Komodo Tour Package You Should Get At Least For Once

There is one Komodo tour package you should get at least for once  in your life. This should be on the first and top among your lists and other packages consisted until today. Not just because the prices are cheap and affordable, but also will provide you the unique and a really ultimate travel experiences in the beautiful Flores Islands and Komodo National Park. I am talking about; Cruising through paradise from HelloFlores.com.

Komodo tour package for sailing Flores Islands

Sailing to some islands and exploring them with the beautiful yet wild nature with the Komodo Dragons in front of you, then going back to boat to spend the night while living on it for days might sound like a dream comes true. Not a dream anymore since this Komodo tour package has been provided with various of boats you could choose, how long will you staying on board, or how many islands you are interested to be visited. Not to mention about the beautiful and unique beach like pink beach and some mesmerizing sunset on the horizon. Many more await for you to be experienced.

Let me tell you a bit about the services to fulfill your sailing desire among the Flores Islands from this Komodo tour package. The first is, if you are confusing about what to do and what the islands to be visited, get your own itineraries in the web which you have 3 options to be chosen. From a day cruise, up until 3 days 2 nights and 5 day and 4 nights. Though those itineraries could be change due to the local conditions, weather, strong current and wind, etc, you could still contact the management about the related and available package at that moment.

Secondly, which is the best one according to me is the Komodo’s liveboard. I mean, living and visiting and exploring the island on the boat. All the boats are carefully selected and built to provide you the best cruising experiences. I myself think that this is the best one choice you should get at least once in a lifetime of your traveling. This is the best Komodo tour package with beautiful stories to be told for your generations.

And talk about how to discover the hidden treasures of Indonesia by the sea, all you need is being delivered by the comfortable and luxury Phinisi boat. A traditional sailing boat’s design inherited by the ancestors years ago. This will also become the way how to sail the Flores Islands with local wisdom without leaving the luxury behind. And another special thing about it is, you are welcomed to feel the experiences with friends and family in a limited group members. Each boats have their own maximum guests, so you may need to keep updates and get in touch with the management of Hello Flores. By having the limited guests in the list, it is surely to make sure your traveling still private so you could really enjoy the moment while cruising. Though there are 7 boats right now, it is important to get this Komodo tour package right away before it’s too late.

Having your own decision in choosing which islands to be visited and boats to be sailed when exploring Flores islands or Komodo National Park, is the luxury itself. And you could makes it true by get this Komodo tour package at least once in your life. And hope that’s the best decision you’ve made so far.