How to Get the Best Rest During Your Overnight Flight

Travelling means you often have a hard time to rest. It can be caused by too much excitement or fatigue. Either way, it is important to get the best ret during your trip or else you will likely prone to get sick. When your travel destination requires you to have a long haul flight, it is getting harder to have proper rest because you have to keep aware of your surroundings for your own safety. However, it also means you will be easier to get exhausted. It also means you need to fight off any stress and fatigue for the rest of your trip. Having rest during your flight is a great chance to get recharged.

Things to help you have the best rest during your flight while travelling

As mentioned earlier that sleep during your long haul flight is a chance to have proper rest for your travelling agenda. Instead of wasting your time watching random movies, it is better to sleep on the plane. Thus, you will be more recharged once you awake. Here are things to help you get better sleep during your long haul flight:

  • First thing first, make sure to wear comfortable outfit that will help you move freely. This kind of outfit will also help you to sleep easier. If you wear tight jeans or irritating fabrics, you will feel less comfortable. It only makes you more difficult to have proper rest. Besides, your body will be more stress. By wearing comfortable outfit, you will be able to fall asleep properly during your long haul flight. Make sure to wear breathable and loose fitting clothes. It is also recommended to wear some layers to keep you warm and cozy.
  • Another thing you can to get proper rest during your flight is to have relaxation before boarding. There are various facilities in the airport you can use to help you relax such as massage chair. When you are more relaxed, you will be able to sleep easier on the plane. Thus, you will have proper rest for your trip. If you cannot find this type of facility in the airport, you can choose to stay in a quiet corner or room to stretch and relax while listening to some music.
  • It is recommended to avoid alcohol or caffeine before boarding. Those will likely make you more difficult to sleep and have proper rest on your flight. Some travelers find it easier to relax after taking a sip or two of wine or coffee. However, make sure not to take them excessively or they will backfire and you have difficulties to rest.
  • You can also turn off or dim the seatback screen before snoozing on overnight flights. Blue light cast from screens are often fund to be the culprit of your difficulties to get some sleep during your overnight flight. Thus, make sure to deal with it so you can enjoy sleep atmosphere. Then, you will get proper rest and ready to explore your travel destination later.

A new Experience To Stay And Exploring Canggu Villas

There are many questions for first-time travelers on holiday to Bali. Where to stay? Which location is strategic to reach many popular places? In fact, there are many tourists who are still confused by the choice of place to stay according to their respective characters. Bali has many places to stay. But tourists will usually look for and choose the place to stay that suits their wishes. There are tourists who like crowds, there are also tourists who like quiet and quiet locations.

The character of tourists who like crowds, then some areas such as Seminyak, Canggu, Kuta, Legian, or Kerobokan are very perfect. Canggu can be the right place to stay. Along with the popularity of the Seminyak area, there are many emerging Canggu villas dominated by foreign tourists, especially Australian tourists. It can be said that Canggu is a tourist base or an expat gathering place from Australia.

Canggu villas are also equipped with luxurious facilities like star hotels. Of course, you have to pay dearly to enjoy luxury. Canggu villas have always been the target of foreign tourists, especially those who have a long vacation in Bali. Not only tourists, the expat also looked at Canggu villas as a temporary residence while working in Bali.

Especially foreign tourists, looking for Canggu villas may be a little difficult to do considering the demand is very large. There are many choices of rooms for you, ranging from 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms or even more than that. Adjusting the selection of the number of villa rooms is mandatory. This helps you prepare an accommodation budget.

The Canggu area, Seminyak and its surroundings can be said to be the center of luxury for pampering tourists. There are many rows of international standard bars, clubs, restaurants that are ready to make your holiday memorable. If you find it difficult to find the appropriate Canggu villas, look for recommendations via the internet. There are many villa reviews and recommendations based on prices, facilities or other reviews related to the villa.

Setting a stay at Canggu villas will not make you regret. There is a lot of amazing entertainment. No matter day or night, the Canggu area always attracts the attention of tourists to visit. Enjoying bars along the Canggu area can be the right choice to enjoy your night in Bali. Canggu villa, luxury accommodation with the best facilities for your holiday and family pleasure.

Website Design and Development Company In Bali

There are two main reasons why your website design is important, both are; good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and to help your visitors or customers navigate easily through your site. So it will not only to get the better look of your website when accessed using various devices, even though to make it looks better is also challenging.

Website design and development company in Bali

I am sure that dealing with the website design is pretty much challenging, so that, many of the web agencies are also have their own website designers. Later on, the designers will work together with the developer to create a better site as the client need.

We have known that today, many business owners are deciding to put their business online. Either they will build an online shop, community for their customers or organisation site, forum and group, and many more. So with the local government that needs to be transparent to the people and want to shows us about what they are doing.

Later on, many businesses, institutions, organisations, communities, etc are requiring the skilled people from their own to make their own site. But the thing is, sometimes none of them have the required knowledge and experiences. So that, you will need to hire the website design and development company to fulfil your needs of a website. And today, I’d like to present you about the related company based at Bali.

Website design and development company in Bali

I have mentioned about the agency on above. All I mean is the digital agency or at least the website agency that is offering you the services such as website design Bali and web development if you will need one.

If you have been in Bali before and doing some businesses, you will realise that it is not hard to find the website and digital agency at there. Since the Bali’s tourism sector is keep on increasing, then many businesses are also running pretty much good. It may one of the cause why there are many agencies in Bali.

One of the benefits you can get when building an agency in Bali is that, the international market for your products and services have been formed. I mean, people from everywhere are in Bali or will likely to be there.

If you have a business related to the tourism such as providing the accommodation, car or motorbike rental, restaurants, souvenirs and many more, I think you have to think about going it online. Build a site for that to get more customers from around the world.

Now, one of the digital agency that is also can help you with your business website design and its development is Kesato & Co. Haven’t heard about it or you have been working with the agency for years? It is one of my recommended agency if you are also requiring and want to deal with all the digital marketing things.

The company is providing you various services, not only to help you with your website design in Bali. You can also talk to the agency about your business brand identity and how to make your customers aware about that, design graphic services in case you will need one like making your business the better annual report, photography studio for your products and services and many more.

Advantages of Internship in Digital Agency at Bali

Internship is a period of time especially for students and job seekers to get work experience. Usually take place for around 2 until 4 months. With the different majors, education backgrounds and skills, the offices or divisions will also different to be used as an apprentices place. But if you are looking for the digital agency Bali for your internship, you will get more advantages than you have ever think before.

Advantages of internship in digital agency Bali

Do an internship in the digital agency may not for everyone. But if you need to hone your skills in design and develop the website with various of website programming languages, graphic design, photography and videography, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO), then you have to find one best digital agency Bali.

Advantages of digital agency Bali for internship

You will not only deal with mentioned divisions as above, but more than that. You can even deal with the social medias and sites advertisements (online ads), preparing the content marketing, and many more.

Surely you will only focus on one division as your own education background, but getting to know about the other divisions or skills are also widely open. And many of the digital agency Bali can be easily found and ready to accept applicants for internship.

To know more about the advantages you can get by do an internship especially at the digital agency Bali, read along the below lists that I have prepared.

1. You can easily learn other skills out of your major

Never build a high walls for your curiosity!

Since the digital agencies especially based in Bali have some of the divisions, then your chances for learning the new things and skill are even better. Not to mention that sometimes one division is related to another one. For example, there must be correlations between SEO with the site development, right?

You will be meet the new people with creative and critical minds that will give you their knowledge for free.

2. Projects for the digital agency Bali are vary

Since Bali as the world tourism destination from years ago, many of the business are also developing. Accommodation business, transportation, tourism packages and destinations, products and services, etc. More of the business lines are developing and growing.

So that, the projects you will handle in your internship may also be more diverse. The good news about it is, you will challenge your own ability and skill. So you will know how far you can go with your project and in which area you find your weaknesses. That will really good for your future developments.

3. Experiences and you’ll get paid as well

You may not being paid as much as the staffs, yet, it will still a good money. But the more important thing is, experiences you will get from your internship at digital agency Bali will be much more expensive than what you have thought. And you’ll get the experiences for free.

Not only you are possible to practice the knowledge that has been learnt before, but you are also directly involving in related industry.

4. Give you chance to make your own agency

In case you want to build your own business and it is related to the digital agency Bali, then your internship will be give you more insights about how to start and running it.

You can then write down about the needed divisions, funds, etc. While doing your internship, you can also pay attention to how the digital agency in Bali is operating and all related thing you need for making your own.

5. You might be hired someday

Workers are come and go. That is happening in Bali all the times. So, the digital agency Bali you have ever interned before may need a new guy for the team. And it is possible for the agency to calls you back since they have known about your skills.

So, your internship is not only as one of the graduation requirements if you are a student, but it must be really as if you were the worker that the agency was waiting for before. Most of you should have takes the internship seriously.

While you can generates money, skills and chance for getting your future job in your internship, you can also get more than just 5 list advantages as above.

If you are wondering about where to find the best digital agency Bali for that, simply spend your times to collect as much online information as possible.

Find Out Crowded Travel Destination in the World

Find Out Crowded Travel Destination in the World

When you plan for a vacation, all you need is beautiful scenery, nice local people, decent foods, and great attractions. However, it often happens that when you arrive at your destination, the place is surprisingly too crowded. Thus, it is better for you to find out crowded travel destinations first so you can opt for the alternatives. Even though the place is what you have been dreaming about to visit, you can get a solution so you can still travel to another destination without being in the middle of the crowd but still able to enjoy the similar vibe.

Crowded travel destinations and how to find the solution

You think that a certain deserted place will be free from the crowd. However, when the internet hypes it up, the place soon will be surrounded by the crowd due to curious eyes. This is not something new. Thus, there is no such place which can be fully free from the crowd. However, these places are another level of crowded. It is like a population of a country all flock around the place. This is when you will get stuck if you cannot find the alternatives. Here are several the most crowded travel destinations:

  • Antarctica is one of the most crowded travel destinations on Earth. You may have thought that this coldest and driest continent in the planet will be peaceful and quiet. In fact, thousands tourists visit Antarctica along with the cruise company. You can choose the alternative by visiting Tasilaq, Greenland instead which offers the same vibe of glaciers, snow, ice, and polar wildlife.
  • The Great Wall of China is also one of the most crowded travel destinations in the world. Over 10 million people visit this place to enjoy the magnificent wall. The impressive length of the Great Wall doesn’t lessen the enormous crowd of tourists. If you don’t have a heart to be in the middle of the crowd, you can visit the Other Great Wall in India, Kumbhalgarh Fort. The 22 mile length of wall is what you can enjoy during your travel.
  • Las Vegas is not new to the top list of one of the most visited places on Earth. Over 40 million people visit this place each year. The vibe that people like the most from this place is the bright, expensive stuff, and noise. If you are searching for similar vibe minus the crowd, you can visit Monte Carlo Bay Casino instead. You can enjoy luxury travel without too much noise or excessive bright.
  • Another one of the most crowded travel destinations is Salt Flats at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. The magical landscape is what tourist like the most because it can create a photo-bomb. The place is just like paradise. However, you need to book the luxury tour in advance to compete with other tourists. Instead of visiting this long line paradise, you can visit the alternative, The Salina Grandes, Argentina. The uninhabited and pure white salt flats is just magnificent minus the crowd.


What You Need to Know Before Travelling to Prague

What You Need to Know Before Travelling in Prague


Prague is a capital city of Czech Republic. This is one of the most popular travel destinations. Travelling to Prague can be good experience if you know a thing or two before visiting the place. Prague is even claimed as the fifth most visited city in Europe. Then, there is no doubt that this place put has ability to draw attention. The number of travellers visiting Prague keeps growing each year. Thus, you need to be prepared if you consider this place as your next travel destination. Make sure you have much times to spend in this city to really enjoy the place.

Reasons why travelling in Prague is a precious moment

It is often that you ask yourself when deciding to choose your desire travel destination. Surely, there are many places you can go to spend your time for lazy or adventurous activities. However, Prague is one of a kind place you should visit and put it on top of your bucket list. There are many reasons why Prague is the one of the best travel destination for everyone regardless the type of vacation either romantic or solo travelling.


  • If you are history enthusiast, Prague is the right place to go. This is where you can visit many castles. Thus, you cannot only hear about castles in fairytales but in real life through Prague. You do not even need to go too far just to visit a castle or two. Even in the capital, castle is available for public visitors. Prague Castle is the one you should not skip to visit during your travelling in Prague. Winter is the best time to visit castles in Prague so you can really enjoy the overall vibe.
  • Once you land your feet in Czech Republic, you cannot resist the urge to go shopping. There are many shopping destinations that you should visit while you are travelling to Prague. Good news is, most of shopping stores are open seven days a week. You can even go for late shopping since they are open until 10pm in general. One of the most favorite shopping centers is Palladium. However, this place is usually crowded especially during weekend and holiday.
  • The best to explore Prague is on foot. Transportation is a choice but if you really need it, it is better to get a transportation ticket beforehand. Transportation in Prague works twenty four hours in seven days. Thus, there is no need to worry about transport and reaching some access to visit another destination.
  • Most tourists would not want to skip Prague nightlife. The clubs in Prague are quite late before going to live but are welcoming. The city is mostly alive and never really sleeps. In addition, the safety in Prague is also convincing because violent crime is very low. Just make sure you follow basic safety tips such as being aware of pickpocketing when you are in public transportation. Aside from that, you are basically safe while travelling to Prague.


5 Unordinary Things to Do In Flores Island Tour

Flores Island tour rises as Indonesia’s next big thing. It’s the region where the ancient Komodo dragons still roams free in the wild. More than Komodo, Flores is almost a piece of another world that just been found. The azure blue sea, blushing pink shores, a village that stuck in the stone age, and its tumultuous rolling hills appear a little bit fictive. With its raw beauty, the island quickly draws attention from travellers who want to escape Bali.

5 Unordinary Things to Do In Flores Island Tour

Many people flock to Flores only to stop by Labuan Bajo before sailing straight to Komodo Island and nearby. Many trip to Flores features island hopping, dragon hunting, and diving as the holiday highlight. However, you should not forget that the island of Flores itself hid many nature beauty that worth to explore. If you are planning to have Flores Island tour, do not miss these five awesome things. They will definitely make your day last forever.

Take A Bath in Cunca Rami Waterfall

Leave the brimming Labuan Bajo, head deeper to the interior of Flores. Take a wild adventure through he rolling hills deep valley, and cascading waterfalls. Allow yourself to embark on Nat Geo expedition on this Flores Island tour. Deep behind lush valley interior, hid a charming Cunca Rami waterfall. You need to flow a rutted muddy tracks through the jungle before reaching the waterfall. However, you will instantly rewarded by refreshing crystal clear waters below the waterfall to swim in.

Swim in the Glassy Lake Rangko Cave

Freshen up your Flores Island tour with a refreshing dip in a clear blue lake in the middle of a cave. Rangko Cave is one of the gem in Flores that’s still unknown by many. It’s a rocky ocean cavern just near Labuan Bajo. The cave feature natural pool filled up with crystal clear water. Arrays of sunlight pass though the cave, sitting up the pool with bright turquoise hue. Jump in the pristine lake and admire the clarity of the lake, the hanging stalagmites, and the cool water.

Dance with the Manggarai Tribe

Have you ever seen how the warrior dance? Cali dance is a cultural identity for the Manggarai Tribe in Flores. Melo village is one of the traditional village who can bring this cultural experience for you. The Caci dance is played out by two men, the warriors, who fight with each other. The dance involve swaying whips, shields, mask, and sticks. The dance is very lively with the sound of cheering spectators and ringing bell belt worn by warriors.

Go Back to the Stone Age in Bena Village

Away from modern civilisation and the creep of technologies, Bena Village stands against of time. Nestled right in the middle of two valleys, entering Bena is like entering a lost village. The village consist of two parallel rows of high thatched roofed house on each side of the settlement. In the centre of the village are remnant of megalithic era—a pair of shrines where the ancestors lie.

Spend a Serene Morning in Wae Rebo Village

As one of the most famous traditional village in Flores, Wae Rebo is a must for any travellers. Tucked on a top of a hill, 1200 m high above the sea level, the villagers live in their ancient cone-shaped houses. Far from the maddening crowd and tourism, Wae Rebo enjoys simple life and serenity. Lush rolling green hills surrounds the village from all direction, lightened up by soft light of morning sun. With such serenity, Wae Rebo is the best place to wake up during your Flores island tour. Don’t forget to watch and buy their gorgeous traditional Ikat weaving!

Wandering to Flores, you will get astonished by numerous raw wonder of nature waiting on every corner. You can have your itineraries arranged neatly agencies, or tailor your Flores island tour destinations by your likings. Wish you a wonderful travel!

How to Overcome Homesickness during Travel

Travelling is fun and exciting but sometimes homesickness cannot be avoided. There are moments when you can’t really enjoy your trip and miss your home so much. Experiencing homesickness during travel can ruin the moment. However, homesickness doesn’t have to ruin your trip if you know how to cope with it. There is no wrong from missing your home or family during your vacation or trip. However, it can sometimes make you feel less enthusiastic about your trip. Therefore, it is best not to experience homesickness if you want your trip to be more memorable and enjoyable.

How to Overcome Homesickness during Travel

Tips to overcome homesickness during travel

  • Bring a treasure item in your luggage to remind you of your home. You don’t have to avoid everything related to your home just to avoid experiencing homesickness. In fact, it is better to bring something you can remind of your family at home. This can give you reassurance that you will be back home for sure and your family is fine.
  • When you suffer from homesickness during travel, use technology to get connected with them such as video calling or face-timing. It is easy now to connect with people wherever you go. Thus, you won’t have to suffer too much from your homesickness.
  • Next way to make your homesickness more bearable during your long vacation is to do something which can remind you of your home. If you have certain habit you do when you at home, you can do it also at your travel destination. For example, if you have habit of visiting library at your home then you can search for the local library around your destination.
  • It is important to maintain positive thinking and open-mindedness. This may sound simple but not less difficult to do. However, if you keep thinking positively, it will help you to feel less lonely or miserable or confused. Instead of thinking about home, you can think about positive things you find at your destination. This will help your mind to be at ease when your homesickness kicks in.
  • It is easy for you to find different elements. You may find them as wrong when you compare them with what you have at home. However, there is no such thing because they are just different not wrong. Be more understanding of everything you find during your travel will ease up your mind. Thus, all negativity and homesickness during travel can be avoided effectively.
  • Type of foods you choose during your trip can also help to reduce homesickness. Find your favorite food which can lift up your mood instantly. Satisfied stomach can help you feel less miserable.
  • It is recommended to avoid being salty because it just triggers negativity in your mind which leads to insecurity from being far from home. Thus, try to deal every differences or cultures shocks with some humor. It is also recommended to treat others sweetly to bring out their positive energy which can radiate toward you. This can help you overcome homesickness during travel.