The Most Recommended Places to Visit in Asia for Your Next travel

For those who like travelling around the world, Asia must be one of the most expecting destination. There are lots of recommended places to visit in Asia which are hard to resist. You will need to take your time planning and deciding which place you are going to visit for your next travel. Asia is where you can find beautiful nature in the best possible ways. There are many spots that worth your time to spend. In Asia, you will find how local people keep their culture very well while adapting with modern world as well. That’s how Asia charm people all around the world and tempt them to pay for a visit.

Plan your next travel to these recommended places to visit in Asia

Travel around the world must be everyone’s wish. However, not everyone knows their destination. While you are contemplating the right place to visit for your exploration of natural beauty on Earth, you can give Asia a chance. So here are some of the most recommended spots to visit in some Asian countries:

        • Indonesia’s most famous spot for vacation is Bali. However, Indonesia still have more places that deserve your time to visit. One of them is Raja Ampat. This exotic island is known for its naturally stunning beauty since it’s a divine archipelago in Asia. Started from beaches to the jungles, your adventure won’t let your admiration rest. There are many diving spots, thousands sea creatures, and many more.
  • Recommended places to visit in Asia
    • Aside from nature charm, Asia has got its modern spot for best travelling like what you can find in Yokohama, Japan. This is one of the largest metropolis in Japan which has been appealing people with its stunning city view, modern architecture, as well as delicious local cuisine. You can stroll around the city to find many attractive sides of Japan.
    • Nature won’t ever fail to awe you, just like what Gansu does every time as one of the most recommended places to visit in Asia. This spot is located in China, one of the largest countries in Asia, even in the world. In this spot, you can visit rainbow desert of Danxia National Geopark. It’s easy to reach this spot. Besides, you will also able to see the sight of giant Buddha at Bingling Monastery.
    • Next most recommended spots in Asia is Hill country, Sri Lanka. You can take scenic train to Sri Lanka Hill Country. You will see magnificent landscape of the hill. You can pay a visit to the location of lakeside, botanical gardens, sacred Buddhist sites, and many more interesting spots. Not to mention the beauty of Nuwara Eliya which remind you of colonial times there.
    • Another modern escape can be found in Astana, Kazakhstan. The glimmering city will be able to put you in awe. You can stroll around the city and enjoy the view of golden skyscrapers, stained-glassed pyramid, as well as the world’s largest marquee. Those can be found only in Astana.

    So which of the recommended places to visit in Asia captivates your travel desire?