Hammock Camping Is An Affordable Leisure For Many Of Us

I am actually wanted to say that the hammock camping is an affordable leisure for everyone, but I realized that there are also some of us who are unlucky. For those of you who have money, at least a job, I think that a hammock is pretty much affordable, right?

I am asking you about the hammock itself that is made of parachute and you don’t have to start counting about how much does the hammock tarp or the other accessories and tolls will cost you. I have found that a hammock that most of the users are using it when camping is around $50 – $60, sometimes the price can be more than that and sometimes is possible to be more cheaper.

All we need to know is, it is so much affordable knowing that it will really benefits us and can be used for even years.

Hammock camping for more affordable leisure

There may some of the advantages that you have known about the hammock camping. It can be our shelter when we are hiking or adventuring, magically is possible to helps us falling asleep quicker, lighter since it will has the weight for around 500 grams or less, and many more that leads us to feel the leisures we have never thought before that we can experienced them.

Although you have to tie the hammock camping to the poles or the trees to start using it, i think that learning about how you will do it is really easy. Even you can see many of the guides or tutorials on YouTube for that. Most of the hammock manufacturers are also provide the “how-to” guide for the customers, so you needn’t to worry about it.

Hammock camping is one of the fun, useful, and comfortable products you can get related to the travel industry. A pair of adventure shoes may help us to step safer, but when you are tired of walking, then a hammock can take a good care of yourself. It is also one of the sleeping gear that somehow can really be considered as safer because you can avoid the threats from the ground animals if you are camping in the woods or jungle. The threats can really disappear, but you know that you can at least minimalize them.

Hanging inside the hammock camping is also the wonderful thing you can get even if you are doing it inside your house. And when you are going outside and go for it, I think that the view can be more beautiful and being seen differently. Surely that can be guaranteed especially if you are planning to the hill or any spots with mesmerizing scenery.

The hammock is actually encourages us to exercise. This is one thing that I love about it. If you think that you are the lazy person, try to get a hammock. By doing that, you may will be thinking about going out and walk yourself to the park around the city or to the closer river. It won’t turns you as the diligent person, but again, it is possible to encourages you to do so in case you haven’t someone to motivate you.

Last but surely not the least, if you think that hammock camping is only for the kids or the scout, then you are really need to change your mind first. It is because you are also possible to get the adventure as what everybody else have got. It is not just as affordable as it could be, but also there will be more interesting travel and adventure stories will be made in the future.

Less Crowded Cities around the World for Peaceful Travel

There are millions travelers travelling around the world each day. No wonder that there are more popular travel destinations than others over the world. Every country has their own tourist attraction which can attract international or local tourists. When a tourist attraction has become more and more popular, the place will be more crowded. This is of course good news for the tourism but is it good for travelers? Visiting a travel destination which crowded by tourists sometimes can be disturbing. Being stuck in a long queue just to buy ticket entry is not fun at all. However, this is unavoidable when you visit popular travel destination.

Less Crowded Cities around the World for Peaceful travel
Maccu Picchu

Recommended cities to travel with less crowded of tourists

So instead of visiting already popular travel destinations, it is better to visit some places with less crowd of tourists. your travel will be more peaceful and enjoyable. You will be able to really enjoy the vibe of your vacation and understand more about what the attraction offers. Here are recommended cities to visit for you ho desire less crowded travel destination:


Lots of tourists and travelers like to try something even especially when it has become popular such as gondola riding. Venice is without a doubt is the most popular place for gondola riding. However, this place is already overcrowding. Therefore, you might as well visit Colmar, France. There are picturesque canals you can o for gondola ride. There are pastel buildings surrounding the route. There isn’t car traffic which can sour your mood as well.


Amsterdam is already popular travel destination and one of the most crowded places with tourist from all over the world. Of course, the beauty of the city is irresistible but you still have alternative for less crowd travel. So instead of Amsterdam, you can go visit Hamburg. This is a growing travel destination which is also home to mirror-like canals, historical buildings, and outstanding arts. Therefore, it will be a peaceful yet intriguing travel when you visit Hamburg, the Old City.


Barcelona is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Millions of tourists keep coming and flooding this city each year. Instead of visiting Barcelona, you can visit Singapore as your next travel destination. This is where you can enjoy the art of architecture. There are many attractions you can explore while visiting this cities such as Gardens by The Bay, Maxwell Road Hawker, and many more. Singapore is a small country but it has enchanting attractions for travelers around the world with the bonus of lesser crowd.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is no doubt one of the most crowded travel destinations in the world. There is even limiting entries to manage the flow of tourist visit. Instead of visiting this already overcrowding city, it is recommended to visit Komodo Island in Indonesia. This is where you can see the most intriguing creature, Komodo. Besides, there are lots of attractions offered by this island which can make your travel more enjoyable and meaningful.


The Best Komodo Boat to Travel for Honeymoon Couple

The secret of Komodo National Park has widely let out and today it become one of the most prized honeymoon destination for the newly-weds. There are many things that make Komodo stand out as a romantic gateway; the ultimate isolation, secluded beaches, bright and translucent water, and exotic jagged islands. Everything that makes for a dreamy honeymoon. Each island is a beautiful destination of its own. Each is only accessible by boat, which makes a honeymoon trip to Komodo an exciting sailing trip. If you are looking to build a perfect honeymoon, give some effort to look for the best Komodo boat around that will make for a meaningful couple trip.

 The Best Komodo Boat to Travel for Honeymoon Couple

Don’t rush and let all the planning overwhelmed you. Cabin category, trip type, and itinerary building are all important aspect before even booking a liveaboard in Labuan Bajo. Below, we’ve listed some points to consider when planning a foolproof romantic gateway in Komodo for the newly betrothed, especially when it comes to the ship.

1. Choose Komodo Boat with cabin instead of shared deck

Honeymoon is about spending a good time together and probably drown into each other’s arms almost every single time. And of course, honeymoon is the time when you, ahem, need a little bit more privacy than usual, isn’t it? Now safe that more economic Komodo liveaboard with shared decks (and thin mattresses!) for your fraternity trip. Why don’t you treat yourself to a nice cabin with ensuite bathroom that ensure comfort and privacy? Honeymoon ideally only happened once, so it’s the right time to splurge some for that suite/ master cabin.

2. If possible, book an exclusive liveaboard for couple

Honeymoon is the time when we are dwelling into dreamy delusion that the world is just ours. We crave for everything secluded—remote villa, empty beaches, exclusive resorts, anything. And you can do so with the sailing trip! If you feel that open trip—the most popular and budget friendly trip in Komodo—take the honeymoon vibes away, consider a more exclusive trip. We know one luxurious Komodo boat that’s equivalent with a secluded villa; the terribly romantic Alexa cruise that was made just for two people. To enjoy Alexa’s grandeur and tailored experience, however, be prepared to splurge some extra money.

3. Sail for a week or longer

The Komodo National Park is like big Thanksgiving dinner. Every destination is equally beautiful and worth a visit. It hides countless nature’s beautiful creation and is best to enjoy slowly. Don’t rush your honeymoon. Plan a trip for a week full or longer. This way, you can enjoy the best of Komodo in a more laid back manner, explore more hidden areas with your partner, and enjoy each other’s company longer.

4. Look for liveaboard with extra services on board

In the spirit of honeymoon, look for Komodo boat that offer extra services on boat. Some liveaboard offers spa and massages—which can be done both in the boat or in nearest secluded beaches. An extra luxury like this will make your honeymoon even more unforgettable.

5. Plan the right itinerary

Itinerary is not all about destinations. Aside from picking up gorgeous (or secluded) destination around Komodo, it’s also about estimating the time and energy. What’s the point of squashing four gorgeous destination in a day if in the end of the day you cannot enjoy it at all? That’s why we strongly recommend taking a longer trip. You can spread all the gorgeous destinations in a week. Enjoy the sightseeing during the day, take couple photoshoot in beautiful spots, and save some time to recharge the energy and do nothing; just lounging in the deck with your better half.

Tips You Need for Your Passport Safety

Passport is important document you need to bring when you are going to travel another country. It is one of essentials when it comes to travel overseas. It contains your personal information which should be protected. However, it is not uncommon for travelers or tourist to lose their passport while they are travelling. That is unwanted situation and you need it to be back to your home anyway. This little booklet plays important role in your travelling plan that you need the best strategy to keep it safe.

How to keep your passport safe

Every traveller may have different strategies in protecting their passport. Some keep it in their carry-on bags, and some people keep it at the very bottom part of the luggage. Some travelers carry passport everywhere their go in new destination while some others prefer to keep it at their luggage in their hotel room. To make you easier in keeping your passport safe, here are some tips you can follow:

  • You need to copy your passport so that you can use the copy instead of the real one if it is not necessary to show the real passport. It is also highly suggested to keep the copies and the real passports separately so that they won’t go missing together. Just in case you lose your real passport, you still have the copies to prove your identity. Make sure to make copies of the  page that has your photo as well as your personal information such as full name and place and date of birth.
  • It is highly recommended to put your passport in safe place. If you are reluctant to keep it at your hotel room while you are looming around the attractions, you might as well bring reliable bag or pockets to store it. Or, you can also wear a jacket which has secret pocket to keep your passport inside. You can also wear strip-bag or fanny pack where you can strap it diagonally over your shoulder.
  • If you travel in group, you might think that collectively keep all passports in one person or store will be safer. However, it is more recommended to carry passport individually. Thus, every individual carry their own responsibility to keep their passport safe. Besides, it won’t affect others if one person loses their passport.
  • If you decide to keep your passport in your suitcase and leave it in your hotel room, make sure you carry reliable suitcase for your travel. Choose solid suitcase with lock system. Thus, you can leave your passport inside while you are wandering around the town.
  • It is also important to ensure your passport safety not only from the loss but also from damage. Make sure you keep your passport in dry area and don’t let it wet. Don’t fold your passport carelessly because it can lead to curled corners or ripped pages. You can also buy waterproof cover for your passport. Or, make sure you separate it from any liquid.

Enjoying Scenic Beauty With Scuba Diving Bali Throughout The Year

Bali offers beautiful scenery for tourists. When you hear the word Bali, you can see the beach and the amazing scenery. Since long ago, Bali always worships by poets and poets. Even today the beauty of Bali is inexplicable and everyone likes to visit all year long. In a few years popular with its water activities, scuba diving Bali. Years earlier, surfing had overtaken the popularity of scuba diving. If you think of visiting Bali and trying out water activities then this is a very good idea.

Scuba Diving Bali

Scuba Diving Bali, Perfect Water Activity Throughout The Year

If you have ever dived, certainly remember the first sensation of diving. The picture of underwater life is print clearly and directly in the brain which is amazingly amazing and impossible to forget. The combination of coral reefs and diverse underwater species is difficult to defeat for your first underwater adventure.

The fact is scuba diving Bali is able to evoke many beautiful visions of a tropical paradise. The underwater beauty of Bali is no longer in doubt because there are many that can be seen and experienced by every diver. Divers who are accustom to doing Bali scuba diving will find out the many advantages of this place. But if you are new to Bali, you will need more information about Bali scuba diving. Some of Bali’s scuba diving spots are open to professional divers. If you are a beginner, it’s good to keep a distance from the spot of professional divers to prevent bad things.

Some spots like Tanjung Benoa, Sanur, Amuk Bay, Tulamben and some are perfect for beginner divers. All you need to do for scuba diving Bali is your first search for a dive center. There are several well-known and trusted dive centers such as Dune Atlantis, Bali Ocean or others. You can find information and be eligible for your visit. They usually offer the first dive packages, of course with basic diving training to get a certificate first. When your training is ready, underwater Bali will be ready for you to explore.

The climate of Bali is very pleasant and really allows you to take training at any time of the year. But there is the best time for scuba diving Bali during the dry season from June to October. Diving during the rainy season is very possible in Bali but should be avoided because clear water can turn bleak.

Night diving will be very interesting. Exploring the types of underwater species that emit light and are perfect for photographer divers. Nothing is impossible to do in Bali. Scuba diving Bali always offers amazing underwater beauty that is amazing and fascinating throughout the year.

What You Need to Know about Halal Tourism

Halal tourism or halal travel has become more and more familiar. This is a subcategory of tourism which focuses more to accommodate Muslim families who abide by the rules of Islam. The number of Muslim tourists and travellers has increased which makes many countries try to attract them by providing halal tourism program.

Travelling is for everyone including Muslims. However, traveling isn’t always easy for Muslims since they need to consider the food, prayer, as well as activities which won’t them break the rules of Islam.

For example, pork is not included into halal food for Muslims. Therefore, they cannot just eat carelessly without knowing whether or not the meals they order contain pork. Muslims also have their prayer time. Thus, they will need a place which can accommodate their need to prayer such as mosque. It is predicted that the number of Muslim travel will keep increasing in the next four years.

Characteristics of halal tourism or halal travel

Getting to know about halal tourism characteristics

When it comes to halal tourism, it means alcohol free environment. Started from the hotel to the flight, halal tourism won’t have alcohol in any aspect. For your information, Turkey is the first country that provides halal hotels for Muslims.

This type of halal tourism program doesn’t always exist even in Muslim country so this is something special needed by Muslim travellers. In halal tourism, hotel and beaches are usually separated.

Muslims play big role in the economy of a country. That is why the program of halal tourism isn’t always provided by Muslim countries like United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Malaysia but also Muslim-minority countries such as Japan and South Korea. There are travel destinations in Europe which also provide halal tourism such as London, Spain and Bosnia.

Halal airline provides halal foods which alcohol, and pork free. They also provide prayer calls, Qur’an in seat pockets as well as separate section for male and female travellers. This makes Muslims travel easier since what they need is provided following the rules in Islam.

Aside from the airlines, halal tourism also include hotel providing halal foods in which the meat comes from animal slaughtered in accordance with the teachings in Islamic Sharia. The foods are also free from any substance forbidden by Islam such as alcohol and pork.

The staffs of the hotels are also trained to give service and treat Muslims guests in certain way which won’t violate Islamic sharia. Thus, Muslim guests will be more comfortable while staying in the hotels. Other characteristic of halal tourism includes facilities such as providing swimming pool separating male and female area.

For your information, there is Muslim travel standard as reference tool dedicated to Muslim travellers. the standard is divided into a rating scale form one to seven. Those rating scales are made based on the amenities and services. Those include the availability of qibla direction, alcohol policies, prayer carpets, as well as halal-certified food.

With the hype of halal tourism program, Muslims all around the world have more chances to enjoy their travel comfortably.

Best Travel Destinations for Backpacking around the World

Backpacking is fun and challenging especially for travelers who like adventure and thrill. Backpacking is also good idea for budget travelers and has become a great alternative. Backpackers have their own criteria of what type of travel destinations they like. Some of them like relaxing places, some others like thrilling destination. However, there are certain characteristics of ideal travel destinations for backpacking such as the availability of hostels, transportation with low budget, affordable dining, and affordable tourist attractions. Those are main criteria in which backpackers look for great travel destinations. Here are some places around the world which consider as the best travel destinations for backpacking:

  • Nicaragua, specifically San Juan del Sur is a great travel destination for backpackers located in Central America. The tourism development in this place has not been too high. That is why this is rather view as new hot spot for most tourists. In the country, it might be one of the more expensive destinations. However, the standard is still affordable even for backpackers. There are many things to enjoy include secluded beaches, volcanic peaks, as well as pristine islands. You can explore the region using chicken buses, a local transportation.
  • Indonesia is great travel destination for backpacking. There are many laces you can choose to explore such as Bali, Yogyakarta, or Bandung. Those regions have their own charm and tourist attractions. Besides, the transportation and accommodation in Indonesia are considered affordable for backpackers. There are many options to stay while backpacking such as hostel, homestay, guesthouse, etc. The foods are also cheap so you don’t have to worry about your meals. Things to enjoy while travelling to Indonesia are waterfalls, secluded beaches, volcanic lakes, and many more.
  • Vietnam has been one of the most visited places by backpackers, specifically Hoi An. It qualifies as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The food and accommodation in this place are affordable. The foods are varied, delicious, and cheap. You can even try sample pastries while strolling around the city. It is highly recommended to explore the place on foot since the distance is reachable.
  • Ecuador has many cities to explore and suitable for backpackers. Recommended places to visit while backpacking to Ecuador are Quito and Guayaquil. In Quito, you can visit the Mitad del Mundo equatorial exhibit. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the 16th-century architecture in Guayaquil. The landscape and attractions are in wide variety so you can explore. Besides, the accommodation and transportation within the country are affordable.
  • Western Canada is also a great place to visit for backpacking.  This is where you can enjoy spectacular scenery in Canadian National Parks. You can do many activities which always preferred by backpackers such as camping, hiking, etc. There are many parks you can visit and explore such as Yoho, Jasper, Banff, Kootenay, etc. However, the attraction is not only relied on the wild because you can also explore the city parts where affordable accommodation is available. Recommended cities to explore are Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Things You Need to Know before Visiting Cambodia

Cambodia is a country located in Southeast Asia. There are many travel destination desired by travellers around the world. Most of them are natural and adventurous destinations. One of a must-visit places when visiting Cambodia is Phnom Penh.

Things to know before visiting Cambodia

It is not as metropolis as Bangkok in Thailand because Phnom Penh is more down to earth. However, this s a great destination for travellers who don’t want to experience over-crowded place to have fun. There are many things you can do in Phnom Penh but it is recommended to find out more about Cambodia before visiting.

  • You will need to present valid passport and a Cambodian visa. You can get your visa before visiting the country or on your arrival. You can choose according to your convenience. If you don’t have much time for preparation, you can also apply for a Cambodia e-visa online where you can complete the online application and pay with your credit card.
  • Next, you need to know Cambodia customs regulations. If you are 18 years old or older, you are permitted to bring 200 cigarettes, one opened bottle of liquor, and perfumer for personal use. You are not allowed to bring antiques or Buddhist reliquaries out of the country.
  • It is highly recommended to take health precautions before visiting the place. Recommended shot to take before visiting Cambodia is malaria prophylaxis. You need to ask advice from your doctor to take necessary shots to prevent from typhoid, cholera, tetanus, polio, etc.
  • Official currency of Cambodia is the Riel. You can change the currency before visiting. Remember that you will need more cash than credit card when travelling to Cambodia since not a lot of places accept major credit cards.
  • It is highly recommended to be careful especially in the nighttime. Don’t stray off the known paths. It is recommended to hire a guide if you want to travel around places in Cambodia to make sure that you are safe.

What you can do when visiting Phnom Penh Cambodia

There are many interesting things to do when you visit Cambodia and the capital city, Phnom Penh, such as:

  • Shopping is a must when you visit Phnom Penh especially jewelry shopping. You can go for it at the Central Market. This traditional market is a great place to buy precious stones, metals, as well as jewelry. Aside from the good stuffs available in the market, the interior is also distinctive. You can enjoy Art Deco fusion style in this market.
  • Royal Palace in Phnom Penh is also a must visit. This place is open for visitors. You can go visiting the Silver Pagoda and the Moonlight Pavilion. It is recommended to visit the Royal Palace at night.
  • You can also spend your time relaxing near the river and enjoy the sunset. You can also go a cruise boat to enjoy the river more. You will sail past traditional fishing villages, as well as Phnom Penh Skyline. It is recommended to visit this place in the late afternoon.

This Luxury Villas Seminyak Bali Is All You Need To Rent

Have you ever heard about the Hu’u Villas Bali before? It is one of the best luxury villas providers in Bali that specially located at the special area called as Seminyak. Seminyak is a village but there are many of the tourists are staying there as if it is the centre of the island. In tourism sector, Seminyak is actually one of the main important area in Bali. The location is strategic where you can easy to go anywhere to the popular destinations, there are various public buildings, beaches are also easy to access and you are possible to stay at where the local people are around you.

Luxury villas seminyak bali is all you need to rent

In short if you are staying in the luxury villas Seminyak owned and ran by the above provider, you are the lucky one. That will be the perfect choice you have ever made in choosing the travel accommodation.

There are some of the luxury villas Seminyak you can get depending on the numbers of the bedrooms. The lowest number of the bedroom is 1 and you will be sleep on the second floor (loft) while its private pool will be under the balcony on the front.

The highest numbers of bedrooms is 13. This luxury villas Seminyak is also applied the interconnected bedroom so there will be various number of the bedroom’s configurations. 13 bedrooms as maximum.

The other standard villas are the 2 bedrooms villa and the 3 bedrooms penthouse. 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms as the regular packages but you can also get the special offers such as discount and the various services.

If you will ask me about who will be the best to rent this luxury villas, then there will be 3 people. The villas are perfect for the couples and honeymooners, for family vacation and the last one is for those who are travelling in a group for certain event or occasion.

At the above first paragraph, I have told you about the superiority of the Seminyak village. And when it needs to talk about your temporary stay in the luxury villas at the same village, then you can also experience the same benefits. You know what, the beach is only within the walking distance. How far you’d like to reaches the beach? I think that the longest will only need about 5 minutes.

There are also the restaurant provided by the villas management and the bight club if you want to party every night. There won’t be a chance for you to get bored in Seminyak, Bali. Those two facilities will be great for all the guests since there will be the special privilege for they who are renting the luxury villas.

I don’t exactly know about what actually you will looking for in the other luxury villas at Seminyak or other accommodations, but thinking about all what you are possible to get and experience, one of the above villas will be all you need in your trip in Bali as a couple or family.

I can’t give you an example of the luxury hotel room that you’re also possible to reserves. But if I will comparing it with the luxury villas amenities at Seminyak, hotel room will be the thing you won’t need any longer. It will less in amenities and facilities, and the price can also be more expensive.

Cabin Bag Packing for Long Airplane Flight

Travelling with plane is definitely still a favourite by many, especially if you are planning for overseas vacation. Airplane is the fastest way to travel over long distances, and most often it includes series of long flight. Sometimes, a long flight can turned into a series of unbearable discomforts before you can finally settle in the dreamed destination. To make your flights enjoyable, be a smart traveler and know what to pack inside your carry-on bag.

Cabin Bag Pack for Long Airplane Flight

What to Pack in Your Cabin Carry-On:

Light Layer of Clothes

You know that flights can get chilly, right? In a long plane, you can easily get sweaty, freezing, something in between, and get it repeated again. It’s always handy to bring a light layer of clothes to keep your body slid into comfortable temperatures at times. 

Light Snacks

Nobody want to travel and be hungry. Some airlines do not include snacks or meals in their in-flight service, so some pack of snack will always come handy. Pack snacks that will satisfy your craving without getting your tummy bloated (bloated stomach in air is just one of the worst). Choose light snacks that are rich in protein, such as energy bar, granola bar, crackers with peanut butter, or a cup of almonds.

Reading Materials

It can get pretty boring in a long flight, particularly when the airplane’s wifi is a little bit crappy. Or when the plane route is too short to provide the wifi. Having something to read instead of airlines brochures can ease your boredom. Beside, this is a perfect time to finally read those books you always make promises to read to but never really do it due to burden of works.

Neck Pillow

One way to make a long flight be much more enjoyable is bringing a neck pillow. The foamy neck pillow gives better support to your head for sleeping and generally improves your mood. When you have reached the destination, the neck pillow can further assist you for stealing naps or just resting your tired head. No more neck pain!


If you find yourself having a hard time to sleep during the long flight, maybe it’s time to start trying a blindfold. It might not give you the most flattering look, but it’s undeniably good to help you have better rest. Blindfold blocks the lights that might disturb your circadian rhythm and allows your body    to get a rest it deserve. Some airlines give free blindfold to their passengers, some don’t. It’s better to be prepared and bring your own. Who knows, the airline’s blindfold is not adequate enough to block the disturbing lights.