6 Travel Tips to West Sumatra Indonesia

Sumatra is the largest island in Indonesia and the far side of it is West Sumatra, which has attracted travellers from all over the world. There are many things to do when travelling to West Sumatra since there are many places to explore. Most places in West Sumatra are adventurous but still accessible. Thus, this travel destination suits very well with travellers who love challenge. The most intriguing point of travelling to West Sumatra is the natural wildness it presents. You may have heard about Orang Utan. This special species can only be found in this island.

Unlike Bali, beaches in West Sumatra are majorly undeveloped. Travelling to West Sumatra you will find out that it has many potential aspects in tourism such as geothermic lakes, indigenous culture, climbable volcanoes, and many more.

Travel tips to West Sumatra

If you consider West Sumatra as your next travel destination, might as well consider these tips beforehand:

  1. As mentioned that West Sumatra is accessible. To get there, you can take a flight from your place to Jakarta. If you come from neighbour countries such as Malaysia or Singapore, the flight won’t take a long time. You will arrive in about an hour or so.
  2. Prepare all documents needed so you can visit legally. It is also essential to bring cash of Indonesia currency, Rupiah. Thus, you can make any transaction with cash. This is easier option than carrying around your credit card especially when you are going to visit West Sumatra. Paying with cash is more preferable.
  3. There are many travel destinations in West Sumatra that you can pay a visit. If you like adventurous travelling, you might as well consider climbing active volcano, Gunung Marapi. It stands on 9.485 feet and consists of steep trails as well as brittle lava field near the top. The best time for hiking is during weekend. This mountain is recommended for experienced hikers.
  4. If you crave for beach, you can visit one of the most secluded beaches in West Sumatra, Air Manis Beach. Another option is Bungus Beach. The characteristic of beaches in Padang, West Sumatra are peaceful, less noisy, and virgin surroundings. You can do many fun activities such as trekking in the near jungle, snorkelling, or enjoying your time in the hammock.
  5. If you come at the right, time, you have high possibility to witness seasonal pacu jawi or cow race event. This cultural event will make your heart beat quicken. This is the event where you will witness a man bite a tail of a cow. The places and times are rotated between villages. This event is to celebrate the end of rice harvest.
  6. Lake Maninjau is jewel you can find in West Sumatra. This is a great place to visit. It is in 344 feet deep and full of fish. You can do lazy activities such as reading, relaxing your muscles, or fishing to try your luck with the hook. It will be more perfect if you can try fish dishes in nearby eateries.