Best Tattoo Places In Bali And Where To Find?

For 2 consecutive years, Bali has successfully held a Bali tattoo expo event with an interesting, large and well-packed concept. More than 100 tattoo studio booths or non-tattoo studios. Tattoo artists involved are also not half-hearted, ranging from Jakarta, Batam, Manado, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Austria, the Philippines, India, Egypt, and even Slovenia. The tattoo contest lasts for 3 consecutive days by displaying the tattoos they made during the event. So where are the best tattoo places in Bali?

Distinguishing Best Tattoo Places in Bali

Want to have a tattoo but at a low price? Don’t just choose a tattoo studio! The bargaining event for tattoo prices often happens even though the results are not necessarily good and quality. The incident occurs a lot when someone is sorry after the tattoo making process is complete and the results are very disappointing.

Best tattoo in Bali always uses the one-off equipment. Some equipment that must be used once discarded such as needles, gloves, place of ink, and residual ink. Logically, it’s natural that the price of a tattoo will be expensive. If you are offered to make tattoos at low prices, imagine how much equipment you have to share with other people. Safety and cleanliness are certainly the main things in making tattoos. Surely you do not want to consider the health of a tattoo at a low price.

Most experienced and professional tattoo artists from the best tattoo studio in Bali charge expensive rates, and of course, the results are very satisfying. Best Tattoo places in Bali may be a little tight, where you have to do a medical check-up to find out the skin texture. What is the function? To be able to determine the color that suits you best.

Tattoo studios that set prices cheaply, then you need to be vigilant. Whether the equipment they use is not a waste or the tattoo artist associated is still working while studying. But don’t expect the results to be satisfying. This is the reason why you should compare and look for the best place to get a tattoo in Bali.

In fact, we are looking forward to carrying a tattoo for life. The choice of finding the best tattoo places in Bali is a necessity, in addition to making proper preparations and an appropriate budget. Don’t think about removing tattoos because the price is very expensive. Paying and getting the best tattoo results for you can enjoy a perfect tattoo.

5 Important Things Before Choosing Canggu Tattoo

The art of tattoo this one is indeed endless to discuss. Scratches, lines, and initial sketches become attractive and unique tattoos when combined. Tattooing is one way that is used to express expressions. The fact is that tattoos have been deeply attached to the modern era in people’s lives. Old symbols that are used in various tribes in the world to show rank, spiritual up to appreciation for courage.

In Bali, tattoos are known as “mencacah”. In its time, tattoos in Bali were only used for elites such as shamans, rulers, and religionists. Because tattoos in Balinese society are considered only suitable for those who are considered close to the Gods. At present, tourists can find several tattoo Canggu studios with services from professional tattoo artists.

How To Choose Tattoo Canggu Bali

Today, tattoos are a work of art and represent a person’s nature, characteristics, and thoughts. Bali is one of the centers for tattoo artists, wherein 2018 the Bali Expo Tattoo is held. This is a meeting of tattoo artists from all over the world and is increasingly catapulting the name of Bali as a tattoo art center.

The Seminyak area is one of the many tattoo studios that can be found. If you are on vacation in Bali and are interested in making tattoos on one of your body’s spots, then it’s easy to find tattoo Canggu studio for the best tattoo artists.

Choose the Trusted and Certified Tattoo Canggu studio

In fact, it’s not easy to find and choose a safe tattoo studio. Why? Until now there is no official certificate from the health office. Given that Bali is prone to various diseases, then how to choose a trusted tattoo artist to avoid infection. But now there’s no need to worry because the tattoo Canggu studio has been officially certified by the health department. Make sure that the tattoo studio you choose is truly trusted and certified.

Ensure Equipment Used Is Hygienic

This is the most vulnerable. Tattoo equipment! The needle used must only be used once. Make sure that tattoo artists use gloves and make sure the ink used is safe and certified. This is an important prevention where all tools must be sterilized, because tattoo is an action to injure the body’s skin so that it can avoid HIV AIDS.

Selection of Ink Colors

Choosing quality ink colors and certified health is important. This is expected to prevent allergies and irritation to the color of the ink. Errors in the selection of ink can cause allergies or the worst is acute allergies which are usually through blood vessels.

How To Do Tattoo Treatment?

Small needle puncture wounds are prone to harmful germs. It is best to clean using an anti-septic cleanser for the entire surface of the tattoo. This prevents infection due to injuries caused by needles.

Best Bali Photoshoot Package for Couples in Love

For many couples that are in love out there, you may feel that you can give anything in this world to your love. Sometimes, it can be the impossible things and sometimes, they are things that are easy to get. For many reasons, many of the couples will be agree with me that giving each other the special and memorable things can be the great one. And one of that can be the best Bali photoshoot package for both of you.

Best Bali photoshoot package for couples

That will be making sense if you are in Bali at this moment, and if you have been here for days or weeks of traveling, you’d better think about this before you left for your country. You have realized that you can’t be here at anytime you want because you are from the different country. So that, make your traveling stories more special by taking one or two photography package in Bali.

You know that you can counts on Bali regarding to the beautiful landscape, exotic beach and underwater, tropical weather, tasty foods and refreshing drinks, and more. With all the supported and beautiful nature, you are possible to catch some perfect moments as the great photographs. That is why you will need the Bali photoshoot package to frame the memory with someone you love.

There are at least 2 options you can choose related to where the photoshoot will be taken. You can ask the photographer for taking pictures at outdoors as your chosen spots, or you can get the conceptual photography by get advantages of the photography studio (indoor). Getting both of them will be great, but even if you can only get one, that will still also the perfect one.

Many of the couples i have seen before also get their underwater Bali photoshoot package. Mostly, that were the pre-wedding photography services and the photographer or the studio is providing that special package surely for the special couples who need it. You can also use the same service or the others if you want.

If you have been in Bali for weeks or months, you will also know that almost every months in a year, many of the sacred and holly places for they who are embracing Hinduism also held some rituals that attended even up to hundreds of people. Then, it can be one of the rare sight to be seen and will be perfect to be captured with the photographers you have been asked for their services to capture more local wisdom, religion activities and cultures.

Bali is really perfect for any kinds of photography concepts since it has offering us many accessible things. You can get the traditional looks of images with your couple at the rice field up to the modern theme of photograph at the modern and popular buildings. We can say that Bali is the new small world where many of the residents from other countries are here. Sometimes I think that you can even meet any people from any countries in the world. That will also will add the uniqueness of Bali that you may can included into you pictures if needed.

The important thing is, since you are in one of the best city or island in the world, you are deserved to get the best and great images to be remembered, and whatever Bali photoshoot package you are hired, that will be the perfect step for your future memory.

Nightlife Seminyak Bali, Where You Can Party Every Day

Partying in Seminyak? Seminyak is not only popular with a row of luxury hotels. Bars, restaurants, clubs and nightlife variety entertain the night of the tourists. It’s easy to find nightlife Seminyak Bali. There are many recommendations and best reviews for you to visit. Seminyak becomes a fun nightlife icon of Bali.

Many Bali Seminyak nightlife is happening and visited by many tourists every day. Do not be afraid of getting bored in Bali. Bali is not only rich in customs but also a perfect place for you to party. What kind of nightlife are you looking for?

Ever enjoyed a nightlife with a beach-style costume? Nightlife Seminyak Bali is perfect where you do not have to dress up. Dancing casually barefoot along the beach will be very impressive.

Bali is always full of surprises for you. Nothing will be missed while you are on vacation. If this is your first time enjoying Bali Seminyak nightlife, there are some best recommendations.

Sea Vu Play

Designed to provide comfort. Pirate theme looks unique from other nightlife. You will serve by waiters using pirate crew costumes. You will see the difference between morning and evening ambiance at Sea Vu Play. If you want to dance, Sea Vu Play is one of the nightlife Seminyak Bali you should visit. The strains of international Dj music and bartender blend add to your night.

La Favela

This is one of the most popular and happening nightlife in Bali. The issue of racist action from the La Favela party that rejected guests from Indonesia. But this did not happen to some other Indonesian guests. Nightlife in Bali has its own policy and refuses guests who do not provide comfort to other guests. This is right for the security of La Favela.

Ku De Ta

It’s time you try to visit Ku De Ta. Nightlife with a comfortable, luxurious, and classic atmosphere is the perfection of Ku De Ta. Want to dance under the moon? Then you should not miss a visit to Ku De Ta. For young people, this is the coolest hangout and happening place. Tourists willing to wait waiting list to be able to enjoy the atmosphere in Ku De Ta.

Bali not only offers its natural beauty and rich customs. Many interesting activities that can be done. Diving, surfing, snorkeling, biking, hiking, and more make Bali very interesting to visit throughout the year.

Discover Remarkable Bali Indonesia Nightlife

Bali is not only a part of Indonesia. Bali becomes part of the world as a popular tourist destinations destination. Who does not know Bali? A tourist destination where all the fun can be found easily. What pleasure do you want? The beach and white sand? Panorama?  The calm and relaxed atmosphere? Sunset? Sunrise? Dive? Snorkeling? Mountain climbing? Nightlife? Culinary? All offered Bali to pamper and please tourists.

Bali Indonesia nightlife popular and happening that offers a party paradise for everyone. No need to confuse where to spend your night in Bali! Whether you are solo traveling, group or family vacation, Bali is the perfect getaway! For nightlife lovers, Bali is right for you. Rows of nightlife Bali ready to welcome and provide a memorable night. The party and dance will enliven your night while in Bali.

The popular and happening Seminyak nightlife offers many sweet surprises for you! Some Bali Indonesia nightlife that can be visited during your vacation.

La Favela

La Favela offers to accompany your evening from 11 pm, every day! La Favela can be said one icon nightlife in Seminyak with free entry and Rp 35.000 + + for a bottle of star beer. When you feel less, you can enjoy other beverages from the hands of professional and reliable bartenders. Enough to make you dance and sweat all night long.


One of Bali’s nightlife is located between Seminyak and Kuta. Jenja is an urban nightclub with 2 levels and one of the best in Bali. In the basement, the best place to listen to techno music and upstairs feels more relaxed with Rn’B and old music. Most visitors Jenja are tourists and expatriate aged 30-40 years.


Want a cheap and lively dance? Skygarden offers something different for you. You can start at dinner time with a promo all you can eat under $ 10. Followed by relaxing and enjoying the skygarden atmosphere. Towards the evening, it’s time to party! If you want to be more efficient, come before midnight to get a special discount.

Sea Vu Play

Tired of dancing and sweating? You must visit one of these bars! Sea Vu Play offers a different nightlife than others. The combination of club and bar with some open space can reduce your sweat when dancing. The accompaniment of music from the international Dj enliven your night! Sea Vu Play is one of the best Bali Indonesia nightlife you should visit along vacation. When the weekend arrives, you can invite families to enjoy Bali Sunday market held in the area of Sea Vu Play

4 Ultimate Ways to Decorate Your Seminyak Villas

The big project is almost over. You have built perfect Seminyak villas, which are going popular among vacationers in no time. Now is time for the fun part—decorating your villa! The right decoration works like magic. You can always commence special vibe by installing some sets of furniture in special style. Unlike house or apartment, decorating Bali villas gives you specific themes and larges canvas to create a true piece of art.

Choose A Specific Theme for Your Seminyak Villas

The key here is to choose your style and stick to it; avoid being carried on by a set of furniture. You’ll need to read a bunch of interior magazines and visits hundreds of homeware shops to make it right. Though lots of attractive furniture attempt to lure you, keep in mind to only buy an appliance that matches with your initial concept. Your furniture will greatly affect the ambiance, so choose your theme. Is it rustic? Is it a combination of modern and natural wood? Will you bring ocean inside the house?

Keep A Color Palette

In relation to your theme, choose one color palette that complements the design concept to make your villa really standout among the others. If your Bali Villas Seminyak is close to an ocean, incorporating washed white with light and dark blue can represent ambiance of the ocean. A combination of crisp white with ivory and light brown woods will extend beach atmosphere to the inside of the house. Don’t go off the palette. This color palette should be embodied in every element of your villa—the wall, wallpaper, furniture, exposed pillars, to as small as the carpets, lamps, and ornaments.

Incorporate Natural Wood

While crisps white wall is great to create the illusion of bigger and brighter space, natural color of the wood provides a rich contrast to it. Deep brown of the wood conceives tranquility and luxury feeling, while light wood can instantly bring out brightness and joy of the house, along with a modern spin inside a simple leisure. While comfort, luxury, and leisure is the main feature of a holiday villa, exposing woods in their bare form will never go wrong, even with any style you choose.

Install Large Sofas

As much as abundant space is needed inside a villa, travelers will really appreciate a good, large sofa where they can throw their body comfortably after a long walk on town. Just set spacious sofas with the table will make up the living room, so you can really invest in the big one without taking all the space in the house.

When done right, your Seminyak villas will embody its unique character, thanks to well-thought decoration, and make the guests feel better than at home!

7 Days Nightlife Seminyak Bali To Kick Your Night

Bali is remarkable! Nightlife Seminyak Bali is amazing!! If you continue walking along the Seminyak area, many bars and pubs offer special prices. Happy hours at 7-9pm for a cocktail, or buy 1 get 1 free and many other promo specials. By night, the streets of Seminyak look more busy and noisy. In the morning you see the bustle and congestion of those who go to work. In the evenings, there is pleasure in the area of Seminyak.

Seminyak is an area where you can explore the nightlife. In Seminyak, every day is good to enjoy the nightlife. Are you solo traveling? No need to fear out the night and enjoy the nightlife of Seminyak Bali. Let’s explore 7 days Bali Seminyak nightlife !!

I love Monday!!

No more “I hate Monday” in Bali. Every day is a pleasure. At dusk, you can drop into Canggu, while enjoying a pizza party !! Do not forget the beers of beer or other beverages. Exciting !! Pizza is hot, and a party in Luigi will make you hotter!! Do not forget to stop by every Monday and Saturday to enjoy the hot “party” pizza !!

Exciting “all you can eat” Tuesday

When you are tired and want to enjoy the night along the area of Seminyak, try to visit the bar or pub while looking at the past life of the area of Seminyak. Would be great fun !! Promo dinner all you can eat also you can enjoy when visiting the area of Legian and stop by Sky Garden. This is one nightlife Seminyak Bali with a relatively cheap price. The roof garden is amazing, delicious food, music, and atmosphere will blow you away. Recommend one of the cool nightlife in Legian.

“No More Bored” Wednesday

You have to stop by one of the bars in Canggu, Oldmans! Amazing place with atmosphere, where you enjoy the night while enjoying the beautiful night sky and a nice place to meet up with friends, have a beer and chat. By nightlife, the atmosphere will look more chaotic and this is the time to party!

If you want to dance, Jenja Nightlife Seminyak Bali will accompany your beautiful night! Jenja has really good music, high quality for drinks!! Good deal, good vibe, friendly staffs, and perfect to spend your Wednesday night.

“Thursday” On Going the Weekend

Young, trendy and happening nightclub in Bali, Mirror! If you want to see rich kids spend thousands of dollars on bottle service, mirrors are the place. This is a luxurious nightlife and exclusive for dancing. Mirrors with the concept of luxury, exclusive and comfortable ready to welcome you with all the facilities for your Thursday night.

“Good Friday” To Start The Engine

It’s time you start the welcoming machine ahead of the weekend. Jungle nightclub is one you should visit while in Bali. The jungle is perfect for you to enjoy lunch, enjoy the sunrise and spend your night with partying. Pleasant people, excellent music, and good prices! Highly recommend enjoying the night with dancing and party in the jungle.

Party “Saturday” Time

Partying with the satisfaction and theme of Mexico? It will be so much fun !! You can stop by Mexicola in Seminyak area. Sparkling lights and the hubbub of the dance in the music is ready to give you the satisfaction of your Saturday night. If you want to continue your party, you can go to La Favela. You could spend hours in La Favela with the feel and decor is very “American”

Cooling “Sunday” Down

For those of you who want to party on Sundays, you can stop by some nightlife Seminyak Bali, like Jenja and da Maria with the feel of Italy. Recommendation for you pizza lovers, because de Maria serves a perfectly cooked pizza! Had a fabulous meal at Da Maria. The wood fire pizza is delicious.

The night of the week usually the men watch the ball game. The best place to enjoy an evening, hang out with friends while enjoying a ball game and a bottle of beer is Sea Vu Play! The perfect design and place to relax on Sunday. You not only enjoy and watch soccers but also enjoy a series of music from professional Dj.

Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing Kids Bean Bag

Kids bean bags are so cute. They are so soft and squishy, washable, and come in vibrant color. Now, bean bags makers are competing in creativity which, lucky for us, resulting in a bunch of adorably-shaped kids bean bags chairs such as pastel bunny, fluffy burger, to Frozen Princesses and other favorite characters.

As much as your kids want their cushy chair, lots of attention need to be paid before buying the right bean bags for the little ones.

What to Consider When Buying Kids Bean Bags

Check Size and Age


It’s important to consider the size of the bean bag with age of your children to ensure the kids will sink into total comfort. Some manufacturers list intended age to their product, but it’s wise to always take notes of the dimension of the bean bags—some might appear larger than it actually is. For a rule of thumb, the bigger your kids are, the bigger the bean bags should be. Kids bean bag chairs generally can support children age 3 up to 7 years old, while the pre-teen and teenagers can opt for the medium one.


Fur, Suede, or Leather?


A choice of material for bean bags kids will largely personal. Fur and microsuede will bring forth great comfort, warmth, and sense of luxury for your kids, However, it can catch dust more quickly, more difficult to clean, and is not advisable for kids with allergies. The leather is easier to clean, but might not be really comfy for kids’ skin. Maybe you want to try cotton or nylon, which are breathable, strong, and super comfy.


Water Resistant


A child loves to play everywhere, and it means sometimes they would drag along their favorite plushy chairs to the garden, pools, or just some spot in the floor which happen to be—Oops—spoiled with some water. A water-resistant bean bag will save you with these troubles.




Remember when you scold the kids when they are wiping their chocolate-dripping hands to their clothes? Well, it can happen to the beanbags, too. Bean bag for kids should have removable, washable cover to keep the bean bags looks gorgeous—without spilled food and other stains.


Double-Stitched Lining


Children can get lost in their world and carried away with their play. It’s not an uncommon sight that they will jump on their fluffy cushion or even have mini wrestling with their siblings there. The double-stitched lining will prevent filler spill and keep the kids bean bags in the good shape.

Why Visit Nightlife Seminyak Bali Is A Must?

For lovers of nightlife, a visit to Seminyak Bali nightlife is a must. Why? Bali is popular with its natural beauty complete with destinations that attract tourists. At nightfall, you will see a crowd of places in Bali filled with lights, expertise Dj combine music, drinks, and food that inspire the appetite.

Maybe you or most people know Legian as a place to spend the night. But the place that is currently popular and happening especially for the foreign tourists is Seminyak area. This one area is indeed known as the complete area with a row of restaurants serving various country food, a row of beaches with white sand and best to see the sunset.

Bali does give a different impression when night comes. You are free to walk to visit one bar to another bar, hang out with friends. You can choose the nightlife you want to visit, either bar or nightclub to enjoy music and dance.

The Seminyak area is an elite area that offers elegant evening entertainment and is perfect for celebrating the new year. Do not be surprised if you will spend more money to enjoy the Nightlife Seminyak Bali.

Time To Party!!

Regardless of the money you spend enjoying your after dark, visit various Bali Seminyak nightlife, comparable to the satisfaction and pleasure you get. You can even spend hours of the night, or even until early morning.

Nightlife Seminyak Bali is a party that never ends. You can spend the whole week dancing from one nightclub to another nightclub. For nightlife lovers, Bali is a paradise. If you find it hard to find alcoholic drinks elsewhere in Indonesia, then you can get it easily in Bali.

Seminyak Nightlife Bali is popular all over the world. Most happening nightclubs are in 3 areas namely Seminyak, Kuta, and Legian. Important information you should know is whether your nightclub goal is right?

Kuta and Legian are dominated by young people with all the hustle and bustle. The usual American tourists spend much of their evenings in Kuta and Legian. As for the Australian tourists centered in Seminyak. If you want to enjoy nightlife Bali, maybe you can visit Kuta, Legian or Seminyak, looking for the best hangout place.