Outdoor Activities To Do In Malta

It is good to let your body went for outdoor activities every once in awhile. It is good for your health in general especially when you daily basis is trapped in four walls. You can do fun, exciting outdoor activities during a vacation as well. Malta is a great travel destination for those who love outdoor activities. The island of Malta offers natural beauty you can see from any angle. Not to mention that this place also offers tranquility to make you feel more relaxed during your visit. Thus, you can consider Malta as your next travel destination in your list. 

Recommended outdoor activities when you are in Malta

Most of people who visit Malta are into architecture. You see, this island has classic vibe along with natural charm which makes it popular travel destination. The streets are meant to be explored because you can find many doors and windows in unique colors and shapes. It’s great spot for photography. The island of Malta also has other beautiful places to explore through outdoor activities. One of them is Gozo Island. 

During your visit in Malta, make sure to pay a visit as well to its smaller sister island, Gozo. It is not far from the center of Malta. You can ride a ferry to reach the island of Gozo. It only takes about 25 minutes. Throughout the ride, you will be welcomed with the magnificent beauty of the clear sky from above and clear waters from below. To mention that the surrounding of the island is just as stunning. 

Arrived at the island, you can do various activities. Most recommended one is diving to explore the underwater. The visibility is 30 meters and the temperature is about 18 degrees Celsius. Basically, Malta has perfect weather for diving all year round. The ocean is beautiful and ready to be explored. There are various diving sites you can explore in the underwater.

If you are not into water sport, you can also try a boat ride to see the amazing coastline. You can rent a boat to have a quick trip in relatively cheap cost. It costs about 4 Euro to let you ride a boat in 15 minutes trip through the cave and around the rocks. It can be thrilling if you are not used to it. However, it will be worth it especially because the location of boat ride is in Dwerja Bay, the filming location of Game of Thrones. 

Biking is definitively recommended when you are in Gozo Island. This place has rugged landscape which is perfect to be explored by cycling. There are three hills you can pass through as well. Thus, you should make sure to be in fit condition. Bring your own bottled water and and wear proper shoes if you plan to do this. You can also try hiking to truly enjoy the beauty of the island. There are tracks and lanes available for hikers in the island. Make sure to prepare your fitness before deciding to do it.

How To Be More Aware and Prepared With The Threats During A Trip

There are no actual safe places in the planet but at least you can always prepare yourself to be ready to face every threats and dangers. Being on a trip can put you into more vulnerable position due to your lack of knowledge of the place you visit. This is seen as weakness for those people who target their victim, especially international tourists. However, don’t make it discourage you to travel and explore the world. There are safe places where you can interact freely with the people around you. What you have to do is choose safe place for your travel plan and always put your safety at the top of your priority. 

How to be Aware of Threats on Travel Destination

There are many situations that can put you in serious danger during a trip. For example, you take a late flight that makes you arrive late at night. Ideally, it is not the best time to arrive at the unknown place and hail a cab without jeopardizing your safety. It is even worse if you knew already that the city is considered dangerous from the travel warning you read before. Therefore, it is important to consider the timing for your travel plan. 

How To Be More Aware and Prepared With The Threats During A Trip

Stay Tethered to Your Belongings

To keep your belongings safe, make sure to stay tethered them all the time. You can tether your bag to something immovable at all times so the thefts won’t get easily snatch it. Avoid doing it in subtle gesture. In fact, be bold in showing that your belongings are tethered securely. This can make thefts think twice before approaching you. 

Learn and be more aware of non-body language

You can project situational awareness during the trip. This can help avoid dangerous situation. This like projecting your confidence to show that you are very aware with your surroundings. It makes you look stayed alert all the time. Remember that most criminals target people who they see as weak and unconfident. Thus, show your confidence in every steps you take. Keep your eyes focus on your surroundings because this can discourage criminals to approach you. 

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Learn some basic self-defense

It is useful for your life in general. It is even more useful when you like travelling alone. Being able to defend yourself will help you through tough situation involving physical attacks. However, you also should know that just because you can throw precise punch like professional boxer doesn’t mean you have to do it every time. Know when to use it and when to avoid confrontation. It is highly advised to avoid physical confrontation and try to get yourself as far away as possible. If it fails, then it’s time to use your self-defense skill. 

Trust your instinct

Sometimes, your instinct is what can save you from dangerous situation. If you feel something off with the place you are in, remove yourself quietly and unsuspiciously. Avoid secluded alleys and suspicious place. It is better to stay in open place when wandering around your travel destination. 

Easy Ways To Become A Divemaster Bali

Divemaster Bali is probably everyone’s dream job. Working in the best environment of tourism and conservative area, meeting good and cool people, and of course seeing countless of beautiful wildlife creatures more often. It sounds like no stress and pressure when working as a Divemaster Bali. However, just like any other job, the more fun it looks like the harder it is to get. Divemaster itself is someone who helps the scuba diving instructor in terms of teaching scuba diving lessons. The person is responsible for organizing, directing and leading the recreational scuba diving activities. A divemaster should supervise scuba divers in the level of uncertified and beginners. The roles do not sound difficult, right? Now, please check out these steps of becoming a PADI Divemaster Bali that might give you another impression about the job.

Complete the requirements for Divemaster Bali

To be able to conduct the roles of a Divemaster Bali, one is required to be at least 18 years old with a medical statement signed by a physician within the last 12 months before applying to a Divemaster course. If you want to become one of the person who dive for work, then you should, in any case, be able to dive by means of completed both the Open Water course and the Advanced Open Water course. Besides that, you should also be certified as a rescue diver and completed the Emergency Fast Response Primary and Secondary Care (CPR and First Aid) training within the past 24 months. Last but not least, you should have the experience of At least 40 logged dives to begin the course and 60 dives to earn the certification at least 40 logged dives to begin the course and 60 dives to earn the certification of Divemaster Bali.

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Attend the Divemaster course and pass the exams

PADI (Professional Assossiation of Diving Instructors), one of the world’s largest organisation for recreational scuba diving, has nine chapters of theory lessons for all the enrolled divemaster candidates. These chapters include: 1) The role and characteristics of the PADI Divemaster; 2) Supervising Diving Activities; 3) Assisting with Student Divers; 4) Diver Safety and Risk Management; 5) Dive Master Conducted Programs; 6) Specialized Skills and Activities; 7) The business of Diving and Your career; 8) Awareness of the Dive Environment; and 9) Dive Theory Review. After the divemaster candidates have completed all the chapters, the instructor will give them 2 exams, both of which are multiple choice. On top of that there will also be some workshops and underwater sessions before you can finally become a Divemaster Bali. 

Essentials You Should Not Forget for Family Hiking

Hiking with your family can be a great idea especially if you and your family like adventure. Hiking is a great activity to enjoy because you can get closer to the nature. Your adrenaline will also be pumped to give you another level of satisfaction of a travel. There are many destinations you can choose to hike. If you bring your family along, especially youngsters, make sure to choose a safe place. It is adventure and fun but it is not worth it to put your family at risk. Safe hiking is still fun as well. The bonding time and the experience you and your family get is what you have to appreciate the most. 

Important essentials to bring for family hiking

If you plan to hike for your next travel plan, you can choose to stay at hotel or rent a cabin. Choose alternative that can help you accommodate your family easier. Make sure to rent a cozy cabin located not far from where you are going to hike. As for the essentials, here are the most basic you should not forget to bring.

Essentials You Should Not Forget for Family Hiking


Of course, this has to be the most important thing you should not forget when it comes to outdoor activities. You might think that you would get water later in the mountain. Fresh water from the river is not your option because it can be full of bacteria or germs that can put your health in jeopardy. Bring your own water so you and your family can drink throughout the journey without worrying about the safety of it. Some of your family members should bring hydration pack at least to make sure no one will be at risk to be dehydrated. Don’t let your kids suffer from dehydration throughout the hike. 


First-aid kit is important essentials you should not forget to pack in your hiking bag. Antibiotic ointment, band aids, gauze, bug spray, pain relievers, medical tape, lighter, allergy medicine, sunscreen, tweezers, flashlight, and lip balm should be in the pack. Those are most common essentials needed for hiking. During your hike, there are many unexpected can happen such as tripping, falling, etc. Small accidents can still cause injury no matter how minor it is. You should treat every scratch or bruise properly to avoid infection. 

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Snacks are also essentials even though you take a short-hike that doesn’t require you to build a camp. When you hike with your family, you have to make sure they do it comfortably. Snacks are important to keep your kids motivated and energized. Bring healthy snacks that can help boost the energy of your family during the hikes without making them too full. Protein and complex carbohydrates are most recommended. You can stock up your backpack with some jerky, granola, and dried fruits. 

Positive energy

Another important essential to bring for family hiking is positive energy and motivation. Outdoor activity can be tiring but with positive energy, you and your family will be able to enjoy it. Have your own fun such as building a hammock, making bonfire, etc. 

Five Fun Things You Can Do in Surf Camp Spain!

When you think about surfing in Europe, it’s hard to not to think about Spain. The Iberian Peninsula has long been renown for having some of the sweetest waves in all Europe and Spain’s sunny weather just make it perfect. All year long, visitors flocks to Spain not only for the tapas, sangria, and warm climates, but also to embark on a thrilling surf adventure. With more than 3000 miles of coastline stretched along the country, surfing trip grows hugely popular in Spain. Surf camp in Spain are fully booked almost all year long and, to be fair, they are incredibly fun! They are not only teach you how to surf, but also get you to do awesome stuffs during the stay. Here are five amazing things you can do on a surf camp. 

It’s A Surf Camp, So Surfing is Obvious!

Five Fun Things You Can Do in Surf Camp Spain!

You are on a surf camp, so obviously you will get to learn about surfing! Surf camp in Spain usually welcome all level of surfers. Whether you are a total newbie looking to learn surfing from basic, or someone who has a taste about surfing and trying to hone your skills better, you can get it all on a surf camp. Luckily, Spain’s beaches are suitable for every surfers! Spain has it all—from the gentle waves to the monster waves! All you need to do is picking the right beach for your level and come  in the right season. Summer and autumn are perfect for beginners as the waves are smaller and friendlier. The swells get bigger and well-shaped during September and April, which is something intermediate and advanced surfers look for. 

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Five Fun Things You Can Do in Surf Camp Spain!

Skating is yet another popular sport among the youth in Spain! It’s one of awesome thing you can do between surf breaks. Go to the city centre with your camp buddies and have fun in the skate park. A handful of surf camp in Spain particularly include skate boarding in their agenda—they even have skate boards for rents!

Kite Surf!

Five Fun Things You Can Do in Surf Camp Spain!

Take surfing to another level and try the kite surf. Kitesurfing is essentially riding the water in a board, using a large parachute kite to harness the power of the wind. While the actual surfing needs the waves, kitesurfing is usually done in flat water surface. Some surf camp in Spain offer this activities, but it’s usually purchased separately from the main package. They will do the arrangement with kite surf partners if you show interest on this activity. 


Five Fun Things You Can Do in Surf Camp Spain!

Want to try another water sport while you are on a Spain surf camp? Here’s wake boarding for you. Get fastened to your surfboard, towed behind a motorboat, and enjoy the ride! It’s one of the funkiest way to have fun in the water when you get a little bored with all the surf lessons. 

Tips for Memorable Travel for Female Solo Traveler

Being a solo traveler is already challenging, let alone being a female solo traveler. It is not about the strength stereotype or independency. It is also about safety risk and threats during travel that women receive more than men. Female travelers are often put in more vulnerable situation during their travel especially when they travel solo. There is nothing wrong from travelling solo for women. If you are also woman who want to start solo travelling, don’t feel discourage by the rumors especially those saying that it is not safe for women to go for solo travelling. You can do it safely as long as you know what you are getting into. 

How female solo travelers can truly enjoy their adventure 

There are many female solo travelers out there who have proved themselves to be capable of taking care of themselves during their vacation even though they are alone throughout the journey. Of course, it is not easy for the first-timer because travelling alone can be intimidating. There are many unwanted thoughts usually seeped in mind that can make you hesitant to do it. Here are several tips for first-time female solo travelers who are going to enjoy venturing the world alone:

solo travel women

Flexible and spontenous

Be more flexible and spontaneous. Women have tendencies to be super meticulous in preparing for their travel. Sometimes, they eve stress themselves by going into details. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. You can leave room for spontaneity and flexibility. No matter how meticulous you are, there are things you cannot predict such as who you are going to meet during the travel, etc. give yourself a chance to truly embrace the surprise and decide it yourself after whether or not it is worth your time. 

Trust your guts

Have faith in yourself. Yes, you are women and most often than not people underestimate your power and energy. However, you have to believe in yourself. Don’t worry of getting lost during your first time travelling solo. Problems are inevitable sometimes. Instead of worrying about them even before they happen, believe in yourself that every one of the hassle you encounter has solution. 


Exude your confidence because it is important key for you to truly enjoy your solo travel agenda. When you are too nervous or too awkward, it shows. It will only make you look more vulnerable. Some people like to take advantage of those who look hesitant and unconfident. Thus, just act like you know everything during your travel. Try to walk with purpose. Enjoy your time, smile, and greet the locals confidently. 

Being scared is ok

Feeling scared and nervous is normal for the first time experience for you to travel solo. However, don’t let it discourage your spirit to enjoy your journey. Feeling nervous usually happens in the initial. The more you let yourself go, the more power you get. You will have newfound freedom by being able to overcome your nervous and fear. Travelling solo is not scary things. There are also wonderful people and things you will encounter so give yourself a chance. 

Features In Rental Car You Need For Safe And Comfortable Road Trip

A road trip is fun and all. However, you still have to consider your safety first. Your convenience during the trip also should in in your top priority. If you want to have successful, memorable road trip picking the right car is a must. You don’t have to necessarily wait until you have your own car to go for a road trip. You can pick car rental to do so. However, make sure that you choose the right car with safety features you need for a safe trip. You also need a reliable car rental to support your comfort throughout the trip. 

Rental car features you need for safe comfortable road trip

Choosing rental car for a road trip is not bad idea. In fact, it can be a great solution for those who don’t own their own car. It is also good decision to choose rental car if your own car is not sufficient for a road trip. Before picking the rental, consider these features for your own safety and convenience:

Safety is your top priority

Therefore, you have to check if the safety features of the rental car are perfectly well. Important safety features your rental car should have include automatic car braking, emergency assistance, lane overlapping indicators, and lockable storage.  Also, it is recommended to pick a car rental that has large compartment so you can put your valuable belongings in there. Thus, they are safe when you have to walk away from the car once in a while during the trip.  

Fuel efficiency

You should consider fuel-efficiency when picking rental car. It is quiet tricky when you also want to drive a sleek, stylish car. Why? Because fuel-efficient economy-class vehicle tends to be less stylish or sleek. However, there are also few cars with stylish look yet has great fuel-efficiency. One of those is Chevrolet. It has SUV size with sleek look with exceptionally does well on gas. It is a great choice when you bring your friends along the trip. 

Hands-free features

Next important feature to have in a rental car is hand-free calling. Yes, driving while using a hand-held device is dangerous. Therefore, this feature is important for a road trip. You don’t want to put your safety in jeopardy just because of a phone call. This feature is not a luxury item to have in a rental car but you have to make sure that the car you are going to pick has it. 

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For your convenience, it is great if you pick a car rental with soundproofing system. It will make your trip more fun because you can block out the majority of intrusive road noises. It gives great impact because it can help reduce listener fatigue. You will stay fresh throughout the trip because you don’t have to deal with constant intrusive sounds. It also helps the one who designated to drive to stay focused on the road throughout the trips. It can help minimize the risks of accident because those noises can add stress and disturb your concentration while driving. 

Trips You Should Take In Your 20s

One of the most emotional phases in your life is your twenties. It is when you feel the most overwhelmed due to the transition in your life to become a true adult. It is a time when you make errors, successes, and trials, and failures. This is a life-changing phase in your life you should appreciate. This is also the time when you should do more explorations and adventures. Travelling while you are young is definitely necessary because you will gain experience and life lessons. You will also create memories that will help you evolve for the next years. 

Trips while you are in your twenties

In your twenties, you will feel like you can do everything but also doubt everything at the same time. Uncertainty and insecurity can make your mind spiral down. Thus, you need to channel all negativity to positivity and travel can help you with that. Travelling is not only about having fun but also about making new friends, gaining new experiences and looking from different perspectives. Here are recommended trips you can take in your twenties.

Trips You Should Take In Your 20s

New Zealand’s Extreme Sports

Challenge yourself with extreme sports in New Zealand. This is a great place for adrenaline junkies because there’s variety of activities you can try to pump up your adrenaline such as bungee jumping, kayaking, sky diving, hiking in a wildlife, and many more. This is one of the most visited places by young people. The place is also stunningly beautiful to appreciate. In addition, you can also visit the locations where the Lord of the Rings trilogy were filmed. 

Try Morocco

If you want to experience things differently, explore Morocco. This is one of the most favorite travel destinations for youngster because of its vibrant vibes including the culture, market, clothes, etc. You can also try new thing such as taking a trek through the desert on a camel, watching snake charmer’s performance, riding a hot air balloon, dining at local restaurants and trying different local foods. 

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African’s Wildlife

Get close to the nature and wildlife in Africa. African safari might not be as cheap as you think. In fact, it is quite costly but it’s worth it. You will get to see some of the most amazing wildlife in the world. There are many places in Africa you can explore such as Kenya, Botswana, or Rwanda. You will feel more grateful to the creator of the world because of fascinating things you get to witness during your safari in Africa. The world is much more majestic than you thought. 

Ride A Bike in Amsterdam

In your twenties, you still have more energies to do more. One of the most recommended things to do is to ride a bike in Amsterdam. It is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world you should take advantage of by riding a bike to explore the city instead of taking a cab. There’s a lot of things to explore in this city such as the arts, foods, cultures, music galore, and many more. Don’t miss to visit some beautiful parks in this massive city especially during warner months. 

Information a first-timer needs to know about Surf School Portugal

 To think about going for a Surf School in Portugal is a good beginning. And searching for information about it is even better!

Portugal is world’s best surfing destination

You are looking for the best place to learn or extend your surfing skill: Portugal should be your destination! Portugal has so many surf spots scattered throughout the country. Some of the best surfing spot in Portugal are Ponta Ruiva, Nazaré, Peniche, Coxos, Praia de Carcavelos, Praia do Amado, Sagres, Paúl do Mar, Espinho, Arrifana and Buarcos. 

Has been recognized as surfers’ favourite spot internationally since 1990s, surfing spots in Portugal most likely consist of steady waves along with good quality of beach and reef breaks. 

Everything you need are covered

As a first-timer you still figuring out whether surfing is really your thing or not. Therefore, you don’t want to spend so much money on surfboard and all the related equipment you won’t use in the future. Well, let’s hope that this is not the case for you. Most of good Surf School in Portugal will cover everything you need during the term. So, you no need to worry about your surf gear, accommodation and meals, anymore. In surfing school of Portugal, you will even find the wetsuits for surfing.  

Above all, Surf School Portugal will give you the best opportunity to focus on surfing and enjoy other programs and hang outs. And yes, it just doesn’t cover your wine expenses. 

For each experience level

No matter if you have never surfed before, Surf School Portugal is there to teach you from zero to hero. That is, in fact, a good reason to start your surfing journey. Not only for beginners, so many intermediate surfers also come to Portugal to hone their skills and meet other fellow surfers from around the world. 

Learning is a process that never stops. Here, the majority of surf schools provide lessons for advanced surfers. At this level, the lessons are taught by world-class ex and pro surfers. After you have passed the basic level, you can come back again or directly shift to the further ones.

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First-timers, you are not alone!

Be on pins and needles before starting an exciting experience is a normal phenomenon. It’s called enthusiasm and it’s a very good thing to have. Learn to surf in your 30s is not a problem at all. In fact, age is only a state of mind. And luckily, there are lots of people who also start to surf around this age. Normally, 4 people in one group consists of 5-6 members are beginners. Become friends with them and master the surfing together!

How Travelling Help Developing Your Personality

It is not a secret anymore to know that there are many benefits of travel. It can give you happiness, physical health, and satisfaction. Besides, it can be a way to escape from your stressful days. Thus, you will be able to earn new motivation. Travelling is not only good for your physical health. There are more to it because it can also help developing your personality. There is correlation between travel and personality development. You may have friends or families who love travelling and you will notice how their personality developed from before until now. There must be something change significantly to their personality development. 

Travel and personality development

It is common for people to feel distracted or less motivated in life. Being stuck in a rut is everybody’s experience. It is life and the best thing to do is to find new motivation to keep going for the better. Experiencing and learning things is how you develop your personality. The way you live your life can determine how your personality built. 

Travel and personality development are associated somehow

You travel to experience new things or find new motivation. While doing so, you meet new people and face new obstacles. Those are the real experiences that can help you shape your personality. Through travelling, you can grow even more. The best thing about travel is that it has no limit. You can travel to any places you’d like. Every place has its own uniqueness which can give you different experience. You will face different problems which require you to think and find different solution. 

Visiting new places gives you new perspectives

By travelling, you gain new perspectives in which they are very important factors to your personality development. New perspectives are more possible to gain when travel because you get to meet new people. They have different value, culture, and believe. By learning their perspectives, your mind will be more open. You will see things in wider horizon. You will also get better understanding of various things in life. Travel will also help you realize that there’s more to life you can truly focus on more. 

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Travel gives you chance to prove your beliefs

Through travel, you can make your beliefs firm or have it changed. The best thing about this is that you will be able to prove it yourself other than depending on other’s belief. Travel can help you let go of false beliefs you have been holding on for life. And who knows maybe those false beliefs that hold you down from developing your personality into the better. 

Travel is a fun way to educate yourself

Sometimes your only purpose is for leisure. However, you end up learning something new along the journey. This is the charm of travel, you don’t know what will hit you in the face. Travel is the best way to introduce you to different things such as culture, adventure, routine, and many more. It is also the best way to discover incredible things such as learning new language which can add to your skill.