Best Scuba Diving In Bali To Discover Endangered Species Underwater

Bali has reached the status of a tourist destination in the top ranks of the world. If you like adventure, Bali can be a consideration for a vacation with a low budget. Bali is packed for all adventures, whether you are surfers, divers, mountain climbers, or scenery lovers.

Best scuba diving in Bali is popular and a favorite spots in the world. Amateur or professional divers always wait for the best moments to enjoy rare underwater species of Bali. Diving is offering a different adventure. There are many of the best diving spots in Bali with their uniqueness and all its beauty.

Enjoying the best scuba diving in Bali is able to evoke a lot of vision. This is a pleasant tropical paradise. A lot of preparation you need to do before deciding to explore the best scuba diving in Bali. The first is to determine whether you want to dive solo or group. If you have just been on holiday in Bali once, it is not possible to know the weather conditions. The recommendation for the first time diving in Bali is to find a dive operator. They will help you take care of all the diving matters.

Dive operators have chosen the best diving spots in Bali to spoil your eyes. Seeing rare species and beautiful coral in Bali is a great pleasure. Some of the places you have to go to when diving in Bali.

Best Scuba Diving In Bali To See Underwater Temples

This is one of the best diving spots in the world. This is an attempt by the Bali government to build a temple in a coral reef conservation area. The underwater beauty of Pemuteran is in the top ten categories of The Top 10 Underwater Sights listed in Lonely Planet: 1000 Ultimate Sights. Don’t forget to slip Pemuteran on your dive trip to enjoy the amazing underwater.

Shipwreck in Tulamben

Tulamben must be included in your dive schedule. If you want to see an amazingly beautiful marine life, you have to dive in Tulamben. Tulamben is one of the best scuba diving in Bali that will take you to explore the USAT Liberty shipwreck inherited from World War II. Uniquely, this shipwreck has been inhabited by fish with diverse colors and sizes.

Japanese Shipwreck in Amed

In Amed, you will find a Japanese shipwreck. Amed’s underwater beauty is extraordinary. Coral and coral reefs in Japanese wrecks offer exotic underwater views. The connoisseurs are not only divers, but also snorkelers. Make sure dive operators schedule you to explore the Amed underwater

Have Beach Camp Galore on Komodo Trip!

Sailing might be the first word to pop on mind when you think of Komodo trip. But have you ever think of camping? Think about Komodo’s remoteness; one of few frontier left in the world. Picture about spending a night in one of the secluded shore, with nothing but the chirping fire and blanketed by starry night. Imagine being waken up by nothing but the sounds of the waves. With the warm sunlights piercing to the tents. To begin the day with breakfast at beaches and fill the rest by dragon tour, hiking the undulating savannah hills, and diving Komodo’s lively underwater. 

Have Beach Camp Galore on Komodo Trip!

The best of all, everything is taken care by your Komodo liveaboard operator; all you have to do is sipping a freshly brewed Flores coffee while waiting the boat heating up its machine—and take you to another slice of paradise. For you who are prone to seasickness or simply wanting a fresher alternative to Komodo vacationing, camping can be a great option. Here are some recommendations to set up tent for overnight camps during your holiday in Komodo. You can pick one of the night for camping or go overboard and spend all night camping in different island.

Mind you, however, these won’t include Komdoo Island nor Rinca, the home of Komodo dragons. You don’t want to wake up with 20m dragons stalking your tent, do you? 

Seture Island

Not many people know Seture Island. To be fair, this little island is not as famous as its neighbouring island—like the phenomenal Padar or Gili Lawa, for example. As it seldom reach the ears of mainstream tourism, however, this island perfect for an undisturbed bonfire session. 

Talking about bonfire, the Komodo has a little controversy regarding the matter. Some Komodo operators are quite used to bonfire and are able to handle it well. Lighting a bonfire in Komodo should be proceed with strict precautions as the the lands are extremely dry and flammable. During the driest time—usually around July to September—any fire related activities including fireworks and bon fire are extremely discouraged as it potentially burn the whole island (it has happened before).  

Kelor Island

Ah, the little Kelor. Despite it’s mini size, Kelor is quite a popular Komodo trip destination for its beaches. The little island, carpeted with savannah grass, is surrounded by white stark sands lining against blue waters. Kelor has one small hills that will be perfect for a sunset view, followed by a serene night in a tent. Just be careful to not set the tent too close to the shore!

Sebayur Kecil (Little Sebayur)

Sebayur’s beautiful and deserted is a perfect reason to spend a night there. It’s pretty at dusk and offer great snorkel experience once the morning comes. Start your day by having some snorkel! Sabayur kecil has wonderful marine life; teeming corals reefs start just at the shore, which get even more lively with fish population inhabiting the water.  

So, are you ready to fill your Komodo trip with awesome camping experience? 

When Should You Avoid Booking Red Eye Flight

Many travelers find red eye flight to be advantageous for their travel plan. It is convenient because you will experience more peaceful situation started from the airport.

Avoid booking red eye flight

Or, it is already started when you leave your home because you won’t get stuck in rush hour traffic.

You don’t have to deal with the crowds and the flight is also more serene. You can take your time enjoying peaceful flight with less grumpy passengers.

You can also make the most of your daytime schedule because you will get your chance to rest and sleep during your flight. The flights are also likely to be more on time which brings more conveniences for your schedule.

When is red eye flight not for you?

Red eye flight offer many benefits for passengers. You will be able to make the most of your trip with this efficient flight. However, there is also times when red eye flight is not for you or your travel plan.

This is because red eye flight is not obligation for travelers anyway. This is a choice you can make for your own benefits.

If it doesn’t fit you or your travel plan, then there is no need for you to take red eye flight. Here are travel situation in which you don’t have to book red eye flight:

  • When your body is too exhausted to stay awake in the middle of the night to catch red eye flight, it is more recommended to take regular flight instead. When you are too tired to even grab taxi and go to airport, it will become more tiring for your body to face the next day when you arrive at your destination.
  • If you are not in a rush of your traveling, why not taking your time and enjoy regular flight so that you can choose the schedule for the flight freely. Thus, you can also get the best sleep before your departure so that your body won’t be too drained. Some travelers choose red eye flight because they have limited time to spend on their traveling schedule. Thus, they try to squeeze the time as efficient as possible by booking red eye flight and rest on the airplane before directly start the day of the journey once they arrive. Thus, you don’t have to do it if you are more convenience and flexible about our travel plan.
  • If you are not the type of person who can sleep everywhere, red eye flight is not ideal for you because then you will have difficulties to rest and sleep. The point of taking red eye flight is to be able to sleep during the flight so that you can be more prepared to start your journey. When you are unable to sleep well, your body will be too exhausted. You will be in need of nap throughout your trip in your destination. It will also make you more difficult to adjust with time differences. Thus, day-time routes will be more comfortable to book.

If in case you are trapped with the red eye flight no matter how hard you are avoiding it, make sure that you are also ready with your cabin bag packing for the long airplane flight.

Stay Safe during Your Trip in Bali Following the Risk of Mount Agung Eruption

Bali is not only famous for its beaches but also Mount Agung, an active volcano that last eruption occurred in 2017. At that time, more than a hundred thousand people were evacuated from their home because of volcano alert was raised to the highest level. It disrupted flight in November to December 2017. If you look at it, it is bad idea to visit Bali especially Mount Agung because you are concerned about your own safety. However, it is now safe to venture Bali now since the alert has been down to a level 3.

Keep yourself safe during your venture in Bali

It is kind of terrifying to venture a place where an active volcano is. However, it is thrilling and exciting for adventure seeker. Of course, you need to prioritize your own safety no matter how thrilling your trip is going to be. However, you can still conquer Mount Agung Bali by paying attention to these tips:

  • First, remember that Mount Agung is not all Bali. The mountain is situated in the northeast area of the island. Proximately, it is 70 km away from main tourist areas such as Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, etc. Thus, if you want to visit Bali then you will be just fine. The danger zone around the crater is set at 4 mile radius so you will be safe to venture Bali.
  • If you are going to really venture around Mountain Agung such as Karangasem in the east, it is recommended to hire a guide so that you feel more secured and not venture to dangerous areas. If you want to enjoy scenic view around Ubud, feel free to do it because it is completely safe.
  • If you are worried about Mount Agung to erupt again, you just need to bring important necessities. When venturing Bali and the mountain erupts, make sure to bring the right things such as extra cash, face mask, goggles, dry food, extra clothes, first aid kit, and zip lock bags. Those things will help you survive and stay safe during eruption and emergency situation. It is also safer for you to stay indoor if the mountain erupts.
  • If the mountain erupts, make sure to contact your airline to check if your flight is delayed or canceled. If it is, then you can call your home country’s embassy to help you getting out of the island. There is also ferry available that can take you to Lombok and book domestic flights to other cities. You can also take a bus to Surabaya.
  • Of course, visiting Mount Agung directly without a guide is not wise decision especially because it is still active volcano. There are areas you cannot venture to so make sure to pay attention to warning and alerts during your trip in Bali. If the mount erupts, you can also volunteer to help the locals. However, make sure that you know what you are going to deal with because the situation may put your life in danger.

Scuba Diving Vacations For Beginners, A Perfect Idea To Spend Your Holiday

Going on vacation gives you personal satisfaction and pleasure. Did you know that a vacation can find a new world. This happens when you are scuba diving. You can find rare, wild and amazing animals under water, some even in the deepest sea. Scuba diving vacations holidays for beginners are the perfect opportunity to see a new world. If you only see through television or magazines, this is an opportunity to see for yourself.

Scuba Diving Vacations For Beginners Steps

The best of scuba diving vacations for beginners is that there will be a lot to learn and see. Diving for beginners will take your vacation to learn the basic training and the right diving skills. At least you save 4-5 days of diving. This is if you have never dived at all. If you already have a basic level certificate, then this will be a more memorable holiday. No need to prepare 4-5 days to learn the basics of diving.

Scuba diving vacations for beginners are truly real experiences to know that there are other worlds that are also colorful and spectacular. Being fascinated with the world that you find when scuba diving vacations for beginners is natural. When deciding to do a diving holiday there will be a variety of marine life in every diving tourist destination, including Bali. Are you doing scuba diving vacations for beginners or pro pros? Regardless of whether you are just having fun, you will have fun seeing the new world with your eyes.

What if you already have a certificate but don’t do diving for a long time? Apply to dive operators to briefly explore skills and training. The goal is that you can remember the basics so that diving is safe. Diving will be very fun when everything is done right.

For those who have never dived at all, scuba diving vacations for beginners usually begin with the application and learning of basic skills. After that, you will move to more levels where later you can dive at depths of up to 12 meters. After that, this is your decision, whether to increase the level of the dive to reach the dive master or be satisfied just by diving at a depth of up to 12 meters.

For people who dive several times a year, the level of diving with a depth of up to 12 meters is perfect. Scuba diving vacations for beginners are the right and best way to spend your holiday.

Most Recommended Places to Visit for Cheese Lovers

Food travelling is always fun to do especially when you have your own preference of what kind of foods you enjoy the most. It will make your search of your next travel destination easier.

If you are cheese lovers, there are travel destinations where you can enjoy the foods rich with cheese while enjoying your trip.

Best places to visit for cheese lovers

Of course, finding a place that is worth travelling for is a must.

When it comes to cheese, it may sound easy to find destinations where there are foods made from cheese.

If you think Italy is the only destination to enjoy cheese because of pizza, then you are wrong. There are other places where you can enjoy cheese in various dishes. 

Best places full of cheese worth travelling for

Cheese is one of the most drool worthy ingredients when it comes to food. It is like a crime to dislike cheese. However, obsessed over cheese that you have the urge to food travelling to places which has the best cheese is on another level.

If you are already on this level, here are most recommended places you can go to as your travel destination in a quest of hunting the best cheesy foods to devour:

  • Georgia – This is where you can find Khachapuri Adjaruli, a crunchy, fluffy pizza crust-like dough. It is then shaped into a boat then filled with melted cheese, butter, and raw egg. Even though the ingredients are quite simple that you can even try making it at home, it is different when you devour it in Georgia since it is one of the best Georgia’s cuisine. Don’t even ask how it taste like when the cheese melts in your tongue.
  • Switzerland – This is a great place for general tourism agenda. However, you also will enjoy the most of your time when you can find Raclette. This dish is made from Valaisan cheese. The way to make it is quite unique. A wheel of which is cooked and the melted cheese is scraped out on to your plate directly. You can enjoy a plateful of melted cheese without anything. However, you can also add gherkins, potatoes, or pickled onions if you’d like.
  • Greece – This is also one of the most visited travel destinations in general. However, it can satisfy your obsession over cheese as well. This is where you can enjoy traditional Greek appetizer, Cheese Saganaki. It is made from a hunk of cheese fried at the outside of the edge so it results in crispy texture. However, the inside will stay gooey.
  • France – This is where you can find Aligot, mashed potatoes blended in cheese. When you take a spoonful of Aligot, you will taste the richness of cheese enough to make your tongue melt. Long strings of cheese will cling to your fork diligently. Thus, you can enjoy the buttery mashed potatoes with gooey cheese in this dish. You can devour this dish alone without additional side dishes. This dish is enjoyed by local and international tourists in general.

Avoid Doing These Things During Your Stay at Hotel

To accommodate yourself when travelling, you need a place to stay. The easiest way to do is to book a hotel room for as long you stay for your vacation. Hotel provides various amenities to help you stay comfortably and have a good rest.

Things you shouldn't do when stay in a hotel room

However, seasoned travellers suggest to not getting too comfortable in your hotel room. It is important to keep in mind that even private hotel rooms are still public space shared by hundreds of strangers.

Of course, you need to enjoy your vacation and get proper rest in your hotel room. However, you always need to stay on guard even in the safety of a hotel room you booked.

Things you shouldn’t do in your hotel room when travelling

Being more aware of your surroundings doesn’t mean you have to be hygiene freak or paranoia of your own safety. However, staying alert will give you more chance to act consciously to protect yourself from any threat.

There are many threats while travelling lurking around you such as theft, dangerous germ, bacteria, etc. Even in your hotel room, there is still possibility for you to face the real threat in various ways. Thus, it is recommended to avoid doing these things in your hotel room during your stay:

  • Leaving your valuables lying around the floor of your hotel room is a mistake you should never do during your stay. You may have heard lots of stories about hotel-thefts. Thus, you’d better keep your valuables safe. Make sure to put your valuables in inconspicuous place. Or, you can also leave it in the front desk and ask for receive to retrieve it later. It is more efficient if you don’t want to carry around your valuable during your trip.
  • Revealing your room number carelessly is a big no. It is important to avoid saying your number room out loud at check in, at restaurants and especially to stranger you have just met. No matter how friendly people you have met during your trip, it is highly advised not to reveal your number of hotel room for your own safety. If you want to meet them, choose public space instead of your hotel room. Breaking in is common case but doesn’t mean you have to be one of the victims.
  • Drinking from tap water in your hotel room is not recommended. You never know what’s in the water source. There is possibility of dead body or animals floating around and decomposing the rooftop water tank. It doesn’t mean all tap water in every hotel is bad. However, it is better not to risk your health. Drinking tainted water never do you any good.
  • Opening your door carelessly during your stay in hotel room is a big mistake. When you hear a knock, you need to make sure to know who is there. Even if you are expecting someone such as room service, you need to be cautious. Make sure not to leave your door ajar even if you are inside. 

Travellers Are Often Staying In This Bali Luxury Villas Seminyak

There are many of accommodations in Bali. Even, I think that there are too many of them. Numbers of villas are also keep on increasing in most of the popular and new destinations. It is no wonder that I can calls Bali as the “Land of Thousands Villas.” Seminyak as a village is also the same, no different with the other villages with popular spots. Among travellers, there are one and two Bali luxury villas Seminyak that are often becoming their favourite place to stay.

Since many businesses are widely open to be managed and ran by the foreigners, the local people will less capital surely will be put aside. That’s how any other cities and countries are happening. Foreigners with somewhat unlimited fund can do almost anything including building a villa and then rent it for the tourists. It can actually be a good sign especially when cultures and environment keep on well-reserved just like what the Hu’u Villas Bali is doing as one of the best place when it comes to talk about the Bali luxury villas Seminyak.

Bali luxury villas Seminyak that often stay by travellers

When you heard about this Bali luxury villas Seminyak where travellers are often staying, you can imagine about living in a cozy place where you are possible to experience the tropical Bali’s island along with the environmental aspects in every corners of the villa.

By the present of the private pool, the Bali luxury villas Seminyak are even getting more interested. Not only that you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing besides the pool, but the it can also helps the guests to get more refreshing environment. There is also a small spacious wall garden that add an extra green atmosphere around the villas.

Right besides the pool, the floor is made out of the wood and in another one villa is made out of the gravels where it can avoid the over heating at outside and also as the nature elements that work great with the water to create an environment friendly atmosphere.

You can also rent this Bali luxury villas Seminyak and stay in just like any other travellers have done. They were making a small party while inviting in their friends. Sometimes, they were also rent the interconnecting villas to get more bedroom possibilities so they can stay close with their best friends or family members.

Not far from this Bali luxury villas Seminyak, you can find the Seminyak beach in only a few minutes away by foot. The surrounds are also completed with various restaurants and cafes, mini bars, clubs for the night activities, souvenir centres, close to the main street so you will easy to find the taxi or any other transportations and many more.

When you are thinking about travelling and staying a while in Bali, don’t you think that barely all of what you have dreamed of can possibly fulfilled just by staying in the Bali luxury villas Seminyak? You don’t have to follow the way the other travellers spending their holidays, but if there will be one that can make your trip even more better and could enjoy life at its best, then you have no reason for not staying in this villa.

A Walk Through the City of the Dead in Paris

Somber, gorgeous, peaceful—all of these adjectives and more have been used to describe the wonder that is Père La Chaise—the biggest and the most famous cemetery in Paris. It’s quite surprising that a cemetery, a place that houses the dead, is one of the most popular attraction in the city. However, knowing who was buried there, the sheer size of the cemetery, as well as the near-central location of the place, it’s no wonder that some people come to Paris just to visit this city of the dead.

Père La Chaise has over one million of the residents to this date. The name was derived from Father François d’Aix de La Chaise. The large grave city was cluttered with gravestones and monuments. It may seem like a simple enough activity to do on a fine day in Paris. But knowing some basic things to prepare yourself for the trip is going to enhance your experience in the city of the dead.

A Walk Through the City of the Dead in Paris

Bring a water bottle

The place is huge. If you’re serious to visit the place, you’re going to spend some time in it. Make sure that you stock yourself well with a water bottle. It won’t be a good outing if you ended up having to go outside just because you’re thirsty in the middle of your journey. Having to come back and starting again can take up so much of your time, especially if you have other activities in your itinerary that day.

Set aside a portion of your time

If you’d like to experience Père La Chaise to the fullest, then make sure to actually set aside some time instead of squeezing the experience in the midst of your packed itinerary.  Alternatively, you can also visit Père La Chaise several times on different days. You can easily spend 2 to 3 hours or more in the cemetery if you can afford that. Visiting more than once is more than just worth your while.


There is no admission fee for the public unless you opt for a tour with a guide. These visits are called “independent tour”. The opening time for Père La Chaise is different according to the months. From March to October, the cemetery usually closes 30 minutes later. Here is the detailed general schedule for Père La Chaise opening and closing time:

November to middle of March

  • Weekday opens from 8 am, and closes at 5.30 pm
  • Saturday opens from 8.30 am and closes at 5.30 pm
  • Sunday and public holiday opens from 9 am and closes at 5.30 pm


Middle of March to October

  • Weekday opens from 8 am and closes at 6 pm
  • Saturday opens from 8.30 am and closes at 6 pm
  • Sunday and public holiday opens from 9 am and closes at 6 pm


Tours with a Guide

Due to the popularity of Père La Chaise, a guided tour was arranged during the weekends. If you happen to be in Paris in Saturday and Sunday, then this is an opportunity to join people with the tour guide to understand better about the history and some of the people buried in the cemetery.

Take a map with you

The cemetery complex can be difficult and confusing to navigate without a map. This is particularly applicable to those who wish to visit certain famous figures; whether it’s their favorite authors, musicians, etc., it’s better to be prepared and know the general direction to the area. From, you can take a look at the detailed map at There are also maps for the “celebrities” buried in Pere La Chaise that you can find by a simple web search.

8 Excuses Why You Need A Boat Charter Komodo

Komodo National Park continues to be one of the most popular destination in South East Asia and more tourists were charmed with its outlandish beauty. Unlike other National Park in the country, Komodo National Park is not a single destination. The adventures are spread on both underwater and on more than 20 islands above the water. It’s not only about the big stompy Komodo dragon, but also hundred miles of coral gardens, manta rays, turtles, flowing hills, and certain peaks where you can see the whole parks panorama that’s certainly takes your breath away.  And such adventure needs a special boat to take you to all destination.

Taking a shared liveaboard is the most popular practice in Labuan Bajo, Komodo’s one and only port town. But sometimes we all want to have everything to ourself. And that’s okay, because you can rent a boat charter Komodo exclusively for your own. Here are few excuses as why we think you’d need a private boat to sail around Komodo.

8 Excuses Why You Need A Boat Charter Komodo

Why You’d Need a Boat Charter Komodo

You are a party animal

Well, well. Always need a little space for your own frantic, don’t you? Provided with amazing scenery and total remoteness, Komodo is perfect to launch a party. A loud party without bothering anyone in the neighbourhood, if you wish. Just don’t forget to not lit fireworks or any other fire-inducing activities that can set the whole park in fire (the savannah-covered hills are highly flammable, you know.

You are on honeymoon

Suddenly the world fells like it is just for the two of you. Nothing is as important as the presence of your better half. Naturally, you want to dwell to the indulgence of Komodo’s alluring beauty just with your partner. No one wants to be disturbed by a bunch of overexcited youngsters when you are in honeymoon. Luckily, there are some boat charter Komodo exclusively made for couples—so you can pretend to own the whole world for few days.

You are on pre-wedding photoshoot

With Komodo’s surreal scenery, multicoloured beaches, undulating hills, and certain prehistoric vibe, it’s not surprising to have many couples come for pre-wedding shoots. And as you know, pre-wedding photography needs some space for its prep. Like, a LOT of space—for the gowns, camera gears, props, and the pre-wedding crews themselves.

You are taking an extended family trip

For the love of everything holy, let’s keep our (nosy) family celebration for ourself. Other non-relative passengers don’t have to hear loud loughs from your uncles nor volunteering to keep your nieces from jumping off the boat. You definitely need a boat charter Komodo for that.

You are having a sweet reunion trip

Sometimes, we have that one gang that we’d love to go on a trip together. Like your girls gang or the boys from sorority school. Isn’t it delightful to finally have a long gateway only with your closest friends before going back to reality?

You are a part of a dive club

Some people are crazy about diving and dive clubs is the only social community that can fill the gap in their soul. Naturally, a dive club would love to have a diving trip with their cherished members—and taking a private liveaboard seems like a logical answer.

You are on an office outing

Unless your office comprises of three to five people, you definitely need a boat charter Komodo to launch an exciting sailing outing. There are enough people to fill the maximum capacity of the liveaboard, and the outing will definitely make use the boat’s space to have a rowdy “team-building” games, too. Just like family, better keep your office business to yourself.

Because you can

Yes. Because you don’t have to be a Crazy Rich Asian to hire a whole Komodo liveaboard for yourself, whatever the reason is.