KitKat: The Most Popular Souvenir-Snack from Japan

When it comes to souvenir-gifting, KitKat is among the top choices for both domestic and international tourists alike. It’s not an overstatement to call KitKat a confectionary phenomenon. Available in every taste imaginable, KitKats are not just the trendy kind of popular. Their legacy of unique flavors has been around for over a decade, and it’s obviously here to stay.

There are over 200 flavor variations to date that has been produced by KitKat over the past 15 years. The large variety of flavors are simply fun to collect and discover. Strange flavors are in abundance. Stuff you won’t even expect to make it into popular confectionaries such as the sake flavor and wasabi. The Japanese KitKat have perfected the mastery of. flavor varieties.

Kitkat in Japan comes with a variety of limited edition goods. These limited edition flavors can be brought back with popular demand. Before the explosion of innovative, unique flavors, Kitkat Japan only has strawberry and green tea as their limited edition series. Now, those flavors have been made into regularly produced KitKat available in virtually any stores and supermarkets you come across in Japan. The green tea flavor now even comes with several variations, including the regional variation and even airport limited special edition.

KitKat in Japanese is pronounced as “Kitto Kato”, which sounds like a play of words on “Kitto katsu!” or in Kyushu dialect “Kitto katsu to!” which means “We will surely win!” There is a tradition of gifting KitKats to students taking major exams; the national exams or the university entrance exams, for example. In this way, KitKat is sometimes considered as a “good luck” charm. Parents are also known to gift their kids KitKats before their exam as a form of support.

There are regional specialties that are totally worth hunting if you love these confections. There are even airport limited edition flavors. Regional specialties comes from the Japanese tradition of bringing back “omiyage” or souvenirs whenever someone traveled. In Japan, it’s expected to bring back omiyage to family members and even coworkers. These regional specialties especially benefited from this souvenir-gifting tradition from domestic travelers, and of course, tourists who specifically hunt for these unique flavors only available in Japan

Some of the regional specialties include Kitkat Tokyo Banana only available in Tokyo, Kitkat Tochi-Otome Strawberry, KitKat Shinshu apples, KitKat Mini Tamara Honten Wasabi from Shizuoka and Kanto, KitKat Itohyuemon Roasted Tea from Kyoto, Kitkat Mini Adzuki (red bean) from Tokai – Hokuriku, et cetera. The variation is a seemingly unlimited when it comes to KitKat!

Japanese KitKats have their very own stores known as KitKat Chocolatory. Although These aren’t the KitKats you’d buy nor the place you’d visit if you’re on a tight budget. KitKat Chocolatory is essentially a fancy chocolate boutique. But it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re especially intrigued by it and/or have loved the variety of Japanese KitKats you’ve tried so far In January – February 2018  KitKat Chocolatory Ginza store offered a taste of Sublime Ruby Chocolate (Dreamy Ruby KitKat) along with hot cocoa—a set you can enjoy at the KitKat Chocolatory cafe.

Bali Freehold Property For Sale, A Great Investment In Exotic Island

Bali is not only attractive for tourists. This exotic island is also filled with villa investment which is the destination of travelers from Australia, Europe and others to live. Bali’s environment and friendly locals offer tantalizing investment benefits from Bali freehold property for sale. Whatever form of investment, it will always provide excessive benefits for investors. Old or new lease agreements with owners of Bali freehold property for sale require careful review and due diligence.

Bali freehold property for sale

fact, Bali presents a complex property investment potential, where there are serious positive and negative sides. This is an important factor that investors must include in long-term financial planning before deciding to look for Bali freehold property for sale.

Bali freehold property for sale is indeed a promising investment for the long term or short term. But you need to pay attention to your finances. Worst of all, when the low season comes and tenants will be greatly reduced. While the maintenance costs and servants’ salaries continue to run every month.

Legal Risk Bali Freehold Property For Sale, For Foreign Investor

There are important things that you must consider before deciding to buy Bali freehold property for sale. Legal risk! Indonesia has complicated procedures and ownership laws for freehold property, especially for foreigners. Simply put, unless you are the color of the country of Indonesia, you cannot have a freehold property. But there is a solution for foreigners who want to own property in Bali.

A less risky and more popular solution for land ownership by foreigners is long-term leases. The initial rental period is limit to 25 years. But it can be extended for a longer period of time. The total lease period is 80 years. The requirement is for foreigners to have to have a residence permit.

This is a problem that many foreigners or investors have questioned when they first came to Bali. Maybe most foreigners who first came to Bali think why they can’t get Bali freehold property for sale. But this is what makes them realize that not all can be obtained because they have money. Like Bali freehold property for sale.

Bali freehold property for sale is indeed a great investment in an exotic island. As long as you, foreigners have a residence permit, then you can enjoy your stay in Bali. The atmosphere, culture, and friendliness of the local people of Bali indeed attract investors. Moreover, Bali is included in the top destination of the world’s popular tourism.

Things to Bring when You Travel with Babies

Travelling with kids is not so easy. There are more preparations you need to do before leaving your house. Babies have more needs than adults which can be taken care of carelessly since they are still fragile. They need constant attention all the time so travelling with kids means you need to be mentally and physically prepared.

Travelling with babies

By doing thorough preparation, your travelling won’t be too much a hassle. You and your babies or toddlers will be able to enjoy the travel even when you choose the destination overseas.

What you need to bring when it comes to travelling with babies?

Handling babies and toddlers is never easy but when you can enjoy it, you will feel lighter. Taking your kids to your travel plan must be exciting since you can make memorable moments together even though your babies won’t be able to remember much about it. At least, you will have proof to show them when they grow up. Memories aside, here are things you need to bring when travelling with kids whether babies or toddlers:

  1. When you are going to be on a long-haul flight, it is important to bring carry-on bags to put in extra necessities such as diapers, clothes, etc. Kids are prone to accidents such as spilling water, vomiting, etc. Packing extra in your carry-on bag will save your day.
  2. If your kids are old enough to the point that they always have the urge to watch something, then you’d better bring portable DVD, iPad, tablet or anything that can play their favorite movies, music, etc. This also will help to distract their mood swing when they are on a long-haul flight. Thus, they won’t throw a tantrum.
  3. Antibacterial wipes, wet tissue, and dry tissue are necessities you need to bring when you travel with babies or toddlers. They are prone to make everything dirty so having wipes is a live safer. Besides, you need those to wipe any surface in the area when your kids sit or stay. There are many germs in many places such as on the handler, tables, or seat. Wiping them up before letting your kids touch them is better than risk them to get sick.
  4. Disposable diaper bags are also essential when you travel with babies or toddlers. This is for the sake of others. For example, when you need to change your baby’s diaper on the plane then disposable diaper bag will save you from making other passengers uncomfortable with the smell. It is disturbing for anyone to find dirty diapers even if they are in the trashcan.
  5. Bring healthy snacks especially when your journey to the destination is quite long. Kids are easily hungry and thirsty so you always need to be ready with their appetite. Besides, packing your own snacks is healthier. It lessen the risk your kids to have food poisoning. You can pack dried fruits, cookies, or chocolate. However, make sure that you don’t feed too much sugar because they will be hyperactive.

The Portable Double Hammock As the Family Friendly Item

Portable double hammock can be fit for two adults. The most two different things when comparing it with the single person hammock are the size and the weight. Both of their carrying capacity can be the same as I have found in the site like Ticket To The Moon as one of the world’s best hammock manufacturer serving their customers from Bali.

Portable double hammock as the family-friendly item

Size of the portable double hammock is only differ in its length where it can reaches up to 200 cm and the width stays the same as the single hammock. The weight itself is 100 g more than a 500 g of the single hammock and I think it will still quiet lighter and worth when using it with your partner.

The above differences surely will makes the price of the double hammock a bit more than a single one. But since the different is only around $12, I think it should has to be considered as the affordable item. You won’t break your saving because of the price!

Why I will suggest your family to get a double hammock?

If you will ask someone about the family friendly product or item that can gather the family members when using it, also fun for your children, safe and can contribute in your family health condition, then one of my first answer is the hammock. When it comes to talk about the size of it, the double hammock will be my first priority as I have seen that many families around are getting at least 2 child, many of them is only have one.

Thinking about the parents and children weights, the total of it will mostly under 200 kg as the recommended of the double hammock’s maximum carrying capacity. This is the perfect first hammock size for your family, but if you are doubt about it, you can always choose the other sizes.

Since the double hammock is bigger and is able to accommodate more of the family weights, then it will also encourages the family for experiencing the togetherness at home in more unique and fun way. There aren’t many of the home products that can be enjoyed while hanging on it. For the children, I think they will love it very much.

Generally, hammock in any types and sizes are good for improving our health. It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, baby or the grandparent, everyone can uses it and get benefits from it. If you have the hyper-active children, you may want to invite them into the double hammock. Give them a slow and gentle swings, in the next minutes, they may will falling asleep faster than before. It is so much possible for that and most of the people will experience the same no matter how old are them.

Hammock can be setup both inside and outside of your house. That should be the good sign for the family to experience the different way of using it. I’ll assuming that you won’t get bored at all when you have the double hammock as long as the family members you are caring and loving are around you.

Anyway, since the double hammock as the family-friendly item you can get, it is also one of the best product that can be used in travelling. So next if you are planning to go somewhere with your family, you can always bringing it anywhere because of its portability. What the other items that are alike? I bet you will only have some of their names in your mind including this.

6 Travel Tips to West Sumatra Indonesia

Sumatra is the largest island in Indonesia and the far side of it is West Sumatra, which has attracted travellers from all over the world. There are many things to do when travelling to West Sumatra since there are many places to explore. Most places in West Sumatra are adventurous but still accessible. Thus, this travel destination suits very well with travellers who love challenge. The most intriguing point of travelling to West Sumatra is the natural wildness it presents. You may have heard about Orang Utan. This special species can only be found in this island.

Unlike Bali, beaches in West Sumatra are majorly undeveloped. Travelling to West Sumatra you will find out that it has many potential aspects in tourism such as geothermic lakes, indigenous culture, climbable volcanoes, and many more.

Travel tips to West Sumatra

If you consider West Sumatra as your next travel destination, might as well consider these tips beforehand:

  1. As mentioned that West Sumatra is accessible. To get there, you can take a flight from your place to Jakarta. If you come from neighbour countries such as Malaysia or Singapore, the flight won’t take a long time. You will arrive in about an hour or so.
  2. Prepare all documents needed so you can visit legally. It is also essential to bring cash of Indonesia currency, Rupiah. Thus, you can make any transaction with cash. This is easier option than carrying around your credit card especially when you are going to visit West Sumatra. Paying with cash is more preferable.
  3. There are many travel destinations in West Sumatra that you can pay a visit. If you like adventurous travelling, you might as well consider climbing active volcano, Gunung Marapi. It stands on 9.485 feet and consists of steep trails as well as brittle lava field near the top. The best time for hiking is during weekend. This mountain is recommended for experienced hikers.
  4. If you crave for beach, you can visit one of the most secluded beaches in West Sumatra, Air Manis Beach. Another option is Bungus Beach. The characteristic of beaches in Padang, West Sumatra are peaceful, less noisy, and virgin surroundings. You can do many fun activities such as trekking in the near jungle, snorkelling, or enjoying your time in the hammock.
  5. If you come at the right, time, you have high possibility to witness seasonal pacu jawi or cow race event. This cultural event will make your heart beat quicken. This is the event where you will witness a man bite a tail of a cow. The places and times are rotated between villages. This event is to celebrate the end of rice harvest.
  6. Lake Maninjau is jewel you can find in West Sumatra. This is a great place to visit. It is in 344 feet deep and full of fish. You can do lazy activities such as reading, relaxing your muscles, or fishing to try your luck with the hook. It will be more perfect if you can try fish dishes in nearby eateries.

Find Out the Best 3 Bedroom Villa at Seminyak, Bali

How you will define the best 3 bedroom villa if you need one? If you are in Bali or even at the other destinations, choosing the strategic location for your stay is important. That’s why since the first, I have mentioned about Seminyak as one of the strategic area for your temporary visit and all the available attractions and destinations for the tourists.

Best 3 bedroom villa Seminyak - Preview of the living room inside the luxury villa

The best bedroom villa Seminyak is perfect for you who are travelling in a group, it can be with your friends or maybe family. It is also great if you are the only one who need more rooms and big spaces for some reasons.

One of the best 3 bedroom villa in Seminyak is brought to you by the Hu’u Villas Bali. Its 3 bedroom villa is also called as the 3 bedroom penthouse where it’s provides you the luxury stay in the center of Bali’s tourism.

Travellers are often disappointed by the accommodation that are pretty much different with their expectations. It may be the images they have seen on the official sites that are over optimised with unnatural color tones but getting more interested to be seen. But you don’t have to fear about that when you will reserves the 3 bedroom villa Seminyak I have been offered you earlier (the penthouse). Not only you will see the similar images as their reality, but also their best interesting services you can get. Not to mention that the villa itself is also great both exterior and interior side.

I have mentioned before that the location aspect is important for your staying. It can benefits you in many possible ways especially when it comes to talk about the tourist attractions and destinations. This best 3 bedroom villa that located at Seminyak will gives you an easier and closer access to the stunning and beautiful beaches where you can spend within minutes of slow and enjoy walking.

The location is really strategic if you want to go to the other beaches such as Canggu, Kuta, Legian, etc by bike or car and even to most of the other popular destinations in Bali. You can takes the Seminyak as the center of all Bali’s best destinations, so you will be easier to go anywhere.

The price is also quiet affordable and you don’t even need to be worry when the high season is happening. Many hotels are giving us the prices that sometimes are not make any sense during the peak season and there’s nothing we can do but finding another affordable accommodation. But it won’t likely happen to the best 3 bedroom villa Seminyak we are talking about. If you are in a group, it even will be your best accommodation choice where the per night cost will be more cheaper since the group will cover all the fees. But if you will be at the hotel rooms at that season, hope you won’t end in sorrow.

The three bedroom penthouse will also serving you the one time day tours for minimum 4 night stay. You won’t get such interesting service even you are staying a week in a hotel room. At least, there’s a very small chance for that. But when you are staying in this best 3 bedroom villa Seminyak, you will get more stories to tell, destinations to visit and surely the attractions to see and enjoy. Need to enjoy your relaxation time in a villa? There’s a tea and coffee making facilities inside the villa, makes a cup of it and enjoy your moment beside the private pool right beside one of the available bedrooms. Your leisure is actually started in the villa you have rented.

The other villa’s facilities is called as the Sea Vu Play. It is also the popular restaurant in Seminyak with the nautical theme. A great place to taste the delicious foods and drinks where the villa’s guests are getting the benefits of 20% off for any dinner booking. Ask the villa’s management about the other privilege access for the restaurant and also the club called as The Den.

There are more you can get just by staying in a luxury and best 3 bedroom villa Seminyak that is impossible for me to mentioning them all in only a post. So, keep update with the next post publications to getting more knowledge and special offers from the villa for your next travel accommodation.

What is the Easiest Way to Save for Travel?

By thinking that you’re going to save an X amount for your travel, doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to execute it well. Planning is key, especially to saving up effectively and successfully. How can you actually save for your travels?

What is the Easiest Way to Save for Travel?


Wherever you’re going and whatever you’re planning to do, doing your research first is the most sensible thing to do before. Research will save you headache and even wasted time, and money. It would also save you from potentially being overcharged simply because you a tourist. Make sure to find out about how much is the living cost of the places you’re visiting, especially if it’s another country. You can also narrow down your search into the cost of the area. Not just everyday living expenses, the aspect of accommodation will depend greatly on this aspect. Remember to take notes as you go. Just having a vague idea about how much a place costs is not an effective way of doing it.



What’s your current financial state? Are you aware of your daily, weekly, or even monthly expenses? Are you employed full time? Depending on several factors, it can be easier to save up if you have a set of fixed routines. It’s clearer which to cut, and when. Being aware of these things are not just essential, but also integral in your plan of saving up. When you’re aware, you can make adjustments on how you can cut your expenses. That coffee you get everyday, your eating out expenses, et cetera. Though not omitting said activities altogether from your daily life, you can reduce or downsize them. Understanding where you stand currently and having a good idea of your current state would be extremely helpful in setting a realistic goal that you can manage. To execute.


Set goals

You’ve done your research, and now you know the accumulative budget of your travel. Good. Now don’t just aim for that one huge chunk of number as you save up. Set periodic goals by breaking down the accumulative budget. It could be monthly, weekly, or even daily. Know your financial state; your income and your expenses, and how you spend your money. You can start saving up regularly.


Pay for your travel expenses as you save

While this can only be done for a limited set of fixed items, this is one of the most effective methods to ensure that you won’t be spending your travel funds on what it’s not intended to, as well as making significant progress for your travel plan. There’s also the fact that once they’re paid, you’ll be free of the burden of stress. Once you’ve booked that flight, for example, not only you will not worry about that expense anymore, but you’ll also have a sense of a fixed time for your flights instead of just a vague estimate. Items that you can apply this at is normally major expenses. And although it’s limited to certain items, it can save you so much worry. These expenses that you can pay ahead include plane tickets, accommodations, tickets to an attraction, concerts, or even entrance fees.


Sure Ways to Overcome Seasickness on Komodo Boat Trip

For many adventurous travelers out there, exploring the gorgeous panoramic landscape of Komodo National Park on Komodo boat trip can be very wondrous. Some others might not be as lucky. While they might want to experience the beautiful Flores to the fullest, some travelers just cannot stand the overwhelming seasickness on board. If this is you, don’t give up on the cruising dream just yet.

Sure Way to Overcome Seasickness on Komodo Boat Trip

Seasickness is basically the way your body responds to the rocking movement of the ship. Your inner ear balance system get stressed due to the unfamiliar motion of the ship. The stress on your balance system further induce headaches and feeling sick to your stomach.

Chase Away Komodo Boat Trip Seasickness

Though seasickness is hardly fatal, its side symptoms like nausea, stomach cramps, and the urge of vomiting can certainly put a damper on your boat  trip fun. Seasickness is meant to be handled. Know how overcome seasickness to get a smooth sailing and enjoyable journey on your upcoming Komodo boat trip.

Pick Large, Modern Ship

Some of the strongest seasickness come in smaller fast boat. Those boats you use for a quick move from one island to another. The safest choice is to pick a large and modern ship for a comfy and smooth sailing Komodo boat tour. Due to their size, they are naturally more stable (larger ships are equipped with stabilizers, too) and can stand better against storms.

Book the Comfiest Cabin

One sure way to forget the seasickness is lying down comfortably in the boat’s soft bed and sleep. If you tend to get seasick more quickly than others, it’s best to choose an outside cabin right in the middle of the ship. Better if your cabin has a window—you can throw a sight to the horizon point anytime to ease the nausea.

See the Horizon Point

Whenever seasickness attack, keep the horizon in sight. Doesn’t necessarily means staring at the horizon though, just keep the lines as point of reference. If you cannot see the horizon, better keep your eyes closed.

Get Fresh Air

Run to an open deck and get those refreshing breeze to breathe. Maybe put on some music to distract yourself from the seasickness. Think about all the fun you’re about to get in this Komodo boat trip and let your mind wander.

Watch What You Eat

When you got seasick, you might not want to eat something that can further induce your seasickness. Do not put anything too fatty, acidic, or spicy into your diet for a while. Tell your Komodo boat trip crews that you are having seasickness—they might help to prepare special menu for you.

Drink Ginger & Peppermint Tea

Nothing can be as soothing as a warm cup of ginger or peppermint tea when seasickness attacks. Studies found ginger can alleviate nausea associated with motion sickness. You can also take the ginger in another form; powder, pill, or candies for emergency remedies.

Take Drug

If you are really prone to seasickness, it’s wise to come prepared with medicine ready on your pocket. Your doctor might advise you to take the drug 24 hours before the Komodo boat trip take place. The medicine will be much more effective when it’s already running in your bloodstream.

Sometimes, the best prevention is just not thinking about the seasickness at all. Focus on happy things. You have long dreamed of this Komodo boat trip, after all! Don’t let the seasickness ruin the moment; but when it does, you know what to do.

Gorgeous Fall Leaves in Japan

While Spring might be the high time to visit Japan for its famous cherry blossoms, autumn in Japan is just as gorgeous. Japan is definitely not short of viewing spots. Tokyo in itself boasts quite a number of parks and even mountains in the surrounding area in Kanto region for autumn leaves hunting. The activity itself—hunting for autumn colors—is referred to as “momigari”. People go out of their dwellings in search for fall beauty.

In Japanese, autumn color is known as “koyo”. The word refers to a phenomenon of the changing of the leaves into autumn colors. The kanji that constitutes “koyo” literally mean “red leaves”, but the word itself refers to the shades of autumn, which includes yellow, oranges, browns, and combinations of those shades. The clean, organized streets in Japan look even more stunning during fall as the autumn colors are spread throughout.

The viewing period of autumn colors last from two weeks up until a month. While it might not be as crowded and packed as hanami during sakura season, you can spot a lot of people going out and about in the parks, basking in the atmosphere. Viewing autumn leaves in Japan is often enjoyed with traditional Japanese cakes shaped like maple leaves. These traditional cakes are often eaten with Japanese traditional tea, “ocha”. This popular autumn snack is Momiji Manju, in which “momiji” means maple leaves, a pastry made out of mochi dough, generally filled with Azuki paste (red bean paste). The Momiji Manju is known to be a variation from the Miyajima island.

Autumn season begins in September in Japan, as it begins earliest in Hokkaido; the Northern parts of Japan. The mountainous areas are also experiencing the earliest autumn in Japan compared to other areas. Generally, the colder the climate and the weather, the quicker it is for autumn colors to appear and spread. Autumn then would spread to the Southern parts gradually. The Kanto region which includes Tokyo and Kyoto sees autumn colors during late October – early December.

When it comes to finding the spots to see autumn colors, it depends largely on where you plan to travel. If you plan to visit the capital, Tokyo has Rikugien Park as well as the Koshikawa Korakuen. Both parks are very popular for autumn leaves viewings and you’d easily find people everyday visiting the parks. The Koshikawa Korakuen and the Rikugien Parks are both a sight worth seeing during your travel to Japan, as both parks are traditional Japanese landscape gardens. With the ponds and artistic layouts, simply strolling the park during any season is a pleasure a lot of locals often indulge in, even during winters. If you go to Kyoto, there is Arashiyama Park, which also houses the Arashiyama temple, where you can visit and give some offerings to. If you travel a bit up North, in the Tohoku region, there’s Mount Nasudake in Fukushima Prefecture. Mount Nasudake also has a hot spring (Onsen, in Japanese) known as Nasu Yumoto Onsen.

Scuba Diving Lessons For Beginners, A Trend or Passion?

The problem most people who want to start diving is not really knowing what to look for. Trend? Passion? Scuba diving lessons for beginners is the initial stage of digging out what you want. Participating in training is not as easy as you think. Mental preparation and a fit body are the main keys.

scuba diving lessons for beginners

Scuba diving lessons for beginners are easy to find in diving tourism destinations. The problem is, you don’t have the experience to decide whether they are professional or unprofessional. Many beginner divers are disappointed with an unprofessional dive center. This is like a nightmare and a dive training failure. Throw away time and money!

Sometimes we have to be careful before determining something to prevent the first bad experience of your dive. Many dive centers are incompetent and professional, and you have to get rid of the bad ones. Ensure your health before training. If you are in good health, you can dive. Starting the lessons for beginners from the right dive center ensures you get as much pleasure as the experience you get.

No need to rush to become a professional. Learn diving lessons for beginners as a step to step as a professional diver. After completing beginner training, you will realize whether diving is just a trend or your passion. When understanding diving is passion, you will enjoy the next stage of diving training. It’s not easy to be a professional. You must dive frequently and explore skills correctly.

What is learned in scuba diving lessons for beginners?
  • Theories regarding the basics of training, whether in the form of modules or online
  • Introduction to diving equipment training
  • Test swimming with certain conditions (swimming 300 meters without aids) and floating test
  • Performing high-sea dives accompanied by an instructor
  • Perform written tests as part of the stages of scuba diving lessons for beginners
What main diving equipment do you need?
  • Diving tank – Serves as air supply during diving. They come in various sizes and shapes. No need to waste money buying a diving tank while doing initial training. You can get it when you follow the diving lessons for beginners package.
  • Mask – There are many kinds of diving masks. You can buy a mask if you are not comfortable using the mask from the dive center. Make sure the mask you buy is of the best quality for your initial dive safety.
  • Valve – Adjusts the air flow from the tank
  • Gauges – Ignore measuring devices when starting scuba diving lessons for beginners. Dive centers have provided it for you.


Trend or passion, it’s your call. You will know exactly where your diving destination will be. It may be that you decide to do diving training to become a dive master. Apart from all that, diving is a fun and extreme activity. Many obstacles you can experience under the sea. Scuba diving lessons for beginners take you over all the problems that will naturally experience under the sea, more responsive and know how to do safe dives.