5 Useful Tips For Your Trip To Komodo

So, for your next traveling or holiday, you are now planning to trip to Komodo Island, aren’t you? Not only to monitor how the Komodo dragons are living as well as the other ancient species, but also to enjoy the beautiful and colorful coral reefs, Pink beach, and mesmerizing hills that could make you forget about the time.

Trip to Komodo Island

The islands view from top of the hills should not also be missed as it is may becomes one of the beautiful thing you will ever grateful for. And talking about the destinations and the attractions for your next trip to Komodo, then you should to spend more of your times since they are couldn’t be done in only one or two hours. So that, let us just focusing on the useful tips to help you out making your plan to get the most out of your Komodo Island’s traveling.

1. Trip to Komodo Island at its best time

Surely there won’t be such a worst time for your trip to Komodo, although it also depending on many aspects such as how long your holiday is, budgeting, etc. But, you know, there is always the best time for it.

So for your first trip to komodo tips, if you are also planning to dive at Komodo Island, then September until November is really recommended if you need to see its underwater wildlife. Let’s say the animals such as Mantas, Whales Sharks and many more. From April to June, the sea is usually calms and clear if you’d like to dive or snorkeling as well while enjoy the green landscape at most of the islands over there.

If you have decided which month to visit for your trip to komodo, then it is also recommended for all the girls and women to pay attention in their period or menstrual cycle. We should also aware that the Komodo dragon is the beast and could smell blood for miles and feared that it would be a new issue for your plan since it could harm yourself. But if you still need to traveling, then discussing about it with your tour guide or the ranger somehow is a must to me.

2. Prepare the useful clothes

You need to bring and use your shirt (the cotton-based) to absorb your sweat since traveling in Komodo Island can also means that you will be trekking for many times. Keep in mind to also use the useful pants that allows you to run without obstacles. I mean, there may be a chance that you will be pursued by the komodo dragon, so it would be better to make yourself ready in any situations. So with the shoes or mountain sandals that could help you move faster. I know all of them may sounds like a dangerous trip to Komodo, but I think it will worth best to get the most out of your traveling.

3. Prepare your cameras and the lenses

Bringing your telephoto lenses if you’ve had one will be better to get pictures since there are many islands around your trip to komodo. And if you’d like to dive, then your underwater camera shouldn’t be left as well. You’ve come so far and I think you deserve more beautiful photographs in your card’s memory. Surely this will be an optional tips related to your need.

4. Create your itinerary

There are many you could do since the Komodo National Park has more of the beautiful islands such as Komodo Island itself, Padar island, Kelor, Labuan Bajo, Rinca and many more. Believe me, even a week or two is too short for the islands to be explored. So, your trip to komodo needs to create and plan your itinerary. From the glorious sunrise in the morning to the magical sunset in afternoon, you need to start early as you can so you could experience more.

While talking about that, your trip to komodo can be helped out by the tour agent that you are using. And there are one of them that has been prepared their itinerary for the travelers in case the tourists may confused by their itinerary. Hello Flores, for example. As one of the best Komodo liveaboard that allows you not only living on the boat, but also create your itinerary that is also related to the destinations and attractions you’d like to experience.

5. Trip to Komodo in a budget?

Take it easy. If you think that traveling to Komodo Island is somehow expensive, there may a change to deals with it. Some of the travel operators are offering their services according to the trip to komodo, in cheaper prices. And most of the times, one of the requirements that you should be met is, getting more people to take a trip with you. The more you could get, the cheaper you might pay. I mean, all you need to do simply just asking or taking your friends with you, moreover if they might have the same plan as you are.

There are many other useful tips that could be helped for your trip to Komodo, but I think that the above 5 tips are enough for now while I am also planning to update this article if getting any chances.