How to Become a Savvy Traveler

Travelling is something you can get used to. With more experience, you gain more ability to become savvy traveler. The truth is, not everyone is born savvy travelers. Real experience is what makes people become the one. It is common for you to makes mistakes during your initial time of travelling. Lots of errors made but that only will make you become more experienced in handling unexpected situation during your travel. Slowly, you will be able to integrate yourself into new cultures effortlessly. You have knowledge and experience that will make you freely move from one place to another with ease.

Tips to become a savvy traveler


Tips to become a savvy traveler

You can speed up the process of becoming a savvy traveler besides from having many experiences in travelling. You can pay attention to the following tips and learn how to become savvy adventurer. The tips are meant to help you avoid mistakes during your travel.


  • Try to travel by yourself once in a while. Solo travelling is a great way to learn many things by yourself. You will learn how to interact with new people, face your problem, and familiarize with new culture and many more. You will learn what you are capable of. Through this, you will learn your skill because you push yourself.
  • Choose small suitcase or backpack is a great move of a savvy traveler. Travel light is a smart choice you can pick to avoid hassle. By choosing rather small suitcase or backpack, you will be forced to pack light. You will be trained to choose only necessary stuffs in your small luggage. Thus, you will avoid carrying too much stuff.
  • Packing extra socks will give you good especially when your trip involves many outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, walking, etc. Your foot is your precious asset for your travel. Thus, packing extra fresh socks will help your foot to stay comfortable throughout the journey.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of lock. It is recommended that you always carry lock throughout your travel. Locks come in handy but useful. You can carry a lock with combination so you can lock your stuffs up when you are about to leave your hotel or homestay.
  • Spare some time to research about your travel destination. You can read brief history about your destination. It will help you more understand about them. Beside, you will also know what to look for. Your travel will be more meaningful.
  • When you get in lines, try to get behind business travelers instead of families. Businessman always in a rush because they have limited time to catch up. It will help to speed up the process when you get behind the when in lines. In contrast, you will take forever if you get behind families. They have lots of stuffs to do especially when there are kids as well. Kids are often hard to handle especially when they are in public. Thus, you need to avoid getting behind families when in lines. This will help you to learn how to become a savvy traveler.


How to Have A Komodo Tour You Won’t Forget

When your days start to feel suffocating and your work shifts into tedious boredom, it’s time to take a Komodo tour. A trip to the remote Komodo National Park of Indonesia will surely refresh up your body and soul. Who can deny the beauty of this frontier? You will have days of pristine beach galore, spend all afternoon in a glowing pink beach, enjoy diving in ocean’s ‘aquarium’, and hike to the rugged hills and enjoy scenery of the whole landscape.

How to Have A Komodo Tour You Won’t Forget
Komodo tour by

Though this is not going to be an easy journey, a Komodo tour will definitely leave something in your heart. Don’t let this journey fade without a trace. Here are some way to make your trip last for a lifetime!

1. Gather Your Friends

Komodo tour was perfectly made for group hangout. Whether it;s the family or the gang, having adventurous people beside you will add the fun to your trip. Just like people say; the more, the merrier! A thrilling trek with the dragons or filling the time in the deck will more lively with the bestie beside you. Furthermore, travelling with the group can make your overall travel cost cheaper. You can share the cost of the boat, car rental in Labuan Bajo, and ranger fees with everyone.

2. Gather Your Gears

If you want to make your Komodo tour last in your memories, don’t go empty-handed. It’s the land of adventure! Absolutely bring your camera gear. The National Park gives you a very unique landscape comprising the blue ocean and series of islets with uncommon curves. And beneath the land, lies a very fascinating underwater world with colourful corals, fishes, and rare species. Arm yourself with drone and wide-lensed camera to capture the gorgeous terrain (and the liveaboard!). Bring the action cam and the dive housing to your dive to take the vibrant underwater world. Get back to your country with an album full of stunning picture trips.

3. Tailor Your Komodo Tour Destination

Before you go, know that the Komodo National Park is more than the Komodo Dragons. It’s jewelled by more than 20 beautiful islands with rolling hills and pristine beaches. Each island is beaming with its own quirky charms. The must-visit islands usually covers the essentials; Komodo Island, Padar, Manta Point, and the phenomenal Pink Beach. Popular side-kick islands are the Sebayur, Kalong, Gili Lawa, and Kanawa. However, you can always choose another islands that suits your taste. Take a peek to this Komodo tour—they have complete information about each island in the National Park. Do your research and begin to arrange your itineraries!

4. Book A Tour with Spa 

Granted, a trip to the remote island is nowhere like staying in Bali. This is a journey that will keep you amazed with the raw wonder of nature. A trip where you will be challenged for brave adventure. It’s not that kind of holiday where you can find wellness and lifestyle indulgence in every corner. But who can resist a treatment during a calm journey in the open sea? If you want your holiday to be more memorable, consider to book a Komodo tour with spa facility onboard. Their trained therapist will give you a soothing massage while you are enjoying the excursion. Sometimes, it’s even possible to arrange the spa in one of remote island!

5. Have A Wi-Fi Detox

Have you ever realise how much our time that’s been spent online? With no wifi on the excursion, it’s time to be connected back to nature and immerse yourself to the surrounding. There will be no “Ping” notification to disturb you every five minutes. No needs to check each post in the social media. It’s time to let out your fear of missing out; the beauty of Flores spread just before you to enjoy.

Tips to Learn Foreign Language to Ease Your Travel Overseas

There is no expired date for learning especially learning new languages. It is also beneficial for you to learn foreign language to ease your travel overseas. Knowing native language of your destination will help you a lot during your journey.

Learn foreign language to ease your travel overseas

You will be easily adapted to the new environment because you won’t feel left out. You can interact with the locals because there is no language barrier which holds you to do so.

You can also find lots more interesting places because you can easily retrieve information from the locals. However, learning language is challenging for some people especially for those who are not that interested in language.

How to efficiently learn foreign language to ease your travel overseas

Learning native language of your travel destination can be done months before your departure. Thus, you will be more prepared and confident on your travels.

Due to advanced technology, it is easier to learn foreign language these days. Here are tips to learn foreign language easily as preparation for your next travel overseas:

  1. Use your smartphone to help you learn foreign language to ease your travel overseas. There are thousands apps on your phone that can be download for free. Those language apps will help you learn effectively even without a tutor. You don’t actually need to master perfectly the native language. You just need to learn short phrases so you can carry simple conversation. Make sure to choose important phrases such as phrase to ask for direction, greetings, introduction, etc.
  2. Practice the vocabs you have learned daily so you will have been used to saying the phrases when the time comes. You can practice what you have learned before going to bed or while taking lunch.
  3. Take online lesson using free internet connection from Wi-Fi. Thus, you don’t really need to spend money or internet data to learn foreign language. You can learn the language while you are enjoying coffee time in your favorite cafe.
  4. If you have mastered the basic phrases, it is recommended that you step up your learning. You can try to learn making comprehensible sentences. The more you learn, the more your interest spikes up. After being able to make many sentences easily, it is possible that you can improve your language skill for more. This benefit will not only useful for when you travel because you can also use it anytime which makes you multilingual person.
  5. Watch video of how the natives making conversation. This will help you to pronounce the native word better. If you plan to travel with your friends, it is even more fun to learn together and practice what you have learned together. This will make you feel motivated to learn faster.
  6. Keep practicing the language you have learned even after the travel ends. Who knows that someday you will visit the place again? Language skill is beneficial in many ways. It will be a shame that you learn foreign language to ease your travel overseas to be forgotten later.

The Lightweight Hammock and Sleeping Bag Combination

The lightweight hammock now has become firmly identically with the ideas of how to spend your summer, relaxing and healing, and one of the best way for our lazy living. Thanks to many of the travelers for that. At a glance, it looks like a sleeping bag but without the support of tools to hang it between the poles or the trees.

Lightweight hammock and sleeping bag combination

Two common things that make sleeping bag quiet the same as the parachute hammock are its portability so it can be takes everywhere and its lightweight. Sadly, sleeping bag has big enough volume that can cause your backpack to be full while not many other items are filled in.

One thing that is also very helpful but rarely realized in using a lightweight hammock is that you don’t have to always use or carry a pillow. You may will never think about it except at your own house. But when you are traveling with the hammock, you know that you don’t need it at all.

No more headboard or frame behind your head! Different with the sleeping bag that will keep you thinking about the headboards since you will sleep horizontally. When you are going outside with it, your body can be very disturbed by the gravels, bumpy soil or the tree roots because you sleep right on it. And it will really uncomfortable to be considered as the better outing.


… a combination between the lightweight hammock and the sleeping bag can be a perfect match.

If you have got a sleeping bag before, you can always takes it while traveling with your lightweight parachute hammock. Especially if you have not buy the underquilt to help you absorbs the cold air under the hammock. Let the sleeping bag do that for you to make you warmer while hanging or swinging.

Keep in mind that right before you are decided to bring your sleeping bag, makes sure that your backpack is enough to be filled with all the gears or tools and all of your personal items. This great combination can be perfectly used in cold weathers such as in a rainy day, snowy, and in the night where you are camping for some times.

The air and atmosphere of the mountain or hills can be feel so cold for those who normally living in the city or urban areas that is quiet hot. Therefore, keeping yourself warm inside your lightweight hammock is really important to enjoy your traveling or camping.

Rather than using the sleeping bag, you can also brings a blanket as its replacement if you have not own one. Or any other items that can help you prevent the cold so you can’t be caught by the flu or fever. Hanging on the lightweight hammock is great, but you should also pay a high attention to your health.

If you think that the lightweight hammock is great to be combined with the sleeping bag, help me to share this article. You can also used another item to be the perfect match with the hammock.

Find Out List of Country with the Best Beaches

Every country has different charm. Some countries are good with political issue; some others are great travel destination four tourists. If you like water travel a lot, you might find it fun to know the list of country with the best beaches in the world. Beach is one of the most popular travel destinations for various type of travel whether it is romantic vacation, adventure trip, or family travel. Those countries have become the best destination for those who are seeking for enjoyable sunbathe, water sports, and seafood. Thus, you can visit these countries if you are running out of vacation destination.

  • Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia which has been famous for having exotic islands and beautiful beaches. Bali and Lombok are two most popular islands in Indonesia which are a home to exotic beaches such as Kuta Beach, Pink Beach, Nusa Dua Beach, and many more. When it comes to beaches, Indonesia is one of the greatest homes. Indonesia is a country which is great visit during your summer vacation. There are many beaches you can find aside from Lombok and Bali islands.
  • Australia is also famous for its beaches since it is a home to a huge amount of coastline. The beaches in this country are varied. There are beaches for those who are seeking for peaceful sunbathe. There are also beaches for those who are seeking for sunrise or sunset. Other beaches are for those who are seeking for adventure through water sports. Some of most famous beaches in Australia you can visit are Cable Beach in Broome, Whitehaven Beach, Burleigh Head Beach, and Main Beach in Noosa.
  • Next country with the best beaches is Philippine in Southeast Asia. This country consists of 7,107 islands. Thus, sandy beaches are common and become one of the main attractions. The most famous beach from this country is Palawan. There is also El Nindo where you can choose to visit one of 50 white sand beaches. Siargio Island is also the best spot you can find in Philippines offering marine biodiversity in another level.
  • Spain is also a country with the best beaches in the world. The coastline is not a new sight in this country. The alluring-marine filled with vivid blue water and mesmerizing rock formations are parts of charms you cannot resist from beaches in Spain. You can go to Asturias if you are looking for more adventures travel. You can also visit Langre to enjoy more tranquil rural ambiance. Other famous spots are Tamariu in Costa Brava, West Coast Cantabria, and Playa del Ingles.

The United States also a home to various beaches which can be considered as best ones. Florida and Hawaii are the most famous spots to find exotic beaches in America. There are many type of beaches such as beaches with black sand, white sand, cliff-side, or isolated one. The coastlines in The United States are often dramatic offering the best scenic landscape. No wonder it is a country with the best beaches in the world.

4 Recommended Best Deals Diving Bali Packages For Enjoy Undersea

Diving packages are now very easy to find. As dive popularity increases, they are not just hobbies. Diving increases to a career level. Diving Bali packages are offered for everyone, beginners or professionals. Each dive package is usually divided, training for beginners, training for professionals, exploring packages and more.

diving bali packages

The success of your diving Bali packages depends on you choosing a dive center. The best recommendations for dive centers are those that are able to facilitate and provide comfort for divers. Dune Atlantis is included in one of the most trusted and popular dive centers in Bali. When it comes to finding diving Bali packages, then you should visit Dune Atlantis.

Best Bali diving package deals for advanced divers.

Tulamben Diving Bali Packages

Tulamben is not only the best dive spot with amazing scenery but also a  perfect one for underwater photographers. You can hone macro photo lovers skills. In Tulamben, you can also look closely at the USAT Liberty wreck at a depth of 300 feet. A little information about diving Bali packages offered.

Diving Type: wreck, wall, PADI course, night, marine biology, photography, snorkeling.

Visibility: 15-30 meters

Temperature: Around 26 – 30 degrees


  • Lunch, drink
  • Instructors in 3 languages (French, English, Indonesian)
  • 12L aluminum tanks with K-valve / international valve and weights included
  • PADI diving insurance

You will do 2x dives. Bali Diving packages start at 8 am and finish at 6 pm

Nusa Penida Packages Diving Bali

Diving Bali packages Nusa Penida is done 2x dive to see Manta and Mola-Mola.

Type of dive: drift, marine biology, deep, photography

Depth: 5-40 meters

Visibility: 5-50 meters

The facilities provided are the same as other diving packages. Pick-up and drop are available as long as you still join a dive package. This is a daily package recommendation with the best and perfect spot for your vacation.

Amed Diving Bali Packages

Amed’s Diving Bali packages give you the opportunity to take a close look at Japanese shipwrecks and Pyramids. Pyramids present you with varied marine life. Uniquely, you can get the sensation of sending a postcard surrounded by fish. Departure time is the same as other packages, from 8 am to 6 pm. Diving Bali packages include insurance, 12L aluminum tanks, lunch, and drinks.

Gilis Diving Bali Packages

Your dive trip will go to Gilis with a 20-minute journey. If you are lucky, you will see black tip reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, barracudas, stingrays, and even at times the Mola Mola. To be able to dive in Gilis, you must be certified advanced minimum level. Diving is done 2x and you will return at 4 pm.

There are many more Bali packages for diving besides daily trips. Some other dive packages that can be your recommendation are the mini-safaris package and the Aurora liveaboard. Make sure you get Bali packages diving information for your fun, comfortable and successful diving.

Riding a Scooter in Bali: Do’s and Dont’s

Going by scooter is without a doubt, the fastest as well as the most convenient way to go around Bali. A lot of Bali’s highlight populated streets are very narrow. Often times, these streets barely accommodate two cars. Scooters can easily slip through traffic—this is very obvious if you’ve stayed for several days in Bali for at least one time. Where cars are stuck in the congested traffic, the motorbikes are slowly but surely making their way forward by slipping through each and every crevice they could reach. However, motorcycle accidents is something extremely common, especially among tourists who are not familiar with Bali roads or simply too reckless and too drunk to drive.

Bring Your License

Do bring all of the necessary documents with you whenever you ride for safety reasons. Make sure you have your international license. Dealing with the police in Bali is not something you’d want to do on a vacation that’s supposed to be nice and relaxing. Do not ride your scooter without a license. So do your paperwork and just don’t get yourself into trouble for more than it’s worth.

Wear Helmets!

This is basic safety and foreigners seem to always heed this in their own country. But a lot of people forego this for whatever reason when they’re in Bali. Do respect safety instructions. The helmet is there to give your head protection, first and foremost. The Balinese police and by extension, Indonesian police, are notorious for their tendency to receive bribes. Don’t give the police any reason to stop you and rip you off.

Wear a jacket

When you’re in Rome, do as the Romans do. Jackets will make you blend in seamlessly with the locals on the road. Observe the locals; do they ride with just their tank tops on? Do you see the locals going home from the beach shirtless on a motorbike? Locals don’t usually do this unless their houses are very close; often times it’s very well within walking distance (but they chose motorbikes anyway—why? The Indonesians are lazy to walk in general, that’s why). Indonesia in general is by far, remains a conservative country. One of the major signs that just scream “I’m a bule” is by riding a motorbike shirtless or wearing very little fabrics covering your skin. Wearing jackets or long-sleeved outerwear is also an excellent method to protect your skin from the harsh sun in Bali and the road pollution. Do wear a jacket during your ride—or an outerwear that’s not sleeveless, at least! And please, don’t go shirtless. No matter how much you want to show off your pecs.

Don’t let your hair show

It happened less these days, but that doesn’t mean it has stopped. During traffic raids, which happened once every few months for a few days to a month-long period, the police are much more inclined to stop those who look “foreign”. Sounds racist much? It is. But very often, they have legit reasons as a lot of tourists don’t have or bring their license. If you bring your license, then good for you. But taking the extra step so that they won’t have any reason to halt you just because they see a peek of blond locks through your helmet, is wise.

Do use your common sense

Don’t drive while drunk. Don’t violate traffic signs even though you see every other people doing it. Being a foreigner, you’re subject to a more severe consequences. You don’t want that tampering with your trip. With that said, once you’ve checked everything on this list, make sure to enjoy every second of your holiday in Bali riding your scooter—the most convenient transportation method available.


Trip to Komodo is Honeymoon Perfect: This is Why

Have you ever think of planning a trip to Komodo for your honeymoon? If you haven’t, it’s best to put it in thought from now on.The raw and beautiful Komodo National Park is like a dream destination for many. It’s perfect gateway after the hustle and bustle of the wedding. Imagine laying in soft white sand with your partner, in an island lack of people, and forget everything in the outside world. It’s only you and your lover. Get on your love bubble. Let’s get lost together in this Indonesian frontier and have the most memorable honeymoon ever.

5 Reasons Why A Trip to Komodo is Honeymoon Perfect Choice

If you are not convinced yet, here’s five reason why you need to go on a trip to Komodo for your honeymoon.

1. The Otherworldly Scenery

Get prepared to be spoiled by the dramatic landscape of Flores. The best time to plan your honeymoon is around April to June, when it’s just out of the rainy season. During your trip to Komodo excursion, you will meet series or rolling green hills that rising high from the ocean. The water is so clear, especially near the shore where it got almost transparent. Preserved as a National Park, the nature here has been kept at it most pristine.

2. A Sunset You Won’t Found Anywhere Else

What’s more romantic than watching a beautiful sunset with your better half? In Komodo, what you get is more than a pretty sunset. It’s extraordinary. Dock to Kalong Island (Islands of the Bats) to have a very Nat-Geo-ish sunset experience. Thousand of bats fly into the tangerine sky from what’s once seems like a sleepy island. Lie in your liveaboard and enjoy the nature’s show that you won’t forget for years.

For a more idyllic setting, dock to Gili Lawa Island just when the sun starts to glide toward the horizon. Hike to the top, where you will see the stunning landscape of the surrounding islands. The last ray of the sun warmed every hills and valley, creating soft ambience for the both of you. This is a a perfect place to absorb in the moment and let the love out to the air.

3. Idyllic, Deserted Beaches

Imagine a day trip to Komodo to one of its deserted island. You are dropped with nothing more than a picnic basket, snorkel gears, and each other for company. This gonna be  one of the most romantic way to spend time with your loved one. And it get even more better as Komodo has a number of pink beaches. One of the rarest type of beach in the world! Can you think of a better place to cut off from the world and just spend the time with your loved one?

4. A Relaxing Trip to Komodo in the Sea

One of the reason why a trip to Komodo is best for honeymoon is the experience. Sea excursions make an excellent honeymoon as it will pamper you and let you relax during the journey. The destinations has been all set, and you only left to enjoy the salty winds and never-ending sea throughout the day.

5. Colorful Marine Life to Cheer on Your Wedding

Aside the Komodo Dragon, the Komodo National Park is also praised for its world-class diving sites. Nothing can be more delightful than staring at the beautiful coral, hand in hand with your partner. Let the lively school of fishes swim around you and celebrate your happy day.

Are you ready for sailing to Komodo to get your honeymoon treats?

Recommended Travel Destinations for Senior Citizens and Retirees

When the time of retirement finally has come, that is the best time for you to get relaxed and enjoy it to the fullest. There are many things you can do during your retirement days including travelling. There are many recommended travel destinations for senior citizens and retirees so you don’t have to worry about being misplaced. Even though today travel destinations are much more indulging younglings, it doesn’t mean there are no places for the seniors. You can go to the places which suit your mood the best to help you enjoy more your free-duty time.

Best travel destinations for senior citizens and retirees

Being retired and all doesn’t mean you don’t have enough energy to explore the place you want to visit. It is even recommended to have your bucket list ready as a celebration for your retirement. Spending your most time at work was not fun so this time you should take your time to spend on something that you really want to do since you didn’t have the chance before. To help you pick the best place to visit for your next travel plan, here are some recommendations:

Phuket, Thailand – This is a great place to spend your free time during your retirement. The scenic view of the beach along with white sand is perfect for your getaway. You don’t need to be strict with the itinerary when you travel to this island. You can wander around the place without the need to worry about your time. Aside from the scenic view, you can also enjoy local delicacies to satisfy your appetite.

  • Coron, Palawan – this is one of the most perfect travel destinations for senior citizens. This place offers the most breathtaking landscape you can imagine. You can either stay in town or by the water to truly enjoy the site. Relaxing vacation in this place is perfect choice for senior citizens. Do not miss your chance to visit the Maquinit Hot-Springs to untie the knot of your muscles.
  • Tokyo, Japan – People might not recommend this place as senior-friendly. However, Tokyo offers more than wild nightlife and intimidating population. There are places you can visit peacefully without involving with too many youngsters in the way. One of the most recommended sites is Sugamo. This is even referred to as Grandma’s Harajuku. Surely, you will enjoy wandering around this place.
  • Tuscany, Italy – People say that travelling to Italy is overrated. However, you will not think the same when you visit Tuscany. This place is a home to history and beauty of Italy. You can have a relaxing vacation by visiting some spots such as Sienna or Florence.
  • Yogyakarta, Indonesia – This is a home to the largest Buddhist temple in the world. The place is peaceful and you can enjoy the ancient architecture of the temples. This is also a perfect place for you to just wander around the town because there are still active elderly who sell foods or clothes. This place is clearly one of the best travel destinations for senior citizens.

4 Tops Bali markets Seminyak For Amazing Weekend

What happens if you hear the world market? A place that sells all health needs. But Bali markets are a different format designed for tourists. Its function is not different from traditional markets, where people sell and buy. Only, Bali markets are packed with a more luxurious and exclusive form.   

sea vu play bali markets seminyak

If you are on vacation in Bali, you need to see the Bali weekly event. The Bali Event markets are packed every Sunday. They also call it a Sunday market. You can find it in several favorite tourist areas like Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud, and Sanur. Bali Seminyak markets are the most popular with tourists. Visiting Bali Seminyak markets can be an itinerary when you are on vacation.

There are many things you can see and buy in the Seminyak marketsBali. They not only sell fashion and accessories, but also food. This can be the family’s best time. Some recommendations of Bali Seminyak markets that you can visit

Sea Vu Play Bali Seminyak markets

If you want to enjoy shopping, food, and atmosphere, then you should visit the Sea Vu Play Sunday Bali markets Seminyak. Located in Petitenget, Seminyak is a place that is easily accessible. You can calmly shop, while children enjoy eating and drinks. After you are tired of shopping, you can enjoy delicious food or alcohol. Mediterranean food including tapas, burgers, and pizza can be a recommendation to fill your energy.

Samadi Sunday Market

Sunday market is the big event in Seminyak. Samadi Sunday market can be a recommendation for you on Sundays. You will see groups of friends gathered. Expats are looking for organic fruits and vegetables. Or you can enjoy the dishes they sell. Not only fruits and vegetables, you can find accessories, clothing and all natural cosmetics.

Old’s Man Market Seminyak

Old ’s Man Seminyak market is present every Saturday. Unlike the other Bali markets Seminyak, you can come and enjoy your Saturday here. Items offered such as handicrafts, vintage clothing, and fresh produce. Local designers selling clothes, along with jewelry and other accessories are also available for you.

Pasar-Pasaran Bali Markets Seminyak

When looking for souvenirs for you to take home, then you can visit Pasar-Pasar. Located on sandalwood road, Seminyak, a strategic place for tourists to visit. You can find unique handmade, craft workshops, music, art bazaars and more in one place.

Bali is a place where you enjoy a relaxed and comfortable day. There are many activities you can do. Monday-Sunday is perfect for you on vacation and fun activities in Bali, like Bali markets Seminyak.