Consider Laidback Travel To Gain More Authentic Experience

It is such a common practice for tourists and travelers alike to focus more on ticking boxes off when travelling to their dream destinations. They list a series of popular places for them to visit later. Enjoying a trip this way is not entirely wrong but you can choose a better option. Instead of rushing to so many different places, it is more recommended to take your time to enjoy one or two places in a day during your trip. Laidback travel is now more encouraged because it is not only beneficial for the travelers themselves but also to the environment and the local culture. 

Laidback travel brings out more authentic experience

Laidback travel means you enjoy your trip in slower pace. You are being immersed, curious, and interactive with your travel experience. Through this, you build connection with yourself, people and places. Laidback travel also embraces concept of sustainability, mindfulness, and wellness.You can have a laidback travel experience through these activities:

Set goals you want to achieve from the trip

Instead of just checking the lis off, you can set real purposes or goals you want to achieve from the trip. You can focus more on improving your mental wellness, seeking out new experiences by blending with the locals, etc. By having those goals, you will feel a sort of fulfillment after your trip ends. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and you are getting happier and content with your travel experience. 

Get out of your comfort zone

It is absolutely daunting and intimidating to try getting out yourself from your comfort zone. However, it helps a lot in building your resilience and confidence. Each challenge may scare you but you will get better because throughout of it, you dare yourself and grow into someone with full of meaningful experiences. It doesn’t have to be something big for you to get out of your comfort zone during travel. You can start slowly such as speaking in local language with the locals. 

Get local 

Instead of checking a list of attractions, it is highly recommended that you get local. It means you eat or cook local foods, ride local transport, buy homemade crafts from local artisans, avoid tourists hot spots, and hang out in the local neighborhoods. 

Immerse yourself through people and place

One of the many benefits of laidback travel is that you can immerse yourself with the people and place at the same time. You can get true immersion by getting to know the local artisans, making actual conversation with the guy who owns the restaurant where you eat your breakfast every day, or, connecting with fellow travelers who stay in the same guesthouse as you. 

Is laidback travel worth it?

Laidback travel is totally worth it because you get to gain more authentic experience that will be a meaningful lessons for your life. By slow travelling, you also have more time to fully discover yourself because you are not rushed into anything. Laidback travel helps you to reach a sense of fulfillment.