How to travel to Switzerland with a minimal budget?

Switzerland is not included in the list of favorite destinations, but also not a foreign holiday destination. Switzerland offers breathtaking and spectacular views. Unfortunately, it takes extraordinarily expensive travel expenses to spend a vacation in Switzerland. Generally, those on holiday in Switzerland want to see and play snow, which is known as a holiday for the rich. Is it possible to travel to Switzerland with a minimum budget?

Find cheap travel to Switzerland

Especially in Switzerland, it could be that taking a tour can be cheaper than walking alone. The tour can reduce the cost of using a train, which is certainly more expensive. But if you like adventure, a vacation without a tour will be very fun. The advantage of using a cheap tour:

  • Use the tour bus both inside and outside the city
  • Visit several cities at once
  • Sleep in a 3-4 star hotel
  • Walking around Switzerland without feeling tired

Walking alone without a tour to Switzerland may need times, but allows you to save a budget. What fortune if on vacation to Switzerland without a tour?

  • Look for cheap hotels in locations close to transportation
  • Visiting places missed by the tour
  • You are more free without being bound by the tour schedule
  • Adventure by reading the map to go to a certain place
  • Enjoy the fast train
traveling to Switzerland with a minimum budget

Tips traveling to Switzerland with a minimal budget

  • Buy a ticket flight in advance. You can get a cheap one
  • Don’t go when summertime (June – September)
  • Search the weather 
  • Don’t bring a towel. The hotel will provide a clean towel
  • Bring disposable underwear
  • Take your medicine recommended by your doctor

Recommended to save your budget

  • The “Palais Oriental” restaurant offers simple, large portions and affordable food
  • Water with a big bottle is cheaper than a small one. You also fill water in some of the available places
  • Shop at the station or airport.
  • If you want to buy high-branded goods, just go “Le Mouton a 5 Pattes”
  • Buy souvenirs at the supermarket

Who says you can’t take a vacation to Switzerland with minimal costs? You can look for the experience of backpackers who travel with a minimal budget. Usually, they recommend comfortable and simple hotels at affordable prices. Recommendations for places to eat, shopping and more really help those of you who want a vacation to Switzerland with a minimal budget.

Seminyak villas, the most trending accommodation in Bali

When talking about Seminyak, what comes to your mind? This trendy area offers world-class restaurants, impeccable service, and extraordinary places. Many Seminyak villas are amazing for holding birthdays, small weddings, or dinner with friends. It’s easy to pamper you with the most relaxed and calm atmosphere when you stay in Seminyak private villa Bali.

Seminyak villas, the trend accommodation in Bali

What Seminyak villas offer?

Seminyak is perfect for travelers with a strong passion for lots of fun. The beach, surfing, family entertainment, clubs, and bars bring you to a surprising new experience. Those staying at Seminyak villas are offered unlimited access to the best entertainment centers. Most villas in Seminyak are built in residential areas and many of them are located very close to the beach. It is very possible for travelers to find and see Balinese life up close. A pleasant experience discovering how Balinese prepares for Hindu ceremonies or religious festivals.

Balinese culture and residents in Seminyak are very famous for their hospitality. There are many dance performances, music, and folklore that perpetuate the history and distinctive taste. One attraction is the community that truly embodies the spirit of Tropical Island. Staying at Seminyak villas gives you a feeling of being at home.

Villa in Seminyak has incredible views like green rice fields. Don’t think the villas around the local residents’ housing have very few facilities. Villa Seminyak offers premium facilities that are not inferior to star hotels. Each Villa building is built to maintain the privacy of its guests.

Villas in Seminyak embrace charming rice fields, rows of sandy beaches, and a touch of magical natural nuances of Cambodia’s subtle scent. What else can you get when staying in the Seminyak area? Travelers can find nightlife with shopping and restaurants quite crowded in Seminyak.

Which accommodation you prefer?

Many people think of finding hotel rooms while in Bali. Is this your best choice? Seeing the many benefits of what you can get while staying at a villa, why think longer? Compare how much it costs to stay in a hotel room and in a villa. Compare the facilities and services you get from both. If you want more privacy then surely know clearly the right choice.

Staying in the villa, you can choose the bedroom as needed, you can find a lot of comforts, peace, and privacy. There is no better way to avoid your busy daily routine than spending a vacation on the island of the Gods. Staying in a villa allows you to find peace and fully enjoy Bali. This is the ideal combination of spending time in Bali, staying in a villa with a modern and traditional touch, enjoying a calm atmosphere, and making it easy for you to reach lots of family and nightlife entertainment.

You want to visit the city like Jakarta in South East Asia! Welcome to Malaysia!

Do you think there is a very similar country like Indonesia in South East Asia? Try to visit Malaysia! It is located in the central area of ​​the Southeast Asia subregion, spread over a territory divided into two regions by the South China Sea. That of peninsular Malaysia is located on the Malaysian peninsula and borders the north with Thailand and the south with Singapore. For its part, eastern Malaysia is located in the northern part of Borneo and borders Indonesia to the south and Brunei to the north. Come on! We discover Malaysia!

The towers of Petronas

The Petronas Twin Towers are one of the icons of the State of Malaysia. This tourist site in Malaysia was once recorded as the tallest tower in the world from 1998 to 2004. The highest ranking was finally captured by Dubai on its Burj Khalifa building and Taiwan by its Taipei 101 tower. The Petronas twin towers offer an attraction, namely the air bridge which is located on floors 41 and 42 with a height of 170 meters which connects the two towers.

Batu caves

Here, visitors can enjoy the natural landscape of Batu Cave, buildings of Hindu religious temples and art galleries located in one of the caves. Even in Malaysia’s tourist attractions, visitors can also see firsthand the annual Batu Cave Festival, Thaipusam. In this area, there are approximately 272 steps to facilitate access to the Temple. In this area there are also several caves that can be visited, including the temple cave, the art cave, the Ramayana cave and the museum cave. In addition to the cave, visitors can also see the activity of one of the primates, namely the monkey. Usually visitors will feed the herd of monkeys, but always with vigilance.

The Rue de Alor! Malaysian Gastronomy Center

This road is in the city of Kuala Lumpur and is one of the famous tourist attractions that offers a variety of food types, from snacks to heavy foods that will make your stomach full and half dead. The taste of these foods also probably because everything is delicious on the tongue. For those who want to enjoy seafood, ask the seller the price first and try to negotiate the prices before ordering food.

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Bukit Bintang, Center of commercial destinations!

This tourist site in Malaysia is Times Square for Malaysia in New York, a place famous for its shopping and entertainment centers that are never empty of visitors. It’s not just foreign tourists, local tourists to the residents of Kuala Lumpur themselves come to shop. From goods at favorable prices which can be negotiable, until international brand products can be found at Bukit Bintang.

Home Furniture Yogyakarta Arrangement in Small Living Rooms

furniture in yogyakarta small living room ideas

Not all of us can afford homes with large spaces, and this is especially true for those living in the highly urbanized area. Arranging furniture in Yogyakarta for your small living room can be tricky. But with enough planning and the right research before you actually think of buying or replacing furniture, you should be able to pull it off. 

Furniture in Yogyakarta think of function and priorities 

home furniture yogyakarta

When browsing for home furniture yogyakarta and arranging your furniture, the first thing you need to ask yourself is: what is your prioritized function of the living room? This boils down to your needs; are you sharing the living room with family, or do you live alone or with your partner? Is storage in a living room necessary for you? What is the activity you do most in your living room? Do you do your work there? 

Arranging small family living room 

Families often prioritize comfort rather than storage, and they have a slightly larger than average of what most of us consider “small” rooms. Prioritizing comfort is a great start for this furniture arrangement project, and that could start from choosing the best sofa for your family living room. 

Living room with storage space 

Put a table or drawers behind the sofa to maximize the potential of storage space – that’s one idea for home furniture Yogyakarta we’ve learned that works for various arrangements. Empty one wall and dedicate it to a tall cabinetry. Having several slots of open-cabinets or glass doors are great for displaying decors or other items as well. Another alternative to look into is a coffee table that doubles as storage. These days, they come in a variety of designs and look. A less known alternative similar to the table storage is sofa storage, though make sure you have room to pull out the drawers (if it’s a pull-out model) and make sure that the setting is something you’ll be comfortable with, as some sofa needs to be pulled up in order to access the storage. The same rules apply to storage benches. 

Nifty furniture idea: transparent coffee table 

interior furniture yogyakarta
yogyakarta furniture manufacturers

In doubt whether you should choose metal or wooden coffee tables? How about forgoing both and go for glass materials instead? High quality glass home furniture Yogyakarta can be very sturdy, and it provides you with a “disappearing” look; perfect for your small space. This gives you more freedom with your transparent coffee table as well; they can be in many shapes without looking out of place thanks to their transparent look. 

Be strategic about your permanent fixtures

And this includes your wall paint – while not so “permanent”, they’re likely to stay for at least a couple of years. So choose yours carefully. Often times, it’s not about the furniture. Small spaces can feel so much more relaxed with light, neutral colors. Thinking about an all-white paint color for your small apartment? Go for it. The home furniture Yogyakarta doesn’t have to be all-white, in fact, the more you go for neutral for the surrounding space, the more you have freedom with your choices of furniture. 

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Sleep Aids To Help You While travelling

It is pretty common for travelers to suffer from sleep deprived when travelling. It is not always about fatigue. Sometimes, it is caused by stress after a long haul flight or some hassles encountered during the trip. Having sleep difficulty can be disturbing especially when travelling because sleep deprive will make you easier to get tired. Not to mention that it makes you lose your focus easier. Some travelers opt for over-the-counter medicine to help them sleep better during a trip. However, there is also natural sleep aids you can try.

Sleep better while travelling with natural aids

Sleep Aids To Help You While travelling

Most travelers experience sleep difficulty start when they are on a plane. Not to mention that the long haul flight can just ruin your bedtime if you don’t know how to manage your sleep time better. Lots of travelers take sleeping pills to help them sleep better. However, you can also avoid chemical sleep aids and choose natural ones instead.

Download Sleep Apps

Use your smartphone to download sleep apps. There are quite many of them you can even download for free. The apps will produce music, noise, and sounds effects that have been researched before to aid you sleep better. You can just turn on the app and wear your ear buds or headphone. Try to relax your mind while listening to the app. Close your eyes then you will fall sleep easier and wake up feeling more well-rested.

Dim the light

One of the most common reasons travelers suffer from sleep difficulty is the light. Thus, turn off unnecessary lights during bedtime whether on a plane or hotel room. Bright lights can make you feel uncomfortable even when you close your eyes. Dim light is good for bedtime because it helps your eyes to relax and so you can fall asleep easier.

Sleep Aids To Help You While travelling

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Comfortable clothes

Wear comfortable clothes during travel. If your cloth is too tight, it can make you feel uncomfortable and you have difficulty to rest properly. Your body must be on relaxed and comfortable state for you to sleep better. You can also use items that can make you feel lot more comfortable such as travel blanket or pillow. Or, you can just bring your own pillow case instead of the pillow. You can cover the pillow available on the plane with your pillow case so you feel more comfortable because you feel like at your own bed.

Calming beverages

Drink calming beverages instead of caffeine because caffeinated drinks will only make you feel restless. Try drinking some herbal teas if you have difficulty to sleep during a trip. A tea added with some herbs can also help you sleep better. Also, do not sleep on an empty stomach because you won’t sleep deeply. Even if you sleep, you will get easily disturbed by minor things. Try to eat some snacks and drink herbal tea before bedtime. Then, wash your face and brush your teeth just like the routine you always do at home. It helps to make you feel relaxed and comfy, resulting in quality sleep.

What You’ll Learn About Friendship in Teen Surf Camp

For teens, there’s nothing more exciting than having something stimulating to do on summer holidays. It’s definitely not a part-time job at ice cream store. No, it’s about going to a teen camp, pursuing their passion, and learn who they really are. Surf camp for teen is one of the most popular summer camps out there with thousands of fans every year. It offers a time and place for teens to be free. To have almost unlimited time for beach plays and having all the fun they can get. However, surf camp offers beyond wave riding and sun-tanning. It offers friendship—and lots of valuable lessons of it. Of all the important things you can gain from teen surf camp, friendship tops the list. Then probably the surf skills itself. Here are some important things about friendship you’ll learn at the camp.

What You’ll Learn About Friendship in Teen Surf Camp

Making friends at teen surf camp is easier than you think

“Will I make friends at the teen surf camp?”

That’s the most common questions coming from teenagers before they embark on their first surf exploration. For teens who are just starting to learn about themselves and how the world works, friends-making situation in a totally new environment can seem a bit nerve wracking. However, here’s one important thing you should remember: everyone on the surf camp is on the same boat. It doesn’t matter if you come solo or with friends. Everyone come with a similiar goal in mind: to learn how to surf and to make new friends. You are not the only one who are nervous. Once you realize that everyone is just as nervous and excited, you might realize that you are surrounded by future friends who are ready to share their best moments with you. So put on your friendliest smile and extend that hand to anyone around you.

Every friendship you found is different

Do you know that you’ll meet people from more varied background, nationality, and ethnicity in teen surf camp? The friendship you find on the surf camp will totally be different from say, the one you found at school. Campers come from all parts of the world with different cultures and values on their hand. You will learn new customs you probably never heard before. And each friendship you form on the camp would be different from one another. One friend you see at the bus on the journey to the camp would form a different type of friendship with the one you made during the surf lessons. Regardless, you will find laugh, fun, support, and fond memories in all. Having diverse friendship teach you how peple could be so diverse and each one enrich your knowledge of the world.

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Lots of activities at teen surf camp to be enjoyed together

What You’ll Learn About Friendship in Teen Surf Camp

How can friendship making be so difficult when there are so many activities to be enjoyed together at the teen surf camp? Here you are constantly surrounded by potential friends suring the surf lessons, meal time, barbeque night, fun games time, excursion, and even during bunk time. Each activity presents an opportunity to strike up a conversation. Friendship happens sometimes at the least expected times.

Quality friendship blossoms without technology

While you are busy surfing, exercising, and playing physical games, you will naturally forget about your smartphone. You will spend less time scrolling social media, believe us. The camp provide enough stimulation and more time for peer interactions. With less distractions from phones, you will find a genuine bond between people around you. Genuine interactions which happens when you are enjoying your time at the teen surf camp.

Having Sustainable Travel Without Losing The Fun 

You may have heard a lot about the trend of sustainable travel or eco-friendly travel. However, sustainable travel is more than a trend. It is integral part of travel that every traveler should start to consider just like how they plan for the trip meticulously from choosing accommodation to comparing flight prices. Remember that nature cannot be replaced. The earth will keep on its good condition especially with how destructing our lifestyle is for our planet. 

Sustainable and fun travel

Travel is fun but it leaves carbon footprints which damage the earth in the long term. Thus, we can start small steps by having sustainable travel instead. This way, you can reduce the impact little by little. This is how natural resources can be protected. Not to mention that sustainable travel means to support the local economies. 

There are many ways in which you can practice sustainable travel. For example, you can choose accommodation that is also supporting sustainable travel in which they also give back to the local community and preserve the nature. It is not hard to find them today because you can basically search them through the internet. Supporting business who is also supporting sustainability is a good start. 

Go local

To practice sustainable travel, you can do it by eating local foods and buying goods from local artists. You can start by visiting farmer’s market in your travel destination. There you will find wide selections of locally produced arts and foods. They are also relatively cheap. By buying the local foods and goods, you support the local economy, making it stronger to grow. Not to mention that it leaves less carbon footprint because the goods haven’t traveled so far to reach you. 

Visit historic sites

sustainable tour

You can also give significant contribution to help preserve natural as well as historic sites. There are many of them around the world that are in the verge of disappearing because they are too old and lack of financial support to be renovated or rejuvenated properly. It is also a good way to raise awareness of how important it is to preserve nature that is in the verge of dying instead of exploiting it. 

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Take care of the nature

Avoid activities that put the nature in danger. Activities with negative impact to the environment or community should not be encouraged. The impact can cause global warming to get worse. You can find other alternatives in which you can explore the nature without damaging it. You can go hiking, or skiing in destination with natural snow instead of the one that is made with snow-making machines. If you are fan of animals, visit sanctuaries with high standard and protect animals.

The less crowd the better

Visit less crowded tourist attractions and spend less time in overcrowd attractions. When a site is overdeveloped or overcrowded, it can be as threatening as climate change. The tourism’s footprints in popular attractions can cause irreparable damages. Thus, it is great option to seek alternative destinations instead. You can visit the place with similar vibe as tourist attraction you want to see instead.

Marine Wildlife to See When Snorkeling in Komodo National Park

komodo diving

The Komodo National Park boasts over one thousand species of colorful tropical fishes and a staggering amount of healthy corals all within one area. Despite the relatively untouched region, diving in Komodo is no longer a secret, nor does komodo national park snorkeling that has proven to be an absolute delight. Numerous marine mammals both rare and common lived in harmony in the area. What are some of the most popular species people come to see when they snorkel or dive? 

Komodo national park snorkeling 

The tropical waters of Komodo is known to possess strong currents and many diving spots just aren’t meant for beginner divers. But don’t let that discourage you. The seas of Komodo is highly diverse and you can find mild currents that are perfect for snorkelers and beginner divers. 

komodo liveaboard snorkeling

Some of the notable sites for Komodo snorkeling are the Kanawa Island and Siaba Besar, both of which have mild currents and protected. These snorkeling spots are also great for those who have just started out diving. Other amazing dive site is Pengah Reef, despite its strong currents and waves, so make sure you swim close to the reefs. Impressive number of fishes and colorful corals are ready to greet you in a single snorkel. 

Manta point Komodo snorkeling 

manta point komodo snorkeling

The majestic manta rays that’s always the star during Komodo national park snorkeling is not to be missed. You can find them in the Manta Alleys where they go for cleaning and mating. These intelligent marine creature loves the area for the fact that it’s rich in nutrient. The manta rays in Indonesia are protected and hunting is an illegal act, unlike in many parts of Asia where manta rays hunting are still rampant. Don’t miss out to swim with these majestic creatures in your Komodo national park snorkeling trip. 

Ocean sunfishes mola mola

mola mola komodo

The ocean sunfishes are pelagics next to the manta rays that have attracted numerous divers. Similar to the mantas, the Mola Mola fishes are harmless to humans. They’re curious creatures, and lucky divers would be able to see them float near the surface. It’s said that they like to feel the sun. There are only a few dive sites in the world that these Mola Mola graced with their presence. Unfortunately, they always made a stop in the Flores seas at certain time of year. Make sure not to miss them during your komodo snorkeling tours. 

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Sea turtles 

komodo snorkeling tours

These endangered animals live happily in the Coral Triangle. There are several species of these turtles, namely the hawksbill sea turtle, green sea turtle, flatback sea turtle, leatherback sea turtle, and more. These amazing creatures help maintain the health of the ecosystem. And they’re inhabitants of the waters of Komodo national park. While sightings are never guaranteed, if you’re patient (and lucky) you might just be able to spot them during komodo snorkeling and it’ll be an experience no less amazing. 

Exploring Asia Through Road Trips

Asia is a spectacular place to explore. There are so many beautiful countries ready to indulge your adventurous spirit. One of the best ways to explore Asia is through road trips. Asia also have many amazing roads which fun to drive. Not to mention that every road has their own story and history. This continent is interesting and gorgeous to explore behind the wheel. If you consider a road trip for your next travel plan, Asia is a great destination. 

Best places for road trips in Asia

Since Asia is a very large continent, here are some of the most recommended places you can explore through road trips.

Hokkaido Scenic Byway, Japan

Exploring Asia Through Road Trips

Hokkaido is located in Japan and one of the four main islands in the country. It has stunning scenery which makes it perfect for a road trip. It is highly recommended to try road trip through Hokkaido Scenic Byway. There is a series of routes ready for you to explore with their beautiful views. Impressive coastal and mountain views are there throughout the routes. They are stunning and breathtaking. It is also also recommended to roll down the windows so you can smell the fragrant of lavender fields through the winds. It is much better if you can stop by one of the hot springs. 

Taihang Mountain

Taihang Mountain is located in China and highly recommended for a road trip. The mountain itself is located in a remote part of the country. The most interesting part about having a road trip in this place is because you get to drive through the tunnel roads inside the cliffs built by the locals. You can see amazing views from the windows of the routes. The mountain scenery is also breathtaking to see. There are two tunnels connected by the road which will take you through the Taihang Mountain. The drive is only 60 km long but the experience is truly remarkable. 

Karakoram Highway

Exploring Asia Through Road Trips

The Karakoram Highway is considered to be the highest road in the world. This place has drawn attention from international travelers. The road is perfect both for car drive or motorbike ride. The road trip over Himalayas is a perfect adventure to try. The roads connecting China and Pakistan with beautiful scenery. There are views of stunning lakes and beautiful mountain along the road you get to enjoy. The road itself is considered the highest because it rises to higher than 15,000 feet. Therefore, it is highly suggested for travelers or visitors to be cautious of possible altitude sickness. Make sure to condition yourself before hitting the road. 


Samarkand is a city offering historic and stunning roads to drive through. This city is located in Uzbekistan. The city of Samarkand itself is historic and remarkable. There is Silk Road route to Samarkand that is perfect for a road trip. You can stop by some historic places as well such as the historic ruins of the Rabati Malik inn. Once you arrive in the city, you can visit other interesting historical places such as the Ulugbek observatory and Registan Square.

Picking Your Suitable Boat for Komodo Boat Trip

Say you are ready for your journey in Komodo, and already contact a charter for your exciting Komodo boat trip. And then they will give you plenty of boat options, which will make you overwhelmed on which to choose. Boat charter in Komodo is a rapid-growing business, which means each of them has plenty of boats with different themes and qualities to appeal to everyone who wants to go on a trip.

Picking Your Suitable Boat for Komodo Boat Trip

Komodo Boat Trip Dilemma

With the number of people interested to join a liveaboard keep increasing each year, boat charters have to keep up with the growing demand. That’s why they keep making new boats, not only for adding more varieties for their ship rosters but also to be able to accommodate more people.

The increasing number of Komodo boat trip options is actually a great thing, but sometimes people can end up confused about which ship is suitable to choose for their trip especially if it’s their first time. With that in mind, here are some factors that may help you choose your best boat for liveaboard.

How many are you?

First off, list how many people are going to come with you on the trip. If you are going alone or as a couple it is wise to join an open group trip so you can meet with other travelers to make friends along the way. Choosing the small cruise that only fits about 5-6 people can be a good idea to avoid more noise.

If you go with a large group, like with your family or friends picking a large yacht is obvious. Choose the type of yacht that is spacious, and have lots of seating on decks for gathering. Getting a private tour is also recommended if you want to have a quality time with your companions.

How long is your trip?

Picking Your Suitable Boat for Komodo Boat Trip

Depending on the length of your Komodo boat trip, you can choose whether to go with a luxurious boat or standard boat. If your trip only around 1 to 3 days, choosing a standard boat that doesn’t cost too much may be a good idea considering that you are barely going to spend your time on the boat, let alone your room.

But if you do plan on going for a long trip, like a week or more you can consider renting a luxurious boat instead. A long trip can be really exhausting, and with deluxe facilities that the boat provided, you can ease your tension and relax a bit better.

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What is Your Favorite Design?

The variety of boats also featured so many different designs based on either classic Indonesian or modern Western. You can check the boat profile on the charter site to find out more, and pick which one of them that suits your preference. A classic Indonesian design usually featured the authentic Phinisi look from the original Sulawesi tribe handmade.

Meanwhile the modern Western mostly comes from the mind of the foreign designer to apply a ship design from their country to the Indonesian boat. There are also some fusion designs that combine the two, giving the boat a unique appearance.


Based on that factor, you can pretty much decide which boat is suitable to rent for your trip. Joining the Komodo boat trip is fun, but your experience can be better if you board the boat that you prefer as your travel companion.