What You Need to Know Before Travelling to Prague

What You Need to Know Before Travelling in Prague


Prague is a capital city of Czech Republic. This is one of the most popular travel destinations. Travelling to Prague can be good experience if you know a thing or two before visiting the place. Prague is even claimed as the fifth most visited city in Europe. Then, there is no doubt that this place put has ability to draw attention. The number of travellers visiting Prague keeps growing each year. Thus, you need to be prepared if you consider this place as your next travel destination. Make sure you have much times to spend in this city to really enjoy the place.

Reasons why travelling in Prague is a precious moment

It is often that you ask yourself when deciding to choose your desire travel destination. Surely, there are many places you can go to spend your time for lazy or adventurous activities. However, Prague is one of a kind place you should visit and put it on top of your bucket list. There are many reasons why Prague is the one of the best travel destination for everyone regardless the type of vacation either romantic or solo travelling.


  • If you are history enthusiast, Prague is the right place to go. This is where you can visit many castles. Thus, you cannot only hear about castles in fairytales but in real life through Prague. You do not even need to go too far just to visit a castle or two. Even in the capital, castle is available for public visitors. Prague Castle is the one you should not skip to visit during your travelling in Prague. Winter is the best time to visit castles in Prague so you can really enjoy the overall vibe.
  • Once you land your feet in Czech Republic, you cannot resist the urge to go shopping. There are many shopping destinations that you should visit while you are travelling to Prague. Good news is, most of shopping stores are open seven days a week. You can even go for late shopping since they are open until 10pm in general. One of the most favorite shopping centers is Palladium. However, this place is usually crowded especially during weekend and holiday.
  • The best to explore Prague is on foot. Transportation is a choice but if you really need it, it is better to get a transportation ticket beforehand. Transportation in Prague works twenty four hours in seven days. Thus, there is no need to worry about transport and reaching some access to visit another destination.
  • Most tourists would not want to skip Prague nightlife. The clubs in Prague are quite late before going to live but are welcoming. The city is mostly alive and never really sleeps. In addition, the safety in Prague is also convincing because violent crime is very low. Just make sure you follow basic safety tips such as being aware of pickpocketing when you are in public transportation. Aside from that, you are basically safe while travelling to Prague.