Things You Are Going To Love About Hiking In Europe

Things You Are Going To Love About Hiking In Europe
Scenic view of mountains in Oberammergau, Germany

Hiking is one of the most popular activities many people love regardless of age and gender. Some people are passionate about hiking while others are simply casual hikers. It’s not a problem as long as you are enjoying it. When it comes to hiking, Europe might not be the first destination that comes to most hikers. However, Europe has its own charm that can hold hikers in their thrall. 

What to love about hiking in Europe

Most people travelling to Europe to have a troll down scenic cities, enjoy hearty dinner at local restaurants, or visit popular landmarks such as Eiffel Tower, Venice, and more. However, it’s worth a try to visit Europe with the purpose to feel the ground beneath your feet. It’s great moment to also learn about the culture and history of a region. And here are several things you will love about hiking in Europe:

Varied landscape

What to love about hiking in Europe
Scenic view of mountains covered in snow

Geographically, Europe has one of the most varied landscapes to admire. Hiking in Italy, you will get to enjoy its landscapes which range from rugged mountains, Alpine lakes, and glacier-carved alleys to wide coastal plains. Moving to its neighbor such as Austria, France, Switzerland, and Slovenia, you will find the landscape shifted further. You will find crystal clear turquoise lakes, lavender fields, green forest, torrents, waterfalls, and coastline with stunning features. 

Cultural differences

Europe has pretty distinct cultures between the nations. During your hike, you will get to experience the shift in landscape when you cross European borders. But that’s not the only thing you will love about because you will also get to experience cultural differences across the borders. These border regions are shaped by history and tradition so each country has  fascinating cultural charms to learn about. The cultural differences are manifested in the foods, language, and overall the people’s character.

Amazing local produce

This is also one of the things you are going to love about hiking in Europe. They have amazing local produce which allows you to taste the authenticity of the local delights. Food is part of the culture so enjoying new cuisine in every new place you visit will be fascinating. Pay a visit to the countryside and you get to see how food is locally sourced and seasonal. Try local recipes that has been down through generations made from the freshest local ingredients. 

Wine-testing experience

It’s not recommended to get drunk while hiking since you will not be in your best condition to keep yourself safe from any potential danger. However, wine-testing is one experience you cannot afford to refuse when hiking in Europe. You can actually join a walking tour or plan a route that incorporates wine-testing experience. With that you will join a winery visit where you get to talk with local winemakers. You will learn so much about wine-making process as well as their olive oils. If you decide to have wine-testing experience or winery visit, take it slow and enjoy the view of the villages to the fullest. 

How To Keep Yourself Safe From Hackers During Travel

Travel makes us more vulnerable because sometimes we are too hectic. We become a little looser about some things than we would be at home. Maybe you are in a hurry to catch the flight and you don’t realize your phone is connected to unsafe public WiFi. Yes, one of the most common risks is hacker. There are many black hackers who target travelers since they are pretty vulnerable. 

Young man sitting at the cafe and paying online with credit card

Keeping yourself safe from hacker during a trip

A trip can be unpredictable and you may face unexpected hassles along the way. However, there are things that you can actually prevent from the beginning. As for the risk of getting hacked, it is one of the risk you need to minimize by having some preventative actions, such as:

Avoid charging your phone in public

Smartphone is your must-companion especially during travel. However, smartphone tends to run out of battery. And that’s why many public places provide spots for people to charge their phones freely. However, charging your smartphone in public opens your phone up to hackers since the process gives the options not only to charge but also to access data and such. Avoid charging your phone in public space by charging it fully before leaving your hotel. Also, turn off data when your phone not in use to save the battery. Or, get a power bank that you can use anytime. 

Avoid logging into public WiFi networks

Logging into public WiFi can be one of the most effective ways to save your money from buying expensive data especially when you are travelling abroad. However, connecting your gadget to public WiFi may causes safety issues. The network itself is not secured by nature wince anyone can log in. It makes it so easy for hackers to hijack by injecting inject malware into your gadget and steal private data. Hence, it is more recommended to grab your own portable router. Or, choose only secured network to get connected with your gadget. 

Avoid checking your pay bills or bank accounts in public

Never check your bank statements on a device that is connected to an open network. Do not use any public devices that are for public use to access your bank accounts or pay bills. Some public hotspots and networks out there provide hackers access to your banking information directly once you log in. Only use network that you trust, such as a network you get from a friend you are staying with. 

Avoid using unfamiliar ATMs

If you need to draw cash during a trip, make sure to be more careful in choosing the ATM. Avoid using ATMs that are located in suspicious areas. Go to ATMs that are located only at reliable banks and backed by legitimate banks. It is best if you can research about ATM’s locations prior the trip. Or, you can ask hotel staffs about the locations of safe ATMs. Also, it’s best to back off and find another location if your gut feelings tell you are unsafe.

How To Make Your Travel Journal More Memorable

How To Make Your Travel Journal More Memorable

Travelling can be a memorable and invaluable experience. It can be life-changing as well because you see and experience so many new things that can be your life lessons. It is common for travelers to try to immortalize their travel experience in various ways. Some prefer taking pictures to keep the memory about travel alive. Some others like collecting travel memorabilia such as tickets, stamps, etc. However, another interesting way to keep the memory of your travel is writing a journal or travel diary. 

Keeping your travel journal more memorable and interesting

Writing a travel journal may sound time-consuming but it is not really in reality. You won’t have to keep writing throughout your travel journey. In fact, it may only take few minutes to scrabble down something memorable from your journey in a journal. And here are some tips to make your journal more memorable and interesting even if you don’t have the so-called ‘writing skill’ like professional:

Use pen and paper

It can be more interesting to do write your travel journal in an old-fashioned way. It creates body and mind connection immediately. You can pick your own ‘perfect’ pen and notebook to write your travel journal. Pick your ideal size, color, type, and everything based on your personal preference. 

Keeping your travel journal more memorable and interesting

Decide when and where to write

You may start writing before the trip begins and describe about your plan, expectations, etc. Then, you can create a schedule to write during the trip. It can be every night after returning from your exploration, or any other time you find the most comfortable to write. You can write in your hotel room, cafe, public library, or even in the park. 

Put the time and location more precisely

It will be more memorable if you include exact day, date, and location in your writing. It will help you a lot when you want to find an entry back in the annals of your story. You can even put more details such as tickets, photos, little sticky notes, etc. 

Observe more

Try to slow down your pace so you can notice more things along the way. You can notice everything from architecture to wildlife in details. You can even describe your own impression about the local dish you tried for lunch in your journal. What kind of taste you feel, what moods you experience while enjoying the food, or what it reminds you of. 

Write about the people you meet

You probably meet with different kind of people throughout your trip. Write your experience of meeting them in your journal. Describe your impression and what lessons you gain from meeting each people you find the most memorable. 

Describe your emotions and moods

You may experience different moods throughout the trip. Try to describe them more in your journal. Treat your journal as a safe place for you to let out all your emotions, be it positive or negative. Describe your mood and if possible, the reason behind it to give more context when you read it later.  

Before Renting A Beachfront Villa in Bali: 4 Important Tips You Need to Know!

Before Renting A Beachfront Villa in Bali: 4 Important Tips You Need to Know!

When you come to the tropical Bali, all you want would be the sun and the sea. You would want to enjoy the seaside living you’ve been wanting for so long. And what’s better than being able to wake up with a view of the vast ocean in a gorgeous beachfront villa rental in Bali? However, beachfront villas usually take over the most premium land in Bali and thus are more expensive than a regular villa. If you want to stay at a beachfront rental, you gonna need to prepare quite a lot of budget and you don’t want the money goes into waste. So before you jump on the first beachfront villa you see at Booking (dot) com or other online travel agents, make sure you’ve read these tips. 

Always, Always Take A Closer Look of the Location

While you may think you are booking a house at the beach, a city center pad or an idyllic cottage, when you arrive the reality may not be all that. Like real estate agents and property developers who create niche names for ‘up and coming’ districts or ‘the next big thing’ neighborhoods – rental agencies and property owners can play loose and fast with the facts.

Yes, it may only be a ’15-minute cycle ride’ to the beach but that includes crossing 6 lanes of fast-moving traffic and traveling 3 miles on a busy road with no cycle path. Or your ‘2 bedroom oceanfront villa may be an apartment in the middle of a housing estate, not famed for its safety or tourist attractions, or the cottage might be so far off the beaten track that once your taxi drops you off you are stranded for the week.

Study the Rules and Restriction of the Villa (Especially Regarding to Party)

Study the Rules and Restriction of the Villa (Especially Regarding to Party)

You are renting a piece of property that has an owner. They might be onsite, renting out rooms in their house, or letting you stay in their second home while you’re on vacation. They want to establish some ground rules for what will go place while you are their guest, which makes sense.

They are not giving you the permission to have your own party, rearrange or redecorate the furniture or furnishings, or stage your own event just because they have given you the keys to their property. So if you want to 

They don’t also expect you to pack visitors and overnight guests into the house where they don’t belong or lease the house to your errant cousin for his college fraternity reunion. Consider your intended use of the space when picking a rental home; if it conflicts with how the owners and their neighbors live, this may not be the greatest option for you. 

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Don’t Expect the Service of A Hotel at the Private Villa

Don’t Expect the Service of A Hotel at the Private Villa

Even  though you may have spent a lot of money to rent someone else’s holiday home, the arrangement didn’t include them as your butler, cleaner, maintenance staff, or concierge. Some of the most luxurious villa in Bali 

A hotel might be a better option for you if you are the type that needs to contact the “front desk” on the hour every hour to ask for fresh towels, cold bottled water, extra shampoo, or to have the air conditioning changed.

You are once again staying in someone’s house. Just as at home, you will be required to make the beds, wash the dishes, prepare meals, sweep the floor, and take out the garbage. Ideally, you are doing this somewhere where the atmosphere evokes a vacation or a special occasion.

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Take A Look at The Pictures of the Beachfront Villa Bali

Even if it might seem obvious, carefully examine the images and read the description of the private beachfront villa that you want to stay in Bali. Skip past and continue on if a property had no images at all, let alone nice pictures. Try to picture the complete unit when you look at images of a particular room or area, to get a sense of the size and flow. Sometimes, images might be distorted and give the impression that something is bigger than it actually is. To determine how well the unit is maintained, pay close attention (and the grounds if they have photos of the pool or clubhouse).

Moving Abroad And The Most Common Myths About It

Instead of traveling abroad you might have an idea to move abroad and it’s not something impossible. Moving abroad for work, school, or simply retiring can be an exciting experience. Yes, it can be daunting especially with so many myths going around it. With the right preparation and plan, it is highly likely that you will move abroad smoothly as you expected.

Moving Abroad And The Most Common Myths About It

Myths about moving abroad you should know

For some people moving abroad might be the only option while for others it feels like a privilege. Regardless, moving abroad has its own perks. It is pretty impossible to do it perfectly because every journey in your life always has its good and bad. As for the myths about moving abroad, here are several of them you might want to know:

Living abroad is less costly

Depending on where you are moving from and where you are planning to move, there are some cost savings. Moving from big city to a rural village may provide saving.  When moving abroad, the largest expense is mostly housing. Also, different necessities may come with different price ranges regardless of where you are moving to. Hence, living for next to nothing is kind of far-fetched when it comes to moving abroad. 

Either bring everything or nothing with you

Some people moving abroad try to bring everything they have from their old place to a new one in hope they don’t need to purchase anything again later. Meanwhile, same others prefer pack their two suitcases and move abroad lightly. You don’t really have to choose one of them. You can bring anything you need and leave things you will no longer use behind. 

You will miss everything from your old life

Moving abroad often means new environment, new people, new culture, new foods, etc. Everything can be overwhelming at first and it is normal to feel kind of homesick. However, it is not true that you will miss everything from your old life. There are probably somethings you are going to miss from it but not everything. Something new will excite you and you will adapt eventually. 

It will feel like being on a full-time vacation

If you move abroad, it is similar to move your home somewhere new. It means your day-to-day life will still basically the same. By moving abroad you probably have more access to explore new and different places but that doesn’t mean it will feel like a perfect permanent holiday all the time. You may still have to go to work or school and run errands just the same. 

Making friends is going to be hard

Making friends after moving abroad is possible to do if you want. You come from different place and it is already interesting for other people to get to know you. Also, there is no need to feel like you have to make friends as soon as you arrive at your new place. Set your own pace and make friends comfortably without any pressure.

How To Sleep Comfortably In Your Car When Travelling

There are many options you can choose when it comes to travel accommodation. You may choose to book a hotel room, hostel, or even choose to sleep in your own car. For this, you need to be aware of the consequences that may come. For example, booking a hotel room means you are going to rest rather comfortably with variety of amenities. Meanwhile, choosing to sleep in your car means more discomfort you probably experience. It may also put your safety at risk. 

How To Sleep Comfortably In Your Car When Travelling

Can you choose to sleep in car when travelling?

You can opt to sleep in your own car when travelling if it is what you prefer. There are also benefits of sleeping in your own car. The most obvious benefits is save your money. By sleeping in your car, you cut down accommodation fee. You can use the money for buying gas to travel more, or buying tickets to cultural events. Other benefits is freedom. You get to choose where to park your car and have your nice little rest. Here are several ways you can sleep in your own car comfortably during a trip:

Pack your car with essentials

Pack a bunch of sleeping essentials that will help you rest more comfortably such as warm wool blanket, comfortable clothes, sleeping bag or sleeping pad, bottled water, foods and snacks, pocket knife, towel, wool hat, gloves, small tool kit, eye mask, and lighter. These may sound a lot for just sleeping in a car but you might be surprised at how you are going to need them for the trip. 

Keep everything organized

Just because it is your own car doesn’t mean you can just let everything scattered everywhere. Since you have lots of things in your car, keep everything organized so you can save time looking for items when you need them. You can sue organizers as well to keep everything int he right place. 

Opt for safe, free place to park

Your safety should be your priority because you are going to be more vulnerable sleeping in the open even if you are in your own car. Don’t just pull over anywhere. Instead, look for signs that say you are allowed there. You may opt for parking lots of major chain stores or religious building since they are relatively safer place to park at. 

Keep your privacy and lock your door

You don’t want to wake up with someone peeking inside or try to sleep but what you see is dark surroundings that looks eerie. Hence, always keep your privacy by blocking the side that faces human or automobile traffic.

Ventilation and comfort

For better ventilation, you can buy window screen and wedge it around the opening of the sunroof. It let los ventilation while keeping the bugs away. Also, make yourself as comfy as possible for sleeping by using a pillow to support your neck and head. You may also fold down the back seats to allow more space for your body to stretch out more comfortably.

Komodo Sailing Trip (Labuan Bajo, Indonesia) With Navila Liveaboard

Deciding to travel to Flores across the blue sea with exotic islands, you have to rent a liveaboard. Komodo sailing trip takes you to enjoy the warmth of the sun on a phinisi ship. Komodo liveaboard offers a unique and enjoyable holiday experience where you will stay on board throughout the cruise. One of the phinisi Navila liveaboard boats offers sailing holidays around the remote islands and harbors of Labuan Bajo. Learn, feel, understand, taste, and touch new things while building the adventurous spirit within you.

Komodo Sailing Trip (Labuan Bajo, Indonesia) With Navila Liveaboard - deck area

Labuan Bajo port, gateway to start your Komodo sailing trip

You will see the bustle of the Labuan Bajo port when you arrive there with rows of phinisi docked. Arriving in Labuan Bajo, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a fishing village that is now more focused on being a stopover for ships that will sail. 

Komodo sailing trip with Navila liveaboard with a passenger of 12 people, and the length of the ship is 28 meters. Navila liveaboard is highly recommended if you go with a group. 6 en-suite cabins with ac, 3 outdoor relaxing areas, indoor dining area with ac, and equipped with snorkel gear. 

The fun thing is that you can enjoy the sunset and views of the islands and islands of Labuan Bajo which have 2 beautiful contrasting colors on the deck. During the dry season, the islands and hills look yellow, and during the rainy season, the surrounding scenery looks green.

Snorkeling is an activity that is awaited by tourists. You can see the stunning underwater beauty. The advantage of the Komodo sailing trip is that you can save time to reach many islands and enjoy the amazing underwater scenery.

Luxury liveaboard Komodo destination

Visiting Komodo national park

Komodo Island is an island where the original habitat of ancient animals is a world tourism icon. On the island of Komodo you can do trekking and see ancient animals along the way. Rangers will guide your trekking journey and help protect you from Komodo dragons who can suddenly become aggressive.

Kelor island

You can capture the beauty of Labuan Bajo by climbing to each hill. On Kelor island you will be invited to climb the hill. Kelor Island is indeed uninhabited but is one of the destinations in Labuan Bajo that must be included in your travel list.

You can also snorkel and see coral reefs and various colorful fish. Considering that Navila liveaboard does not provide diving equipment, for those of you diving lovers, you can bring your own diving equipment. Kelor Island is very suitable for free diving activities because the waves on this beach are quite calm and not dangerous.

Padar island

This island is included in the 3 largest islands in Labuan Bajo. Padar Island has a dry climate with views of shrubs and grassland trees that create a beautiful savanna. This island is one of the exotic islands in Indonesia that you must visit.

Rinca Island

The island is located off the coast of Padar island with no less enchanting views. Rinca Island is different from Kelor Island because it has supporting facilities for tourists such as homestays, stalls, and public toilets. You can do trekking activities with routes that vary from short to long routes.

The Idea Of Renting a Holiday Home For  A Vacation

It might make sense for people to plan adventure trip as a way to refresh themselves after being restrained in their own home for almost two years due to the global pandemic. however, you might be surprised at how many people are interested to rent a home holiday for their gateway. It seems that more and more people have considered about going out of their house just for a change of scenery. Hence, the idea of renting holiday home for a vacation is not too unreasonable after all. 

The Idea Of Renting Holiday Home For  A Vacation

Benefits of renting home holiday

Aside from getting a change of scenery, there are other benefits you can get from renting a home holiday. It is a great opportunity for you to unwind and create new memories. It is reasonable for you to want to rent a home holiday when you are in desperate need of a break. It is also a great opportunity to boost your energy. It is good for your body and mind to recharge from all the stress and routines. 

Even if you are still bringing your work, your kids and their school assignments to your holiday home, it is still great experience since you are being in new environment that give you that energy boost you desperately need. You can also rent holiday home located near the beach, mountain, and so on. It has become easier to rent a holiday home since you get to choose from so many options. 

It is pretty simple to plan

Renting holiday home is considered easy. You will have your holiday booked and ready in advance. You can book it one or two weeks prior the D-date so you get to plan the itinerary, what to pack, and even finance. What you may find a little bit of a hassle is finding and securing a place. The rest is pretty easy to handle. 

What to consider when choosing holiday home

Searching for your dream location of holiday home can be tricky and you need to take several factors into considerations such as budget and necessities. The first one is when you have to find out how much you willing to pay towards renting a holiday home. You can set up your budget first then find a holiday home that fits. When budgeting, keep in mind that there might be other expenses to cover such as cleaning fees. 

The second one is necessities which refer to all essentials you want to have. You can list your own essentials of what necessities that you must have such as parking space, access to public transport, extra living space, etc. However, you may want to add some list of luxuries you want to have such as a prime location of holiday home that is near the beach, private swimming pool, gym facilities, etc. 

By writing down all the lists, it is will be easier for you to find a place that closest to your ideal holiday home. Therefore, you know what you want and what to look for.

Hidden Tips to Rent A Villa in Canggu

Hidden Tips to Rent A Villa in Canggu

Whether you’re traveling to the Bali as a family or with a group, value the experience of immersing yourself in the local culture and community, or want more privacy and autonomy than a resort can provide, renting a luxury Bali villa in or a private home can be a great alternative to booking a hotel.  You might want to stay in Canggu, one of the coolest coastal area in Bali right now. With all the beach clubs, surfer beaches, trendiest restaurants, and cafes with exceptional cafes, no wonder that Canggu is hitting its popularity. Booking a villa in Canggu is as simple as browsing in online travel agent, but there are some hidden tips to maximise your stay. 

Start You Villa Search with Budget & Needed Amenities

Begin your villa search with an estimated price and a list of a few must-have features. There are enough wonderful villa rentals out there to fulfill any set of criteria, unless you’re shopping last-minute or during busy weeks like Christmas or New Year. This list of features and amenities might not be perfect for everyone, but it should give you idea:

  • Private pool
  • Kitchen with kitchen amenities
  • Laundry room
  • Kids-friendly features
  • The amount of king beds, queen, bunkbeds, and cribs in the property
  • The number of bathrooms
  • Internet access
  • Daily maids
  • Chauffeur
  • Nannies on request
  • Ocean-view or garden-view rooms
  • Check the Villa Layout

Depending on who you’re going with, the layout of the villa can be vital. If you are travelling with young kids, for example, you don’t want their room to be far from yours. Single-level villas are ideal for families with older children or toddlers, while couples will welcome a villa with various “pods” for more seclusion. If you’re traveling with another couple, find out if there are two master suites that are equivalent in size. You don’t want to be determining who gets the big bedroom with the great view by tossing a coin, or deciding who should pay how much more for it. Also check villa Canggu with private pool; some villas have very unique pools that can add more value to your vacation. 

Don’t Let the Price of Canggu Villa Deter You

Don’t be put off by the price; simply do the math: Villas may appear to be more expensive per night than hotels, but keep in mind that you receive all of the bedrooms for that one payment. The cost of renting a villa, meals, and drinks may be significantly less than the expense of staying at a hotel or resort. It typically works out to be a better deal than a resort when split up. You also have the entire pool to yourself. According to Smith, a nice cottage in Berawa can cost as low as $250 for a week, while a luxurious 6 bedroom villa Canggu can easily cost $25,000 a week. However, it really worth the money especially if you are booking for many people. Compared to a hotel room, you will be able to use the kitchen to cook and the laundry to wash your own clothes. 

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Think About the Benefit of A Villa

Don’t Let the Price of Canggu Villa Deter You

Consider the privacy issue, which is one of the major benefits of renting a villa rather than a hotel. Nothing beats having your entire family under one roof instead of spread out down the hall when you’re on vacation with them. Parents appreciate being able to put their children to bed and still spend time by the pool or in the hot tub. Calculate the value of that to you and plan your trip appropriately. You can also look for a Canggu villa near the beach, even if it’s not a beachfront, it’s still give you the advantage of shorter trip to the beaches. 

Save Money By Booking On Shoulder Season

Consider booking a villa during the shoulder season to save money. The peak season for villas is from December 15 to April 15, and you can save up to half off during the “golden weeks” right before or after.

Book the Villa Canggu Early Before Your Summer Getaway

If you want to go on a holiday vacation, make your villa Canggu reservations as soon as possible. Some vacationers wait for last-minute offers, but this might be dangerous because owners frequently utilize their villas if they don’t obtain a booking. By late August, the majority of renters have secured their villas for the holidays.

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Want A Total Relaxation? Look for Fully-Serviced Canggu Villas

If you don’t want to do anything on your own, search for all-inclusive villa rentals which have a crew including a cook and a cleaner. It could be a bit more expensive than the usual villas in Canggu, but the service are totally worth it. A more luxurious villa will also have a private masseurs and even a chauffeur. 

What Travel Trends Will Look Like In The Future

In the past two years, there have been major shift in travel industry. So many things happened and caused huge changes in how people see travel today. Travelling today is not only about taking leisure vacation. The essence of travel today is more varied depending on the individual. Today, travel can be about visiting families who live far away, work-related reasons, or healing. However, there are more to consider when it comes to travelling today. 

Smartphone displaying a valid digital vaccination certificate for COVID-19 in male's hand, public area background. Vaccination, disease immunity passport, health and safty travel concepts

About travel today, and in the future

One of the biggest concerns is safety. Also, there are so many documents needed just to be able to travel and enter a country due to the global pandemic. It has made travel to be a tenuous thing many people are reluctant to go through. Seeing how travel industry has shifted significantly, it is reasonable to think about what travel trends will look like in the future. It is highly likely that the world will keep going and form various trends people will or will not like. 

Complete connection

It is predicted that the way we travel in the future will be more connected. It will be easier for travelers to share their travel moments with others. Although it has already started, this kind of travel connection will get bigger in the future. Travelers will also instantly check your smart watch or smart phone just to find out instant or special deals. It is highly likely that Google search will be replaced by more advanced travel apps. 

The explosion of luxury travel

Travel on budget has been in travel trend for so long. And it is predicted to be disappearing gradually. Affordable travel will no longer be an issue for many travelers in the future. Luxury travel is predicted to be exploded in years ahead. Many more young travelers today have considered taking luxury trip and no longer feeling tied to budget. They no longer want to stay with basic accommodation. Instead, they want lavish set up that can make make the most of their travel experience.

Digitization of travel documents

You may have experienced yourself how you need to carry a bunch of travel documents. However, it seems that the travel trend in the future will be paper-less. Travel documents are going to in a form of digital data that can be saved  in electronic devices. You will be able to save your travel documents on your smartphone to be scanned to pass security check. 

The shifts of travel trend in the future

No one can accurately predict how travel trend will evolve. Even though we predict based on what we are seeing today, there is no guarantee that the travel will shift to the direction we predicted. There are other factors that can affect how travel trend evolves. Just like what happened in the pat two years where the global pandemic hit out of nowhere, we can never predict the future on point. Focus more on what matters to you regardless if travel is something you need or want.