4 Tops Bali markets Seminyak For Amazing Weekend

What happens if you hear the world market? A place that sells all health needs. But Bali markets are a different format designed for tourists. Its function is not different from traditional markets, where people sell and buy. Only, Bali markets are packed with a more luxurious and exclusive form.   

sea vu play bali markets seminyak

If you are on vacation in Bali, you need to see the Bali weekly event. The Bali Event markets are packed every Sunday. They also call it a Sunday market. You can find it in several favorite tourist areas like Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud, and Sanur. Bali Seminyak markets are the most popular with tourists. Visiting Bali Seminyak markets can be an itinerary when you are on vacation.

There are many things you can see and buy in the Seminyak marketsBali. They not only sell fashion and accessories, but also food. This can be the family’s best time. Some recommendations of Bali Seminyak markets that you can visit

Sea Vu Play Bali Seminyak markets

If you want to enjoy shopping, food, and atmosphere, then you should visit the Sea Vu Play Sunday Bali markets Seminyak. Located in Petitenget, Seminyak is a place that is easily accessible. You can calmly shop, while children enjoy eating and drinks. After you are tired of shopping, you can enjoy delicious food or alcohol. Mediterranean food including tapas, burgers, and pizza can be a recommendation to fill your energy.

Samadi Sunday Market

Sunday market is the big event in Seminyak. Samadi Sunday market can be a recommendation for you on Sundays. You will see groups of friends gathered. Expats are looking for organic fruits and vegetables. Or you can enjoy the dishes they sell. Not only fruits and vegetables, you can find accessories, clothing and all natural cosmetics.

Old’s Man Market Seminyak

Old ’s Man Seminyak market is present every Saturday. Unlike the other Bali markets Seminyak, you can come and enjoy your Saturday here. Items offered such as handicrafts, vintage clothing, and fresh produce. Local designers selling clothes, along with jewelry and other accessories are also available for you.

Pasar-Pasaran Bali Markets Seminyak

When looking for souvenirs for you to take home, then you can visit Pasar-Pasar. Located on sandalwood road, Seminyak, a strategic place for tourists to visit. You can find unique handmade, craft workshops, music, art bazaars and more in one place.

Bali is a place where you enjoy a relaxed and comfortable day. There are many activities you can do. Monday-Sunday is perfect for you on vacation and fun activities in Bali, like Bali markets Seminyak.