Embark Sailing Trip from Fisherman’s Village, West Manggarai

If you see from the sea, the city is not very visible. Covered by many ships that dock in the harbor. Many ships that dock in the harbor cover it. This little settlement is located on the island of Flores’ western tip. It offers a wonderful sea view, making it one of East Nusa Tenggara’s top attractions. Domestic and international tourists are becoming more familiar with the moniker Labuan Bajo. The starting point for a sailing trip to Komodo National Park in Labuan Bajo.

2 person relaxing at the dock, enjoy the sunset, sailing trip from labuan bajo to komodo national park

Boat charter sailing trip to top destination Labuan Bajo 

Rinca and Komodo islands are part of the 80 islands scattered in the western Manggarai region. Meeting rare giant reptiles and reaching other small islands can take a half-day boat trip from Flores port.

Labuan Bajo is a fishing community with a picturesque backdrop of bustling fishing boats. You will see parallel fishermen’s houses used to dry fish. The attractiveness of West Manggarai’s port city has attracted international visitors.

A live-aboard journey to Komodo National Park is extremely popular among tourists. Vacationers in Labuan Bajo have the option of renting a private boat or sharing a boat with other visitors. Padar Island is the most accessible and well-known of the islands on your tour, and it is one you should not miss.

Bukit Sylvia 

You should go to Sylvia Hill when you arrive in Labuan Bajo. The splendor of Labuan Bajo can be seen from the top of Sylvia Hill, which adds to its allure. With a romantic perspective, it’s known as Love Hill.

Rinca Island

Seeing rare Komodo Island is not the only habitat for giant reptiles. Tourists can meet Komodo dragons on Rinca Island. This island is the habitat of the Komodo dragon, a protected rare animal. What is the difference between Rinca and Komodo islands? The difference lies in the geographical contours. Rinca Island has a lot of savannas, while Komodo Island is more forested.

Pink Beach

Pink beach is beautiful with pink sand that comes from red coral reefs with the color homotrema rubrum. Snorkeling and diving are attracting tourists with an amazing underwater world with various types of coral reefs and fish.

Manta Point

One of the diving spots is the main destination for lovers of water activities. You can see and swim with manta rays, rays typical of eastern Indonesia. You can pet, touch and feed with an average manta ray length of up to 3 meters.

Taka Makassar

The next sailing trip boat charter Komodo that should include in your itinerary is Taka Makassar. The small island located in the middle of the ocean has a unique shape like the number nine surrounded by clear blue water. The amazing underwater charm of Taka Makassar is the most recommended snorkeling and diving spot.