Most Beautiful Waters to Visit around the World

Water has always been a part of our life. In fact, the Earth consists mostly of water instead of land. It makes sense that we put great interest in water. It brings peace and calmness. You might get interested to most beautiful waters to visit around the world.

Most beautiful waters to visit in the world

The term beautiful for water include how the water flow, how the color reflects, and how the clarity dominates. Water can be in form of lake, sea, river, and many more.

Those places are not there to stay but also to enjoy. Thus, you may have idea to visit one of those beautiful waters for your next travel plan. Choosing the best destination for traveling sometimes is tricky and challenging. Thus, this idea of beautiful water might refresh your mind from having difficulties in picking the right destination

Find out most beautiful waters to visit

Water can be beautiful yet dangerous at the same time but somehow you will always get attracted to it. Thus, lots of waters have become tourist attractions because they are too beautiful to ignore. If you consider visiting one of the amazing waters, here are some spots you can choose or at least include into your bucket list:

  1. Bohey Dulang Island, Malaysia is the place where you can find beautiful blue water in Southeast Asia. The journey to this island might be a little rough since you need to take a flight, taxi, and ride a boat before arrive at the site. After riding a boat you still need to hike up about an hour. Only then you can meet the bluest water which shows its beauty that you can’t ever imagine of water.
  2. Iceland’s Blue Lagoon also has one of the bluest waters on Earth. The beauty is unexplainable. This is absolutely one of the most beautiful waters to visit that you must include in your bucket list. This water is part of a hot spring system so you can even swim. The access to this site is relatively easy and safe. However, make sure to visit this place during off season so that you won’t get involved in the crowd.
  3. Payto Lake, Canada also has one of the most beautiful blue waters on Earth. Not only that, beautiful water is surrounded by scenic landscape which will only captivate your eyesight. This lake specifically located in Banff National Park and one of the most popular tourist attractions. Most people love visiting this site during winter because the snow gives more dramatic effect to the view.
  4. Zanzibar, Tanzania also a home to the beautiful blue water. This island is not only beautiful but also stunning.The magnificent blue water spreading out the island gives off peaceful vibe. It is more than exotic beaches. You may be interested to learn about the local culture as well. However, you will get drawn to the beautiful blue water once you arrive at this place. No wonder it is one of the most beautiful waters to visit for vacation.