Planning A Smooth First Solo Camping Trip

Going on a camping trip a lone can feel intimidating because it means you have to survive being a long in the wild. Even if it is only for a few days, it still sound so daunting. However, there are many reasons why it is so worth it. Solo camping can help you reconnect better with yourself and nature. Also, you can create your own pace since you are alone. A solo camping trip also helps you to build self-confidence and self-reliance. But how to make it go smoothly while you still have the fun and feels safe?

Overcoming the challenge of solo camping trip for the first time

It is important for you to remember that it is not going to be easy especially because it is your first time. Even seasoned travelers make mistakes. Hence, remind yourself to stay positive and excited with the camping plan. Feeling fear and worry is normal and you will get through it. And here are some tips to make your first solo camping trip more smoothly:

Make preparation

To make you feel ready, you need to be ready with your journey. And your readiness relates a lot with your preparation. Doing it spontaneously is possible but you have to know there will be more surprises you might encounter. But when you prepare everything you need thoroughly, at least you are ready for what to expect. Prepare not only the essentials you need to pack but also your mental to be in the high spirit.

Do your research

It is important that you know where you are going to camp, especially when you do it solo. You have to make sure that the place is safe to camp in. Confirm about information you find to the authorities of the camp site to make sure the information is true and valid. Learn more about the routes, nearby hospital, and other emergencies to help you when needed. 

Learn about survival basics

Even though the camp site is relatively safe, there will always a chance of encountering hassle or obstacle. Hence, it is a must for you to learn survival basics such as how to pitch a tent, navigate a map, build a fire, access clean water, handle wildlife, self care and first aid, as well as weather forecasting. 

Pack smartly

Make sure you know what to pack for your first time solo camping trip. Most people do it excessively that they ended up packing load of unnecessary stuffs. Carrying too heavy bag will only hold you back from having a nice walk to the camp site. You will also end up with a back pain. The most important things to pack include foods, drinks, first-aid kit, lighter, sleeping kits, tent, pocket knife, lamp, and of course some clothes for change. 

It is recommended that you talk with seasoned campers about how to survive your first time ever solo camping trip. They know what to advise so you get to have a fun, enjoyable, and smooth solo camping even when you do it solo.

Komodo National Park Snorkeling, Exploring Big Creatures & Beautiful Reefs

Komodo National Park snorkeling is quite amazing. A week traveling out into Komodo National Park by boat, visiting a variety of reefs and habitats, as well as the house reef where you will staying. You will join a group of Komodo liveaboard snorkelers organize by a provider. 

Komodo National Park Snorkeling, Exploring Big Creatures & Beautiful Reefs

Komodo National Park Snorkeling, Explore The Reefs

The reefs in Komodo are spectacular, you can find both in terms of their overall health and the variety of sea life.

Komodo is notable for its larger species and abundance of reef fish. Cuttlefish, manta rays, eagle rays, and large sea turtles were among the unusual species we saw. You will observe some of the largest fish we’ve ever seen, including Giant Trevally, Napoleon Wrasse, angelfish, and puffers.

You will see a lot of squids, even see a cuttlefish in person during Komodo snorkeling tours, which is a tremendous delight.

What Are the Reefs Like When Snorkeling with Komodo Dragons?

In terms of the types of reefs and underwater ecosystems, as well as the types of critters you observe later, Komodo snorkeling adventure was diverse.

You will be out every day on a boat to explore reefs within Komodo National Park and a couple of spots just outside the park for approximately a week. Eat lunch on the boat before heading to a different Komodo snorkeling area. The heat in Komodo was unbearable, so thankful to be on the boat for the majority of the day, where you could enjoy the cool ocean breezes.

If you are lucky, you can meet manta rays, lesser rays, and eagle rays soaring smoothly over the sea on many occasions in Komodo, which is known for having a number of manta ray cleaning stations. If you observe Mantas in deeper water, but a week later, another Komodo snorkeling group saw them near the surface.

The marine life on Komodo’s reefs was incredible. There were many different types of parrotfish, many of which we had never seen before. Angelfish, damselfish, gobies, and a variety of anemone fish were among the other reef fish in abundance.

Water Temperatures in Komodo

A lightweight wetsuit may be necessary depending on whether you choose to snorkel in the north or south. At times, the water temperature can be a little cool. The water was warm for the majority of our vacation, although you wear our 2.2mm wetsuits on a few occasions.

Komodo Dragon

Komodo is known for its Komodo Dragons, and it’s fortunate to observe a number of them on your walking tour in the national park on Rinca Island, even during mating season! They were a lot of fun to watch and see. Near the ranger station, there were also deer and water buffalo.

Komodo Island Travel & Culture

Although Komodo has been discovered, it nevertheless feels like a place from another era. As previously said, the port in Labuan Bajo was crammed with boats, but they were all traditional wooden boats, giving the impression of being in a different age. Because of the tourism, it appears that you can get by speaking English in this town. Fishing settlements are pretty numerous once you get out into the islands, and they are primarily Muslim.

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Tips For Exploring Komodo Island
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Tips For Exploring Komodo Island

Whatever your choice to explore Komodo Island, by luxury phinisi boat or backpacker, safety and safety is crucial. Exploring the island of Komodo is a unique and unforgettable experience. You will see ancient animals on this island, which are ancient animals that are still left in the world. Preservation of ancient animals and the safety of your trip must also be considered.

komodo island

Don’t visit Komodo Island alone

This is important! Never visit where giant ancient animals habitat alone because it will be high risk. Ensuring safety is paramount. You can look for open trips to Komodo island and join other tourists. Make sure you are always under the supervision of a ranger when you see Komodo dragons. Another important piece of information, do not force exploring this island when you are menstruating. Komodo’s smell is very sharp and will be dangerous when they become aggressive.

Stay Still

Do not make a lot of movement when you meet directly or close to the Komodo dragon. Many tourists want to take pictures at a distance with Komodo but actually, endanger safety. Try not to attract their attention, because safety is number one.

Do not smoke

Before exploring the island of Komodo, or the island of Rinca, you must pay attention to the condition of the two islands. The other island has more forest when you compare it to Rinca Island. The savanna dominates the island of Rinca. The savanna on Rinca Island is very wide and looks arid the canoe up the hill.

Imagine if you smoked on one of these islands and caused a fire. It will certainly be very damaging to the environment and the extinction of ancient animals. Traveling to Komodo Island is not just for fun, but we are also obliged to maintain the security and safety of the area.

Best island to see Komodo dragons

Many people say Rinca Island is the best island to see Komodo dragons in person. In terms of scenery, Rinca Island is almost the same as Komodo. Rinca Island features beautiful beaches and several hills. The land here is mostly covered by grasslands. You can meet many wild animals. Rinca Island is an area of about 18,500 hectares which is also home to more than 2,000 Komodo dragons.

If you decide to take an open trip, then don’t worry because the operator will take you to both locations. You can also enjoy activities such as trekking or enjoying the pink beach. Make sure that the open trip operator provides all your travel needs to Rinca and Komodo island. 

Things Your Carry-On Should Have For You To Survive A Long Flight

A long flight is such a dreading experience. When you know you are going to have a long flight, you feel like you are going for a war. You feel like you need to prepare even your mental state to face it. Of course, a long flight can be exhausting and dreading for some travelers because being confined for hours in limited space can take a toll on their body. 

eye mask for flight
Young woman smiles as she places a sleep mask on her head during a long flight. She then smiles with contentment as she relaxes on the flight.

What to put in your carry-on to survive a long flight

Flying for hours can exhaust you to another level. Being prepared is better than not because then you will be ready for the flight. Your carry-on can be your life saver for a long haul-flight if you put the right things into it. What you have in your carry-on can help you survive the dreading long flight. And here are most recommended things to put inside your carry-on:

Eye mask

This is such a life saver for a long flight because it is almost impossible for you to stay awake. You can stay awake but it will leave you with more exhausted body when arrive in your destination. Having a good rest is one of they key to survive a long flight. With eye mask, you can sleep better. You can sleep whenever without waiting for the crews to light out the cabin or waiting until your seatmate stops using their reading light. 

Noise-canceling headset or headphones

You don’t now if you are going to have a nosy, chatty seatmate for your flight. However, a noise-canceling headphone will always save you from unwanted situation. Also, you can use it with the in-flight entertainment. At least, have your ear plugs packed into your carry-on so you can rest more properly. 

Compression socks

A pair of compression socks during a long flight make the difference. It can help prevent you from experiencing bloated feet. It can help regulate your blood flow during long haul flight. Also, it is not heavy at all so even if you pack a pair or two, it won’t weigh your carry-on much. 

Sanitizing wipes

You must already know that airplane cabin, especially the tray table is one of the dirtiest places. You don’t know what kind of mess will greet you when you open it. Hence, always ready yourself with a pack of sanitizing wipes. Also, it helps a lot during a long flight when you need to clean your hands without going back and forth to the toilet. 

Food and water

You cannot just rely on the meal service in the cabin for a long flight because it can be sporadic. Also, they are not always appetizing. Hence, prepare your own foods at least something you can snack on when you feel hungry. Bring your own water bottle and fill it up after security-check. You need to stay hydrated to survive a long flight. This way, you also don’t have to keep flagging up the flight attendants to ask for water. 

Raja Ampat Diving Liveaboard, Explore The Best Dive Sites

Not only famous for expensive vacation destinations, but Raja Ampat offers extraordinary natural charm. One of the popular diving Indonesia destinations throughout the world, and you must visit it. Explore many tourist destinations and the best dive spots, then you should try the Raja Ampat Diving Liveaboard. Hoping an island with a luxury phinisi boat is a unique and challenging experience. 610 exotic island clusters and a paradise for travelers.

raja ampat diving liveaboard - exploring the best dive sites in raja ampat

Raja Ampat Diving Liveaboard Experience

What can you see while diving in Raja Ampat? The experience of Raja Ampat diving liveaboard is not only seeing coral reefs but many relics of World War II. This beautiful and exotic island is blessed with an even underwater beauty, so there will be many underwater spots for you to explore.

Exploring Cross Wreck 

This Raja Ampat diving site is 300 kilometers from Sorong. The shipwreck that ran aground in World War II offers a stunning underwater panorama. To explore the Japanese wreck, you have to dive at a depth of 18 meters. The right time to enjoy this one diving spot is recommended to do it from March to November. Raja Ampat diving liveaboard not only offers luxurious sailing trips but also opens underwater doors with spectacular views. 

Blue Magic Dive Site

underwater beauty. You can find a variety of biotas, such as barracuda, red snappers, surgeonfish, and tuna. The view of the coral reefs is an attraction that you cannot refuse as a diver. To enjoy the underwater beauty, you have to dive at a depth of 30 meters, with a fairly strong current. It takes skill and high diving experience to explore the underwater life at Blue Magic.

Shadow Reef

This Raja Ampat dive site is located in Misool, at the tip of Raja Ampat. Shadow reef or Magic mountain is known as the number one diving spot in Raja Ampat. In this spot, you can see a mound of coral that rises as high as 7 meters. The underwater charm of the shadow reed is amazing because you can watch the fish that appear when the current is entering. You can see 2 species of manta rays, namely Manta birostris and already which can be seen around the reef.

Tanjung Kri

Your Raja Ampat Diving liveaboard trip is not complete if you don’t visit Tanjung Kri. One of the leading spots of Raja Ampat has a fascinating diversity of marine life. The number of fish in this one diving spot makes the sun’s rays from the sea surface not penetrate deep into. At a depth of 1-40 meters with a visibility of 10 to 30 meters, you can find sharing fish, corals such as snapper, fusilier, sweetlips, butterflyfish, and angle fish.

Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Should Avoid

Design agency Bali for your business or company

Just because you made mistakes doesn’t mean you are a total failure in building your business because even seasoned entrepreneurs make mistakes too. Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned. There are many ways you can make mistakes when building business especially in the marketing area. What’s most important is use mistake as positive asset to teach you valuable lessons so you can improve your business.

Mistakes small business owners can avoid

Mistakes are sometimes inevitable because of one thing or another. However, there are also mistakes that can be prevented. It is important to avoid big mistakes that can cost your business  a lot or damaging in long-term. Below are the types of mistakes due to misunderstanding of best marketing practices and you can actually avoid them:

The first mistake is doing branding on your own even though you have no sufficient skill. Marketing your business without  a brand strategy is bound to fail. Branding is essential in marketing and you need to do it with good plan and strategy. It is not only about logo but also about the message you want to deliver. If you don’t understand how to do it well, do not hesitate to bring in an expert. 

Treating everyone as your potential customers. While it is good to be hopeful and positive, a mindset like that won’t get you anywhere. What you offer might not be suitable for everyone. Hence, it is important to decide who your target customers to market to. Be more specific with who you want your brand to be recognized by and it will help your brand to standout. Be unique and and relevant by crafting your message specifically for one niche segment of the marketplace.

Making broad assumptions about customers. Everything that is based on assumption often ends bad. Keep in mind that you are not your customers so making decision based on what you assume of them will do no good for your business. The result will be disappointing. Rely more on data and research to support your ideas. It is highly likely that you have different perspective with your customers. So make sure not to assume you know them well if you don’t. 

Being all out from the initial marketing campaign to get the spark. This is marketing mistake you should avoid because investing too much money at the start of your campaign is too risky. If it fails, it costs a lot. Excess waste will be what you get. Instead, get to know who your audience first then decide what kind of campaign that work best. Slowly, you will get more data about your audience and what platform that work best for your marketing campaign. 

It is common sense to avoid the mistakes above. However, there are still many entrepreneurs and small business owners alike who still make those mistakes. Build your network with marketing experts and balance the advice you get with your knowledge of the marketplace, experience, trends, etc.

Labuan Bajo Tour Goes to Pink Beach

Tour Labuan Bajo

Blue, white, and pink are all adorable colors. These colors are very familiar with things like candy, sweet food and drinks, cartoons, and so on. Just name what you imagine when dealing with these three colors. But if you take part in the fantastic Labuan Bajo Tour you will find a beach with these colors, but not because it is man-made, it does arise as it is because of its natural nature. Like flakes of confectionery, it’s so cute that the sand along the Pink Beach wants to be eaten, so it’s a good idea to make sure you bring lunch or have eaten before. 

Interestingly, Pink Beach is an island that is only inhabited by a herd of kings, the king of lizards, Komodo Dragon! Therefore, if you want to stop at Sugarcane Beach, you have to use the guidelines, because the king is quite savage and the island is their habitat, even though sometimes they move slowly, but you have to be careful with this one wild animal. 

Pink Sand on Labuan Bajo Tour

Pink Beach is not only inhabited by Komodo Dragons but also a lot and maybe hundreds to thousands or millions to billions of micro sized animals called Foraminifera. They give pigments to the corals in the sea, sea waves fling them to the beach into pieces. These flakes make the coast look very beautiful, so spoil the eyes when the color blends with the seawater. 

Chill on Sabana Hill 

Not far from the shoreline you will find a hill that is not so high, so we can easily reach the peak to take a selfie from above to capture the panoramic view of the scenery around Sugarcane Beach, as well as the ships that are anchored from the Komodo Sailing Tour. But you still have to be careful if you want to walk around, because together with the guide will be safer.

Tour Labuan Bajo

Say Hi to Exotic Corals in Labuan Bajo Tour

Maybe you are used to diving, but even though this is your first time, diving in the sea of Pink Beach is very fun and not difficult for divers. But when you are in the sea you will realize why large ships are not allowed to take the passengers to the shoreline and only small ships are permitted because they do not have the potential to damage the existing exotic corals. 

Therefore, we as divers must also maintain and not destroy what grows and is owned by any sea. So you don’t need to hesitate to bring diving equipment for the Komodo Sailing Tour and get ready to enjoy and experience the sanctuary and wildlife in the islands of Flores, Eastern Indonesia. 

Swim and Swing with the Pink and Meet the King 

For the safety and comfort of tourists, it is advisable not to bring a wallet or cellphone. It is advisable to take pictures using a waterproof camera only because the ship that took us to Pink Beach only stops far from the coast and we continue with a smaller boat. Or even dive right in on Labuan Bajo Tour.

Usually, after diving the divers will stop at the beach, putting their things around the tree. Then take a walk to explore the island which is only inhabited by the lizard king. You will see from afar that the island is shaped like a crescent moon or the letter C.

On the left and right, some hills will attract your attention, but maybe it is more accurately referred to as a cape because the size of the hill is still not too high. You have to feel the sensation of both, and usually, if you explore the Labuan Bajo Tour at Pink Beach you will spend two to three hours until you are satisfied and return to continue the Komodo Sailing Tour. 

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Travel Makes You More Contented and Relaxed Person

Endangered Travel Destinations Around The World You Should Know

Overtourism and climate change are two major factors of some places to be in endangered category. Some of the most wonderful places around the world are on the verge of disappearing. Hence, it is important to start travel responsibly to preserve the environment and culture. There are many things you can do to practice green travel such as leaving no carbon footprints, keeping safe distance with wildlife, respecting the local cultures, and doing simple things that make big differences such as leaving no trash, using reusable travel items, supporting local community, etc. 

Machu Picchu

Endangered travel destinations around the world

Machu Picchu is one of the most visited travel destinations around the world and now on the verge of disappearing due to the overtourism. This wonderful archaeological site might not survive tourists. Many people come in large groups and leave trash behind on the Inca Trail. Some of them even vandalize the stones irresponsibly and disrespect marked trails. Many tourist ugly behaviors have damaged the site irrevocably. 

The Amazon is the core of the earth. This amazing rainforest has breathtaking and unimaginable biodiversity as well as indigenous communities. However, this place is also on the verge of disappearing sooner than later due to deforestation. Amazon is the lungs of the world and we cannot even imagine what would the world like if it’s truly disappeared just for the sake of cattle ranching and mining. Threatening the Amazon means threatening the health of the entire earth. 

Antarctica is often at the top of travelers’ bucket list. This might be one of the most remote place on earth but many people want to visit it once in their lifetime at least. Just like the Amazon, Antarctica plays such a major role in our life. Climate change has affected Antarctica badly and caused the ice melted at an alarming rate. Added with human carbon footprint, this place is at the verge of disappearing which in return lead to deathly imbalance on earth. 

Borneo is often called the Amazon of Asia. This rainforest also has such an unimaginable biodiversity. However, it is also on the edge of disappearing due to illegal logging and palm oil plantations. The forest has been reduced by a third. You can help by contributing to the community who is giving their best effort to conserve the forest through various supports. Visiting Borneo is still allowed but if you plan to do it, make sure to visit with more care and responsibility. Leave no carbon footprint and be mindful with the wildlife. 

The Alps is one of the greatest things we have on earth. However, global warming has put this majestic Alps to be on the edge of disappearing. The victim of global warming are the ice caps of the Alps. The rising temperature has caused the ice throughout this European mountain range melted. The people in the town are trying their best to preserve their livelihood but the way they do it doesn’t solve the root of the issues. 

Labuan Bajo Safe Trip 2021 With A Premium Yacht

2020-2021 is a difficult period for the tourism industry. The Covid pandemic that has spread around the world is the biggest barrier to travel. Currently, all countries are preparing to fight against Covid and distribute vaccines so that economic activity can resume stretching out. International traveling has not yet been reopened at this time, but to travel locally, of course, there is still a possibility with the condition that you have to do a covid test or have been vaccinated. Flores and its surroundings, Komodo Island, or doing a Labuan Bajo trip offer an impressive and unforgettable experience. Of course, travel must be safe and in accordance with health protocols.

Labuan Bajo Safe Trip 2021 With A Premium Yacht

Labuan Bajo Trip & Exploring Around

Komodo, one of the entries that you must visit when doing the Labuan Bajo trip. This spot is already global and has even become one of the Komodo National Park areas managed by the Government. But Komodo Island is not the only enchanting spot. There are many more spots in Labuan Bajo and its surroundings that you must visit.

Cunca Rami Waterfall

Called as a hidden paradise in Labuan Bajo. Cunca means waterfall, rami means forest. The fact is that Cunca rami waterfall is indeed in the forest. The distance from Cunca Rami from Labuan Bajo is approximately 30 kilometers. When using a rental car, you can reach the location in approximately 1 hour.

Rongko Cave, Private Swimming Pool in NTT

From Labuan Bajo, you can reach Goa Rongko with a 1-hour trip. You will feel the freshness of the water and serenity. The water in Goa Rongko is saltwater that comes from seawater. Rongko Cave is one of the destinations visit by many local residents. So don’t be surprised if this spot is very busy. When you look at the top of Rongko Cave, you will see beautiful stalactite ornaments with various irregular shapes. The best time to visit Rongko Cave is 12-14 noon, when the sun enters and provides light in the cave.

Kampung Adat Todo

When you look at the houses of the inhabitants of the Toso traditional village, at a glance it is similar to Wae Rebo Village. Todo traditional village can be reached 3 hours drive by land and is easier to reach than Wae Rebo. To enter a traditional village, tourists must register and pay 45,000. Tourists are required to wear complete traditional clothing. For women must wear a headband, and men use a head covering or cap.

Magia 2 yacht | Hello Flores

How to explore Labuan Bajo trip safely in 2021?

Vacationing during the Pandemic will be very different because you have to travel safely. One option that is currently in great demand is on board or using a phinisi ship. Security and cleanliness are guaranteed because you will sleep and have activities on the ship. You will be well guided when exploring various spots. Several boat options for Labuan Bajo trips such as Aliikai liveaboard, Magia 2 yacht to Splendor liveaboard, offer vacation privileges for 3-5 days.

Help Your Houseplant Make It Through When You Are Travelling

Houseplant can be your lovely friends. They are not more than just your house decoration. They are your companion that always welcome you home. However, taking them when you have to travel is not ideal. Leaving them probably cause them dead when you return from your trip. Therefore, it is important to know how you can keep them alive while you are travelling around the world. 

Keep your houseplant alive while you are travelling around

First thing first, it is important to choose the right plants from the start. It is not only about getting fancy houseplant. It is about searching for something you need. If you cannot commit to keep houseplants that need high-maintenance and don’t choose them. Opt for low-maintenance plants that can withstand waterless for a month. You can opt for succulents of cacti family. 

Then, choose the right soil. It is best to choose soil with coconut fibers or peat moss. This kind of soil is more ideal for houseplant that often neglected by frequently travelling owners. This soil will stay in medium-moist for longer period due to the mixed-in moss and coconut fibers. Also, it is important to choose the right pot. Always opt for pot that is ideal for the type pf the plants you own. Specific pot for specific plants is the most ideal. 

Keep the maintenance of your houseplant because well-maintained plants can better withstand neglect. Watering, feedings, trimming off your plants on regular basis is necessary as they are part of needed maintenance to keep. Also, it is important to find the perfect spot to put your plants. Factors such as how much the sunlight that the plants receive is significant to their longevity. 

Before you leave your home, move and group your plants because excessive light and wind can make your plants thirstier. Move them away from source of heat and wind such as AC, radiator, south-facing windows, etc. Group your plant together near windows that provide indirect sunlight instead. This way, your plants have higher possibility to withstand neglect. 

Opt for self-watering techniques you can apply for your plants. You may consider slow-release watering using sandwich bag. It is ideal to be implemented during brief absences. Fill the sandwich bag with water and prick it with the needle to make the tiniest hole. Then, lay the bag on the plant’s soil bed. Make sure the hole is facing downward. 

Another self-watering technique you can adopt to keep your plant alive while you are away is slow-release watering with wine bottle. If you don’t have wine bottle, any bottle with a long neck will do. Rinse the bottle and fill it with water. Then, drive its neck into the soil of your plant. To control the amount of water to trickle, you can use a wine bottle with a screw top that you have made a hole through. Or, you can simply toss a few pebbles into the bottle. This way, you prevent the risk of over-watering.