Family Friendly Festivals around the World

While traveling with your family, sometimes it is quite challenging to find the right attractions. It means that the attractions are supposed to be kid and adults-friendly. Therefore, it is called challenging. However, there are many things you and your family can do for traveling.

Family friendly festivals around the world

Yes, going to the beach is fun and playing all day in theme park is exciting. However, it is also fun and exciting to attend festivals while you are traveling overseas. There are many types of festivals around the world that you and your family can attend. Festivals are fun because they are not there every day. You need to research about the schedule of the festivals before visiting the destination especially when they are abroad.

Festivals you and your family can enjoy to the fullest

Festival is not only fun to attend. It is not only about colorful shows and performance but also about how you can let your kids learn more about the diversity of culture. Outdoor festivals are more interesting even. There are many things to do to inject them diverse cultures in fun ways. Without further ado, here are some festivals around the world that you and your family can enjoy for your next travel plan:

  • Lake Eden Art Festival is held in Black Mountain, NC. It is held in May and October. The festival is more like biannual circus which every kid loves to the core because there are many fun things such as magicians, puppets, hoop dancers, trapeze artists, etc. You can even bring your family to camp out in this place and do lots of fun activities together such as swimming in Lake Eden, enjoying music performances, and many more.
  • Another festival held in May and October is Joshua Tree Music Festival located in Joshua Tree, California. This is a music festival which is kids-friendly. Lots of families like visiting this event along with their kids. Performances are worth watching since the musical artist come from around the world. Aside from music performance, you can also enjoy other fun events such as dance parties, circus, crafts, etc.
  • Next family-friendly festival is Austin City Limits which is located in Austin, Texas. It is held in 2 weekends in October and consists of lots of attractions including foods, music, market, etc. The activities are kids-friendly which are wrapped in fun and creative ways so that they can learn many things excitingly.
  • Bumbershoot is a festival held in Seattle, Washington. It is held in September and the best event to introduce your family to art and culture. The events are wrapped in fun activities with various departments such as art, music, dance, film, theater, performing arts, and many more. The activities facilitated in this festival are not only fun but also educative especially for those who like art and cultures. This festival is loved by kids the most because they can express they interest in a department they like by enjoying related activities. And the good news is this festival is free from kids age 7 and under.