Find Out Recommended Places for Cultural Travelling Bucket List

Cultural travel is the best way to make you see the world from another perspective. You might as well start to sort out best places for cultural travelling on your bucket list. Through this valuable journey, you will get to know that every culture has its own value and principle which define their presence and purpose in life. This is not only about having fun because you will earn more than that. Of course you will have some fun during your trip but you will also experience deeper discovery in your life. Thus, having cultural travel is recommended to do.

6 Recommended places for cultural travelling you can choose

Basically, every country has its own cultures which hold high value to be appreciated and recognized. In fact, experiencing foreign culture is priceless. If you are interested to d cultural travel, you may need recommendation of best places to go. Here are some of them:

1. Tokyo

Japan is a country full of cultural points. Aside from their authentic ancestor and architecture, Tokyo has developed into one of the most modern places in the world without leaving their original culture behind. This is interesting point of their culture. One of the most sought cultural points is their cuisines. You can experience their food shows and learn how to make authentic foods. It is fun way to learn the local culture.

2. Indonesia

Places for cultural travelling

This archipelagic country is recommended place for you to have cultural travel. This is unique country located in South-East Asia. It is one of the largest populated countries in the world. You will find cultural diversity in many aspect of local’s everyday life. Recommended places to go is Lombok, Bali, Yogyakarta, and Aceh.

3. Shanghai

Shanghai, China is one of the most recommended places for cultural travelling. Chinese culture is already famous and spread throughout the world especially in food aspect. However, there is no better way to learn about the original culture except by experiencing it by visiting and interacting with the local. Cultural points you can try to find are art, diverse architecture, and of course their delicacies.

4. Rome

Rome, Italy is a great place to experience roman culture. The Eternal City is a home to the original culture of Roman. You will find deeper perspective of the culture by interacting directly with the local and tracking down their other cultural heritage by visiting Colosseum, Roman Forum, etc.,

5. Milan

Milan is the best place for fashion culture travelling. This is what you call Fashion capital of the world. This is where you can learn how people express their own selves through their dressing. Aside from fashion, you can also learn more about their history through architecture, as well as the local interaction.

6. Jerussalem

This is one of places for cultural travelling so you can see the world through different perspective. This is the place where cultural diversity is rich because you will find every detail characteristic of different culture coming from Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Engulf yourself to understand more about them by exploring more.