Try to Visit These Breathtaking Cities around the World

Visiting foreign country is a thing. However, visiting breathtaking cities around the world can be a great experience you can try. There are many beautiful and elegant cities that can be your next travel destinations.

Breathtaking cities around the world - Bordeaux, France

It is fun to travel around the world and see many kinds of beauty every time you stop by a place. Well, every city in a country has distinctive charms which attract people to visit more. It can be their geographic, culture, local value, and so on. The way you see the city can also be different from people do. However, it is not a bad idea to mark some beautiful cities around the world and include them to your bucket list.

Breathtaking cities around the world that can captivate you

Lots of people have been interested to study about urban characteristics around the world. This has resulted into finding the cause what makes a city look more elegant and beautiful than others. Those factors are historic values, artistic architectures, cultures, safety, easy access, as well as cleanliness. City which owns those factors can be considered as beautiful or breathtaking cities deserved to visit. Here are some of them:

  • Bordeaux, France is one of the most breathtaking cities in the world. The view of this city from above just so captivating. This city is in fact the third largest city in France. Aside from its elegance and breathtaking vibe, this city s preferred because it is more accessible, affordable and sociable. Thus, you now can change your destination from Paris to Bordeaux instead. In this city, you can walk around freely enjoying all the charm it offers.
  • Milan, Italy is undeniably one of the most breathtaking cities around the world you need to visit. All the aspects of an elegant city are there in this city. One of the most prominent charms is the fashion scene. Aside from the fashion scene, the architecture of this city is just mesmerizing that you won’t get bored just by enjoying the view. There are many attractions you can visit as well such as Teatro alla Scala, Italy’s opera house.
  • Again, Italy is a home to another breathtaking city, Florence. This is an elegant city where you can enjoy Italian art and architecture. There are many tourist attractions you can enjoy while traveling to this city such as markets, festivals, concerts, as well as street theater. You can also enjoy dinner at one of restaurants that offer refine cuisines.
  • When it comes to traveling beautiful city you cannot leave London behind. It is one of the most amazing and beautiful cities in the world. The fashion culture, multicultural vibes, as well as artistic architectures are just small parts of the beauty owned by this city. You can do many fun things while in London such as drinking your favorite champagne, strolling around the city street, or seeing the London Eye, one of the most popular London’s tourist attractions. Then, London is indeed one of the most breathtaking cities around the world.

Takes Your Best Parachute Hammock for a Better Summer

It’s summer time. I know it won’t be at all countries in the world, but if you are feeling it now, it will be delighted to see finally the sunshine! One of the best way to enjoy the summer is taking your best parachute hammock to the beach you are going to visit. Or any other places you want to feel the sun touching your face.

The best parachute hammock for the perfect summer

For those who have been living in a tropic island, when the rainy season is over, feeling the air breezing with the gentle swing under the trees in your parachute hammock is always worth trying.

The ray of the sun bursts through the leaves and slowly warms your body as a sign of parting with a cold season.

The warmth of summer at the beginning of the season is always keeps a very refreshing memory. No more hiding in your place, you need to get yourself out of the house and be at outdoor. And while you are doing that, bring your best parachute hammock for traveling  that you have got before is should never forgotten.

As one of the best traveling tool that you need to bring, the parachute hammock can really will help you to enjoy a pleasant summer. Even more, many of us already know that it is also very possible to be used in various seasons.

Don’t just think about going out alone, since being together with your friends at summer will really add some joys. When each of you have agreed for bringing your own best parachute hammock, it may be a good decision. But, you can always consider for using the double hammock size or more than that so all of your team or group members can be fit in only a hammock.

Who knows you all may want to be as so. Yet, the important thing is you all want to enjoy an authentic experience related to a holiday when the “caribbean weather” begins to feel.

Today, most of the parachute hammocks are breathable. Simply, It’s means that air circulation will be very smooth. But because your body will definitely suppress the hammock, it can be uncomfortable when you are sweating.

As long as you are not under the direct sunlight, you won’t really sweating too much inside your hammock. That is why I have mentioned about using it between the trees so you can be more comfortable because of the shade. Sun’s heat can be so hot and its light can be dazzling your eyes.

Later, when your parachute hammock has been setup, you can really enjoy your slow travel. Enjoy your quality time over the quantity with the friends you have brought with.

After that, the next thing you will realize, your parachute hammock becomes your travel-changing experience at summer time.

Enjoy the warmth of the nature in an amazing and imaginable of using the best parachute hammock you have bought before, we never know that it could be a life-changing as well.

If you are interested for spending your summer with this way, you may want to remind your friends about this article.

The Cheapest Sushi Restaurants in Bali

Sushi is a classic; one of the most well-known Asian cuisines that’s widely spread and well-liked at any time of day. If your travel or your long stay in Bali made you miss that mouthwatering  pieces of heaven, make sure to take notes of these Japanese food establishments. If you’ve been staying in Bali for quite some time, you’d know which one is actually cheap, and which one is actually a so-so. And it’s a big deal. Especially if you plan on eating a huge and varied portion of these delectable pieces. Here are the places the Balinese locals go to on a daily basis without breaking the bank.

Warung Sushi Kawe

This restaurant is located at Jalan Pulau Kawe, near Teuku Umar Denpasar. It’s popular with the local university crowd. Especially with the fact that the biggest public universities in Bali is located merely two kilometers away from the restaurant. The average price range is 30,000 – 50,000 IDR for a plate. Mango Maki Roll set is priced at 15,000 IDR. They give free ocha refills, which is excellent for the wallet.

Arkenzi Sushi & Ramen

A small sushi establishment, currently located at Denpasar Mum Food Market that you can find at Jalan Mahendradatta Denpasar. Among this list, this place is the cheapest of all, in which the price of each item on the menu is less than 30,000 IDR. The downside is that they don’t serve nigiri zushi, so only rolls (maki) are available. It’s a good place to eat on a super tight budget. The location is also a plus if you love outdoor seating, as DPS Mum Food Market is essentially an open-space food court.

Sushi Qombi

The prices on average at Sushi Qombi is 30,000 – 50,000 IDR, with pretty good portions. Bring a friend or two so that you can taste everything they have on offer. One of the items with the lowest price at Sushi Qombi is Chicken Avo Nigiri, priced at 22,000 IDR at the time of this writing. The place is characterized by a green van sitting just outside.

Kunti Japanese Restaurant Sushi Bar

Not the cheapest of the cheap but definitely worth a look if you want some authentic sushi. Located at Jalan Raya Legian, Kunti Japanese Restaurant Sushi Bar has fresh sushi and sashimi that are popular both with the locals and tourists. Roll set is priced at 45,000 IDR, and a bowl of miso soup is priced at 10,000 IDR. If you’re staying in Kuta, this place is probably one of the closest ones you’d find for affordable sushi.

Mori Mori Japanese Fusion Food

This establishment is located at Jalan Gunung Soputan Denpasar. They serve a variety of Japanese food from ramen to Japanese curry rice. In their sushi section, they have California roll, Chicken roll, chicken tempura roll, and so forth. The most expensive item in the sushi menu is priced at 32,000 IDR, which is not expensive by any stretch when it comes to sushi.


They have several chains throughout Denpasar, located in North Denpasar, South Denpasar, and they even have a stall at Tiara Dewata Food Court aside from their standalone restaurant buildings. You can order a set of same-type sushi with the option of 4 or 8 pieces. The average prices for the makizushi is 30,000 IDR.

How To Get Bali Freehold Property For Sale

In recent years properties such as villas and condotels have mushroomed. Investors see the future of property in Bali that never dies. Given that Bali is a popular tourist destination in the world, accommodation needs are increasing. Both villas and condotels are increasingly in demand by tourists as accommodation during the holidays.

Bali Freehold Property For Sale

Buying a villa or condotel is the best investment in Bali. How to find Bali freehold property for sale? Owning a villa or condotel will be profitable because of the contribution from rental income. Unfortunately, condotel is not a freehold property. You have building rights for a specified period of 10, 20 or 25 years.

The villa is perfect if you are looking for Bali freehold property for sale. If you don’t understand enough, you need to first understand the difference between freehold and leasehold. leasehold, the owner of the building has the right to extend the lease period or terminate it. Leasehold is applied to company ownership or foreigners. Based on Government Regulation (PP) No. 41 of 1996, Indonesia closed the door for foreign ownership of property.

Bali freehold property for sale benefits Indonesian citizens to invest. Property prices in Bali are amazing. Although Indonesia’s economy is globally declining but does not affect the property market in Bali. This is the reason why Bali freehold property for sale is in great demand.

Trustable Agency To Find Bali Freehold Property For Sale

If you are a foreigner, it might be difficult to get a property in Bali. Even though you have settled for years but your nationality is foreign, it is impossible to buy property. Another way that can be taken for foreigners is to look for property agents. Agents usually help foreigners seek Bali freehold property for sale. They also take care of all the best document processes.

Don’t choose the wrong property agent. Along with the high interest of foreigners to live and own property, many rogue brokers will be detrimental. The rogue broker is not only local residents but also foreigners. If you don’t know Bali, don’t trust anything about brokers who don’t have offices.

Browse the internet and see reviews can be your guide to searching for Bali freehold property for sale. Trusted property agents will ensure that there are no problems or disputes with a related property. Bali freehold property for sale is your chance to invest and make a profit, both short and long-term.

Most Beautiful Waters to Visit around the World

Water has always been a part of our life. In fact, the Earth consists mostly of water instead of land. It makes sense that we put great interest in water. It brings peace and calmness. You might get interested to most beautiful waters to visit around the world.

Most beautiful waters to visit in the world

The term beautiful for water include how the water flow, how the color reflects, and how the clarity dominates. Water can be in form of lake, sea, river, and many more.

Those places are not there to stay but also to enjoy. Thus, you may have idea to visit one of those beautiful waters for your next travel plan. Choosing the best destination for traveling sometimes is tricky and challenging. Thus, this idea of beautiful water might refresh your mind from having difficulties in picking the right destination

Find out most beautiful waters to visit

Water can be beautiful yet dangerous at the same time but somehow you will always get attracted to it. Thus, lots of waters have become tourist attractions because they are too beautiful to ignore. If you consider visiting one of the amazing waters, here are some spots you can choose or at least include into your bucket list:

  1. Bohey Dulang Island, Malaysia is the place where you can find beautiful blue water in Southeast Asia. The journey to this island might be a little rough since you need to take a flight, taxi, and ride a boat before arrive at the site. After riding a boat you still need to hike up about an hour. Only then you can meet the bluest water which shows its beauty that you can’t ever imagine of water.
  2. Iceland’s Blue Lagoon also has one of the bluest waters on Earth. The beauty is unexplainable. This is absolutely one of the most beautiful waters to visit that you must include in your bucket list. This water is part of a hot spring system so you can even swim. The access to this site is relatively easy and safe. However, make sure to visit this place during off season so that you won’t get involved in the crowd.
  3. Payto Lake, Canada also has one of the most beautiful blue waters on Earth. Not only that, beautiful water is surrounded by scenic landscape which will only captivate your eyesight. This lake specifically located in Banff National Park and one of the most popular tourist attractions. Most people love visiting this site during winter because the snow gives more dramatic effect to the view.
  4. Zanzibar, Tanzania also a home to the beautiful blue water. This island is not only beautiful but also stunning.The magnificent blue water spreading out the island gives off peaceful vibe. It is more than exotic beaches. You may be interested to learn about the local culture as well. However, you will get drawn to the beautiful blue water once you arrive at this place. No wonder it is one of the most beautiful waters to visit for vacation.

Advantages of Internship in Digital Agency at Bali

Internship is a period of time especially for students and job seekers to get work experience. Usually take place for around 2 until 4 months. With the different majors, education backgrounds and skills, the offices or divisions will also different to be used as an apprentices place. But if you are looking for the digital agency Bali for your internship, you will get more advantages than you have ever think before.

Advantages of internship in digital agency Bali

Do an internship in the digital agency may not for everyone. But if you need to hone your skills in design and develop the website with various of website programming languages, graphic design, photography and videography, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO), then you have to find one best digital agency Bali.

Advantages of digital agency Bali for internship

You will not only deal with mentioned divisions as above, but more than that. You can even deal with the social medias and sites advertisements (online ads), preparing the content marketing, and many more.

Surely you will only focus on one division as your own education background, but getting to know about the other divisions or skills are also widely open. And many of the digital agency Bali can be easily found and ready to accept applicants for internship.

To know more about the advantages you can get by do an internship especially at the digital agency Bali, read along the below lists that I have prepared.

1. You can easily learn other skills out of your major

Never build a high walls for your curiosity!

Since the digital agencies especially based in Bali have some of the divisions, then your chances for learning the new things and skill are even better. Not to mention that sometimes one division is related to another one. For example, there must be correlations between SEO with the site development, right?

You will be meet the new people with creative and critical minds that will give you their knowledge for free.

2. Projects for the digital agency Bali are vary

Since Bali as the world tourism destination from years ago, many of the business are also developing. Accommodation business, transportation, tourism packages and destinations, products and services, etc. More of the business lines are developing and growing.

So that, the projects you will handle in your internship may also be more diverse. The good news about it is, you will challenge your own ability and skill. So you will know how far you can go with your project and in which area you find your weaknesses. That will really good for your future developments.

3. Experiences and you’ll get paid as well

You may not being paid as much as the staffs, yet, it will still a good money. But the more important thing is, experiences you will get from your internship at digital agency Bali will be much more expensive than what you have thought. And you’ll get the experiences for free.

Not only you are possible to practice the knowledge that has been learnt before, but you are also directly involving in related industry.

4. Give you chance to make your own agency

In case you want to build your own business and it is related to the digital agency Bali, then your internship will be give you more insights about how to start and running it.

You can then write down about the needed divisions, funds, etc. While doing your internship, you can also pay attention to how the digital agency in Bali is operating and all related thing you need for making your own.

5. You might be hired someday

Workers are come and go. That is happening in Bali all the times. So, the digital agency Bali you have ever interned before may need a new guy for the team. And it is possible for the agency to calls you back since they have known about your skills.

So, your internship is not only as one of the graduation requirements if you are a student, but it must be really as if you were the worker that the agency was waiting for before. Most of you should have takes the internship seriously.

While you can generates money, skills and chance for getting your future job in your internship, you can also get more than just 5 list advantages as above.

If you are wondering about where to find the best digital agency Bali for that, simply spend your times to collect as much online information as possible.

How to Become a Savvy Traveler

Travelling is something you can get used to. With more experience, you gain more ability to become savvy traveler. The truth is, not everyone is born savvy travelers. Real experience is what makes people become the one. It is common for you to makes mistakes during your initial time of travelling. Lots of errors made but that only will make you become more experienced in handling unexpected situation during your travel. Slowly, you will be able to integrate yourself into new cultures effortlessly. You have knowledge and experience that will make you freely move from one place to another with ease.

Tips to become a savvy traveler


Tips to become a savvy traveler

You can speed up the process of becoming a savvy traveler besides from having many experiences in travelling. You can pay attention to the following tips and learn how to become savvy adventurer. The tips are meant to help you avoid mistakes during your travel.


  • Try to travel by yourself once in a while. Solo travelling is a great way to learn many things by yourself. You will learn how to interact with new people, face your problem, and familiarize with new culture and many more. You will learn what you are capable of. Through this, you will learn your skill because you push yourself.
  • Choose small suitcase or backpack is a great move of a savvy traveler. Travel light is a smart choice you can pick to avoid hassle. By choosing rather small suitcase or backpack, you will be forced to pack light. You will be trained to choose only necessary stuffs in your small luggage. Thus, you will avoid carrying too much stuff.
  • Packing extra socks will give you good especially when your trip involves many outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, walking, etc. Your foot is your precious asset for your travel. Thus, packing extra fresh socks will help your foot to stay comfortable throughout the journey.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of lock. It is recommended that you always carry lock throughout your travel. Locks come in handy but useful. You can carry a lock with combination so you can lock your stuffs up when you are about to leave your hotel or homestay.
  • Spare some time to research about your travel destination. You can read brief history about your destination. It will help you more understand about them. Beside, you will also know what to look for. Your travel will be more meaningful.
  • When you get in lines, try to get behind business travelers instead of families. Businessman always in a rush because they have limited time to catch up. It will help to speed up the process when you get behind the when in lines. In contrast, you will take forever if you get behind families. They have lots of stuffs to do especially when there are kids as well. Kids are often hard to handle especially when they are in public. Thus, you need to avoid getting behind families when in lines. This will help you to learn how to become a savvy traveler.


How to Have A Komodo Tour You Won’t Forget

When your days start to feel suffocating and your work shifts into tedious boredom, it’s time to take a Komodo tour. A trip to the remote Komodo National Park of Indonesia will surely refresh up your body and soul. Who can deny the beauty of this frontier? You will have days of pristine beach galore, spend all afternoon in a glowing pink beach, enjoy diving in ocean’s ‘aquarium’, and hike to the rugged hills and enjoy scenery of the whole landscape.

How to Have A Komodo Tour You Won’t Forget
Komodo tour by

Though this is not going to be an easy journey, a Komodo tour will definitely leave something in your heart. Don’t let this journey fade without a trace. Here are some way to make your trip last for a lifetime!

1. Gather Your Friends

Komodo tour was perfectly made for group hangout. Whether it;s the family or the gang, having adventurous people beside you will add the fun to your trip. Just like people say; the more, the merrier! A thrilling trek with the dragons or filling the time in the deck will more lively with the bestie beside you. Furthermore, travelling with the group can make your overall travel cost cheaper. You can share the cost of the boat, car rental in Labuan Bajo, and ranger fees with everyone.

2. Gather Your Gears

If you want to make your Komodo tour last in your memories, don’t go empty-handed. It’s the land of adventure! Absolutely bring your camera gear. The National Park gives you a very unique landscape comprising the blue ocean and series of islets with uncommon curves. And beneath the land, lies a very fascinating underwater world with colourful corals, fishes, and rare species. Arm yourself with drone and wide-lensed camera to capture the gorgeous terrain (and the liveaboard!). Bring the action cam and the dive housing to your dive to take the vibrant underwater world. Get back to your country with an album full of stunning picture trips.

3. Tailor Your Komodo Tour Destination

Before you go, know that the Komodo National Park is more than the Komodo Dragons. It’s jewelled by more than 20 beautiful islands with rolling hills and pristine beaches. Each island is beaming with its own quirky charms. The must-visit islands usually covers the essentials; Komodo Island, Padar, Manta Point, and the phenomenal Pink Beach. Popular side-kick islands are the Sebayur, Kalong, Gili Lawa, and Kanawa. However, you can always choose another islands that suits your taste. Take a peek to this Komodo tour—they have complete information about each island in the National Park. Do your research and begin to arrange your itineraries!

4. Book A Tour with Spa 

Granted, a trip to the remote island is nowhere like staying in Bali. This is a journey that will keep you amazed with the raw wonder of nature. A trip where you will be challenged for brave adventure. It’s not that kind of holiday where you can find wellness and lifestyle indulgence in every corner. But who can resist a treatment during a calm journey in the open sea? If you want your holiday to be more memorable, consider to book a Komodo tour with spa facility onboard. Their trained therapist will give you a soothing massage while you are enjoying the excursion. Sometimes, it’s even possible to arrange the spa in one of remote island!

5. Have A Wi-Fi Detox

Have you ever realise how much our time that’s been spent online? With no wifi on the excursion, it’s time to be connected back to nature and immerse yourself to the surrounding. There will be no “Ping” notification to disturb you every five minutes. No needs to check each post in the social media. It’s time to let out your fear of missing out; the beauty of Flores spread just before you to enjoy.

Tips to Learn Foreign Language to Ease Your Travel Overseas

There is no expired date for learning especially learning new languages. It is also beneficial for you to learn foreign language to ease your travel overseas. Knowing native language of your destination will help you a lot during your journey.

Learn foreign language to ease your travel overseas

You will be easily adapted to the new environment because you won’t feel left out. You can interact with the locals because there is no language barrier which holds you to do so.

You can also find lots more interesting places because you can easily retrieve information from the locals. However, learning language is challenging for some people especially for those who are not that interested in language.

How to efficiently learn foreign language to ease your travel overseas

Learning native language of your travel destination can be done months before your departure. Thus, you will be more prepared and confident on your travels.

Due to advanced technology, it is easier to learn foreign language these days. Here are tips to learn foreign language easily as preparation for your next travel overseas:

  1. Use your smartphone to help you learn foreign language to ease your travel overseas. There are thousands apps on your phone that can be download for free. Those language apps will help you learn effectively even without a tutor. You don’t actually need to master perfectly the native language. You just need to learn short phrases so you can carry simple conversation. Make sure to choose important phrases such as phrase to ask for direction, greetings, introduction, etc.
  2. Practice the vocabs you have learned daily so you will have been used to saying the phrases when the time comes. You can practice what you have learned before going to bed or while taking lunch.
  3. Take online lesson using free internet connection from Wi-Fi. Thus, you don’t really need to spend money or internet data to learn foreign language. You can learn the language while you are enjoying coffee time in your favorite cafe.
  4. If you have mastered the basic phrases, it is recommended that you step up your learning. You can try to learn making comprehensible sentences. The more you learn, the more your interest spikes up. After being able to make many sentences easily, it is possible that you can improve your language skill for more. This benefit will not only useful for when you travel because you can also use it anytime which makes you multilingual person.
  5. Watch video of how the natives making conversation. This will help you to pronounce the native word better. If you plan to travel with your friends, it is even more fun to learn together and practice what you have learned together. This will make you feel motivated to learn faster.
  6. Keep practicing the language you have learned even after the travel ends. Who knows that someday you will visit the place again? Language skill is beneficial in many ways. It will be a shame that you learn foreign language to ease your travel overseas to be forgotten later.

The Lightweight Hammock and Sleeping Bag Combination

The lightweight hammock now has become firmly identically with the ideas of how to spend your summer, relaxing and healing, and one of the best way for our lazy living. Thanks to many of the travelers for that. At a glance, it looks like a sleeping bag but without the support of tools to hang it between the poles or the trees.

Lightweight hammock and sleeping bag combination

Two common things that make sleeping bag quiet the same as the parachute hammock are its portability so it can be takes everywhere and its lightweight. Sadly, sleeping bag has big enough volume that can cause your backpack to be full while not many other items are filled in.

One thing that is also very helpful but rarely realized in using a lightweight hammock is that you don’t have to always use or carry a pillow. You may will never think about it except at your own house. But when you are traveling with the hammock, you know that you don’t need it at all.

No more headboard or frame behind your head! Different with the sleeping bag that will keep you thinking about the headboards since you will sleep horizontally. When you are going outside with it, your body can be very disturbed by the gravels, bumpy soil or the tree roots because you sleep right on it. And it will really uncomfortable to be considered as the better outing.


… a combination between the lightweight hammock and the sleeping bag can be a perfect match.

If you have got a sleeping bag before, you can always takes it while traveling with your lightweight parachute hammock. Especially if you have not buy the underquilt to help you absorbs the cold air under the hammock. Let the sleeping bag do that for you to make you warmer while hanging or swinging.

Keep in mind that right before you are decided to bring your sleeping bag, makes sure that your backpack is enough to be filled with all the gears or tools and all of your personal items. This great combination can be perfectly used in cold weathers such as in a rainy day, snowy, and in the night where you are camping for some times.

The air and atmosphere of the mountain or hills can be feel so cold for those who normally living in the city or urban areas that is quiet hot. Therefore, keeping yourself warm inside your lightweight hammock is really important to enjoy your traveling or camping.

Rather than using the sleeping bag, you can also brings a blanket as its replacement if you have not own one. Or any other items that can help you prevent the cold so you can’t be caught by the flu or fever. Hanging on the lightweight hammock is great, but you should also pay a high attention to your health.

If you think that the lightweight hammock is great to be combined with the sleeping bag, help me to share this article. You can also used another item to be the perfect match with the hammock.