6 Reasons To Have A Double Hammock For Camping

So, you have heard about the double hammock before and you think that it will be great to be used with your best friend or someone you love. I do agree with that. But, for some people, many have not even get for even one and some have got it as well but only a single hammock. It’s ok for me and sometimes it may be more than enough than you need. Moreover, you are the only one who know what actually you need according to camping at anywhere you like.

If you are thinking that, for example the double hammock, as your own bed as you usually using in your room back at home, than treating the hammock itself might be more special than before. A lightweight bed that you could bring everywhere as you like and could provide bigger rooms or spaces for at least 2 persons. I know that the term of “double” will be automatically interpreted as for 2 people as maximum and not more than that.

But if it really possible to load more as long as it is not exceeds the maximum weight of its carrying capacity, then using the double hammock will be recommended. At least that what I will say for now. But keep in mind that you need to make sure that all of the related security issues must be prioritized.

For example, don’t use the double hammock for 3-4 people where you are hanging it beside the cliff or maybe between it. But if only you could setting up at your backyard with the thick grass on the land, then you are good to go.

Reasons to get your own double hammock for camping

There are various hammock styles available whether at online shops or not, so with the double hammock itself. And for one or some reasons, it can be really difficult to choose which is the right one for us. As you are gathering all the needed information available, you may want to consider to get the double hammock.

If you are a “camping nerd” aka an amateur as I am, the double hammock somehow is also popular whether for campers or even travelers around the world. My first two guesses about the related reasons for that are of its space and also because of the more bigger spaces, then we’d likely to have the chance to experience more intimate moment. Don’t agree with that, do you?

Beside that, there are other several reasons that I will show you in the lists below about why you need a double hammock.

1. Bigger and even more than enough for two person

Yeah, you may think that I am keep repeating what I have been written above related to the double hammock space that it could get. But, why not?! It will allowed both of you to sit in it, safely and comfortably. But not only that since you and your partner are could also sleep in it.

2. Really helpful for the taller person

In my opinion, the single hammock may the most popular one. But it doesn’t mean that it could provides of what most of us needs. A taller camper or traveler as an example. It will be a really troublesome for the taller person if using the single hammock since the entire legs can’t be inserted into the hammock.

Double hammock for camping

But that issue will mostly not be found when using the double hammock because we have a bigger chance to covered all of out body parts. Even for 2 person as well.

3. Adding more fun

Related to the romantic moment as I have mentioned earlier. Hammocking with our partner using the double hammock sounds fun and interesting to me. Not to mention if the partner is your own beloved one. A father with his child, sleeping in it, also a good way to build a strong relationship for the family.

4. In case the climate or atmosphere is harsher

If you are hiking the mountain and taking rest at night in your hammock, we know that the atmosphere could really drastically change. You may finds that the air is colder than before and other things that could not even being predicted by yourself.

Using the double hammock surely will help in that situation as well since the extra length and width can add more of coverage to your body. Bringing the blanket, small pillow or your sleeping bed if possible will also help you to get warmth inside because of its bigger space.

5. Carry less

It is for 2 person right? Then there will be one that can’t possible takes the hammock in the backpack. As simple as that. And take it easy, you may finds that its weight will not even reach 1 kg. So you will keep move in comfort and quick.

6. Cheap or at least affordable

I have found that the price of the single and double hammock may differ in only $1 or $2. So, no need to think about to double the price for the extra size of hammock. Nope. Yes, it is true for sure. But, since I might not compare all of the brands available, you may need to do your own researches.

Yet the double hammock have more advantages. But I think that also applies for the single hammock although have some differences. If you are confused which one to be taken home, you can start with your own personal preferences about what actually you will do with it.