Visit Underwater Museum for Your Next Travel Plan

Visiting museum is often included in your itinerary while travelling. This is like a must thing to do when you visit a travel destination. Visiting a museum is a great way to learn more about certain culture and art. There are many things on display that you can learn about. However, it is time for you to try museum tour in unconventional way. There are underwater museums around the world you can visit for your next travel plan.

Underwater museums to visit

This is a great idea especially for those travelers who like exploring the underwater. Enjoying underwater museum is worth trying since it is quite rare occasion.

Underwater museums around the world you can visit

Underwater museum refers to museum-like area in the sea. It can consist of archeological ruin and something more. The thrill is different from when you visit a museum on the land. Aside from admiring the underwater museum, you can also enjoy the natural beauty offered by the open sea surroundings. By visiting underwater museums, you can get lots of interesting things at once. Thus, it is worth trying. Here are underwater museums around the world that you can visit:

  1. MUSA or Museo Subacuatico de Arte is underwater contemporary art museum. It is home to hundreds permanent monumental sculptures. There is a goal of the museum which is to show the interaction between art and science. Besides, the cultures can become reef structures for marine life. The sculptures are made of special materials which can help promoting coral life. They are also tethered to be seabed. You can visit this museum by snorkeling, diving, or glass bottomed boat tour.
  2. When you travel to Italy, you can visit underwater museum called Baia Underwater Park. This is one of the most favorite areas for diver and snorkelers to explore since the size of the area is three times of Pompeii. It was once a city before submerged underwater and abandoned in 8th century. It is said that this city was once an area specialized for rich Romans. If you want to visit this underwater park, you need to be guided by local instructor. There are many things to explore such as mosaic floors and marbles sculptures.
  3. There is also Museo Atlantico Lanzarote that you can visit. This is a great place to remind you how important it is climate change and environmental issues. This is a contemporary art museum which is similar to MUSA. This museum promotes new marine habitat especially for the Canary Islands. There are proximately 300 sculptures in this museum. It can be accessed by diving but you will need local instructor to lead the tour.
  4. Herod’s Harbor is an underwater museum located in Israel. There are various exhibitions displayed in this museum that you can enjoy to the fullest. There are many interesting spots you can visit during the tour such as ruined lighthouse, pedestals, as well as exploring the marked trails of the sunken harbor. This can be explored by snorkeling and diving. Even beginner divers can explore this underwater museum.