Travel Tips to India You Will Need

Having a trip even for short period to India will be a great experience to memorize. India is one of the largest population countries in the world. This country is very famous its Bollywood industry including film and music. Lots of travelers consider India as experience not only destination. However, you may need travel tips to India before depart. It is because India is not also an easy place to deal with. For first-timer, India can be a challenging travel destination. There will be overwhelming situation to face for those who are not prepared to travel to this busy country.

Tips for travelling to India

India is a safe place for travelling but you need to be prepared well so that you can enjoy your trip safely. Here are some travel tips to India especially for those who visit this country for the first time:

  1. Prepare your documents especially those considered as requirements to enter the country. Your passport and visa should be prepared so your entry is valid.
  2. India is suitable for long-term vacation because there are lots of areas you need to explore. The diversity is tempting to be explored and it will be suffice if the time is not too short. If you cram your travel plan in a day or two, you will only experience fatigue. Thus, just take your time and set your own pace so you can truly enjoy your time in India.
  3. Next travel tips to India are pay attention on weather diversity and climate. The different climate in different are is quite significant so you’d better be prepared with the forecast. Make sure your time for travelling in India is the most comfortable one. Choose your destination based on the weather. For example, if you decide to enjoy summer in India, most popular and suitable destinations are Hampi, Kerala, Mumbai, Rajasthan, or Goa.
  4. You need to be alert with the level of pollution in India. Make sure you are protected by mask while wandering around the city. Make sure you always carry mineral water bottle during your trip to avoid dehydration because the weather can be harsh.
  5. You might as well be selective in choosing the meals because the foods are a bit tangy. Those who are sensitive to those kinds of foods should choose their meals properly. It is best to eat fresh foods only so you can stay healthy.
  6. You are also recommended to bring basic medication such as for headache, diarrhea, etc. It is quite common to suffer from those types of illness when you visit India even though not everyone experiences the same. Some people are immune to common ailments. Talk to your doctor if you need certain shot or vaccine before going to India so you are fully protected.
  7. Dress appropriately is the next travel tips to India. There are sacred places in India such as mosques or temples which require you to dress modestly. You need to follow the rule to show that you are not a threat and respect their customs.