How to Have A Komodo Tour You Won’t Forget

When your days start to feel suffocating and your work shifts into tedious boredom, it’s time to take a Komodo tour. A trip to the remote Komodo National Park of Indonesia will surely refresh up your body and soul. Who can deny the beauty of this frontier? You will have days of pristine beach galore, spend all afternoon in a glowing pink beach, enjoy diving in ocean’s ‘aquarium’, and hike to the rugged hills and enjoy scenery of the whole landscape.

How to Have A Komodo Tour You Won’t Forget
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Though this is not going to be an easy journey, a Komodo tour will definitely leave something in your heart. Don’t let this journey fade without a trace. Here are some way to make your trip last for a lifetime!

1. Gather Your Friends

Komodo tour was perfectly made for group hangout. Whether it;s the family or the gang, having adventurous people beside you will add the fun to your trip. Just like people say; the more, the merrier! A thrilling trek with the dragons or filling the time in the deck will more lively with the bestie beside you. Furthermore, travelling with the group can make your overall travel cost cheaper. You can share the cost of the boat, car rental in Labuan Bajo, and ranger fees with everyone.

2. Gather Your Gears

If you want to make your Komodo tour last in your memories, don’t go empty-handed. It’s the land of adventure! Absolutely bring your camera gear. The National Park gives you a very unique landscape comprising the blue ocean and series of islets with uncommon curves. And beneath the land, lies a very fascinating underwater world with colourful corals, fishes, and rare species. Arm yourself with drone and wide-lensed camera to capture the gorgeous terrain (and the liveaboard!). Bring the action cam and the dive housing to your dive to take the vibrant underwater world. Get back to your country with an album full of stunning picture trips.

3. Tailor Your Komodo Tour Destination

Before you go, know that the Komodo National Park is more than the Komodo Dragons. It’s jewelled by more than 20 beautiful islands with rolling hills and pristine beaches. Each island is beaming with its own quirky charms. The must-visit islands usually covers the essentials; Komodo Island, Padar, Manta Point, and the phenomenal Pink Beach. Popular side-kick islands are the Sebayur, Kalong, Gili Lawa, and Kanawa. However, you can always choose another islands that suits your taste. Take a peek to this Komodo tour—they have complete information about each island in the National Park. Do your research and begin to arrange your itineraries!

4. Book A Tour with Spa 

Granted, a trip to the remote island is nowhere like staying in Bali. This is a journey that will keep you amazed with the raw wonder of nature. A trip where you will be challenged for brave adventure. It’s not that kind of holiday where you can find wellness and lifestyle indulgence in every corner. But who can resist a treatment during a calm journey in the open sea? If you want your holiday to be more memorable, consider to book a Komodo tour with spa facility onboard. Their trained therapist will give you a soothing massage while you are enjoying the excursion. Sometimes, it’s even possible to arrange the spa in one of remote island!

5. Have A Wi-Fi Detox

Have you ever realise how much our time that’s been spent online? With no wifi on the excursion, it’s time to be connected back to nature and immerse yourself to the surrounding. There will be no “Ping” notification to disturb you every five minutes. No needs to check each post in the social media. It’s time to let out your fear of missing out; the beauty of Flores spread just before you to enjoy.