A Type Of Getaway That Can Be Good For Your Mental Health

If you are feeling so down and stressed out lately, it might be a sign that you need to take a day off or two, or maybe take a full week off and plan for a vacation instead. It is understandable that living in the world we are living today is so demanding. We are forced to keep up with how fast the world changes. And sometimes, you need a break from all the buzz that hurts not only your head but your inside as well. A well-deserved getaway is worth a try if you feel like your mental health is in dire need of a nice break. 

A Type Of Getaway That Can Be Good For Your Mental Health
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The type of break that uplift your mood

Suffering from a burnout is not a good experience because you feel like you do anything wrong but you keep pushing yourself even harder to convince yourself that you can. However, what you need might not be a push a pause. And that’s why an escape to your dream destination can be a good idea to help you disconnect from your stressful life. 

However, keep in mind that your problems will not solve themselves just because you go travelling around the world. They will still exist when you return. Thus, remind yourself that a getaway is not to escape from responsibility but to give yourself a break to empty all negativity out of your system before you make yourself ready to handle whatever problems you have to face. 

A slow travel 

Instead of travel to check all as many list of attractions as possible, it is more recommended to plan for a slow travel. It is the type of getaway where you don’t move in a rush. You take your time when visiting one place and enjoy it to the fullest. Being slow allows you to fully aware and appreciate your surroundings. It helps you realize the beauty of the place because you are paying attention to details not only making a side glance or taking a selfie. 

Slow travel benefits your mental health because you get the opportunity to slow yourself down. It allows you to reflect on yourself better while being in unfamiliar places. It helps you to think better of yourself, recognize what is happening to you, and what you really want in your life. A slow travel doesn’t have to be melancholic. You can still do it with fun. It will benefit your soul in the same way. 

A slow travel doesn’t have to make you feel all alone all the time throughout your getaway. You can go have a conversation with the local and learn more about their way of life and their relationship with the land. Learn more about their culture and their perspective of life. It will be such a meaningful experience for you. You might return with refreshed mind and lighter heart that make you able to think and see things clearly. It might help you to heal your soul and make it more contented. 

The Ultimate Guide of Choosing Holiday Villas in Bali for Every Travellers

Thinking of replacing your hotel room with holiday villas in Bali? What a brilliant concept! Here are our top recommendations for your first villa stay. Staying in a villa provides you with a ‘home’ – a private home away from home on Bali Island as opposed to a hotel room – and that makes all the difference! If this is your first time looking for a villa in Bali and you’re not sure what to anticipate, this post is for you.

Finding Holiday Villas in Bali for Couples (and Honeymooners)

Finding Holiday Villas in Bali for Couples (and Honeymooners)
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Private villas, by definition, provide greater solitude and a more serene stay. If romantic isolation for honeymoon in Bali is important to you, look for a separate villa with some acreage surrounding it, so you’re not too close to loud music or neighbors, and you’re not too close to prying eyes. Areas to consider include Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Benoa Bay, and Ubud.

Do when looking for honeymoon villas in Bali:

  • Villas with outdoor pools. Even better, a jacuzzi for romantic nights. 
  • Holiday houses on the outskirts of major cities with close access to nightlife and shopping. Ubud, Seminyak, and Jimbaran are perfect for couples. 
  • Villas that have sensitive alarm systems and in-room safes for your valuables.

What not to do:

  • Villas close to or in the heart of the city. Kuta might not be the best for couples looking for solitude. 
  • During the peak season, when surrounding resorts are overrun with people, or find a gated property (or one situated on a private estate).

Looking for the Ideal Family Villas in Bali

Looking for the Ideal Family Villas in Bali

When you have a family, you only want the best for them. Every family have different needs and what works on some families might not be working for you. If you are travelling with babies or curious toddlers, you might want to look at one-story villas or a vacation rental without heavy ornaments that can harm your babies. Other families consists with teens and large groups, and they might need bunk beds and villas with many rooms. So when you are looking for the ideal family villas in Bali, make sure to see: 

  • The required number of restrooms (you can never have enough bathrooms when going away with kids).
  • There are enough bedrooms to accommodate everyone (en-suite bathrooms are mostly appreciated).
  • Private balconies or terraces accessible from your accommodation.
  • Swimming pool with a fence (or check access to and depth of the pool to determine how safe it is to use around children).
  • Outdoor activities for all ages. If you enjoy watersports, for example, select a villa that is just a few steps from the sea. Benoa Bay, Nusa Dua, and Jimbaran are the perfect area for families who want quiet beaches and fun watersport. Do you enjoy hiking? A home concealed in the highlands or hills, such as villa in Ubud, will be a much better choice.

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The Right Holiday Villas in Bali for Single Travelers

The Right Holiday Villas in Bali for Single Travelers
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While solo travellers tends to prefer homestays, bunkbed hostels, or hotel rooms, there’s no rules that prevents you to book a whole private villa Bali for yourself. Some people do like being alone in their own space and sharing it with no one else. 

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Dos when you are looking for holiday villas in Bali for solo traveler: 

  • Look for smaller Bali villas with private pool
  • Choose popular areas with dense population and easy access to everywhere. Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, and Ubud are perfect for solo travelers looking for new friends. 
  • Choose a villa in Bali with breakfast option. You will have less motivation to stock up the fridge and cook when you are travelling alone. 
  • Look for luxury villa with cozy corners for relaxing or TV streaming services in their amenity list.

What not to do: 

Book a ten bedroom villa. You will feel isolated being alone in a large house. 

Renting a villa in totally secluded location. Always imagine walking alone back to the villa after late night party. It’s not always safe to walk alone in dark, isolated path. 

Being A Responsible Traveler When Visiting Wildlife Sanctuaries

Being A Responsible Traveler When Visiting Wildlife Sanctuaries

Everyone must agree that wildlife animals should be in the wild and not in a cage or limited space. Living in their natural environment is the most ideal for them. However, we also know that sometimes it is more harming for them due to many reasons such as habitat destruction, environmental changes, biodiversity loss, etc. Those factors put them at dire risk of extinction if humans don’t help. That’s why there are sanctuaries today to help wild animals survive. However, sometimes the lines between saving and entertaining become blurred. Many people are interested in visiting wild sanctuary just for the sake of entertainment and that is why we need to travel responsibly.

Giving support to the right place

It is important for travelers to support sanctuaries that put the welfare of animals on top of everything. The animals in the wild sanctuaries are usually rescued from captivity or abandonment. Some of them might be injured while being rescued. The aim of bringing them in a sanctuary is to refuge and rehabilitate. Suffered and in danger animals are priority to be rescued and get rehabilitation program in sanctuary. 

It is important for travelers to support the right organization that is there to help animals not to monetize them. There are wildlife sanctuaries around the world you can visit. Most of them are non-profit organizations. And there are also several sanctuaries that open ethical volunteering opportunities. This kind of organization needs lots of support and you can do it by applying for volunteering program if interested. 

What to do before visiting the wildlife sanctuaries

Before deciding to visit a wildlife sanctuary, it is important that you do your own research to find out more about the organization. Look for information regarding to their work ethic in helping and taking care of the rescued animals. Learn more about the organization’s long-term aims with the sanctuary. Find out where the animals come from. It is also essential to know more about how the organization value responsible tourism. Do not forget to also find out more about the resource the organization get and how they use it. Find out is they invest in their animal care. 

If you are unsure about the credibility of the sanctuary you are planning to visit, find out more about their partnership with similar organizations that work with animal charities. If they do work with those kind of organizations, it indicates they have high standard in taking care of the animals they rescue. A credible wildlife sanctuary exists to address specific problems such as providing home for animals coming from cruelty, captive environments, etc. 

Find out if the wildlife sanctuary provides some sort of enrichment or entertainment to visitors. Choose the one that do not provide those to visitors because wildlife are not supposed to be in close contact with human especially if they are going to be released into the wild someday. Choose reputable wildlife sanctuary that provide good environment for animals as close as their natural habitats which means no human interaction allowed. 

How Travel Is So Enriching For Kids

How Travel Is So Enriching For Kids

There are numerous benefits of travel for kids. Hence, it is recommended to start taking your kids with you to travel and see the world since their young age. Besides, travel is so much more accessible now with variety of options to choose that fits your needs and preference. With how easy travel has become, it provides your kids more opportunity see the world because travel is such an enriching experience for them. 

Travel is an enriching experience for kids

Travelling with your kids should not be more than about showing your kids that you can afford it for them. But is more like about giving them opportunity to experience and learn things they may not find at schools. And these are how travel can be an enriching experience for kids:

Travel teaches your kids diversity, tolerance, and open-mindedness

Those seem to be too big words for your kids but you don’t have to spell them out literally to your kids to make them understand what they mean. By travelling, you show your kids there are many perspectives they can see. Things they see during the trip may not be the same as what they usually see at home. It helps them open their mind, helping them grow to be more open-minded, tolerant, and respectful.

Travel helps develop your kid’s problem solving skills

Travel is an enriching experience for kids

When you keep your kids in their comfort zone, their creativity will stay stagnant because they lack of experiencing different things. Meanwhile, travel expose them to more experience, challenges, and problems. It stimulates their creativity to deal with various problems. It also teaches your kids to be more resilient because they are not going to be easily phased by things. 

Travel teaches your kids great history of amazing places

It is great to take your kids visiting historic places, buildings, or monuments. It allows them to see more. Even by just simply observing the site, they learn many things from history, architecture, mathematics, language, incredible figures, analysis, and more. Because a historic place is more than just a building. It has great story behind that your kids may get interested to learn it. 

Travel teaches your kids the joy of sharing and giving

Through travel, your kids learn that people sometimes have different kind of lives. There are many unfortunate people out there who are living not as comfortable as they are. Hence, they learn the importance of sharing and giving to other people who in need. During travel, you may meet unfortunate people or poor kids. You can take your kids to donate schools necessities for kids, etc. 

Travel ignite your kid’s curiosity, imagination, and sense of adventure

There are so many things to see and experience during travel that can ignite their sense of adventure, curiosity, and imagination. It helps build their creativity and critical thinking. When they meet new people from different culture, they are curious and start asking many questions. Along the way, it encourages their social skills as well. 

Experience A Side of Myanmar Culture Through Their Best Foods

Planning on visiting Myanmar somewhere in the future? Don’t forget to plan food hunting in myanmar. They have wide selections of foods that can make you feel happy and satisfied. The locals say that Myanmar foods are tastier because they are made from the heart. It is not only about eating delicious meals but also about experiencing the side of Myanmar culture itself. 

Most recommended foods to try in Myanmar

The characteristics of Myanmar foods are flavorful, hearty, and satisfying. You can eat in the local restaurants or have your own food adventure through the street or market in Myanmar.  Either way, enjoy the full ride of culinary adventure during your visit. And here are freshly cooked, flavorful, cheap foods in Myanmar worth travelling for:


Most recommended foods to try in Myanmar

It is noodle dish with many different versions. Generally, it is a combination of fish stock, rice noodles, fish, and spices. However, the garnishes and spice mix usually vary from one region to another. For example, Arakenese Mohinga tend to be spicy and sour. Meanwhile, Mandalay Mohinga has thicker broth. Then, Yangon Mohinga is considered the best in the country. It is made from murky fish stock, rice noodles, and garnished with pork pieces, chopped cilantro, fried garlic, and slices of hard-boiled egg. 

Shan Khauk Swe

This is another noodle dish from Myanmar. This hearty meal is made from rice noodles mixed with chicken or pork cooked with sauteed vegetables. Another ultimate ingredient is also added called mohnyin tjin. It is special mix of carrots, mustard greens and some vegetables which are fermented in rice wine. This noodle dish has clear broth and usually topped with pork crackling or fried Shan tofu. You can find this dish in various food stall and restaurant in Yangon. 

Chicken See Pyan

Chicken See Pyan

It is Myanmar version of chicken curry. It is a  well-known and beloved home-cooked meal usually served with rice. See Pyan refers to chicken fat. It slowly separates from the meat as the chicken cooks. Then, it is poured over rice. The ingredients to make this curry are garlic, onions, ginger, and cinnamon without adding coconut oil and spice mix unlike other curries. 


It is Myanmar snack love by many. The process of to make this glutinous rice snack take a community to finish. This snack is usually made during the full moon of Tabodwe which usually falls in February. This snack is part of religious offering to Buddha after the rice harvest. Htamane festival in Myanmar is one of the biggest celebration. Htamane is made from glutinous rice mixed with water, coconut, sesame seed, peanuts, and cooking oil. The movement to stir the thickening Htamane should be coordinate between the teams. 

Other recommended Myanmar foods to try

There are many other foods in Myanmar that are iconic and tasty. You may be interested to try Shwe Yin Aye (popular dessert from coconut milk), A Kyaw Sone (Myanmar fried vegetables fritters), Ohn no Khao Swe (coconut milk chicken curry), Laphet (dish made from fermented tea leaf), or Ngapi (Myanmar all-around condiment). 

Travel Makes You More Contented and Relaxed Person

Travel Makes You More Contented and Relaxed Person

When you travel, there are expectations you set before leaving your home. You have goals in mind. Every traveler’s expectation can be different because travel itself is personal choice. There are travelers who set physical expectation such as being able to climb particular mountain, taking picture of certain monument, or entering an ancient cave. There are also travelers who have expectations that beyond those. There are those who try to find peace withing themselves, discover more of their sides, or  being internally close to the maker of the world. 

Can travel make you more content and relax?

Your real voyage of discovery is not only about seeking new landscapes but also about having new eyes. Travelling might not make your problems go away. However, you can escape from all the hectic and stress with travelling. Then, you will return with clearer mind and happier spirit, enabling you to think better. 

It is true that travel enhances your mental well-being regardless of your purpose. Because through travel, you build your self-confidence. You build new experiences every time you travel and more memories to remember by. Those are something you cannot buy with money. Just by planning your vacation, you feel the hype, the excitement, and anticipation. From that only, you already have some of your stress released. 

Can travel make you more content and relax?

Then, you plan activities to do and places to visit. It is okay if you don’t have such big goals like self-discovery or something. It is okay if you travel just to quench your curiosity of the place or to satisfy your wanderlust. The most important thing is to enjoy the journey and focus on your surroundings. Open your mind and you can see how little things can make you smile easily. Those little things can make you feel settled because they help take your mind off pressing issues that put tension in yourself. 

Travelling can make you appreciate your family and home because you are being away. When you realize you take them for granted, you feel more grateful and appreciate them more. Also, travel is often unpredictable regardless how neat your plan is. However, you build your self-confidence with those unexpectedness. You learn how to deal with things out of your control and stay grounded. Once you solve the problems, your confidence will be boosted. 

Travel make you feel content and relax when you connect with others. Meeting new people can bring excitement. You can talk about everything and anything that won’t pressure your mind. However, you can also have your ‘me’ time. It helps revive the space that feels like suffocating lately. Stress and tension will be lesson when you have time to fully with yourself. 

Simple things during travel can simply put you in a better mood such as watching sunrise, petting cat that walk by while sipping your coffee, etc. Departure into unknown lands can give you that healthy glows because you return feeling content, relax, less tensed, confident, and happier in general. 

Luxurious Seclusion in 6 Bedroom Villa Jimbaran

Luxurious Seclusion in 6 Bedroom Villa Jimbaran

There is always something alluring and charming about seaside cliff villas. Imagine getting away from the busy world for a moment, nestling at the edge of the cliff, and having all the unobstructed view of the endless ocean all for yourself. Cliff villas is the pinnacle of dream holiday and certainly you will fall in love with this 6 bedroom cliff villa in Jimbaran, Bali. 

Catching Rippling Waves

Catching Rippling Waves

The Villa Cara is a private clifftop house that was built with the concept of balancing relaxation, privacy, and getting surrounded by the great outdoor in mind. The airy space allows the mind of holidaymakers to live a flexible and relaxing days. Bathed in natural light and brimming with warm earth tones, the wide open expanse is an ode to a laid back opulence. Wide openings and 180º glass windows provide comfortable experiences of oceanfront living, framing the best possible views of the Jimbaran Bay. Being a standalone villa in the hill means dwellers of the house is blessed with a sense of being faraway. It’s time to reconnect with loved ones; enjoying an al-fresco breakfast from the private terrace or plunging into the pool. Gated and highly walled, this house ensures everyone to be happily wrapped in a bubble of bliss.

Living Inside the 6 Bedroom Villa Jimbaran 

Living Inside the 6 Bedroom Villa Jimbaran

The master bedroom is auspiciously oriented to receive direct views from the Jimbaran Bay. Combined with the earthy hued deco and panel doors, this is such a divine sight to see everyday. Walls are swapped with tall windows to allow the sun to flood the room with ample of natural lights. The other bedrooms are just as gorgeous. All bedrooms features a king sized bed, air conditioners, and spacious wardrobe area to tuck all the guests’ clothings. The ens-suite bathrooms are equipped with bath tubs and rain shower, all amenities included. Four main bedrooms are all built facing the Jimbaran view, while two other smaller bedrooms are available for extra charge. This 6 bedroom villa Jimbaran is perfect for large families who want to enjoy tropical holiday at its finest. The extra two bedrooms with sharing bathrooms could be requested for kids or guests of the family. 

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Spirit of the Outdoor

Spirit of the Outdoor

Living in this 6 bedroom villa Jimbaran is easy. The air conditioned living pavilion in the second floor is adjoined with alfresco terrace boasting view of the bay. The lounge features large luxurious sofa where everyone in the family could sit back and watch some movies from the massive flat TV across the room. Entertainment is on top notch quality as it’s equipped with home theatre set. The second lounge area in the ground level opens up to the grand pool and outdoor garden. This way, guests of the villa would feel like being a part of the nature; feeling the ocean breeze and the tropical sun while still enjoying ultimate comfort of the house. The infinity pool sets the magical sense of being the same body of water with the ocean. This villa also comes with attentive staff to make sure a worry-free experience during your stay. 

Urban arts are becoming a tourist destination!

Urban arts are becoming a tourist destination!

Urban art or street art1 is a contemporary artistic movement. It brings together all forms of art made in the street, or in public places, and encompasses various techniques such as rapid graffiti on the wall, advertising, stenciling, mosaic, sticker, display, even yarn bombing or installations. It is mainly an ephemeral art seen by a large audience.

Street arts or simply in French one would say “urban arts” are found almost everywhere. They are magnetic and can grab everyone’s attention. If you are a street arts lover, you must be keen on traveling to places where the street arts are the best. It is not difficult to achieve because these places are there. You can go to these places and enjoy the wealth of street arts. Also, each country usually has a different style of street art, even the terms are the same. This type of trip will also come in handy if you are an artist yourself. It can give you some kind of inspiration. Watching the masterpieces of other artists will give you a different perspective that can help open your mind.

Mexico City, the country full of culture

Mexico City, the country full of culture

Mexico City is a pretty wild travel destination. It is here that you will be able to see various street arts such as murals and graffiti. It is no secret that some of the murals in this city have historical significance, which makes them special. These street arts have been part of the urban landscape for many years. One of the greatest masterpieces is All City Canvas. This is a legal graffiti art project involving nine artists. You can have a street arts tour to really appreciate the masterpiece.

New York, the city is not asleep

New York, the city is not asleep

New York City is also a great place to enjoy the best street art. This busy city is already one of the most visited travel destinations. If you are planning to visit the city to see street arts specifically, you won’t regret it. Some unique street art can be found all over the city. Not only are they beautiful but they are full of cultural and historical values. Explore the city to see various works of street art from famous artists such as Buff Monster.

Capetown, South Africa

Capetown, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa is also one of the top destinations for visiting the street arts. In fact, street art is already a form of regular expression throughout the city. You can find various forms of street arts all over the street for free. If you are an artist, you will understand the passion and dedication they place in their arts through their detail. Here is the list of the recommended country for urban arts!

Wedding in Nusa Dua Resorts: Pro and Cons

Wedding in Nusa Dua Resort Pro and Cons

How many of you dream of a destination wedding? This Nusa Dua resorts in Bali could be the perfect place to tie the know with partner of your dream. It’s packed with charming coastal background, a strip of private white beach, and wonderful catering to make a perfect wedding to remember. Like anything else in the world, however, there are pros and cons of hosting a beach nuptials in Nusa Dua resorts. These are the things to consider before booking your Bali’s wedding organiser. 

Planning Nuptials in Nusa Dua Resorts: the Pros

Everything is Easy

Is not just about having your honeymoon where your wedding party is. Throwing a wedding in Nusa Dua resorts is basically hiring a one-stop wedding service. You have the venue and accommodation for your guests to stay. The resort also come with restaurants and bar which could be both an indoor venue and your catering. No need to contact another vendor to rent for chairs, glasswares, flower arrangements, and other stuffs because the resort provides it for you. A resort that accommodate events are happy to simplify your celebration with just two words; all-inclusive. They’ll even have site coordinator to organise the event or to help your wedding organiser (if any) and an english-speaking celebrant. For a bride who arranges everything, a resort complete service could save a whole lot time and energy!

Wedding and Honeymoon Package to Get in Nusa Dua Resorts

Planning Nuptials in Nusa Dua Resort the Pros

Come right to your spectacular ocean-view bedroom right after the wedding. It’s a wedding doubled with a sweet vacation in Bali. And the best thing of it, you only need to pay once for both. 

A Chance to Minimise Guest List

For those who only want to share their wedding only to the closest one, destination wedding is your answer. It’s expected to have smaller, more exclusive group of guests in a destination wedding. Selecting small circle of family members and friends to invite to beach wedding is perfectly acceptable!

Stunning Wedding Photos to Remember!

What’s the major point of having a beach wedding? The scenery of course! The radiant tropical sun coupled with awe-inspiring ocean landscape in the background would definitely make a wonderful wedding pictures! Also, the casual setting of seaside venue gives a fresh break from the traditional ballroom and church weddings. 

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Tying the Knot in Nusa Dua Resorts: the Cons

Wedding Bureaucracy can Get Complicated

Tying the Knot in Nusa Dua Resort the Cons

Preparing wedding documents, finding english-speaking priests, and getting your nuptial legalised could be a little complicated in destination wedding. 

Having Your Honeymoon with Whole Family 

When your uncle and aunts decided to stay in the same Nusa Dua resorts you’re in, the privacy of honeymoon might have to be compromised. 

Some People Might not Make It to Nusa Dua Resorts

Let’s face it. Some of your favourite people might not be able to attend your wedding. They might not be able to afford the travel cost or cope with the distance. Others might have health problems or conflicted schedules that prevents them for travelling.

Planning Your First Post-Pandemic Getaway

Why should you plan your first post-pandemic trip?

Today, the ability to travel is like a luxury. It is not about affordability anymore. Safety is the main concern for travel since the coronavirus outbreak. It still continues and many have canceled their travel plan be it for business or leisure. Putting your travel plans on hold is necessary to help reducing the number of covid-19 case. However, it is still okay to anticipate and plan your dream trip now. You can plan your first post-pandemic now even if the future is still uncertain. Planning a vacation also can help relieve some stress in your system. 

Why should you plan your first post-pandemic trip?

Many health experts said that planning a post-pandemic trip is good for your health especially the mental one. It helps build anticipation and excitement which means you gain positivity. It increases the chance of you to be happier even during these tough times. It is also like a reminder to yourself that the crisis of the pandemic will be over because it is not the first kind of outbreak the world has faced. There will be an end to the this pandemic. 

A coping mechanism from stress

In the meantime, it is okay for you to daydream and plan for your first post-pandemic vacation. You can use it as your coping mechanism in dealing with stress caused by the pandemic. However, be flexible when planning. Do not state exact dates or such because the pandemic could cancel it. Instead, go in a slow pace in planning the trip. You can make vague itinerary containing things you want to go and activities you want to do. 

Keep it a vague plan

Planning Your First Post-Pandemic Getaway

If you finalize your plan too early or too detailed, you will set yourself up for another disappointment and heartbreak because no one can predict whether the pandemic will stop soon or continue. While anticipating for your first post-pandemic getaway, remember that you still have to wait for the right time to do it. Summer trip seems impossible especially if you live in severely affected place by the covid-19. you can look at travel opportunities provided by some travel companies for now. 

Do some window shopping!

Window-shopping for your future trip online is fun thing to do during your isolation. There are many websites and apps you can use to hunting for your dream destination. If you want to book a really temping deals, make sure to choose that is flexible just in case you have to postpone it due to the uncertain situation of the pandemic. 

Use the pause-moment to consider what you really want

The pandemic has made the world pause and reset. You can use this moment to truly consider what you really want from your next getaway. Look for something that will be meaningful and memorable for you. You can choose a very far destination or a place you even have never heard of before. Hence, you can start learning about the place now since you have time. You can educate yourself and fill in as much as information to help you have a well-deserve getaway post-pandemic. Use some tools to help you organize your first post-pandemic travel plan.