Here’s What You Need to Do During Your Time in Surf Camp Spain

The Iberian Peninsula is known to be home of the best waves in Europe. Combined with rich culture, historical heritage, awesome city, sunny weather and delicious food, Spain emerge as one of prime surfing destination in the world. You can practically come to Spain, stay at one of the surf camp and have some surf at any time of the year. Beginners would love the waves during summer to early autumn, while intermediate and advanced will find their challenge during spring and autumn, when the swells are bigger and the beach emptier. Professionals and record-breakers come around winter as the the swells are huge are more powerful. The España is perfect for your surf gateway, and these are the must-dos you need to try in the meantime. 

Here’s What You Need to Do During Your Time in Surf Camp Spain

Trying Different Beach Each Day 

You are in one of the most popular surfing destinations in Europe! And if you come around May to September, you can practically surf at any beach in the country. One of the best way to do this is by staying at a surf camp Spain that offer surf excursions. They will lay out the schedule for you, they will have professionals to give you a guided surf tour at those beaches, and they will arrange all the transportation. We love this mode of surf excursion as it’s more laid-back and way safer. Because we have a professional to explain the characteristic of the swells, currents, weather, and everything at every surf spot. Also, choosing a handful of appropriate surf sites that match with our level and skill set among hundreds of beach option could be quite overwhelming. But you can always do it independently if you want to have a more authentic surf holidays!

Pick Up Some Spanish on Surf Camp Spain 

Spanish is one of the most sexiest language in the world, so why don’t you learn some words while you are there? A lot of surd camp Spain we know offer language class. It’s a good opportunity to add some skills! Also, Spanish won’t only make you look cooler when you return home. It’s one of four most spoken languages in the world, which will come useful one day. 

Learn Kite Surfing

Here’s What You Need to Do During Your Time in Surf Camp Spain

What’s better than surfing? Kit surfing of course! You can’t just do kit surfing anywhere. A lot of surfing destination in the world cannot offer this experience. They might not have the equipment, the license, or the right weather to support this sport. So if your surf camp Spain have this activity on the list, be sure to not miss it. Most of the time, kite surfing will charge extra price outside of the package, though. So be prepared. 

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Eat Free Tapas and Learn to Make Some at Surf Camp Spain 

What’s the point of coming all the way to Spain if you don’t get to taste the free tapas?! Going tor Tapas is one of the quintessential of life in Spain. You will need to pay for decent price for the best tapas, but Granada and few other cities are known to give free tapas that come with your order of drinks! Your surf camp Spain will also serve tapas at some point (if not every other day). This is an awesome way to experience a slice of Spanish’s authentic culture (quite literally). If your surf camp offer tapas cooking class, don’t think twice and sign up for it. You will come back home being able to create a tapas and that’s one of the coolest thing ever. 

Visit the Games of Thrones Set 

Here’s What You Need to Do During Your Time in Surf Camp Spain

While you are in Spain, why don’t you visit some of the cities that were used as set of HBO’s most popular series Game of Thrones? The Girona city is known for its small, medieval village that will instantly take you back in time. If you are a huge Game of Thrones fans, you will find it familiar with the King’s Landing, the capital city of Westeros’ Seven Kingdoms. If you have plenty of free time and are Game of Thrones enthusiast, you will be delighted to check out dozens of other set of the series that scattered all across Spain.