How to Find a Reputable Bali Tattoo Studio to Get Inked

Finding a reputable tattoo studio in Bali can feel a bit daunting, given the notorious reputation Bali has when it comes to tattoo hygiene, safety, and overall standards. However, this is not the case anymore in recent years. Finding a good Bali tattoo studio and capable tattoo artists to do your permanent ink are entirely possible, given that you have done your homework before coming to Bali to get inked. 

There are certainly reputable Bali tattoo studio to find 

Good, reputable tattoo studios in Bali are not that difficult to find. Studio tattoo Bali can sometimes be rather infamous for their lack of hygiene and standard procedure. Despite the notable improvements, shops like these still exist. Avoid the many shops littering the streets of the crowded Kuta or Legian, or shady ones tucked in a corner somewhere. What can you do to find the best Bali tattoo studio? 

Here are some tips on how to find good tattoo studios in Bali: 

Don’t go to the cheapest Kuta tattoo studio you can find. Tattoos would last for life. Don’t settle for the cheapest parlor you can find. If it’s too good to be true (or in this case, too cheap to be true) then it probably is. 

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Start your search for a tattoo parlor or Bali tattoo shops through a web search 

Start looking through doing a web search. Tattoo studios that can sustain themselves will care to give potential clients easy access to their business, so having an updated website, a social media accounts (instagram, facebook, even tumblr accounts), and a profile in Google Maps are good starting points. This is also an excellent opportunity to take a look at the tattoo artists’ or the studio’s portfolio and have some inspirations on Bali tattoo designs that you’d like to get. 

Pay attention to the customer reviews of the Bali tattoo studio 

Look at the reviews. Make sure that the reviews posted are written by real person. Take note of each review posted and when available, see how the tattoo studio responded to their customers’ feedback. 

What if the place is newly opened? If you’re finding into a new place that has recently been opened and have little to no reviews, then the best thing you should do is to go to the place in person and see if you’re comfortable in the place. Although they may not be well-known yet, newly opened tattoo place can be a good place to get your tattoo done, as they usually would be more eager to welcome customers like you. Some places also offer discounted rates as a way to promote their newly opened tattoo studio. So this may come as an advantage for you. 

Get inside the tattoo parlor or tattoo studio before you say yes to anything.

Feeling comfortable and confident once you step in the shop is extremely important. If you don’t feel okay being in their studio, then it’s all within your right to politely step out. 

  • Pay attention to the exterior of the tattoo parlor. If it already feels unwelcome on the outside, why would you want to get in? 
  • Observe the inside of the tattoo parlor once you get in. Is it clean and sanitary? 
  • How about the staff? Are they polite and accommodating? How do you feel after talking to the tattoo artists?

Make sure to pay attention to these things as the experience of getting a tattoo in Bali is highly dependent upon your comfort in the tattoo studio.