How to travel to Switzerland with a minimal budget?

Switzerland is not included in the list of favorite destinations, but also not a foreign holiday destination. Switzerland offers breathtaking and spectacular views. Unfortunately, it takes extraordinarily expensive travel expenses to spend a vacation in Switzerland. Generally, those on holiday in Switzerland want to see and play snow, which is known as a holiday for the rich. Is it possible to travel to Switzerland with a minimum budget?

Find cheap travel to Switzerland

Especially in Switzerland, it could be that taking a tour can be cheaper than walking alone. The tour can reduce the cost of using a train, which is certainly more expensive. But if you like adventure, a vacation without a tour will be very fun. The advantage of using a cheap tour:

  • Use the tour bus both inside and outside the city
  • Visit several cities at once
  • Sleep in a 3-4 star hotel
  • Walking around Switzerland without feeling tired

Walking alone without a tour to Switzerland may need times, but allows you to save a budget. What fortune if on vacation to Switzerland without a tour?

  • Look for cheap hotels in locations close to transportation
  • Visiting places missed by the tour
  • You are more free without being bound by the tour schedule
  • Adventure by reading the map to go to a certain place
  • Enjoy the fast train
traveling to Switzerland with a minimum budget

Tips traveling to Switzerland with a minimal budget

  • Buy a ticket flight in advance. You can get a cheap one
  • Don’t go when summertime (June – September)
  • Search the weather 
  • Don’t bring a towel. The hotel will provide a clean towel
  • Bring disposable underwear
  • Take your medicine recommended by your doctor

Recommended to save your budget

  • The “Palais Oriental” restaurant offers simple, large portions and affordable food
  • Water with a big bottle is cheaper than a small one. You also fill water in some of the available places
  • Shop at the station or airport.
  • If you want to buy high-branded goods, just go “Le Mouton a 5 Pattes”
  • Buy souvenirs at the supermarket

Who says you can’t take a vacation to Switzerland with minimal costs? You can look for the experience of backpackers who travel with a minimal budget. Usually, they recommend comfortable and simple hotels at affordable prices. Recommendations for places to eat, shopping and more really help those of you who want a vacation to Switzerland with a minimal budget.

Sleep Aids To Help You While travelling

It is pretty common for travelers to suffer from sleep deprived when travelling. It is not always about fatigue. Sometimes, it is caused by stress after a long haul flight or some hassles encountered during the trip. Having sleep difficulty can be disturbing especially when travelling because sleep deprive will make you easier to get tired. Not to mention that it makes you lose your focus easier. Some travelers opt for over-the-counter medicine to help them sleep better during a trip. However, there is also natural sleep aids you can try.

Sleep better while travelling with natural aids

Sleep Aids To Help You While travelling

Most travelers experience sleep difficulty start when they are on a plane. Not to mention that the long haul flight can just ruin your bedtime if you don’t know how to manage your sleep time better. Lots of travelers take sleeping pills to help them sleep better. However, you can also avoid chemical sleep aids and choose natural ones instead.

Download Sleep Apps

Use your smartphone to download sleep apps. There are quite many of them you can even download for free. The apps will produce music, noise, and sounds effects that have been researched before to aid you sleep better. You can just turn on the app and wear your ear buds or headphone. Try to relax your mind while listening to the app. Close your eyes then you will fall sleep easier and wake up feeling more well-rested.

Dim the light

One of the most common reasons travelers suffer from sleep difficulty is the light. Thus, turn off unnecessary lights during bedtime whether on a plane or hotel room. Bright lights can make you feel uncomfortable even when you close your eyes. Dim light is good for bedtime because it helps your eyes to relax and so you can fall asleep easier.

Sleep Aids To Help You While travelling

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Comfortable clothes

Wear comfortable clothes during travel. If your cloth is too tight, it can make you feel uncomfortable and you have difficulty to rest properly. Your body must be on relaxed and comfortable state for you to sleep better. You can also use items that can make you feel lot more comfortable such as travel blanket or pillow. Or, you can just bring your own pillow case instead of the pillow. You can cover the pillow available on the plane with your pillow case so you feel more comfortable because you feel like at your own bed.

Calming beverages

Drink calming beverages instead of caffeine because caffeinated drinks will only make you feel restless. Try drinking some herbal teas if you have difficulty to sleep during a trip. A tea added with some herbs can also help you sleep better. Also, do not sleep on an empty stomach because you won’t sleep deeply. Even if you sleep, you will get easily disturbed by minor things. Try to eat some snacks and drink herbal tea before bedtime. Then, wash your face and brush your teeth just like the routine you always do at home. It helps to make you feel relaxed and comfy, resulting in quality sleep.

What You’ll Learn About Friendship in Teen Surf Camp

For teens, there’s nothing more exciting than having something stimulating to do on summer holidays. It’s definitely not a part-time job at ice cream store. No, it’s about going to a teen camp, pursuing their passion, and learn who they really are. Surf camp for teen is one of the most popular summer camps out there with thousands of fans every year. It offers a time and place for teens to be free. To have almost unlimited time for beach plays and having all the fun they can get. However, surf camp offers beyond wave riding and sun-tanning. It offers friendship—and lots of valuable lessons of it. Of all the important things you can gain from teen surf camp, friendship tops the list. Then probably the surf skills itself. Here are some important things about friendship you’ll learn at the camp.

What You’ll Learn About Friendship in Teen Surf Camp

Making friends at teen surf camp is easier than you think

“Will I make friends at the teen surf camp?”

That’s the most common questions coming from teenagers before they embark on their first surf exploration. For teens who are just starting to learn about themselves and how the world works, friends-making situation in a totally new environment can seem a bit nerve wracking. However, here’s one important thing you should remember: everyone on the surf camp is on the same boat. It doesn’t matter if you come solo or with friends. Everyone come with a similiar goal in mind: to learn how to surf and to make new friends. You are not the only one who are nervous. Once you realize that everyone is just as nervous and excited, you might realize that you are surrounded by future friends who are ready to share their best moments with you. So put on your friendliest smile and extend that hand to anyone around you.

Every friendship you found is different

Do you know that you’ll meet people from more varied background, nationality, and ethnicity in teen surf camp? The friendship you find on the surf camp will totally be different from say, the one you found at school. Campers come from all parts of the world with different cultures and values on their hand. You will learn new customs you probably never heard before. And each friendship you form on the camp would be different from one another. One friend you see at the bus on the journey to the camp would form a different type of friendship with the one you made during the surf lessons. Regardless, you will find laugh, fun, support, and fond memories in all. Having diverse friendship teach you how peple could be so diverse and each one enrich your knowledge of the world.

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Lots of activities at teen surf camp to be enjoyed together

What You’ll Learn About Friendship in Teen Surf Camp

How can friendship making be so difficult when there are so many activities to be enjoyed together at the teen surf camp? Here you are constantly surrounded by potential friends suring the surf lessons, meal time, barbeque night, fun games time, excursion, and even during bunk time. Each activity presents an opportunity to strike up a conversation. Friendship happens sometimes at the least expected times.

Quality friendship blossoms without technology

While you are busy surfing, exercising, and playing physical games, you will naturally forget about your smartphone. You will spend less time scrolling social media, believe us. The camp provide enough stimulation and more time for peer interactions. With less distractions from phones, you will find a genuine bond between people around you. Genuine interactions which happens when you are enjoying your time at the teen surf camp.

Exploring Asia Through Road Trips

Asia is a spectacular place to explore. There are so many beautiful countries ready to indulge your adventurous spirit. One of the best ways to explore Asia is through road trips. Asia also have many amazing roads which fun to drive. Not to mention that every road has their own story and history. This continent is interesting and gorgeous to explore behind the wheel. If you consider a road trip for your next travel plan, Asia is a great destination. 

Best places for road trips in Asia

Since Asia is a very large continent, here are some of the most recommended places you can explore through road trips.

Hokkaido Scenic Byway, Japan

Exploring Asia Through Road Trips

Hokkaido is located in Japan and one of the four main islands in the country. It has stunning scenery which makes it perfect for a road trip. It is highly recommended to try road trip through Hokkaido Scenic Byway. There is a series of routes ready for you to explore with their beautiful views. Impressive coastal and mountain views are there throughout the routes. They are stunning and breathtaking. It is also also recommended to roll down the windows so you can smell the fragrant of lavender fields through the winds. It is much better if you can stop by one of the hot springs. 

Taihang Mountain

Taihang Mountain is located in China and highly recommended for a road trip. The mountain itself is located in a remote part of the country. The most interesting part about having a road trip in this place is because you get to drive through the tunnel roads inside the cliffs built by the locals. You can see amazing views from the windows of the routes. The mountain scenery is also breathtaking to see. There are two tunnels connected by the road which will take you through the Taihang Mountain. The drive is only 60 km long but the experience is truly remarkable. 

Karakoram Highway

Exploring Asia Through Road Trips

The Karakoram Highway is considered to be the highest road in the world. This place has drawn attention from international travelers. The road is perfect both for car drive or motorbike ride. The road trip over Himalayas is a perfect adventure to try. The roads connecting China and Pakistan with beautiful scenery. There are views of stunning lakes and beautiful mountain along the road you get to enjoy. The road itself is considered the highest because it rises to higher than 15,000 feet. Therefore, it is highly suggested for travelers or visitors to be cautious of possible altitude sickness. Make sure to condition yourself before hitting the road. 


Samarkand is a city offering historic and stunning roads to drive through. This city is located in Uzbekistan. The city of Samarkand itself is historic and remarkable. There is Silk Road route to Samarkand that is perfect for a road trip. You can stop by some historic places as well such as the historic ruins of the Rabati Malik inn. Once you arrive in the city, you can visit other interesting historical places such as the Ulugbek observatory and Registan Square.

Picking Your Suitable Boat for Komodo Boat Trip

Say you are ready for your journey in Komodo, and already contact a charter for your exciting Komodo boat trip. And then they will give you plenty of boat options, which will make you overwhelmed on which to choose. Boat charter in Komodo is a rapid-growing business, which means each of them has plenty of boats with different themes and qualities to appeal to everyone who wants to go on a trip.

Picking Your Suitable Boat for Komodo Boat Trip

Komodo Boat Trip Dilemma

With the number of people interested to join a liveaboard keep increasing each year, boat charters have to keep up with the growing demand. That’s why they keep making new boats, not only for adding more varieties for their ship rosters but also to be able to accommodate more people.

The increasing number of Komodo boat trip options is actually a great thing, but sometimes people can end up confused about which ship is suitable to choose for their trip especially if it’s their first time. With that in mind, here are some factors that may help you choose your best boat for liveaboard.

How many are you?

First off, list how many people are going to come with you on the trip. If you are going alone or as a couple it is wise to join an open group trip so you can meet with other travelers to make friends along the way. Choosing the small cruise that only fits about 5-6 people can be a good idea to avoid more noise.

If you go with a large group, like with your family or friends picking a large yacht is obvious. Choose the type of yacht that is spacious, and have lots of seating on decks for gathering. Getting a private tour is also recommended if you want to have a quality time with your companions.

How long is your trip?

Picking Your Suitable Boat for Komodo Boat Trip

Depending on the length of your Komodo boat trip, you can choose whether to go with a luxurious boat or standard boat. If your trip only around 1 to 3 days, choosing a standard boat that doesn’t cost too much may be a good idea considering that you are barely going to spend your time on the boat, let alone your room.

But if you do plan on going for a long trip, like a week or more you can consider renting a luxurious boat instead. A long trip can be really exhausting, and with deluxe facilities that the boat provided, you can ease your tension and relax a bit better.

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What is Your Favorite Design?

The variety of boats also featured so many different designs based on either classic Indonesian or modern Western. You can check the boat profile on the charter site to find out more, and pick which one of them that suits your preference. A classic Indonesian design usually featured the authentic Phinisi look from the original Sulawesi tribe handmade.

Meanwhile the modern Western mostly comes from the mind of the foreign designer to apply a ship design from their country to the Indonesian boat. There are also some fusion designs that combine the two, giving the boat a unique appearance.


Based on that factor, you can pretty much decide which boat is suitable to rent for your trip. Joining the Komodo boat trip is fun, but your experience can be better if you board the boat that you prefer as your travel companion.   

How To Pack Light And Efficiently For Travel

One of the most unwanted things to do before the trip is packing. It is one of the most annoying things for most travelers. Lots of people don’t really have idea what to pack even though they already research about their destination. It is common for travelers to pack something that is not really needed for their trip. It just adds the weigh to the luggage. Therefore, packing light and efficiently is essential to help you experience hassle-free travel. 

Packing hacks for smooth travel

The concept of packing light is to let you travel without carrying heavy luggage that can make you uncomfortable throughout the trip. It also can tire you. However, pack light also means you maximize the space so you still have the things you need without adding unnecessary weight into your luggage. It is possible and here are useful packing hacks for you:

Choose small or at least medium-sized suitcase or bag. It is to avoid giving you the idea to keep stuffing unnecessary things into it. By choosing small suitcase, you are aware of the limited space so you will think carefully what items to pack in. It can avoid you from bringing unnecessary items. 

Limit the amount of shoes you are going to pack. You can bring the type of shoes following the activities you plan when you are in your destination. Put your shoes at the bottom of your suitcase and close to the wheels. It helps improve weight distribution in your suitcase. Thus, your suitcase won’t easily fall over. 

You can also put small items inside your shoes. Thus, you don’t really need pouches that can take up the space. You can put socks, belts, or other small but necessary items to bring. If you bring glass or sunglasses case, you can also use the space to secure various small items inside so the space won’t go into waste. 

Avoid packing too many small pouches into your bag. They might be small but can take up much space when you bring many of them. Choose one pouches with larger size so you can fit everything in. It can save so much space. If you have different items to separate, use plastic to secure the items then put all them together in the pouch.

If you need to bring bulky items, you can wear them instead of packing them into your bag. Bulky sweater or jacket can take up so much space in your bag. It may take the half of your luggage. Thus, you can wear them instead so you have still some space to store other important items. 

Avoid packing in the last minute. This can lead you to pack unnecessary items and you end up with heavy luggage. Your luggage will be messy as well because you don’t have time to organize the inside properly. pack everything into your bag at least a night before. It is better if you have it ready a week prior to the trip. 

Best Foods You Don’t Want To Skip When Visiting Indonesia

Indonesia a popular travel destination since there are so many travel spots to visit such as Bali, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and many more. Indonesia is a country with diverse culture and a home to thousands of islands. Therefore, Indonesia is also diverse in the matter of foods. Every region has their own authentic foods with distinctive flavor and unique cooking process. Therefore, visiting Indonesia is like entering new realm where you are able to learn so many things. 

Most recommended Indonesian foods to try

When you visit Indonesia, make sure to spare time for food hunting. It is such a great experience because there are so many things to try. Your taste buds will be indulged to the core. So here are most recommended Indonesian foods you shouldn’t miss during your visit:


Best Foods You Don’t Want To Skip When Visiting Indonesia

Bakso is Indonesian meat balls. Every region in Indonesia has different version of Bakso but they all practically the similar. You can find meat balls in marbles size to a baby-head size. The meat balls are made from meat such as beef, chicken, or pork combined with various spices. It is usually served with yellow noodles, vegetables, and boiled eggs in delicious hot broth. You can find Bakso everywhere from street vendors to high-end restaurants.

Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is also popular food of Indonesia. It is considered as nation’s unofficial dish. It is actually fried rice made with Kecap or sweet soy sauce. Other ingredients are added to complete the dish including vegetables, sambal, and pickled. There are many version of Nasi Goreng. Some of them are added with some protein such as eggs, beefs, slices of Bakso, sausages, etc. 

Nasi Padang

Best Foods You Don’t Want To Skip When Visiting Indonesia

Nasi Padang tastes like heaven, even Singaporeans are in love with this particular dish coming from Sumatra. It is a full course meal consisted of steamed rice added with more than a dozen dishes you can choose. Various dishes you can dump into the steamy rice including Ayam Rica, Sambal Ijo, rubbery cow’s feet, Telur Keriting, curries, and more. Forget all cutlery and enjoy the dish with your own bare hands. That’s the best way to eat this dish. 


Pempek is quite similar to fish cakes but still different. It is fish and tapioca cakes originated from Palembang, Sumatra. They come in variety of size and shape. The most popular shape is submarine or the locals call Kapal Selam. It contains chicken egg which makes this food taste even more heavenly. This spongy dough balls are served in special sauce made from vinegar, chili, and sugar. 


Best Foods You Don’t Want To Skip When Visiting Indonesia

Martabak is similar to crepe but has thicker texture. There are two version of Martabak, which are sweet and savory ones. The sweet one is similar to pancake. It is filled with various fillings you can choose such as peanut sauce, chocolate, cheese, banana, etc. The savory one has more crispy texture filled with egg, minced meats, and some vegetables. It is served with pickled carrot and cucumber. Both taste delicious that you don’t even want to share.

A Realistic Guide to Pick the Right Komodo Tour

Ever since its promotion as one of the member of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Komodo National Park continue to charm worldwide travelers. Thousands of visitors each year are getting enchanted by Komodo’s rough and outlandish beauty. To venture in the sanctuary of last dragons on earth. Divers, travel bloggers, and wanderers alike find pleasure in following the out of beaten paths to discover the exotic ‘lost island’. One of the best way to have adventure in this Jurassic-looking islands is by booking a liveaboard trip run by Komodo tour operators. They will take care all of your needs while you can get busy getting immersed on Mother Nature’s prettiest creations.

A Realistic Guide to Pick the Right Komodo Tour

However, once you start planning a trip to Komodo, you will quickly realise that there are HUNDREDS of Komodo tour and liveaboard operators to choose. So how can you pick the right one and what realistic expectation you can have? 

Finding Komodo Tours Online VS Offline

So, here’s the thing. If you have heard about the Komodo National Park for quite a long time and has actually plan to go there, you might be more inclined to look up online and make advanced arrangements. Some travelers, on the other hand, were not having Komodo as their main destination. Some just heard it during their adventure on other part of Indonesia and decided to check it out. These kind of travellers tend to choose offline booking once they actually get to Labuan Bajo, the port town of Flores. 

Online Tour Booking

Just like online hotel booking, you can have the pleasure of time to look at dozens of different Komodo tour and liveaboard with absolutely no pressure. You can browse by their websites, stalk their previous trip on their Facebook or Instagram, and even look at reviews on TripAdvisors and similar travel websites. At any time you can ask for price lists or ask them questions via emails from each operator. However, you need to be careful of scam as some shifty operators might not displaying their true boats. Some even write facilities that don’t even exist. Be careful to choose legit Komodo tour which is true to their words. 

A Realistic Guide to Pick the Right Komodo Tour

Offline Tour Booking

Some travelers just can’t trust any online tour before they meet in person. You can always go to Labuan Bajo first and go to its only main street, where dozens of liveaboard tours and diving centres line up on both sides. Here you can walk in to any tour agent offices you want, discuss on packages and prices, and even see their boats on the port. Yet you need to be wary; the competition is fierce here. You might need to deal with shouting, angry faces, broken english, or even scams if you are not careful. 

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The Value Of Sustainable Travel

With Price Come Quality

This is the tenet you need to stick on when you are looking for Komodo tour. Five star, resort standard liveaboard trips exist—but they will costs you millions rupiah per night. Middle class liveaboard trip start from 2 to 3 millions rupiahs. For such price you will have basic hotel services like cabins, beds (sometimes bunk, sometimes double), air conditioned rooms, fresh waters, and nice hospitality. If you go below one million trip per day, you will settle for sleeping on mattress on a deck, shared bathrooms, smaller living space, and more people to share the boat with. Three times of meal a day is a default in any liveaboard trip, but the quality will highly depend on the price of the liveaboard. Just know that you get what you pay!

Alternatives To Enjoy Ski Destinations

It is great to spend some time for relaxing during winter. A winter getaway can offer you many things to stay entertained. Visiting ski destination is probably one of the most common things to do during winter vacation. However, skiing is not the only way you can enjoy the place. There are many ski resorts open during winter and provide various activities to let their guests enjoy their stay. It can be a boomer if you are not into skiing or don’t really like activity. However, you can still enjoy your time in the ski destination even without skiing. There are various alternatives to choose to stay happy and entertained. 

Alternatives To Enjoy Ski Destinations

Visit ski destinations and find your own way to have fun

There are many ski lodges and resorts you can visit this winter. They offer various facilities to accommodate your stay to be more comfortable and fun. If you don’t want to spend your vacation by skiing but still want to visit the ski resorts, here are the alternatives:

Adventure dining at the Killington Ledgewood Yurt in Vermont

This is where you can experience the wilderness retreat which are only accessible by sleigh only. The opportunity to have kind of dining experience doesn’t come anytime. This place place offer you incredible dining experience served by professional chef ready to cater to your wish. There are also set for family dinner consists of variety of affordable menu. It is highly advised to make advance reservations because the seats are limited. 

Telluride in Colorado

Alternatives To Enjoy Ski Destinations

You can also enjoy your winter vacation at ski resorts by snow biking instead of skiing. It is not less entertaining or thrilling than skiing. One of the most recommended places to do this alternative is at Telluride in Colorado. During the snow season, this place is packed with visitors who want to try snow biking. There are also a tour on fat bikes. It is where you will be taken to the explore the snow using bikes with oversized tires. There are specialized traditional bike trails you can follow for the ride. It is a great way to spend your winter vacation. 

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

You can have more relaxing alternative to spend your time during winter getaway by having winter safari instead of skiing. The most recommended place is Four Seasons Resort located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This place has access to the Yellowstone National Park for small-group winter safaris. You will be put in a group of five people to join a wildlife naturalist and biologist in a tour. It takes about four hours to complete the tour. You will be provided with gourmet snacks during the tour. The transport for the tour is Mercedes SUV. You will also be provided with binoculars and scopes to see the wildlife clearly even from afar. You can expect the appearances of various animals such as bears, moose, elk, bighorn sheep, and eagles. However, it is not guaranteed that you will see them during the tour. They may decide to hide so be patience. 

A Private Wreck Diving Bali Exploration

Bali is certainly one of the destinations not to be missed. Its beaches are great, the facilities are pampering, and the underwater life won’t disappoint every diver. In the world of diving, Bali is especially famous for its wreck diving in Tulamben. This small humble village in the north east coast of Bali is home to the USS Liberty Wreck which rest in a sloping landslide starting from 3 meters depth, making the Liberty as the easiest wreck dive in the world. In fact, the wreck site is often made for beginners. Where else in the world can you see a marvellous wreck in your first dive ever?

Wreck Diving Bali: an exceptional experience

Wreck Diving Bali: an exceptional experience

Bali is an Indonesian island which is especially famous for its wooded volcanic mountains, its coral reefs, its rice fields, or even its beautiful and numerous beaches. If you are a scuba diver, Bali will give you complete satisfaction. The Liberty wreck is a world famous destinations. This ship, the USAT Liberty was an American warship serving in the World War II. It git torpedoed by the Japanese during the war when it was to cross the Lombok Strait and also to carry war material from Australia to in the Phillippines. However, some parts of the ship remained intact and accessible. A dive in this place will allow you to discover a breathtaking spectacle. The wreck of the Liberty is still as impressive as ever. Underwater, your adventurous character will be transported by the thousand and one discoveries that the ship offers. However, take the trouble to choose the right period to carry out your wreck diving Bali. It can get heavily rained during the monsoon season which fall from December to March. Diving during these times won’t feel as good as the water can get quite muddy and colder than usual. During the high season, there are congestion of divers between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. You’ll find it hard to fully enjoy the wreck of the Liberty. Our best pick is April to May and September to November, where the sun is out but the crowds are less.

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Choose the right club to dive in the ideal conditions

The choice of club is of paramount importance if you want to dive in optimal conditions. You will then have to take the time necessary to choose your diving club. Some of them, such as Atlantis Bali Diving for example, make it possible to take official diving diplomas in a framework that is both secure and educational. You will then be able to benefit from a unique Bali Wreck Diving experience. The place is a marvel. The underwater fauna has ended up catching the wreck in its nets and the hull covered with a multicolored biotope is being absorbed by nature which is gradually taking over its rights. Between past and present, there is an aquatic life marked with rediscovered peace. Scuba diving in Bali always guarantees you exceptional moments.