Trip to Komodo is Honeymoon Perfect: This is Why

Have you ever think of planning a trip to Komodo for your honeymoon? If you haven’t, it’s best to put it in thought from now on.The raw and beautiful Komodo National Park is like a dream destination for many. It’s perfect gateway after the hustle and bustle of the wedding. Imagine laying in soft white sand with your partner, in an island lack of people, and forget everything in the outside world. It’s only you and your lover. Get on your love bubble. Let’s get lost together in this Indonesian frontier and have the most memorable honeymoon ever.

5 Reasons Why A Trip to Komodo is Honeymoon Perfect Choice

If you are not convinced yet, here’s five reason why you need to go on a trip to Komodo for your honeymoon.

1. The Otherworldly Scenery

Get prepared to be spoiled by the dramatic landscape of Flores. The best time to plan your honeymoon is around April to June, when it’s just out of the rainy season. During your trip to Komodo excursion, you will meet series or rolling green hills that rising high from the ocean. The water is so clear, especially near the shore where it got almost transparent. Preserved as a National Park, the nature here has been kept at it most pristine.

2. A Sunset You Won’t Found Anywhere Else

What’s more romantic than watching a beautiful sunset with your better half? In Komodo, what you get is more than a pretty sunset. It’s extraordinary. Dock to Kalong Island (Islands of the Bats) to have a very Nat-Geo-ish sunset experience. Thousand of bats fly into the tangerine sky from what’s once seems like a sleepy island. Lie in your liveaboard and enjoy the nature’s show that you won’t forget for years.

For a more idyllic setting, dock to Gili Lawa Island just when the sun starts to glide toward the horizon. Hike to the top, where you will see the stunning landscape of the surrounding islands. The last ray of the sun warmed every hills and valley, creating soft ambience for the both of you. This is a a perfect place to absorb in the moment and let the love out to the air.

3. Idyllic, Deserted Beaches

Imagine a day trip to Komodo to one of its deserted island. You are dropped with nothing more than a picnic basket, snorkel gears, and each other for company. This gonna be  one of the most romantic way to spend time with your loved one. And it get even more better as Komodo has a number of pink beaches. One of the rarest type of beach in the world! Can you think of a better place to cut off from the world and just spend the time with your loved one?

4. A Relaxing Trip to Komodo in the Sea

One of the reason why a trip to Komodo is best for honeymoon is the experience. Sea excursions make an excellent honeymoon as it will pamper you and let you relax during the journey. The destinations has been all set, and you only left to enjoy the salty winds and never-ending sea throughout the day.

5. Colorful Marine Life to Cheer on Your Wedding

Aside the Komodo Dragon, the Komodo National Park is also praised for its world-class diving sites. Nothing can be more delightful than staring at the beautiful coral, hand in hand with your partner. Let the lively school of fishes swim around you and celebrate your happy day.

Are you ready for sailing to Komodo to get your honeymoon treats?