How to Know Whether You are Addicted to Travel

Travel is fun activity most people love. There are particular joys and happiness that you can only feel from travelling. Unforgettable experiences and adventure are what people expecting the most from travel. The more you travel, the more you want to do it more. Sometimes, it gets to the point where you are addicted to travel. Is it bad to get addicted to travel?

How to Know Whether You are Addicted to Travel

Travel addiction and how to know if you have it

Getting addicted to travel is not bad as long as you are not neglecting your responsibilities. Here are some signs you can see to know whether or not you are addicted to travel like many travel junkies out there:

You can’t to settle being at home for so long without planning the next trip. Even right after you arrive at home from your trip, your mind is already wondering which destinations to go to next. Even when you talk to someone who are telling their stories about their trip, your mind will automatically envision your next adventure. It seems that your mind never not thinking about travel plans.

You are very motivated to save money from travel unlike for any other reasons. You keep saving up for your next adventures instead of the latest gadgets. You have to think twice before spending money for something but not hesitant to splurge it on a trip. Every money you get, you will automatically think to use it for your adventure.

How to Know Whether You are Addicted to Travel

You are constantly in a bad mood if you have not traveled for a long time. You feel restless when you stay at home for too long. There is that itchiness in your mind and soul when you crave for travel. You want to experience new adventure that can make you feel happier and lighter. Sometimes, you feel elated to have chance to go for a short-trip.

Your favorite things are always related to travel. When the others read news, fashion magazines, or watch food channels, you read travel blogs, watch travel documentaries, or read travel tips. Even when you buy books with your friends, the first thing you search for is travel books.

You have different currencies with you. When you travel quite often, you will accumulate tons of notes and coins in different currencies. People around you who see those will know exactly that you are frequent traveler. This can be a sign of travel addiction when you love collecting different currencies.

You have travel arrangement ready even if you don’t plan a trip. It means, you have everything arranged in certain place. For example, you have travel necessities such as passport, toiletries, flip flops, adapters, and more in one place. You organize them well because you know it won’t be long until you have to pack them again. In fact, travel addicts don’t really unpack.

When you are addicted to travel, home is not really a place for you. The whole world become your home and you find happiness from being aware of that feeling.