasing Property In Bali

Leasing is widely used by foreigners in several tourist destinations, especially in Bali. Bali increase with villa investments and investors, not only domestic investors but also foreign investors. Villa is a destination for travelers from various countries with various destinations, whether on vacation or work. In fact, Bali offers the potential for a complex property. Where each investment has a negative risk. Negative factors may monopolize investment but all investors must incorporate these factors into their financial planning.

Comfort Life With Leasing Property In Bali

The ownership situation is a bit complicated. If you say it is simple, unless you are Indonesian, you are not entitled to own property. So, there are many requirements and stages of leasing property in Bali for foreign. The solution that is widely used and at risk is renting property in the long run. This is a solution that benefits both parties, both owners and foreign parties.

The regulation of renting out property to foreigners does look rather complicated. Leasing property in Bali for foreigners is definitely not permitted. Under government regulations, foreigners are not permitted to buy property in any form. Then what do foreigners who first come to Bali have to do and want to own property?

The solution that can be done is to use the name of Indonesian people to buy property. Leasing property in Bali on behalf of Indonesian people is very easy. If credit applicants fulfill the requirements of financial institutions, property leasing in Bali can be carried out smoothly.

There are many reasons why foreigners are very interested in leasing property in Bali. Given that Bali is a popular tourist destination, this is a good business opportunity. When foreign tourists come to Bali, they will find friendly and warm locals. Compared to other destination countries, the cost of living in Bali is quite cheap. Leasing property in Bali provides an opportunity for foreigners to live more comfortably than in their home.

Pay attention to the contracts that need when you will do it with Indonesian people. Legal matters will be very complicated and very time-wasting. If needed, you can hire a consultant to facilitate understanding of leasing contracts for property in Bali with local residents.

Amazing Luxury Bali Villas for Sale For Your Future Investment

If you want to have your own luxury villas, Bali can be a place to realize your dreams. Rows of villas for sale in several popular locations such as Seminyak, Canggu, Kuta have high selling points. Lots of information on luxury Bali villas for sale from the lowest prices to the most expensive prices with various facilities. Luxury villas for sale can be a profitable investment. Not only that, but the villa is also the favorite choice of accommodation which is currently trending and attracting tourists.

Luxury Bali Villas For Sale

Experienced travelers certainly know exactly where to look for strategic villa locations and according to budget. If you like Bali and the frequency of your visit is more than 2x a year, why not invest in luxury Bali villas? If your finance is excessive and is confused about allocating it, this is a perfect opportunity. You can occupy when visiting Bali, or rent it out. Multiple benefits!

Luxury Bali villas for sale are targeted by small, medium or large scale investors. Why? Tourist visits which continue to increase each year open the opportunity for investors to reap the benefits of villa rentals, whether renting long-term or short-term. Bali has been known throughout the world for its traditions, architecture, culture, friendliness of the locals who support and create a unique experience for tourists.     

Many things need to be considered before deciding to find and buy luxury Bali villas for sale.

Location and Amenities of Luxury Bali Villas For Sale

Location supports the value of your investment. Of course, looking for luxury Bali villas for sale in favorite areas such as Seminyak, Umalas, Kerobokan, Canggu, Kuta requires a small budget. It doesn’t matter if your villa is not near the beach, as long as the facilities you prepare for tourists provide comfort for them. Internet connection is a must. Since the villa is more categorized as private accommodation, you can create a swimming pool. Adjust to the width of your page, so that it looks appropriate. The kitchen and its equipment are important because it can make tourists feel at home like at home.

Spiritual Healing

The location of Bali villas for sale in the area of local residents provides its own benefits. A peaceful and calm atmosphere helps tourists do spiritual healing. The landscape of rice fields is a medicine to relieve stress. Luxury Bali villas for sale that are located on beachfront do have high selling value and attract tourists. But there are many tourists who are looking for tranquility and green scenery of rice fields to truly relax themselves during the holidays.

How Much Price To Rent A Photo Studio In Bali?

Renting a photography studio in Bali is a choice for the the photographers to capturing the product images. Sometimes, there will be also some people who just simply want to take their photos in a studio while learning about the available tools and gears the studio are provided. I have been met they who were using the studio to learn the indoor photography couple of days ago.

The photography studio they were rented in Bali is based on Seminyak. I saw them using the studio and as if they were doing it for fun. No products captured that as I have seen. Simply just women posing as they have been directed. That’s why i am assumed that the photographers and her friends are just rent the studio Bali for fun or learning how to take images and master the tools.

There are surely many of the photo studio in Bali. You can even easily finds the one that ran by the foreigners. That’s a normal and regular business thing in Bali. So with the local photographers with the photo studio, there are many of them. The photo studios are vary in price. You can get from the cheapest one, the affordable photo studio rental up to the expensive photography packages.

If you are wondering about how much price you should pay for renting the photo studio in Bali, then the answers can be vary, too.

But I won’t disappoint you with that. I will take an example about the price from the studio on the above link, called as the Le Studio and is one of the business line of the digital agency called as the Kesato & Co. It is at Seminyak for sure where many of the travellers are staying.

There are some things that I love about this photo studio site. You can get the price of how much you should pay per hour/day for renting the studio, the cameras and lenses and many more. It is also informing us about the studio dimensions so you can start thinking about does the photo studio space is enough for your projects or not.

How much to rent the photo studio in Bali?

If there will be a photographer who will need to rent this photography studio for business project of the client, the above prices are actually the affordable and even the cheapest offers that you can get in Bali. There are many of the businesses in Bali that valued over hundreds of million and even billions Rupiah in a month and the above prices are really the cheapest that the photographers can get. Even if the business is only can generates around dozens or tens of millions in a month, the photo studio rental prices are still affordable.

The best thing that can happen when you want to rent this photo studio in Bali is that, even if you are not the photographer, the studio have their own men to help you. They are the professional ones that have been capturing images for various big industries. What else you need beside what I have been mentioned? If there won’t be even one, then hope you will rent this studio in the future to help creating your high quality business photos or others.

Bali Freehold Property For Sale, A Great Investment In Exotic Island

Bali is not only attractive for tourists. This exotic island is also filled with villa investment which is the destination of travelers from Australia, Europe and others to live. Bali’s environment and friendly locals offer tantalizing investment benefits from Bali freehold property for sale. Whatever form of investment, it will always provide excessive benefits for investors. Old or new lease agreements with owners of Bali freehold property for sale require careful review and due diligence.

Bali freehold property for sale

fact, Bali presents a complex property investment potential, where there are serious positive and negative sides. This is an important factor that investors must include in long-term financial planning before deciding to look for Bali freehold property for sale.

Bali freehold property for sale is indeed a promising investment for the long term or short term. But you need to pay attention to your finances. Worst of all, when the low season comes and tenants will be greatly reduced. While the maintenance costs and servants’ salaries continue to run every month.

Legal Risk Bali Freehold Property For Sale, For Foreign Investor

There are important things that you must consider before deciding to buy Bali freehold property for sale. Legal risk! Indonesia has complicated procedures and ownership laws for freehold property, especially for foreigners. Simply put, unless you are the color of the country of Indonesia, you cannot have a freehold property. But there is a solution for foreigners who want to own property in Bali.

A less risky and more popular solution for land ownership by foreigners is long-term leases. The initial rental period is limit to 25 years. But it can be extended for a longer period of time. The total lease period is 80 years. The requirement is for foreigners to have to have a residence permit.

This is a problem that many foreigners or investors have questioned when they first came to Bali. Maybe most foreigners who first came to Bali think why they can’t get Bali freehold property for sale. But this is what makes them realize that not all can be obtained because they have money. Like Bali freehold property for sale.

Bali freehold property for sale is indeed a great investment in an exotic island. As long as you, foreigners have a residence permit, then you can enjoy your stay in Bali. The atmosphere, culture, and friendliness of the local people of Bali indeed attract investors. Moreover, Bali is included in the top destination of the world’s popular tourism.

How To Get Bali Freehold Property For Sale

In recent years properties such as villas and condotels have mushroomed. Investors see the future of property in Bali that never dies. Given that Bali is a popular tourist destination in the world, accommodation needs are increasing. Both villas and condotels are increasingly in demand by tourists as accommodation during the holidays.

Bali Freehold Property For Sale

Buying a villa or condotel is the best investment in Bali. How to find Bali freehold property for sale? Owning a villa or condotel will be profitable because of the contribution from rental income. Unfortunately, condotel is not a freehold property. You have building rights for a specified period of 10, 20 or 25 years.

The villa is perfect if you are looking for Bali freehold property for sale. If you don’t understand enough, you need to first understand the difference between freehold and leasehold. leasehold, the owner of the building has the right to extend the lease period or terminate it. Leasehold is applied to company ownership or foreigners. Based on Government Regulation (PP) No. 41 of 1996, Indonesia closed the door for foreign ownership of property.

Bali freehold property for sale benefits Indonesian citizens to invest. Property prices in Bali are amazing. Although Indonesia’s economy is globally declining but does not affect the property market in Bali. This is the reason why Bali freehold property for sale is in great demand.

Trustable Agency To Find Bali Freehold Property For Sale

If you are a foreigner, it might be difficult to get a property in Bali. Even though you have settled for years but your nationality is foreign, it is impossible to buy property. Another way that can be taken for foreigners is to look for property agents. Agents usually help foreigners seek Bali freehold property for sale. They also take care of all the best document processes.

Don’t choose the wrong property agent. Along with the high interest of foreigners to live and own property, many rogue brokers will be detrimental. The rogue broker is not only local residents but also foreigners. If you don’t know Bali, don’t trust anything about brokers who don’t have offices.

Browse the internet and see reviews can be your guide to searching for Bali freehold property for sale. Trusted property agents will ensure that there are no problems or disputes with a related property. Bali freehold property for sale is your chance to invest and make a profit, both short and long-term.

Use Design Agency Bali Before You Regret!

Is it too much for me have wrote the title of this article as above? No hurt feeling or considered it as a threat. Actually I am doing my best now for growing your business by suggesting to use the design agency Bali especially where your business at Bali as well.

Running your business in Bali is one thing and getting it increased is another thing all the businessmen keep on trying. You have to think about every aspects that can support your business as well as the things that can harm it. And if that in Bali, one thing you need to be prepared since the beginning is how your business will looks like.

I am talking about the logo, promotion and package designs of your business, the brand and its identity and all things related to the design field. Thinking about that, mostly you will only have three options which are (for example) creating your own business logo by yourself, hire a graphic designer that you still don’t know whether he or she is professional or not, and the last is using the service from design agency.

Design agency Bali for your business or company

The first 2 options could give you headache. I am not underestimating you, but are you sure you have times for all of the design works? Not to mention about the result because maybe you are an amateur. So that when hiring a new staff, that can also mean that you have to build a new division in your business team. Meanwhile, you may only need the design works once in a week or two.

So that, if you are really care about your business as well as your time, why not find the design agency Bali for all the works you have to finished, so you can focus on running the business itself. Never hesitate to do that, because you will get more of advantages for your business.

Let say you need a logo. Everyone can creates it. But, surely you need the professional one that is look simple and can represent the business you are running, right? You will only pay for once and can use the logo for years rather than changing it every time you want just because you don’t like how it is look.

Think about using the design agency services in Bali for that, because you can also will be helped in creating your business brand and identity since the first time you are cooperate with the agency. You will not only get a logo or other designs that even make yourself proud for have made the great decision, but your business may get a positive feedbacks as well.

So that, I know that there are many of the professional graphic designers out there that you can find and use their services, but it would be better if you are using the design agency if you can afford for it. After all, the payment you will have to send will not as big as you have thought before. If other companies can do such as a thing, then so with your company as well.

Last but not least, you may have ever found any of the business in Bali where the office is not well designed. Not only for its building, but also its logo, banners and billboards, etc, but mostly, you will find that most of the offices will look balanced and won’t hurt your eyes, so with the design works that are displayed. And i think that the main reason for that is the design agency Bali they were used.

Reasons Why Property For Sale in Ubud Bali The Best Investment For Retirement?

Ubud is a natural tour, shopping, culinary, and artistic tourism. Not enough just a day to explore Ubud. Ubud is in the highlands so it feels cool. Ubud maintains the layout of the city by following the natural contours. Falling in love with Ubud is one of the reasons tourists return to Bali. Deciding to stay in another country needs a lot of consideration. But many foreign tourists decided to settle in Bali. They are willing to start a new life in Bali.

Property for sale in Ubud Bali, one of the most popular in the world. For investors, this is an advantage. As for tourists, property in the form of a house or villa is a savings budget, as a vacation accommodation. There are many ways to invest, either near or long term. Especially in Ubud, popular tourist destinations and offering tranquility for tourists.

There are many reasons why property for sale in Ubud is the best investment. This is the best investment for your old age. Ubud Property can be utilized to get a short-term profit. Some reasons and benefits why property for sale in Ubud is a perfect investment.

Buy and Take advantage of Property for sale in Ubud

Do you know many activities and activities held in Ubud? Starting from jazz festivals, painting exhibitions, writers’ meetings, to culinary festivals. Villa is an investment that is in great demand today. When people go to Bali, the question is what is your vacation destination?

If you want peace, surely Ubud is the answer. Enjoying the atmosphere of Ubud in the villa is a perfect vacation. For that reason, villa investment is appropriate for the short term. You can benefit from villa rent, both daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Other properties for sale in Ubud Bali are in the form of land. You can build and use it as desired. Property investment belongs to a very profitable business. Currently, people buy land and build into a working space. Recommendations, you can find land with view paddy field. With the only internet and furniture supplies, you have taken advantage of the property for multiple benefits.

You need to be aware that workers need the best and calmest place to work. The idea of building a working place on your land property can be a profitable business. There is no need to have the big capital to get a business and get a profit. Property for sale in Ubud Bali is best for your investment and business. Especially if you want to do business when your retirement arrives.

Photo Studio In Bali You Can Rent Plus Its Services

Are you looking for a photo studio in Bali or the expert photographer? For many of the reasons, there are big chances you will be using the services such as for your pre-wedding, product photography, and many more. Even, you can get it in one place in case you will need the retouching and other editing processes service. As simple as what others have been said; enjoy your time in Bali.

Today is the day before weekend and I think it will be perfect for giving you an information about the photo studio Bali. I have never thought about it before since visited one of the best studio when for the second time I am here.

There are nothing else to say about Bali but its beauty, wonderfulness, magical island and many more compliments. It has becoming a dream island for many of the travellers out there. If you are visiting in a group, doesn’t it will be great to find the photo studio in Bali as well rather than just getting an outdoor images. So with if you are the business guy around the city of Denpasar or the other regions who need the best images for the products. Then, you have to find the expert one.

I am talking about the photography studio itself along with the professional photographer who can help you in accommodate your business needs related to the best photos that even will make you proud from making the decision.

But, that’s not all what you can get. If by any chance you own a villa, hotel or any business lines, you can also hire the photographer for that to be used for your business zine, for your social media campaign or promotions and many more. So that, the photo studio I am bringing to you is comes from one of the best digital agency in Bali.

How comes the answer is the digital agency when talking about the photo studio Bali?

As far as I could remember, the digital agency is also considered as the creative agency. And what they are doing is dealing with the multi-field customers and various type of business. You can hire them for increasing your business brand awareness, your business identity, creating outstanding piece of graphic design such as logo, brochure, and many more. Including the photography line is what they are dealing with.

Photo Studio In Bali By Le Studio

So that, one of my main and the only one recommendation for your best photo studio in Bali is presented by le Studio. The le studio is the photography studio that you can rent for hours or days depending on your needs. The studio itself is actually one of the Kesato & Co business line as the digital agency in Bali.

The location of this photo studio is quite easy to find. Located at Jl. Plawa that will only takes you not up to 1 minute when you drive your bike from the main street of Seminyak. Just using your map application in your phone and you can see where the digital agency at. You can also directly go to the website about what they are doing related to your needs.

The le studio facilities are pretty much complete. You can get the quality studio lights, the Canon 5D Mark IV camera, various of lenses and many more.

In case you are running out of times of rent this Bali’s photo studio, you can also use the photography service called as Product Shooting. It is for any purposes of your business in photography such as for the retail or product’s catalogue. The creative team is also possible for taking the conceptual images that will be edited professionally as you need even for the commercial usage. The price is affordable as well where the shooting and editing process will only takes up to 100.000 IDR/picture.

Giving yourself a try for all the important parts of your business needs especially when all of them are related to the photo studio creations in Bali. Anyway, you are also have been provided the video shooting service as well if you need it.

Bali Property For Sale Ubud, The perfect Investment To Get High Benefit

Ubud is very familiar and close to the world tourists. Part of Bali and popular with natural beauty, cool air and Balinese atmosphere that is still very felt compared to other areas. For young people who prefer nightlife, perhaps Ubud is a boring area without much activity to do. In fact, there are many activities that can be done in Ubud.  You can play arum rafting, testing your guts by jumping from a waterfall that is 15 meters high or culinary the best coffee in Bali.

The popularity of Ubud with its beauty, culture, and uniqueness are the main targets for investors to build and develop many Balinese. Property is one of the many interested local and foreign investors. The increase in property prices in Bali continues to increase every year, so the property is a very profitable investment.

Buy From A Trustworthy Agent Property

The demand for lodging in Bali, not least Ubud continues to increase so that investors continue to develop the development of hotels, resorts, and villas. Bali property for sale Ubud is a profitable investment in both short and long-term. Many expats and retirees from different countries decide Bali as their home and build a villa, whether for rent or stay.

Bali property for sale Ubud, whether home or villa for those of you who want to enjoy tranquility and rest with the cool atmosphere. Based on the survey of hotel development, condotel, resort or villa in Bali has been shifted to Ubud. Why? As tourist arrivals increase, there are many of them who show interest in enjoying the calm, cool atmosphere and the real Balinese uniqueness.

Destinations in Ubud are also increasing. There are many unique and interesting activities for the tourists so this will be very profitable. The more activity development in Ubud, the higher demand for hotels, resorts and villas.

Villa Bali Sale is one of the most trusted property agents offering a list of Bali property for sale Ubud, both landed, a house or a villa. Villa Bali Sale is one of the most trusted property deals in Ubud, both landed, a house or a villa. You can easily select and compare villas or other properties offered and compare prices. If you do not want to bother taking care of licensing and others, you can submit the management to this property agent. Bali property for sale Ubud is the best opportunity for investment and get maximum profit.