How to Pull Off a Memorable Wedding on a Raja Ampat Cruise

Raja Ampat Cruise

Congratulations, you’re engaged! And now are planning your “Special Day”. You have both decided on the romantic wedding on a cruise around the beautiful island of Raja Ampat. Ocean breezes carry sweet romance through the air when you have your wedding on the water. Water weddings are truly memorable and combine your love for each other with your passion for travel in beautiful islands. Raja Ampat Cruise will help you plan every detail to create memories that last a lifetime. After you have decided to get a wedding on a cruise, the next big thing to prioritize is how to give your family and friend the best gift. Suppose you’re still wondering about the particulars of what you need to prepare. Here are the lists of what you will need to pull off the most unforgettable cruise wedding party.

Pick the right ship that suits your style

Every cruise around Raja Ampat has its personality! Look at one of the cruises that match your style, with the venue, dining, entertaining and amenity option. Raja Ampat Cruise has excellent amenities that you and all your guests will enjoy. The most significant thing to consider while choosing a cruise above anything else is your venue. You need to make sure; your cruise can accommodate your number of guests with space for partying and activities.

Raja Ampat Cruise

Choose your romantic route with Raja Ampat Cruise

The next thing to take care to make your dream wedding come true is a route for your wedding cruise. There are many extraordinary locations around Raja Ampat for both locals and travelers to enjoy. For example, take a trip around Triton Bay to Tomolol. Enjoy scenic views of The Triton Bay, and you are bound to find the perfect location for you and your partner to cast off and set sail. Keep in mind, the best route that will showcase the beauty of your wedding destination, it will leave your guests wowed.

Plan a water wonderland

What’re the best things about having a wedding cruise when you can’t enjoy the water? Make sure to put some water activities at your wedding itineraries, like diving, swimming with Manta Rays or snorkelling.

Serve fantastic food on a Raja Ampat Cruise

One of the essential things about a wedding is the delicious food. Keep your guests from being grumpy by serving the right food for the appetizer and a full-course meal for the best dining experience. Choosing great food and drink is essential to pulling together your vision for your special day.  You can offer classic seafood, like the fresh lobster or some local and western dishes that your guests will surely love. Don’t forget the wedding cake! Because you are having your special day on the water, you are going to want your wedding cake to reflect the lovely ocean and waves. Decorate the cake with some blue hues by having the frosting replicate crashing waves and adorn with simple touches, such as starfish, seashells, small fish and coral.

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Play some music

What is a wedding party without music? Start your big day on the right with some melodic love tunes and dance away at your unique venue. You need to prepare the best playlist for your special day or hire a DJ to take care of the music throughout the day.