How to Know Whether You are Addicted to Travel

Travel is fun activity most people love. There are particular joys and happiness that you can only feel from travelling. Unforgettable experiences and adventure are what people expecting the most from travel. The more you travel, the more you want to do it more. Sometimes, it gets to the point where you are addicted to travel. Is it bad to get addicted to travel?

How to Know Whether You are Addicted to Travel

Travel addiction and how to know if you have it

Getting addicted to travel is not bad as long as you are not neglecting your responsibilities. Here are some signs you can see to know whether or not you are addicted to travel like many travel junkies out there:

You can’t to settle being at home for so long without planning the next trip. Even right after you arrive at home from your trip, your mind is already wondering which destinations to go to next. Even when you talk to someone who are telling their stories about their trip, your mind will automatically envision your next adventure. It seems that your mind never not thinking about travel plans.

You are very motivated to save money from travel unlike for any other reasons. You keep saving up for your next adventures instead of the latest gadgets. You have to think twice before spending money for something but not hesitant to splurge it on a trip. Every money you get, you will automatically think to use it for your adventure.

How to Know Whether You are Addicted to Travel

You are constantly in a bad mood if you have not traveled for a long time. You feel restless when you stay at home for too long. There is that itchiness in your mind and soul when you crave for travel. You want to experience new adventure that can make you feel happier and lighter. Sometimes, you feel elated to have chance to go for a short-trip.

Your favorite things are always related to travel. When the others read news, fashion magazines, or watch food channels, you read travel blogs, watch travel documentaries, or read travel tips. Even when you buy books with your friends, the first thing you search for is travel books.

You have different currencies with you. When you travel quite often, you will accumulate tons of notes and coins in different currencies. People around you who see those will know exactly that you are frequent traveler. This can be a sign of travel addiction when you love collecting different currencies.

You have travel arrangement ready even if you don’t plan a trip. It means, you have everything arranged in certain place. For example, you have travel necessities such as passport, toiletries, flip flops, adapters, and more in one place. You organize them well because you know it won’t be long until you have to pack them again. In fact, travel addicts don’t really unpack.

When you are addicted to travel, home is not really a place for you. The whole world become your home and you find happiness from being aware of that feeling.

How to Pull Off a Memorable Wedding on a Raja Ampat Cruise

Raja Ampat Cruise

Congratulations, you’re engaged! And now are planning your “Special Day”. You have both decided on the romantic wedding on a cruise around the beautiful island of Raja Ampat. Ocean breezes carry sweet romance through the air when you have your wedding on the water. Water weddings are truly memorable and combine your love for each other with your passion for travel in beautiful islands. Raja Ampat Cruise will help you plan every detail to create memories that last a lifetime. After you have decided to get a wedding on a cruise, the next big thing to prioritize is how to give your family and friend the best gift. Suppose you’re still wondering about the particulars of what you need to prepare. Here are the lists of what you will need to pull off the most unforgettable cruise wedding party.

Pick the right ship that suits your style

Every cruise around Raja Ampat has its personality! Look at one of the cruises that match your style, with the venue, dining, entertaining and amenity option. Raja Ampat Cruise has excellent amenities that you and all your guests will enjoy. The most significant thing to consider while choosing a cruise above anything else is your venue. You need to make sure; your cruise can accommodate your number of guests with space for partying and activities.

Raja Ampat Cruise

Choose your romantic route with Raja Ampat Cruise

The next thing to take care to make your dream wedding come true is a route for your wedding cruise. There are many extraordinary locations around Raja Ampat for both locals and travelers to enjoy. For example, take a trip around Triton Bay to Tomolol. Enjoy scenic views of The Triton Bay, and you are bound to find the perfect location for you and your partner to cast off and set sail. Keep in mind, the best route that will showcase the beauty of your wedding destination, it will leave your guests wowed.

Plan a water wonderland

What’re the best things about having a wedding cruise when you can’t enjoy the water? Make sure to put some water activities at your wedding itineraries, like diving, swimming with Manta Rays or snorkelling.

Serve fantastic food on a Raja Ampat Cruise

One of the essential things about a wedding is the delicious food. Keep your guests from being grumpy by serving the right food for the appetizer and a full-course meal for the best dining experience. Choosing great food and drink is essential to pulling together your vision for your special day.  You can offer classic seafood, like the fresh lobster or some local and western dishes that your guests will surely love. Don’t forget the wedding cake! Because you are having your special day on the water, you are going to want your wedding cake to reflect the lovely ocean and waves. Decorate the cake with some blue hues by having the frosting replicate crashing waves and adorn with simple touches, such as starfish, seashells, small fish and coral.

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Play some music

What is a wedding party without music? Start your big day on the right with some melodic love tunes and dance away at your unique venue. You need to prepare the best playlist for your special day or hire a DJ to take care of the music throughout the day.

Urban arts are becoming a tourist destination!

Urban arts are becoming a tourist destination!

Urban art or street art1 is a contemporary artistic movement. It brings together all forms of art made in the street, or in public places, and encompasses various techniques such as rapid graffiti on the wall, advertising, stenciling, mosaic, sticker, display, even yarn bombing or installations. It is mainly an ephemeral art seen by a large audience.

Street arts or simply in French one would say “urban arts” are found almost everywhere. They are magnetic and can grab everyone’s attention. If you are a street arts lover, you must be keen on traveling to places where the street arts are the best. It is not difficult to achieve because these places are there. You can go to these places and enjoy the wealth of street arts. Also, each country usually has a different style of street art, even the terms are the same. This type of trip will also come in handy if you are an artist yourself. It can give you some kind of inspiration. Watching the masterpieces of other artists will give you a different perspective that can help open your mind.

Mexico City, the country full of culture

Mexico City, the country full of culture

Mexico City is a pretty wild travel destination. It is here that you will be able to see various street arts such as murals and graffiti. It is no secret that some of the murals in this city have historical significance, which makes them special. These street arts have been part of the urban landscape for many years. One of the greatest masterpieces is All City Canvas. This is a legal graffiti art project involving nine artists. You can have a street arts tour to really appreciate the masterpiece.

New York, the city is not asleep

New York, the city is not asleep

New York City is also a great place to enjoy the best street art. This busy city is already one of the most visited travel destinations. If you are planning to visit the city to see street arts specifically, you won’t regret it. Some unique street art can be found all over the city. Not only are they beautiful but they are full of cultural and historical values. Explore the city to see various works of street art from famous artists such as Buff Monster.

Capetown, South Africa

Capetown, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa is also one of the top destinations for visiting the street arts. In fact, street art is already a form of regular expression throughout the city. You can find various forms of street arts all over the street for free. If you are an artist, you will understand the passion and dedication they place in their arts through their detail. Here is the list of the recommended country for urban arts!

Wedding in Nusa Dua Resorts: Pro and Cons

Wedding in Nusa Dua Resort Pro and Cons

How many of you dream of a destination wedding? This Nusa Dua resorts in Bali could be the perfect place to tie the know with partner of your dream. It’s packed with charming coastal background, a strip of private white beach, and wonderful catering to make a perfect wedding to remember. Like anything else in the world, however, there are pros and cons of hosting a beach nuptials in Nusa Dua resorts. These are the things to consider before booking your Bali’s wedding organiser. 

Planning Nuptials in Nusa Dua Resorts: the Pros

Everything is Easy

Is not just about having your honeymoon where your wedding party is. Throwing a wedding in Nusa Dua resorts is basically hiring a one-stop wedding service. You have the venue and accommodation for your guests to stay. The resort also come with restaurants and bar which could be both an indoor venue and your catering. No need to contact another vendor to rent for chairs, glasswares, flower arrangements, and other stuffs because the resort provides it for you. A resort that accommodate events are happy to simplify your celebration with just two words; all-inclusive. They’ll even have site coordinator to organise the event or to help your wedding organiser (if any) and an english-speaking celebrant. For a bride who arranges everything, a resort complete service could save a whole lot time and energy!

Wedding and Honeymoon Package to Get in Nusa Dua Resorts

Planning Nuptials in Nusa Dua Resort the Pros

Come right to your spectacular ocean-view bedroom right after the wedding. It’s a wedding doubled with a sweet vacation in Bali. And the best thing of it, you only need to pay once for both. 

A Chance to Minimise Guest List

For those who only want to share their wedding only to the closest one, destination wedding is your answer. It’s expected to have smaller, more exclusive group of guests in a destination wedding. Selecting small circle of family members and friends to invite to beach wedding is perfectly acceptable!

Stunning Wedding Photos to Remember!

What’s the major point of having a beach wedding? The scenery of course! The radiant tropical sun coupled with awe-inspiring ocean landscape in the background would definitely make a wonderful wedding pictures! Also, the casual setting of seaside venue gives a fresh break from the traditional ballroom and church weddings. 

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Tying the Knot in Nusa Dua Resorts: the Cons

Wedding Bureaucracy can Get Complicated

Tying the Knot in Nusa Dua Resort the Cons

Preparing wedding documents, finding english-speaking priests, and getting your nuptial legalised could be a little complicated in destination wedding. 

Having Your Honeymoon with Whole Family 

When your uncle and aunts decided to stay in the same Nusa Dua resorts you’re in, the privacy of honeymoon might have to be compromised. 

Some People Might not Make It to Nusa Dua Resorts

Let’s face it. Some of your favourite people might not be able to attend your wedding. They might not be able to afford the travel cost or cope with the distance. Others might have health problems or conflicted schedules that prevents them for travelling.

Minimizing Health Risk From Constant Working On Computer Screen

Spending hours on your computer screen can cause severe health problems such as cardiovascular disease. However, it is such an inevitable to finish your work by using your computer especially when work from home policies are now applied due to the situation with covid-19. people are forced to use computer even more now. One of the most possible health problem you get from constant working on computer screen is screen apnea. It is a condition where you are shallow breathing or holding your breath every time you face computer screen. 

Computer Work

Stay healthy working in front of computer screen

Screen apnea as mentioned above can lead to chronic breath holding which can also result in severe health problems. It leads to exhaustion which also compromise your work performance. Sitting in the same position all day long also can cause severe health problems such as chronic back pain, neck pain, and more. Here are some tips you can try to stay healthy even when working on computer screen constantly on daily basis:

Be more mindful when it comes to breathing. Make sure not to use too much tension in your shoulder in breathing. Try not to make hold breathing as your habit. If you unconsciously doing so, get back to the right habit by breathing properly through your diaphragm. This is a healthy way because the oxygen will be provided properly to your brain. Take some breaks to breathe properly. 

Avoid staying in the same position for long period. Try to move your body every once in a while. Moving around can help lower your risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Mental stress and physical tension will melt away when you are moving. If it is not possible for you to work on the desk by standing, at least take some breaks to stand up, breathe, shake your limbs, and stretch out. If you sense a tension in particular part of your body, stretch it out longer until the tension released.

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Try chair yoga. It is an exercise you can implement while sitting in your chair that has a back support. You can let your shoulders slide down your back. Place your arm on the back of the chair, and stretch out for a few minutes. Shake any uncomfortable tension you feel in your body. Move all your limbs from head to toe to get relaxed. 

Shift your attention to natural setting such as looking at the greenery. It helps clear your mind. Natural surroundings can help relax your body as well. It is also a good idea if you put some mini pots containing cactus or succulents. You can shift your attention on your plants while regulating your breathing. 

Try the 20-20-20 rule. It is where every time you spend 20 minutes looking at the screen, you take a 20 second break, and move around or look at something located 20 feet away from you. It helps relax your eye muscles, regulate your breathing, and remove fogginess in your brain. During 20 second break, you can hydrate yourself.

Bali Villas for Sale Guide to Investment 2021

If you are in fortune state whether you have the whole money in your account, dont waste it on luxury car, accessories and entertainment, instead consider investing in bali villas for sale. Once you’ve owned any little safe house to live in, you may think that real estate doesnt interesting to you anymore. Meanwhile, you’d be wrong, since property and villas remains the favourite in the market and possess the most safe and secure avenues to have.

Bali Villas for Sale

Important Factor That Affect Investment

The questions that remain in your head when considering about investing bali villas for sale could tempted you to forget the other thing. In addition, if you pose a healthy deposit and you’re accept to hold to villa for a long period. Let that happen so the income will covers your property repayments. But first, you need to mind the type of villa you want to invest in.

One of the best option is to select simple modern villa or private villa that enclose in a desirable area of Bali. Moreover, its far better to near the public facility, amenities, hospital or good transport links. This way seller will attract wealthy investor who are willing to extra price for bali villas for sale.

Bali Villas for Sale Interior

Otherwise, ensure that the villa area isn’t down turn, has a fair numbers of attraction and established as downtown base. You will need to do the calculation ensure that rental yield will cover your real estate expenses. Furthermore, you could wait and let the villa do its magic, increasing in value as the time passes.

Get Help From the Landlord

You could accept the help opportunity from the bali villas for sale through the landlord. For instance, if the laundry machine is broken, you might want to fix it directly. Otherwise, if you don’t know how to solve it, you could relinquish your landlord and ask a hand to pass them to the management company. For a small fee, they will fix the problem and maintain your villa unit, even to deal with rental disputes and collect the rental payment.

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Exceptional Bali Villas for Sale Unit in Umalas

Whenever you fancy to enter the property investment market, look no further than to this exceptional villa unit. Villa which constructed in 2014 and located in favourite area of Umalas.

Bali Villas for Sale Bedroom

Concept in 3 master bedrooms and four extra bathrooms, this villa is furnished and equipped into its maximum capacity. Furthermore, promoting the essence of luxury and comfortable living in most aspect of the villa. Also you could seek maximum comfort through cozy living-dining area with a full set of kitchen, clear swimming pool. Moreover, theres extravagant terrace on 2nd level which will provide you a stunning view of environment.

This unit is available on leasehold with the extension for another 20 years. Dont miss the golden opportunity since this bali villas for sale in a limited time offer. Enquire this villa with end year special price and get to know the investment report for your long term planning.

Things to Do Before Travelling to Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the lively countries in Southeast Asia. It has distinct culture and often chosen as must-visit destination for travelers around the world. The country itself is dynamic and vibrant. Not to mention that its tropical rainforest has drawn many attentions from nature lovers. Basically, Malaysia has everything you can wish for a great travel destination. Every element is blending perfectly well from luscious forest, mouth-watering cuisines, historic landmarks, to the sky-high tower.

How to enjoy your holiday in Malaysia

Malaysia is also known for its cultural diversity. Hence, people from different ethnicity, race, religion, or nationality can come visit this place with ease. However, there are still things you can and cannot do when you deice to visit this love country. If you are planning a trip to Malaysia after the pandemic ends, might as well follow these do’s and don’ts in Malaysia:

Always show proper respect when greeting others. The most common greeting method is when they bring their right hand and put it to their chest while giving a slight bow. This greeting called salam is to show sincerity in greeting. If you interacting with people older than you while in Malaysia, greet them by nodding your head and bowing slightly. If you are greeting the opposite gender, avoid physical contacts unless the others are offering, even it is for a simple handshake.

During your holiday in Malaysia, you may find someone pass around objects. If you need to pick it up, use your right hand always as show of politeness. In Malaysia, left hand is considered not appropriate to be used in giving or receiving objects because it is often referred to uncleaned activities reserved for the bathroom.

Avoid touching someone else’s head. It is considered rude to do so to people you just met unless it is to your very close friends. Head is considered and off-limit part of body in Malaysian culture. Even if you want to do it to someone younger than you out of affection, do not do it in Malaysia because it is inappropriate.

When it comes to gift-giving, try to be more mindful in doing so. It is a polite thing to bring a gift when you are invited to someone’s house. While it happens when you are in Malaysia, stick to safe gifts such as sweets, chocolates, or pastries. Avoid gifting alcoholic beverages or pork meat. In Malaysia, their culture and tradition are associated to their religion. Thus, they are careful in choosing what ingredients to consume. They only consume halal foods and drinks.

When exploring Malaysia, wear something that can cover your elbows and knees at least. Also, remove your shoes if you are entering a mosque. For women, it is suggested to wear a scarf to cover their hair before entering the mosque. Also, try not flaunt that you are tourist and show your belongings carelessly. It will only bring attention to criminals. Try to blend more with the locals and enjoy your stay in Malaysia to the best.

Liveaboard Indonesia: Best Tips For Solo Travelers

Liveaboard Indonesia

Raja Ampat is one of the most stunningly beautiful areas both above and below the waves. The best way to explore Raja Ampat is to enjoy your holiday with a liveaboard Indonesia.  Being on the liveaboard for the Raja Ampat holiday with your family and friends might be a fantastic experience, but have you imagined traveling alone? Being a solo traveler might be scary if that was your first time. It’s normal to be afraid of being a solo traveler, but the solo traveler is a great way to know more about yourself, meet new people, and push outside your comfort zone. Liveaboard holiday with no friends is fun because you have the opportunity to take control, follow your interests, and be more flexible. Here are some tips when you’re traveling solo to Raja Ampat.

Make friends at liveaboard Indonesia

If you’re traveling alone, you will be meeting new people on the liveaboard. One of the best things about a liveaboard trip is giving you the chance to make a new friend with like-minded people just as much as you do. You are not alone. There are plenty of solo travelers out there. You can spend time with those who share the same passion and interests as you do.

Having a small talk with the boat crew

The liveaboard Indonesia crew welcomes you as members of an extended family and can be your potential friends. Don’t be shy to make small talk with the boat crew. They are not just there to help and serve you, but they are the lovely local people with a story of their own experience and insight regarding the holiday to share with you. This relationship will make you feel at home during your holiday.

Join every liveaboard Indonesia activities

Once you step foot on a liveaboard, you can start your day with morning coffee while the sunrise and catch the most spectacular sunsets. Liveaboard Indonesia has a lot of fun activities. A liveaboard offers various activities like diving, snorkeling, exploring a beautiful place on the boat. One of the best perks of this trip is that you will always be close to a diving site. Diving is one of the best ideas for enjoying your liveaboard Indonesia trip. You have to participate in all the activities with your new fellow travelers. Your fellow travelers are to be your friends on every move, that’s why socializing with them is essential to create a bond between all of you. Don’t skip any activities on your itineraries.

Mingle with the groups

Throughout the trip, don’t spend most of your free time in your cabin. Go and join the group on the deck. Even though you just met and don’t have much to say, your presence alone is already leaving a good impression on others. It’s the right time to sing together, playing musical instruments, or taking pictures together as a memory.

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Planning Your First Post-Pandemic Getaway

Why should you plan your first post-pandemic trip?

Today, the ability to travel is like a luxury. It is not about affordability anymore. Safety is the main concern for travel since the coronavirus outbreak. It still continues and many have canceled their travel plan be it for business or leisure. Putting your travel plans on hold is necessary to help reducing the number of covid-19 case. However, it is still okay to anticipate and plan your dream trip now. You can plan your first post-pandemic now even if the future is still uncertain. Planning a vacation also can help relieve some stress in your system. 

Why should you plan your first post-pandemic trip?

Many health experts said that planning a post-pandemic trip is good for your health especially the mental one. It helps build anticipation and excitement which means you gain positivity. It increases the chance of you to be happier even during these tough times. It is also like a reminder to yourself that the crisis of the pandemic will be over because it is not the first kind of outbreak the world has faced. There will be an end to the this pandemic. 

A coping mechanism from stress

In the meantime, it is okay for you to daydream and plan for your first post-pandemic vacation. You can use it as your coping mechanism in dealing with stress caused by the pandemic. However, be flexible when planning. Do not state exact dates or such because the pandemic could cancel it. Instead, go in a slow pace in planning the trip. You can make vague itinerary containing things you want to go and activities you want to do. 

Keep it a vague plan

Planning Your First Post-Pandemic Getaway

If you finalize your plan too early or too detailed, you will set yourself up for another disappointment and heartbreak because no one can predict whether the pandemic will stop soon or continue. While anticipating for your first post-pandemic getaway, remember that you still have to wait for the right time to do it. Summer trip seems impossible especially if you live in severely affected place by the covid-19. you can look at travel opportunities provided by some travel companies for now. 

Do some window shopping!

Window-shopping for your future trip online is fun thing to do during your isolation. There are many websites and apps you can use to hunting for your dream destination. If you want to book a really temping deals, make sure to choose that is flexible just in case you have to postpone it due to the uncertain situation of the pandemic. 

Use the pause-moment to consider what you really want

The pandemic has made the world pause and reset. You can use this moment to truly consider what you really want from your next getaway. Look for something that will be meaningful and memorable for you. You can choose a very far destination or a place you even have never heard of before. Hence, you can start learning about the place now since you have time. You can educate yourself and fill in as much as information to help you have a well-deserve getaway post-pandemic. Use some tools to help you organize your first post-pandemic travel plan.

Things that Will Get Kids Excited in This Best Family Resort Nusa Dua

Things that Will Get Kids Excited in This Best Family Resort Nusa Dua

Resorts are usually a sanctuary for adults—but how many resorts are there made for kids? Other than summer camps and Disneyland resorts, it’s quite difficult to find a resort where kids would feel actually welcomed. Usually they have to go with whatever Mommy and Daddy choose and make the best of it. However, this family resort in Nusa Dua is best when it comes to giving out joy to both adult and pint-sized travelers. With kids-proof balcony, kids-sized pool, everything kids-specials, the young travelers would feel really special as things seems to be made just for them. These are things prepared by the resort that would get them excited and talk about it for days!

Getting A Nudi Doll from the Best Family Resort Nusa Dua

Getting A Nudi Doll from the Best Family Resort Nusa Dua

The check-in process was always boring for kids. They got to wait by themselves while Mommy and Daddy are busy with booking and payments. But that’s not happening in this best family resort Nusa Dua. When parents are dealing with check-in process, kiddos are receiving warm greetings from the staffs and getting a Nudi Doll! It’s a cute resort mascot in the shape of Nudibranch, a micro ocean creatures that usually live in between corals in the ocean floor. And yes, they are free. Aside from the Nudi doll, the little travelers would also receive a kid-sized carton of milk while the adults are having their welcoming drinks. 

Receiving an Activity Pack to Shush the Boredom Away

Time pass slowly when we were little, and once again this resort know this better. To help kids pass the time and cast away the boredom. With the Nudi doll kids will also receive an activity pack; consist of a playbook and a pack of coloured pencils. It’s great to entertain their mind while engaging their creativity!

Getting Their Own Room! This is the Best Family Resort Nusa Dua Ever

Getting Their Own Room! This is the Best Family Resort Nusa Dua Ever

Having their own room at this family resort Nusa Dua is the best thing ever for the kids! It’s definitely going to be a hit for them especially with all ocean-decor going on in the room. The  dolphins, the crabs, and all the fish cartoon on soft aqua walls as well as blue beds would make them feel like a mermaid—or merman in that matters. The kids room have its own TV, kid-sized wardrobe, and a bathroom for little persons. Everything is designed to be within reach for these little adventurers. It also connected to the master bedroom so the kids will never feel like being left alone. 

Having the Time of Their Lives at the Kids’ Club

Having the Time of Their Lives at the Kids’ Club

How many times have you wishes for a little time out from the kids and just enjoy a quality time with yourself? Well, the Holiday Inn Bali Benoa has a Kids Club where children could spend they day playing. And it’s not just a kid-club. It’s a kids club which actually give fun play time for the kiddos! With trampoline, ball pits, wall climbing, and cartoon movies, they can easily spend hours without you. In the end it’s going to be you who have to getting used to them not being with you for a day. 

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Making Kites, T-shirt, and Other Awesome Crafts

The Kids Club is not a place to be bored as it’s loaded with tons of fun-activities. Some extra activities cost from IDR 50.000 to 150.000 while some others are free! Here kids can get busy making something awesome like T-shirt, do some face painting, create balinese kite (and fly it afterwards!) or free painting. Something that they will proudly show to Mom and Dad after.   

Do you think the Holiday Inn family resort Nusa Dua is the best for your family?