Best Outdoor Spaces in London You Should Visit

London is already known as urban city as well as favorite travel destination. However, London recently became a National Park City. It is said to be the first in the world. It is a campaign to make visitors have healthier, greener and wilder experience during their visit. Well, London is more than an urban metropolis. There are many outdoor spaces full of lush garden and parks which considered this city to be green. At the peak of green season, you will even get to see the contrast between lush and tall trees in the open spaces with the modern buildings around the city. 

Recommended outdoor spaces to explore in London

Visiting London for your holiday can be a great idea especially if you are into green travel. There are gardens and parks you can explore during your visit. Here are several of them:

King’s Wood is located in South London. It is an open space covering 147 acres. It is actually an ancient woodland which full of captivating scenery. There is also evidence of Iron Age infrastructure that has been found here. The place is not only historical but also magical with its beautiful, luscious trees and plants. It is a great place to explore to promote relaxation. 

Chiswick House Garden is also highly recommended open space in London to visit. The gardens are beautiful and has that effect that can make you feel calm and relaxed. One of the most notable things from this garden is the presence of Atlantic blue cedar trees. Some of them were originated in Lebanon. For your information, this place was also used as filming location for the Beatles’s music videos. 

Primrose Hill is located in Central London. It is one of the most important green spaces in London. This is a great space to spend your family vacation. The park is spacious and is designed for an urban space. Thus, you can still see the sight lines to the city’s key landmarks. 

Abney Park Cemetery is located in Stoke Newington. It may sound morbid to have an outdoor trip to a cemetery. However, this place is more than that. This open space offer serene environment along with old, big trees. This park was originally a burial ground indeed. However, it was closed in 1970. However, it didn’t stop the area to flourish a wild-environment. Variety of plants and fungi are also thrived in this park even the rare ones. Not to mention that you get to see rare buglife and birdlife as well. 

Battersea Park is located in Wandsworth. This open space is historic and human-crafted. This urban park has varied use covering 200 acres. It was precisely located on the south bank of the Thames. This park was open in 1858 and has various spots including memorials, playing fields, bowling greens and bandstands, protected wild woodland, beautiful lakes, open spaces, and more. This park truly looks magical especially when the sun shining through the gaps between the trees.