Avoid Doing These Things During Your Stay at Hotel

To accommodate yourself when travelling, you need a place to stay. The easiest way to do is to book a hotel room for as long you stay for your vacation. Hotel provides various amenities to help you stay comfortably and have a good rest.

Things you shouldn't do when stay in a hotel room

However, seasoned travellers suggest to not getting too comfortable in your hotel room. It is important to keep in mind that even private hotel rooms are still public space shared by hundreds of strangers.

Of course, you need to enjoy your vacation and get proper rest in your hotel room. However, you always need to stay on guard even in the safety of a hotel room you booked.

Things you shouldn’t do in your hotel room when travelling

Being more aware of your surroundings doesn’t mean you have to be hygiene freak or paranoia of your own safety. However, staying alert will give you more chance to act consciously to protect yourself from any threat.

There are many threats while travelling lurking around you such as theft, dangerous germ, bacteria, etc. Even in your hotel room, there is still possibility for you to face the real threat in various ways. Thus, it is recommended to avoid doing these things in your hotel room during your stay:

  • Leaving your valuables lying around the floor of your hotel room is a mistake you should never do during your stay. You may have heard lots of stories about hotel-thefts. Thus, you’d better keep your valuables safe. Make sure to put your valuables in inconspicuous place. Or, you can also leave it in the front desk and ask for receive to retrieve it later. It is more efficient if you don’t want to carry around your valuable during your trip.
  • Revealing your room number carelessly is a big no. It is important to avoid saying your number room out loud at check in, at restaurants and especially to stranger you have just met. No matter how friendly people you have met during your trip, it is highly advised not to reveal your number of hotel room for your own safety. If you want to meet them, choose public space instead of your hotel room. Breaking in is common case but doesn’t mean you have to be one of the victims.
  • Drinking from tap water in your hotel room is not recommended. You never know what’s in the water source. There is possibility of dead body or animals floating around and decomposing the rooftop water tank. It doesn’t mean all tap water in every hotel is bad. However, it is better not to risk your health. Drinking tainted water never do you any good.
  • Opening your door carelessly during your stay in hotel room is a big mistake. When you hear a knock, you need to make sure to know who is there. Even if you are expecting someone such as room service, you need to be cautious. Make sure not to leave your door ajar even if you are inside.