4 Bedroom Villa Seminyak With Pool Fence Near Seminyak Square

This may sounds weird to explain about the 4 bedroom villa at Seminyak–Bali that has the pool fence as well as nearby the Seminyak square. But, who knows that you will need this one day?!

Pool fence may not sound an interesting facility for many of the travelers, it is part of the building and can’t be used by the guests to whatever need. But, it is actually functional and even so much important than you think. It is define how private the villa is.

If you are thinking for renting the 4 bedroom villa at Seminyak when traveling with family or the other companions in Bali and requiring the private pool for that accommodation, how can it be private when public is possible watching you swimming around?

That’s what the fence is for.

4 bedroom villa at Seminyak with pool fence and near the Seminyak Square

It doesn’t matter how higher it is, as long as you are feeling comfort and not getting the distractions from outside of the villa, you are good to go.

So does the 4 bedrooms villa located at Seminyak’s that should be nearby the Seminyak square as you may have requested. You will need that when you want more of places to eat and the shopping arcade. The location itself is at the main district of the area so your stay will also get even more interesting.

But you don’t have to worry about many things. If you are traveling in a budget and need the cheap 4 bedroom villa at Seminyak, you can finds that special offer easily.

Distance of 4 bedroom villa at Seminyak with pool fence to the square

I’ll give you a truly simple study case for this. Assuming that you are staying in this 4 bedroom villa Seminyak managed by Hu’u Villas. The villas themselves are actually have their own special restaurant. But as I have said, you may want to experience the other with the different menus, you can go to the Seminyak square.

But, assuming that you want to go to the square by foot as your main thing to do and won’t use any of transportation so you can also enjoy Bali differently, then how close it is to the your villa?

A simple way will be applied. If you are using Google Maps for that, you will only need to spend around 10 minutes walking distance at the time I am checking it and writing this.

But you can actually reaches the square faster since the Google Maps itself is considering the real time “traffic” for pedestrian. It won’t be that long but I am sure that will only be the higher time estimation.

The maps itself is showing that there are 2 main ways to it where the first recommendation will be around 850 meters and the next one is around 1 km. That distance can even be reached in only 7 or 8 minutes walking distance.

One interesting fact about this Seminyak square is it has its own hotel reservation called as the Seminyak Square Hotel. That can even be more closer to the downtown. But sadly, staying there will also get you further from the beach. So that, you’d better reserve the 4 bedroom villa at Seminyak especially in a tight budget family trip.