What to Wear When Travelling to the Hills

There are lots of destinations when it comes to travelling. One of the best sites is hills. Travelling to the hills is fun especially when you do it with others. Hills are the best place for you to gain some peace and calmness. There is no buzz or crowds which can make your mind going hectic. Hills are great escape so you will find lots of serene moment instead. There are many activities you can do during your hills trip. You can enjoy the scenic view from above, taking beautiful pictures, as well as simply enjoying the peaceful environment. Travel to the hills is not always about camping. You can choose either spend some nights in the camping area or just have one-shot travel.

Travelling to the hills

Before you depart to the hills travel, here are some simple tips of what you should wear to accommodate your trip comfortably:

  • Travel to the hills may require you to wear something warm because hills tend to be chilly no matter what the season is. You can bring warmer clothes if you don’t want to wear it right from your home. Just in case the weather is gong chilly, you can put them on. If you travel to the hills to take some good shots, you can wear leather jacket. Thus, you will still look fashionable even in a chilly weather.
  • If you want to wear something comfier, then you need to wear sweater instead. This is comfortable and can protect you from the harsh temperature while travelling to the hills. You can choose sweater based on the materials such as the one made of wool, linen, cotton, or cashmere.
  • If you are not a fan of jacket, sweater, or pullovers, you can bring your favorite mufflers. At least it will keep you warm. To add your style, choose the one that match harmoniously with your outfit. Remember that you are going to take cool pictures when arrive so fashionable mufflers will do.
  • Wear something that will protect your foot. It is recommended not to wear sandal or worse, high heels. Choose comfortable footwear such as sneaker or sport shoes. Boots are acceptable as long as you are comfortable with it. Don’t forget to wear socks. To boost up your fashion sense, you can wear leg warmers which can make you look smart as well as stylish.
  • Avoid getting frostbites by wearing gloves. Those will protect you from chilly temperature. You are also recommended to wear beanie to protect your heads and cover your ears. If you don’t like wearing beanie, you can opt for a pair of ear muffs.
  • Protect your skin from blister by applying sun protection cream, lip balm, as well as lotion. Even though the temperature is chills on the hills, the sunshine can damage your skin. It is even recommended to reapply your sun cream if your journey to the hills is long. If the sun is too bright for your liking, wear polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes during your travelling to the hills.