Best Scuba Diving In Bali, Remarkable Underwater World

Indonesia is a diving paradise. That is true! If you vacation to Southeast Asia, especially Bali, then you will see the hidden wonders through scuba diving in Bali. Bali offers beaches, beautiful scenery and extraordinary culture. But many people are unaware of the fascinating underwater mystery and beauty. When many people are fascinated by marine species and their beauty in the channel series more and more are looking for a diving vacation.

Best Scuba Diving In Bali

Best scuba diving in Bali has many reasons to be visited by divers. Bali has a variety of tropical fish, coral reefs and amazing topography. Scuba diving in Bali may offer some of the best places, but there are several dive spots that stand out and are unique from all standards.

Where Should You Dive?


The coastal area on the coast of Bali offers underwater scenery full of mystery. The USAT Liberty ship site under the sea is a world-recognized dive site. USAT Liberty, a World War II US warship that sank due to torpedoed and sank in this area. USAT Liberty is at a depth of 3 meters, and with a depth of 30 meters If you are looking for one of the best scuba diving in Bali, then Tulamben is a perfect dive spot.

Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park offers exceptional diving with a large number of incredible coral reefs and shark sightings. The majestic giant manta rays can be found in some diving spots in strong currents. Komodo is included in one of the best scuba diving in Bali spots that you must explore. A recommendation to explore the Komodo National Park and its surroundings is a liveaboard package. Some dive centers like Dune Atlantis offer liveaboard packages, ranging from Komodo to Raja Ampat.

Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan and the surrounding islands are places to rest for tourists. They are also perfect for incredible diving and surfing. You can only reach it through Sanur or Padang Bai. Dive in Nusa Lembongan, you will find a variety of currents and water temperatures.


Amed is 30 minutes from Tulamben. You can explore 2 of the best scuba diving in Bali spots. Amed is not recommended for those of you who are not experienced at all. Without a guide, strong currents can take you far. You must really use experienced and professional guides to make your dives safe.

No matter you are a woman or a man, regardless of your age. Best scuba diving in Bali not only offers extreme activities but full of fun. Pay attention to the minimum age for divers and your health medical record to explore the best scuba diving in Bali.

Experience Market Travelling in Asia

While you are travelling to different country, you are not only enjoying the attractions but also the local market. This is fun thing to try during your vacation abroad especially in Asian countries. Asia is rich in cultural diversity which makes it one of the most exotic places to visit. Well, there are many places you can visit in Asia. Aside from the tropical forest or beach, you should try visiting their local market. It is exciting to do. You don’t have to think of many things when market travelling. You just enjoy the experience to the fullest and buy what you want.

Experience Market Travelling in Asia

How to truly enjoy market travelling in Asian countries

Asian countries are always buzzing with life and frenetic activity and everyone know that already. Market is the best place to prove it. That is where you can buy the things you don’t actually need. Market is indeed a place full of fun. However, you need to remember that night market is different than local market. Night market is purposely built for tourist attraction. The setting is built in certain theme to fit the tourist’s liking and the price of the goods is often overboard. Market travelling will only be worth it when you visit markets where the locals go to do their activities like buying, selling and trading various products. Here are tips to truly enjoy your market travelling when you are in Asian countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Korea, etc.


  • Try your best to arrive as early as possible. The market is usually livelier when you arrive early. However, you will not have to deal with over crowds. Besides, merchants often offer lower price for the earliest visitor to their booth as a lucky day. They tend to have more energy to interact nicely so you can close the best deals.
  • Since you are the tourists, you will likely receive more attention from the locals. However, stay calm and keep going. You don’t have to worry too much when they stare at you or ask you many questions about where you come from. You can even take advantage of their attention by interacting properly.
  • You must realize that market is the place where you need to negotiate well. However, you don’t need to be all serious while negotiating. There is no need to glare or stare at them just to win over lower price for the things you want to buy. Try to be playful and consider it as fun game. Even if you fail to get the price you want, consider it as the way you contribute to inflate the locals’ profit. Or if you don’t agree with the price, just don’t buy it and don’t make unnecessary argument.
  • The art of enjoying market travelling is the food. In Asian markets, you will find many interesting foods to try. They are inexpensive and authentic. Make sure you bring small change to buy cheap delicacies throughout your exploration in the market. It is also often that they give you small bites or sample for the food they sell so you can taste them before deciding to buy them.


Komodo Sailing Trip: A Journey Full of Sea Therapy!

Have you ever think that Komodo sailing trip can be a holiday retreat you are craving for? This is the kind of journey where you can have a short break from reality. Where you will be disconnected with the rest of the world and spend your days exploring the virgin islands. Well, they are not actually virgin—some are highly popular among tourists. Most of them, however, are completely devoid from any civilization, leaving nature to take care of the wild.

Komodo Sailing Trip: A Journey Full of Sea Therapy!

A trip to Komodo National Park is certainly something to change your travelling life altogether. It’s not just sailing, it’s an exploration of what’s left from paradise. The sailing trip will enable you to visit exotic places that otherwise cannot be reached. So what’s this sailing trip is all about? How’s life on board during Komodo sailing trip?

It’s All Start in Labuan Bajo

Your first day of Komodo sailing trip will start from Labuan Bajo, a once humble fishing village that’s now brimming into a growing port town. If you have previously booked your liveaboard (recommended!) you will meet the owner and the ship here. But if you haven’t got anything, you can directly choose the boats from a range of selection here. You will get assigned to your cabin and meet other passengers that will be your sailing buddies for days ahead. Depend on the liveaboard, you may or may not get welcome drinks to celebrate the beginning of the adventure.

Get to Know Each Other

Couple of first hours are usually spend to get to know each other. Be social! While you might be tempted to lie down and close your eyes in one of those lazy chairs immediately, it’s actually great to start a friendly relationship with other people on board. Especially when you are going to be with them all the whole time of the sailing trip.

Two-Three Island A Bay to Keep Sadness Away

More than twenty little islands make up the Komodo National Park archipelago. That means in this sailing trip, you can have not just one, but three different island each day! Each island is unique to its own and totally worth the visit. Some are popular for these reasons:

Islands for crazy panoramic view—Padar, Gili Lawa, Sebayur (a lot of hike!) 

Where to Meet the Dragons—Komodo Island, Rinca

The Closest to Wildlife Sunset Show—Kalong (Big Bat) Island

The Whole Island is A Beach—Taka Makassar

Islands for Crazy Snorkel—Kanawa Island

Others to Explore—Little Siaba, Big Siaba, Angel Island

Granted, exploring these island will keep you busy and completely forget worldly business.

Hiking, Sunbathing, Diving, Repeat

Aside from seeing the lethal Komodo Dragon, sailing in Komodo National Park basically have three goals in mind. First, you will have lots of hike to reach Komodo’s world famous panoramic view point in some of its islands. Padar and Gili Lawa is just among the most popular. 

Diving and snorkelling is one of the must-do during a Komodo sailing trip. The national park has one of the highest concentration of marine life which make it as world class diving sites. It’s a pristine location to see high variation of corals, Manta Rays, turtles and vibrant marine life. Some of the best sites are Manta Point, Batu Bolong, Castle Rock, Crystal Rock, and Yellow Wall.

And when you are not doing two of these activities, you probably finding yourself sunbathing. Whether it’s on the boat’s deck or pristine beaches, the sailing trip has plenty of ways to enjoy the sun.

Your Komodo sailing trip will consist of a balance between sunbathing, relaxing, and adventure to gorgeous places! It’s gonna be insanely fun experience with a healthy dose of sea therapy on board. And having a good, spacious liveaboard will definitely make your journey even more comfortable!

Learn More about Travel Alerts and Warnings Abroad

When you travel abroad, you must notices that every country has set their own alerts and warnings. However, not all travellers understand about the difference between both and how to react to them. It is important that you learn more about travel alerts and warnings before travelling abroad. Those will help you to enjoy your travel freely and peacefully without getting involved in some problems especially the one related to national security. There are things that can be include into alerts and warning a country set to make visitors notice such as natural disaster, terrorist attacks, etc.

Learn More about Travel Alerts and Warnings Abroad

Travel alerts and warnings you need to pay attention to

The difference between travel alerts and travel warnings are quite simple. Travel alert are short-term conditions in a country that could pose a risk so they let the travellers know so they can be more aware of the situations and risks. The examples of travel alerts are natural disaster, political election, violent demonstration, etc. Meanwhile, travel warnings are long-term conditions in a country which make it unsafe for travellers to visit the country because of dangerous or unstable situations. Before travelling abroad, it is highly recommended that you find out about the country’s alerts and warnings for tourists or travellers.

What you need to do to stay on guard from alert and warning while travelling abroad?

If you have researched about the alerts and warnings set by the country you are going to visit, then you have been prepared. It means you can decide whether the travel is safe enough for you or not. However, alerts or warning may occur when you already landed on your destination. There is no need to panic when you experience this kind of thing. You can do many things to stay safe such as:


  • Watch local and international news to find out the current travel alerts and warnings. This will make you stay up to date to current situation. This way, you will know what decision to make. There is possibility that you have to leave the country or stay still to ensure your safety. The decision depends on the situation.
  • Make sure that you keep your identification safe. It is even highly recommended that you make copies of all important documents before or during travelling abroad. Put them in your travel bags within your reach just in case you need them in emergency.
  • Make sure you keep in touch with your family or friends at home. Keep them update so they know your safety and situation. It is recommended that you set regular message in every certain period during your travel so they know when you are okay or not.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the local about current situation since they will know better about it than you. If you can speak native, it is even better because you won’t have difficulties in understanding them. Make sure you keep aware of the situation so that you will stay safe. Travel alerts and warnings are indeed important to be researched before visiting the country.


Check Out Tourists Favourites in Flores Komodo Tour

When you need to escape from the buzz of the world, think about Flores Komodo Tour. You will be transported to the edge of the world. A place where nature roar in pure wildness. Nothing will hinder you from acres of savannah and Komodo dragons who roams in the barren islands. This UNESCO protected National Park is the home to some of the most awe-inspiring islands ever seen. This tour takes tropical paradise to a whole new level. Forget Bali, these things on Flores will quickly become your new favourite.

 Check Out Tourists Favourites in Flores Komodo Tour


Flores Komodo Tour Favorites: A Must Visit!

1. The Charming Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is rising into fame as the Komodo National Park got its New 7 Wonder of Nature status. It’s the town where you will land in Flores and depart to the National Park. The once a humble fishing village is now growing as a shabby chic port town. Some western-owned restaurant and uniquely designed hostels begin to pop up along the way, changing the face of the town. It’s a nice place to stay, but among those all, Labuan Bajo still maintain its rustic charm. Stay for a night or two in Labuan Bajo and enjoy the city before taking your Flores Komodo tour.

2. The Jurassic-Looking Rinca Island

The barren and dusty Rinca is only dotted with few Lontar Palm trees among some tropical bushes, giving off a strong Wild West feel. It’s time to see the dragons! The entire region is part of Komodo National Park, inhabited by the last giant lizard on earth. These scaly beasts loves to lounge under the shade, so watch out your surrounding! During the search of the dragons, Rinca offers a spectacular view along the trek. The park itself is lovely, dappled with interesting trees, plants, and sometimes a pretty deer—the dragon’s favorite lunch. A few hours in Rinca will make a fulfilling Flores Komodo tour. It’s time to take a quick snap with the star attraction: the Komodo Dragons!

A quick tips: Komodo island, though named after the notorious Komodo dragon, is actually quite challenging for Dragon hunting. It’s heavily forested with most of the dragons creeping behind the bushes. The Rinca island actually offer easier dragon spotting.

3. The Underwater Wonders

Once you set sail to Flores Komodo tour, you will totally agree to the alluring beauty of the water. The clear, turquoise ocean is gleaming with sunshine, inviting anyone to plunge at once. But the beauty doesn’t stop at the surface. The waters around the Komodo National Park is overflowing with rich nutrients, allowing corals and billions marine life to bloom! The diversity here is incredible. In fact, Labuan Bajo is known for their world class diving sites and diving remain as priority thing to do. After the Komodo dragon, of course. You can spotted sea turtles, clown fishes (Nemo!), manta rays, school barracudas, and a sea bed full of corals just in the shallow water. It’s a lush underwater world that makes you feel like diving in an extremely lively aquarium.

What You Need to Do For Volunteer Vacation Preparation

The popularity of volunteer vacation or ‘voluntourism’ has increased. It is a great chance to enjoy the travel destination as well as helping people in need at the same time. However, it can be overwhelming especially for the first-timer. That’s why volunteer vacation preparation need to be taken seriously and thoroughly. It is not only about what clothes you need to bring or what lens the camera needs to take majestic landscape when you travel. It is broader than that. You need to decide many options such as the volunteer program that suits you, which country you are going to visit, what organization is trusted, etc.

Things to do as volunteer vacation preparation

Preparing for regular getaway or short trip can be overwhelming especially when you are so ecstatic about it. However, volunteer vacation’s thrill is on another level. You will be excited not only for the unknown culture you are going to learn about but also about how you can adapt to the new culture itself and how you can contribute for the better. So here are kinds of preparation you need before going to volunteer vacation:

  • The first thing to do is know where to go, what you good at, and when to go. There are many types of volunteer you can participate for this program such as conservation, education, agriculture, construction, etc. Choose the field you are comfortable with and confident at. You need to choose the length of the volunteer. You need to prepare yourself to commit your time to certain period according to program. Then, you need to decide which country you are going for volunteer vacation. Popular countries include India, Per, Vietnam, Africa, etc. Then, you can choose the date that suitable with your schedule.
  • It is also important for you to do some research as volunteer vacation preparation. It doesn’t have to be a serious research. However, it is important so that you choose the right organization and won’t get scammed into fake voluntourism. You can ask former volunteers about their previous participation in the program. It is more trusted for the organization if they have positive feedback from the local community. Make sure the organization inform you transparently. Some programs from some organization sometime cost money. Thus, you need to find out about this issue as well.
  • Next preparation is about what you need to bring for the program. Make sure that the important documents such as passport or visa has been prepared. It is also highly recommended that you book your flights weeks before your departure. For the sake of your health, make sure you get necessary shot or vaccine and pack your personal medicines in your bad.
  • The next thing to prepare is your mentality. Visiting new place can bring culture shocks. To prepare yourself, you can read volunteer stories. You can also watch documentaries of volunteers to help you figure out what you need to expect from the program. Basically, volunteer vacation preparation is necessary that you can’t skip it.

Try to Visit These Breathtaking Cities around the World

Visiting foreign country is a thing. However, visiting breathtaking cities around the world can be a great experience you can try. There are many beautiful and elegant cities that can be your next travel destinations.

Breathtaking cities around the world - Bordeaux, France

It is fun to travel around the world and see many kinds of beauty every time you stop by a place. Well, every city in a country has distinctive charms which attract people to visit more. It can be their geographic, culture, local value, and so on. The way you see the city can also be different from people do. However, it is not a bad idea to mark some beautiful cities around the world and include them to your bucket list.

Breathtaking cities around the world that can captivate you

Lots of people have been interested to study about urban characteristics around the world. This has resulted into finding the cause what makes a city look more elegant and beautiful than others. Those factors are historic values, artistic architectures, cultures, safety, easy access, as well as cleanliness. City which owns those factors can be considered as beautiful or breathtaking cities deserved to visit. Here are some of them:

  • Bordeaux, France is one of the most breathtaking cities in the world. The view of this city from above just so captivating. This city is in fact the third largest city in France. Aside from its elegance and breathtaking vibe, this city s preferred because it is more accessible, affordable and sociable. Thus, you now can change your destination from Paris to Bordeaux instead. In this city, you can walk around freely enjoying all the charm it offers.
  • Milan, Italy is undeniably one of the most breathtaking cities around the world you need to visit. All the aspects of an elegant city are there in this city. One of the most prominent charms is the fashion scene. Aside from the fashion scene, the architecture of this city is just mesmerizing that you won’t get bored just by enjoying the view. There are many attractions you can visit as well such as Teatro alla Scala, Italy’s opera house.
  • Again, Italy is a home to another breathtaking city, Florence. This is an elegant city where you can enjoy Italian art and architecture. There are many tourist attractions you can enjoy while traveling to this city such as markets, festivals, concerts, as well as street theater. You can also enjoy dinner at one of restaurants that offer refine cuisines.
  • When it comes to traveling beautiful city you cannot leave London behind. It is one of the most amazing and beautiful cities in the world. The fashion culture, multicultural vibes, as well as artistic architectures are just small parts of the beauty owned by this city. You can do many fun things while in London such as drinking your favorite champagne, strolling around the city street, or seeing the London Eye, one of the most popular London’s tourist attractions. Then, London is indeed one of the most breathtaking cities around the world.

Takes Your Best Parachute Hammock for a Better Summer

It’s summer time. I know it won’t be at all countries in the world, but if you are feeling it now, it will be delighted to see finally the sunshine! One of the best way to enjoy the summer is taking your best parachute hammock to the beach you are going to visit. Or any other places you want to feel the sun touching your face.

The best parachute hammock for the perfect summer

For those who have been living in a tropic island, when the rainy season is over, feeling the air breezing with the gentle swing under the trees in your parachute hammock is always worth trying.

The ray of the sun bursts through the leaves and slowly warms your body as a sign of parting with a cold season.

The warmth of summer at the beginning of the season is always keeps a very refreshing memory. No more hiding in your place, you need to get yourself out of the house and be at outdoor. And while you are doing that, bring your best parachute hammock for traveling  that you have got before is should never forgotten.

As one of the best traveling tool that you need to bring, the parachute hammock can really will help you to enjoy a pleasant summer. Even more, many of us already know that it is also very possible to be used in various seasons.

Don’t just think about going out alone, since being together with your friends at summer will really add some joys. When each of you have agreed for bringing your own best parachute hammock, it may be a good decision. But, you can always consider for using the double hammock size or more than that so all of your team or group members can be fit in only a hammock.

Who knows you all may want to be as so. Yet, the important thing is you all want to enjoy an authentic experience related to a holiday when the “caribbean weather” begins to feel.

Today, most of the parachute hammocks are breathable. Simply, It’s means that air circulation will be very smooth. But because your body will definitely suppress the hammock, it can be uncomfortable when you are sweating.

As long as you are not under the direct sunlight, you won’t really sweating too much inside your hammock. That is why I have mentioned about using it between the trees so you can be more comfortable because of the shade. Sun’s heat can be so hot and its light can be dazzling your eyes.

Later, when your parachute hammock has been setup, you can really enjoy your slow travel. Enjoy your quality time over the quantity with the friends you have brought with.

After that, the next thing you will realize, your parachute hammock becomes your travel-changing experience at summer time.

Enjoy the warmth of the nature in an amazing and imaginable of using the best parachute hammock you have bought before, we never know that it could be a life-changing as well.

If you are interested for spending your summer with this way, you may want to remind your friends about this article.

The Cheapest Sushi Restaurants in Bali

Sushi is a classic; one of the most well-known Asian cuisines that’s widely spread and well-liked at any time of day. If your travel or your long stay in Bali made you miss that mouthwatering  pieces of heaven, make sure to take notes of these Japanese food establishments. If you’ve been staying in Bali for quite some time, you’d know which one is actually cheap, and which one is actually a so-so. And it’s a big deal. Especially if you plan on eating a huge and varied portion of these delectable pieces. Here are the places the Balinese locals go to on a daily basis without breaking the bank.

Warung Sushi Kawe

This restaurant is located at Jalan Pulau Kawe, near Teuku Umar Denpasar. It’s popular with the local university crowd. Especially with the fact that the biggest public universities in Bali is located merely two kilometers away from the restaurant. The average price range is 30,000 – 50,000 IDR for a plate. Mango Maki Roll set is priced at 15,000 IDR. They give free ocha refills, which is excellent for the wallet.

Arkenzi Sushi & Ramen

A small sushi establishment, currently located at Denpasar Mum Food Market that you can find at Jalan Mahendradatta Denpasar. Among this list, this place is the cheapest of all, in which the price of each item on the menu is less than 30,000 IDR. The downside is that they don’t serve nigiri zushi, so only rolls (maki) are available. It’s a good place to eat on a super tight budget. The location is also a plus if you love outdoor seating, as DPS Mum Food Market is essentially an open-space food court.

Sushi Qombi

The prices on average at Sushi Qombi is 30,000 – 50,000 IDR, with pretty good portions. Bring a friend or two so that you can taste everything they have on offer. One of the items with the lowest price at Sushi Qombi is Chicken Avo Nigiri, priced at 22,000 IDR at the time of this writing. The place is characterized by a green van sitting just outside.

Kunti Japanese Restaurant Sushi Bar

Not the cheapest of the cheap but definitely worth a look if you want some authentic sushi. Located at Jalan Raya Legian, Kunti Japanese Restaurant Sushi Bar has fresh sushi and sashimi that are popular both with the locals and tourists. Roll set is priced at 45,000 IDR, and a bowl of miso soup is priced at 10,000 IDR. If you’re staying in Kuta, this place is probably one of the closest ones you’d find for affordable sushi.

Mori Mori Japanese Fusion Food

This establishment is located at Jalan Gunung Soputan Denpasar. They serve a variety of Japanese food from ramen to Japanese curry rice. In their sushi section, they have California roll, Chicken roll, chicken tempura roll, and so forth. The most expensive item in the sushi menu is priced at 32,000 IDR, which is not expensive by any stretch when it comes to sushi.


They have several chains throughout Denpasar, located in North Denpasar, South Denpasar, and they even have a stall at Tiara Dewata Food Court aside from their standalone restaurant buildings. You can order a set of same-type sushi with the option of 4 or 8 pieces. The average prices for the makizushi is 30,000 IDR.

Most Beautiful Waters to Visit around the World

Water has always been a part of our life. In fact, the Earth consists mostly of water instead of land. It makes sense that we put great interest in water. It brings peace and calmness. You might get interested to most beautiful waters to visit around the world.

Most beautiful waters to visit in the world

The term beautiful for water include how the water flow, how the color reflects, and how the clarity dominates. Water can be in form of lake, sea, river, and many more.

Those places are not there to stay but also to enjoy. Thus, you may have idea to visit one of those beautiful waters for your next travel plan. Choosing the best destination for traveling sometimes is tricky and challenging. Thus, this idea of beautiful water might refresh your mind from having difficulties in picking the right destination

Find out most beautiful waters to visit

Water can be beautiful yet dangerous at the same time but somehow you will always get attracted to it. Thus, lots of waters have become tourist attractions because they are too beautiful to ignore. If you consider visiting one of the amazing waters, here are some spots you can choose or at least include into your bucket list:

  1. Bohey Dulang Island, Malaysia is the place where you can find beautiful blue water in Southeast Asia. The journey to this island might be a little rough since you need to take a flight, taxi, and ride a boat before arrive at the site. After riding a boat you still need to hike up about an hour. Only then you can meet the bluest water which shows its beauty that you can’t ever imagine of water.
  2. Iceland’s Blue Lagoon also has one of the bluest waters on Earth. The beauty is unexplainable. This is absolutely one of the most beautiful waters to visit that you must include in your bucket list. This water is part of a hot spring system so you can even swim. The access to this site is relatively easy and safe. However, make sure to visit this place during off season so that you won’t get involved in the crowd.
  3. Payto Lake, Canada also has one of the most beautiful blue waters on Earth. Not only that, beautiful water is surrounded by scenic landscape which will only captivate your eyesight. This lake specifically located in Banff National Park and one of the most popular tourist attractions. Most people love visiting this site during winter because the snow gives more dramatic effect to the view.
  4. Zanzibar, Tanzania also a home to the beautiful blue water. This island is not only beautiful but also stunning.The magnificent blue water spreading out the island gives off peaceful vibe. It is more than exotic beaches. You may be interested to learn about the local culture as well. However, you will get drawn to the beautiful blue water once you arrive at this place. No wonder it is one of the most beautiful waters to visit for vacation.