Find Out How to Pack for Travel Properly

Packing is essential for travel. You need to know what things to pack in your suitcase or bag. Those should be the most important thing you will need later while travelling. Knowing how to pack for travel properly will help you to enjoy more your travel. Imagine when you pack wrong things or pack them in a wrong way. It can be unnecessary hassle you have to deal with later which can influence your mood. That’s why packing is the first preparation should consider and do properly for easier and lighter travel.

How to pack for travel

How to Pack for Travel, Properly

Packing can be a hassle especially when you are going to visit new places overseas. Different weather, culture, and many things can influence the things you should bring. To help you ease up your confusion in packing, here are some useful tips for you:

  1. First, you need to decide what kind of luggage you want to bring along to travel. You can choose based on the distance of the destination. If it’s not far then you can bring carry-on bag or backpack since you won’t need to bring much stuffs. However, travelling overseas requires you to bring the best luggage which can guarantee the safety of your things inside. You may consider sturdy suitcase if you travel overseas because you may need to bring many things especially when you plan to spend longer time.
  2. Make sure to organize your stuff properly. You may need organizer to help you organize your belongings. You can keep your clothing organized in compartments based on the type of outfit as well as activity using packing cubes. This will be lots easier to pack for travel. This can save your time for packing and unpacking.
  3. Decide the stuffs you will pack in your luggage. The basic stuffs are long-sleeved shirt, lightweight clothing which can be layered, t-shirts, sweaters or jacket, pants or shorts, socks, comfortable shoes, pajamas, underwear, charger, sun glasses, toiletries, and sun visor. You need to bring what most important for you. Don’t forget to bring your personal medicines if you have certain illness.
  4. It’s better to pack your toiletries in separate bag since they consists of liquids, gels, cream, etc. You don’t want them to get squeezed with your clothes and taint them all in the way. So it’s better to put the bag of toiletries in your carry-on bag. If you travel for long time ahead, you will need to pack first aid kits as well, especially when you travel to countryside.
  5. To help you save the space, you can roll your clothes instead of fold them. This method will also help to avoid your clothes get some wrinkles. This way is alternatives if you can’t use organizers.

If you bring important documents, make sure to pack them well and safely to avoid the risk of losing them. You may also need travel security by stashing your valuable underneath your clothing or locking your bags. To pack for travel can be a hassle but it’s worth it.

5 Reasons To Bring Portable Parachute Hammock In Traveling

Bringing your own portable parachute hammock while traveling maybe is not a must thing to do. But taking it could also be your better decision to get the best of your vacation.

Bringing portable parachute hammock while traveling

The term of “portable” as on the title above not also means that it is possible to bring the parachute hammock anywhere just like the shirt your are wearing at the moment, but could also help you in packing it and not getting much spaces to be placed in your beg. And to be frankly, it may not a bigger item you will likely to bring to your destination.

Why you need to bring your portable parachute hammock while traveling?

As you know that I am not getting specific for the above intro for this article about the reasons to bring the portable parachute hammock, so I have made some of the things to be considered. All the considerations could be occur in one condition and the rests might be valid for other situations will be faced. So, below are the lists why you need to consider in bringing your hammock.

1. In case you want to hike a mountain or camping

If you don’t have any of hammock now, it would be better to know where to rent one if existed. Or even thinking about where to buy one. You may have planned your vacation related to places to be visited and hiking or camping is not one of them. But in any of conditions, we should admitted that sometimes we are changing the way how to spend the holiday. Let alone you might get knowing with other travelers at the same destination and both of you decide to hike a mountain as an example.

So, bringing or buying a new portable parachute hammock sometimes couldn’t be missed.

2. You are traveling to the different country

Not only traveling to a new different country, but may be to a new continent as it is also a common thing today for many travelers in the world. So related to the first point above, then you may need to have a portable parachute hammock. You have came so far and spending more money to your traveling, then what’s prevent you not to bring your hammock? I am sure you will be glad in finding yourself sleeping in your hammock at the beach if it permitted. Don’t you agree with that?

3. Your portable parachute hammock is easy to pack and re-pack it

No need to rush and spending more times in packing your portable parachute hammock and also re-packing it for later usage. It is even not like your clothes to look so neat and placed orderly in your suitcase. Whether you want to takes it in your backpack, it is also not a matter at all to do.

4. Parachute hammock is lightweight

As well as the point above, your portable parachute hammock will making you sure about not to have a heavy luggage. So no need to spend more money on the plane. When you have arrived at the city you are likely to visit, taking a hammock to the tourism spot is also need to be considered because its lightweight that allows you to bringing it in your backpack. Moreover if the spot is possible to support your hammock activity like camping at wherever you’d like.

5. And yeah, its portability and nap-ability

I have mentioned that it is lightweight, right? And you could also bringing your portable parachute hammock anywhere as you need. Think about in case you are entering to the deep of forest, I think that it would be a long day and makes you tired so hard. The only thing that would be helpful is finding your own spot for setting up your hammock. In some minutes ahead while you are resting your head inside it, then nothing can’t be more comfortable than what you are doing at the moment. And welcome to the new dimension.

There might also some reasons that why you don’t need to bring your own portable parachute hammock while traveling, but when it possible to accompany you and open up some new experiences, then feel free to consider it to be brought for a better vacation it might gave you.

How to Choose the Right Travel Agent

Travelling sometimes ca be a hassle thing to prepare. That’s why lots of people now consider to buy a service from travel agent. However, finding the right travel agent can be challenging as well since there are many of them now available and offer different services. Thus, the choice is in your hands in the end. Finding the best one isn’t always about the most expensive service. Being a smart traveler is important not only for more comfortable travel experience but also for your own safety.

Tips to choose the right travel agent

Preparing travel by your own can be fun. However, not everyone has the same chance to do so. Some people are too busy to prepare and plan for travel. However, travel agent offer solution to make your travel plan easier and well-organized. Then, what you need to do is sit sweetly and enjoy your travel with ease. However, choosing the best travel agent is the first thing you need to do before enjoying our hassle-free travel. So here are the tips:

  • Find a good agent who will gladly give you any information you want to know. Agent with secretive communication needs to be avoided. Trust is what you need to hire travel agent. That’s why, good travel agent will always fill you in with information regarding to the travel plan such as airline, departure times, and everything you need to know. This will help to avoid misunderstanding later.
  • Make sure your travel agent inform you clear itinerary for the travel plan. You have the right to get the information about your travel schedule, the place where you will stay, as we;; as the type of service you will receive while travelling. If you and your travel agent face a cash in deciding the best choice, good travel agent will find the best alternatives for your sake.
  • To make sure that you choose the right travel agent, make sure you confirm their travel plan. For example you can confirm the hotel they book for your accommodation to check if they truly have booked the place for you.
  • You need to make sure everything goes as you plan by asking important information such as the price quote. You need to find out whether or not the price has included all taxes and other charges.
  • You can also ask for vacation package if you go for group or family travelling. Good travel agent indeed will offer you those kind of package to help you save your money and enjoy your trip more.
  • Another way to find good travel agent is their way in treating their customers. If they offer good hospitality and friendliness then it’s a good start because you will interact with comfortable atmosphere later. You won’t feel awkward or something.

You can always use travel agent when you look for group trip, family travel, package deal, or when you don’t have time to prepare the travel by yourself. Just make sure you find the right travel agent to meet your need.

Top Dive Sites Bali For Underwater Adventures

Bali is a paradise for everyone. The underwater scenery of the island is a rarity to explore. Bali is a dream island of modern and traditional blend that is very slick. Being on this exotic island tastes like in a place that will not make you bored. All the beauty is incomplete when not exploring Bali’s finest dive sites.

This is an unimaginable creation where you trace the ocean, break the waves, roam under the sea. A thrilling adventure at the same time pamper the eyes to see the beauty of coral, rare species and attracting underwater mystery. 

Amed, A Fisherman Village

Gili hose can be your initial dive to a depth of 8 meters. If you are lucky you can see the reef sharks that are between the blocks of coral. If you dive deeper then will find and see the dwarf seahorses among the red and yellow Gorgonian sea fans.

The Japanese shipwreck also became one of the dive sites Bali that attracted the attention of many divers of the world. Other dazzling species such as leaf fish with different colors, colorful nudibranchs, frogfish, and ghostpipefish can be found inside and near the wreck.

Another dive spot on Amed is Jemeluk. This is one of the best spots for underwater photographers. Species that can be found such as frogfish, stunted sea horses, large moray eels and Napoleon Wrasses.

Seraya Secret, Tulamben

Tulamben became one interesting dive spot to be explored. You can find very popular USAT Liberty debris. Most of the scuba divers consider this as one of the world’s best beach-access diving spots.

For macro lovers, you should explore the coral garden. The macro activity starts at a depth of 5 meters and allows you to explore and take photos more longer.

Temple Garden, Pemuteran

When you explore the temple garden in pemuteran, you will not suspect it. In this area, the previous conditions are coral reefs are completely destroyed and marine biota died because of destructive fishing with poison potassium cyanidadan fish bombs.

Underwater Temple Garden, which is considered to have a magical feel and a ‘haunted’ submarine. Dive sites Bali this one felt so alien and quiet, every diver who comes there always feel there are different things.

Cyrstal Bay, Nusa Penida

See the famous species of mola mola. Flora and fauna in Crystal Bay is indeed very unusual. Coupled with a variety of coral reefs, you can enjoy blue spotted rays, napoleon wrasse, trumpet fish, squid, cuttlefish, yellow pitabiru eels, trigger fish, butterfly fish, moray eel, angel fish, sweet lips, frogfish, sea snakes striped, moorish idols, bannerfish, trevallies, jackfish, tuna, snapper mackerel and many more.   Dive sites Bali is popular and offers something amazing and exciting for local and professional divers with breathtaking scenery.

How to Stay Fun in Group Travelling?

Some people prefer to do solo travelling instead of group travelling. They think it’s quite troublesome to be involved with many people in a dream travel. However, travelling with a group of friend can be fun as well. You will be able to share your happiness and precious moment with people you care about. Besides, you have people to help you out when you get into a trouble while travelling. You have their back to support you when you are feeling exhausted and cheer you up when you disappoint with the journey as it turn out to be as fun as you expected before.

Group travelling causes more fun than hassles

Those who think travelling with bunch of friends causing much hassle and more expenses must experience to do it at least one. Travelling in group is everything but high cost and much hassle. You can have fun while travelling in group though. In fact, you will together make some unforgettable memories. So here are some tips for you to travel in groups with less hassle and much fun:

  • First of all, you need to make thorough preparation like booking hotel room, set the budget for foods and drinks, and decide the places to visit, and sort out expense share fairly. If the member in your travel plan are more than 15 then you may need more time in preparation to avoid any hassle in the future. Start planning at least a week before your departure.
  • You need to decide what kind of transportation you will take for your group travelling. If the distance of your destination is not that far, you can rent a bus. It’s more private instead of taking train or planes. Travelling with your group of friends sometime makes you lose your composure and end up disturbing other passengers. Thus, renting a bus is convenient way to carry all the member of your travel.
  • Create your own fun in group travelling since the beginning by ordering thematic t-shirts or accessories. You can order personalized t-shirt, hats, accessories, etc. to tighten the bond in the group. This will also help if one of your friends get lost in the crowd so you can recognize them easier.
  • Don’t throw a selfish feat while you are in group of travelling. Arguments and misunderstanding happen when it involves many heads to share opinion and stuffs. However, you need to push aside your ego a little in this moment. Be flexible and open-minded so the fun within the group won’t be easily ruined.
  • Choose group activities to strengthen your bound within the group. Have some fun together and cheer each other up. This will help to reduce fatigue and exhaustion which can occur anytime.

The benefit of travelling in group is you can get a group discount such as for the flight tickets, market, artisan shops, etc. That’s why you don’t underestimate the fun you can get from group travelling. The hassle cannot be compared to the happiness you gain.

Bali Property For Sale Ubud, The perfect Investment To Get High Benefit

Ubud is very familiar and close to the world tourists. Part of Bali and popular with natural beauty, cool air and Balinese atmosphere that is still very felt compared to other areas. For young people who prefer nightlife, perhaps Ubud is a boring area without much activity to do. In fact, there are many activities that can be done in Ubud.  You can play arum rafting, testing your guts by jumping from a waterfall that is 15 meters high or culinary the best coffee in Bali.

The popularity of Ubud with its beauty, culture, and uniqueness are the main targets for investors to build and develop many Balinese. Property is one of the many interested local and foreign investors. The increase in property prices in Bali continues to increase every year, so the property is a very profitable investment.

Buy From A Trustworthy Agent Property

The demand for lodging in Bali, not least Ubud continues to increase so that investors continue to develop the development of hotels, resorts, and villas. Bali property for sale Ubud is a profitable investment in both short and long-term. Many expats and retirees from different countries decide Bali as their home and build a villa, whether for rent or stay.

Bali property for sale Ubud, whether home or villa for those of you who want to enjoy tranquility and rest with the cool atmosphere. Based on the survey of hotel development, condotel, resort or villa in Bali has been shifted to Ubud. Why? As tourist arrivals increase, there are many of them who show interest in enjoying the calm, cool atmosphere and the real Balinese uniqueness.

Destinations in Ubud are also increasing. There are many unique and interesting activities for the tourists so this will be very profitable. The more activity development in Ubud, the higher demand for hotels, resorts and villas.

Villa Bali Sale is one of the most trusted property agents offering a list of Bali property for sale Ubud, both landed, a house or a villa. Villa Bali Sale is one of the most trusted property deals in Ubud, both landed, a house or a villa. You can easily select and compare villas or other properties offered and compare prices. If you do not want to bother taking care of licensing and others, you can submit the management to this property agent. Bali property for sale Ubud is the best opportunity for investment and get maximum profit.

Business Travel Smart Tips for Hassle-Free Experience

Travelling is so much fun because it is the time when you are free from your duty. However, it’s not the case in business travel. This is the type of journey where you need to stay sane and focus. You do travel but you do your work as well to fulfill your responsibility. Some people say there is no fun to get from business travelling. Well, that’s not totally true because gaining some fun while business travelling is still possible even though it also depends on each individual. Those who can stay having fun without neglecting their duty are great people.

Tips for more convenient business travel

Business travel tips

These days, it is quite hard to separate travel and business. Running a business means you are required to interact with more people than you expect, discussing about partnership, product launching, strategy marketing, and many more. Those cannot be done to simple video call though. That’s why, it’s often that travelling is the best solution to maintain business. So here are some tips to make your travel less hassle and enjoy it more instead:

        1. Use smart apps in your phone for booking a flight or hotel. It will help you to save your precious time. Make sure your schedule is well planned so there won’t be any misunderstanding about the booking later in the future.
        2. Pack your clothes well in your suitcase. It’s best to bring light pack to help you reduce burden you need to carry while travelling especially if the destination is quite far. Your heavy suitcase will only suck off your energy. If you want to make it simple, carry-on bags is the best choice. You can move around without any hassle.
        3. Next tips for convenient business travel is to make your business the first priority. You can seek for pleasure later when your business done. That’s why it is important to make thorough schedule beforehand. Don’t wander around too much since it can take up your energy especially when you’re not done with your duty.
        4. Make sure you get enough rest and eat properly while travelling for business. You need to stay fit to fulfill your duty. Don’t let dehydration or sleep deprivation ruins your business deals.
        5. If you finish your business stuffs yet you still have times left then you can go for exploring a little bit. However, make sure you know your limit especially when you need to get back to your work right away as you arrive at your home. You can explore the place by sightseeing interesting spots to get a little bit of fun.

      Travelling for business purpose can be stressful since you need to put yourself together and focus more on your duty. However, done let your stress ruin your travelling. Find your own ways to have some fun such as watching your favorite videos on YouTube while waiting for your departure, or eating local foods to lighten up your mood. That’s how you can keep up with your business travel without so much hassle.

Labuan Bajo Tour By Boat Is All You Need To Experience

Labuan Bajo Tour by using boat that you choose yourself is may be all you need to experience the ultimate traveling while in Flores Islands, Province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Many have been known that Flores archipelago has more beautiful and exotic islands worth visited such as Komodo Island, Rinca, Kelor and many more await.

Labuan Bajo Tour Package

Labuan Bajo is a small city where it was a village because the government has been developed so. It also becoming more well-known since it is one of the main entrance if you need to traveling through the Komodo National Park. No wonder if some of the tourism packages in Flores Islands are also very familiar to the term of Labuan Bajo Tour along with Komodo Island Tour.

Why You Need Labuan Bajo Tour Package?

There are some of the reasons why Labuan Bajo Tour could be in the list of your next vacation in Indonesia. The first thing should be considered is its accessibility support where there is an airport at the city of Labuan Bajo which is Komodo Airport that could be accessed if you need to fly from Bali or Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara province.

Such many other beautiful and authentic destinations in Indonesia that you need to be visited, thinking about how to get to the destination or which tour package need to be purchased, is always your main thing especially in Indonesia where not many of the regions supported by the required modes of transportation. At least, no more to be worried about when it come to talk about the Labuan Bajo Tour. When the airport is existed, mostly the government will also provide the supported public transportation whether on land or the sea or water transportation.

At Labuan Bajo, you’ll find the ferry bridge and sea port if you need to take a Pelni ship (National shipping company of Indonesia) to across to the islands. So, the more chances and ways for you to “how to explore the Flores Islands” especially when put your interested in sailing the Komodo Island.

So that, the sailing and liveaboard traveling package mostly will be started in Labuan Bajo and also end at the same point.

The presence of your itinerary while traveling is also never this important. But if you need to create the ultimate experience in exploring Flores Islands on board, give it a try the Labuan Bajo Tour from, especially in helping you according to your wishes, budgets, and also interests.

You could also choose where islands to go along with their destinations and attractions for the tourists and how long will be on board in the Labuan Bajo tour package.

Generally. the welcoming and kindness of local people at East Nusa Tenggara is easily to be felt and found. Most of the Indonesians are good people as well so you may will make friends with them someday. And that also being one of the reasons why Labuan Bajo tour worth to be taken in the days to come.

Should I included about the Komodo dragons as well into why you need this Labuan Bajo tour? Or you’ve been knowing it for so long but still doubt in which travel agent need to be trusted? If so, I’ll recommend you to give a call or contact the HelloFlores right away.

The Most Recommended Places to Visit in Asia for Your Next travel

For those who like travelling around the world, Asia must be one of the most expecting destination. There are lots of recommended places to visit in Asia which are hard to resist. You will need to take your time planning and deciding which place you are going to visit for your next travel. Asia is where you can find beautiful nature in the best possible ways. There are many spots that worth your time to spend. In Asia, you will find how local people keep their culture very well while adapting with modern world as well. That’s how Asia charm people all around the world and tempt them to pay for a visit.

Plan your next travel to these recommended places to visit in Asia

Travel around the world must be everyone’s wish. However, not everyone knows their destination. While you are contemplating the right place to visit for your exploration of natural beauty on Earth, you can give Asia a chance. So here are some of the most recommended spots to visit in some Asian countries:

        • Indonesia’s most famous spot for vacation is Bali. However, Indonesia still have more places that deserve your time to visit. One of them is Raja Ampat. This exotic island is known for its naturally stunning beauty since it’s a divine archipelago in Asia. Started from beaches to the jungles, your adventure won’t let your admiration rest. There are many diving spots, thousands sea creatures, and many more.
  • Recommended places to visit in Asia
    • Aside from nature charm, Asia has got its modern spot for best travelling like what you can find in Yokohama, Japan. This is one of the largest metropolis in Japan which has been appealing people with its stunning city view, modern architecture, as well as delicious local cuisine. You can stroll around the city to find many attractive sides of Japan.
    • Nature won’t ever fail to awe you, just like what Gansu does every time as one of the most recommended places to visit in Asia. This spot is located in China, one of the largest countries in Asia, even in the world. In this spot, you can visit rainbow desert of Danxia National Geopark. It’s easy to reach this spot. Besides, you will also able to see the sight of giant Buddha at Bingling Monastery.
    • Next most recommended spots in Asia is Hill country, Sri Lanka. You can take scenic train to Sri Lanka Hill Country. You will see magnificent landscape of the hill. You can pay a visit to the location of lakeside, botanical gardens, sacred Buddhist sites, and many more interesting spots. Not to mention the beauty of Nuwara Eliya which remind you of colonial times there.
    • Another modern escape can be found in Astana, Kazakhstan. The glimmering city will be able to put you in awe. You can stroll around the city and enjoy the view of golden skyscrapers, stained-glassed pyramid, as well as the world’s largest marquee. Those can be found only in Astana.

    So which of the recommended places to visit in Asia captivates your travel desire?

Parachute Hammock For Your Better Sleep Experience Outside

If you love hiking, camping and any other related outdoor activities and sports regarding to staying or camping in the wild, then talking about hammock will be in your list. And one of the most and probably always been talking about is the parachute hammock.

Parachute hammock for better sleep experience

Yes, this is somehow been always popular, right?

But if we thinking about why is that so, then the answer will be various. It is because the parachute hammock itself is lightweight body so you could bring it almost anywhere you are going without weighten your backpack. And surely made by the durable materials so we all could using it for long times and also for hard-wearing activities or weight.

Setting up the parachute hammock is also very easy even for an amateur. You really needn’t to be a pro for that.

The regular hammock itself is usually made of nylon for the ordinary people, so with the thing called as parachute. A bunch of high quality nylons are united into one to create the parachute hammock.

I myself once questioned about does the parachute hammock in many ways is the same with the umbrella? You know, when first time touching it, it just feel the same. I am pretty sure that the materials are the same as well and the only one different is the quality of the nylon. Though many umbrella company didn’t use the nylon as well as making the parachute hammock.

With its lightweight and hard-wearing materials, you will realize that almost anything what you are hoped for of an unique and better sleep experience is fulfilled by the presence of the parachute hammock. And congratulation that your lazy time at your backyard in the breeze of afternoon will be more comfortable using this.

Many may have been thought that they will hurt their back knowing that sleeping will so different with the normal position. The thing is, you just simply need one or two trials to set and adjust the parachute hammock and find your comfort position. That’s the only point you need to know about it. Then, came many happiness and advantages you will likely to feel and get when using parachute hammock.

It is very common if you ever might think that parachute hammock will alleviate your back side because of the non-pressure points, etc. But then why people years ago slept in it?

Researchers said that about 700 years ago, people had been found slept in a hammock. And Columbus himself exclaimed when discovered the Bahamas, goes back much longer. This mean that hammock written by the ancient people around 450 B.C and was invented by Greek Alcibiades. A student of Socrates Athenian general. Feel free to re-check the history if there’s new one just came out.

In answering to the last question above, surely hammock has been improved over times so you may no need to wonder why people fall asleep faster when using it and also getting more deeper sleep than before which is thought to be healthier. That’s why you will also have a better ability to focus on working or studying during the day after wake up.

And of course, a better way of saying goodbye to a soaked mattresses. And, did i have told you how fun it is when it comes for playing with the kids. Not to mention that it is also a better recommendation to be brought if you tend to go to the beach.

So, get your own parachute hammock right now and be the a better proof of this new product and better person as soon as possible. Surely for the better adventure and traveling as well.