Best Ways To Grow And Improve Your Travel Blog

Best Ways To Grow And Improve Your Travel Blog

It is possible for you to become a successful travel blogger and become professional one in which you earn a good living from blogging. In fact, lots of people today rely on travel blog as their main income. Turning travel blogging into a job is highly possible today. However, there are challenges that you should also anticipate. 

Overcoming challenges in becoming professional. Successful travel blogger

With the technology and advanced lifestyle of the people today, it is easy for you to share your story on the internet, allowing it to be more accessible for more people to read. If you do it for fun, you won’t be too concerned about building audience and all. However, making travel blogging your job means you need to take it more seriously, and expect for variety of challenges. 

To stand out from the crowd

As it is easy for anyone to be a blogger, it has disadvantage. It is more challenging to make your travel blog standout from the crowd. Dealing with the competition can be tough especially in your initial journey. However, with a little bit more persistence, it is possible that you grow and improve your travel blog overtime. 

Build your audience

If you want your travel blog to be one of your source of income, take it to another level by growing your own audience. You will only earn income with your blog if you have a decent audience. Once you gain growing, loyal readers, money will follow later. 

Create useful, informative content

Create useful, informative content

Make sure that your content is useful, informative, and interesting to read. You may write your travel journey and share the stories on your blog but people may not care. Always provide something of value to your readers, regardless the type of content you prefer to share. 

Do your research

Before building an audience, you need to target them. What kind of audience you want to attract then how to make them interested in your blog. Make sure to find out what topic they like the most so maybe you can make some improvement accordingly. 

Boost your blog using social media

Social media plays huge role in almost every part of our lives. It can be useful for you to grow your travel blog. You can draw in more audience from your following, build your online presence, and engage more with your audience. 

Consider SEO strategy

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a strategy most people used to boost online visibility and rank on search engine like Google. You can spend time learning more about SEO, how to link with specific niche, etc. 

Build your network

You need to build your reputation and credibility as travel blogger. Hence, network with others in person at conferences, social events, etc. It is a great start to build professional relationship. Potential business partners, colleagues, and clients will think of you over someone they have never met before. You can also build network online by guesting on other’s blogs, collaborating with other bloggers, etc. 

Organic Moisturizers is Becoming More Popular and This is Why

Organic Moisturizer is Becoming More Popular and This is Why

Every morning and every evening, we apply moisturiser to our skin. With so much repetition, it’s worth thinking about converting to a cleaner, greener recipe that’s better for both you and the environment. However, choosing a product produced without components you may want to avoid does not have to mean sacrificing texture, results, or your skin’s health. This concern then raise the needs of organic face moisturizer for people who want a healthier skincare alternatives.

Why Organic Face Moisturizer?

When it comes to eating, a healthier option will obviously be a natural and organic lifestyle. This is because our digestive system breaks down the food we eat. Then, our liver flushes out toxic poisons every time we eat. When we apply something to our skin, however, up to 60% of the synthetic chemicals may reach our bloodstream and accumulate in our body. It’s only natural and organic to use chemical-free (natural and organic) products in our skincare routine.

Limiting Unnecessary Chemical for Topical Application in Your Body

Consider all of the things that come into contact with our skin on a daily basis: makeup, scents, moisturisers, soaps, deodorants, and so on. It’s not just about what we eat; it’s also about what we put on our skin! Nature has already provided us with everything we might possibly require to keep healthy and happy!

Better Skin without Synthetic Ingredients

Better Skin without Synthetic Ingredients

Organic beauty products are just as crucial for your skin’s health as organic food is. Many non-organic beauty products on the market today contain alarmingly high levels of possibly dangerous chemicals. An everyday lotion can include a deadly mix of parabens, formaldehyde, and petroleum waxes. Organic skincare products wash, tone, exfoliate, and moisturise your skin without the use of any of these harmful synthetic ingredients.

However, chemists in the lab might interpret the term differently, “organic” things (such as food and cosmetics ingredients) are grown without the use of pesticides, hormones, and other chemicals. So, what distinguishes organic skin care from non-organic skin care? There are a few distinct perspectives to consider.

in the US alone, to be eligible for the USDA Organic seal, a skincare product must contain at least 95% organic ingredients. Organic ingredients can, however, be used in goods that don’t exactly meet the organic criteria. So, organic face moisturizer for any skin type should not use ingredients like mineral oil, cyclic silicones, or other synthetic ingredients to plump up the skin. Instead, they should use exactly what organic means; ingredients that are grown organically like aloe vera, centella asiatica, avocado oils, and the likes. 

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Understanding Paraben-Free Term in Organic Moisturizers

Parabens (preservatives found in sunscreens, lotions, and other products), sulphates (detergents found in shampoos and bath gels), and phthalates (chemicals found in fragrances and plastics) have all received a bad rap in the cosmetic and skin care industry as a result of several studies linking their use to an increased risk of cancer. Experts, on the other hand, believe that the research is at best inconclusive.

Parabens have been used in cosmetics for a long time. They are in there because they offer value to the items; otherwise, they would not be there. You don’t want to be surrounded by parabens and phthalates, though. Parabens can cause free-radical damage, and sulphates might irritate your skin or trigger an allergic reaction, so you might want to avoid them. 

How to Find a Reputable Bali Tattoo Studio to Get Inked

Finding a reputable tattoo studio in Bali can feel a bit daunting, given the notorious reputation Bali has when it comes to tattoo hygiene, safety, and overall standards. However, this is not the case anymore in recent years. Finding a good Bali tattoo studio and capable tattoo artists to do your permanent ink are entirely possible, given that you have done your homework before coming to Bali to get inked. 

There are certainly reputable Bali tattoo studio to find 

Good, reputable tattoo studios in Bali are not that difficult to find. Studio tattoo Bali can sometimes be rather infamous for their lack of hygiene and standard procedure. Despite the notable improvements, shops like these still exist. Avoid the many shops littering the streets of the crowded Kuta or Legian, or shady ones tucked in a corner somewhere. What can you do to find the best Bali tattoo studio? 

Here are some tips on how to find good tattoo studios in Bali: 

Don’t go to the cheapest Kuta tattoo studio you can find. Tattoos would last for life. Don’t settle for the cheapest parlor you can find. If it’s too good to be true (or in this case, too cheap to be true) then it probably is. 

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Start your search for a tattoo parlor or Bali tattoo shops through a web search 

Start looking through doing a web search. Tattoo studios that can sustain themselves will care to give potential clients easy access to their business, so having an updated website, a social media accounts (instagram, facebook, even tumblr accounts), and a profile in Google Maps are good starting points. This is also an excellent opportunity to take a look at the tattoo artists’ or the studio’s portfolio and have some inspirations on Bali tattoo designs that you’d like to get. 

Pay attention to the customer reviews of the Bali tattoo studio 

Look at the reviews. Make sure that the reviews posted are written by real person. Take note of each review posted and when available, see how the tattoo studio responded to their customers’ feedback. 

What if the place is newly opened? If you’re finding into a new place that has recently been opened and have little to no reviews, then the best thing you should do is to go to the place in person and see if you’re comfortable in the place. Although they may not be well-known yet, newly opened tattoo place can be a good place to get your tattoo done, as they usually would be more eager to welcome customers like you. Some places also offer discounted rates as a way to promote their newly opened tattoo studio. So this may come as an advantage for you. 

Get inside the tattoo parlor or tattoo studio before you say yes to anything.

Feeling comfortable and confident once you step in the shop is extremely important. If you don’t feel okay being in their studio, then it’s all within your right to politely step out. 

  • Pay attention to the exterior of the tattoo parlor. If it already feels unwelcome on the outside, why would you want to get in? 
  • Observe the inside of the tattoo parlor once you get in. Is it clean and sanitary? 
  • How about the staff? Are they polite and accommodating? How do you feel after talking to the tattoo artists?

Make sure to pay attention to these things as the experience of getting a tattoo in Bali is highly dependent upon your comfort in the tattoo studio. 

Seminyak Villas, International Standard Accommodation For Pleasure

A few decades ago, Seminyak lost support with other destinations in Bali, such as Kuta. Seminyak is a suburb that is less well known and sought after. Today, the area has become a center of tourism and a row of Seminyak villas that are equipped with modern technology equipment without leaving the charm of Bali. Seminyak private villa Bali not only offers comfort and luxury but have international standards.

Seminyak Villas

Seminyak Villa, More Than Just Privacy

Puddles that fill the pool at Bali Villas Seminyak offer privacy for those who don’t like to swim in open water. You don’t need to share a swimming pool with other guests like other types of accommodation. If you feel uncomfortable swimming in public areas, Seminyak villa offers privileges with a swimming pool and Balinese atmosphere and views of green rice fields. Don’t be discouraged if you just want to soak in warm water, because there are several Seminyak villas that provide Jacuzzi facilities.

Seminyak villas are mostly placed in local residents, with views of the beach and green rice fields. This type of accommodation has received a lot of praise and attention, especially foreign tourists. Choosing and deciding to rent a Seminyak private Villa Bali is perfect for those who want to honeymoon, lovers of solitude, want to escape from the crowd, as well as family or group holidays.

Getting Seminyak villas at affordable prices is very much possible. You can surf the internet, starting with the number of rooms, facilities, services, and location. Comparing several Seminyak villas allows you to enjoy international standard facilities at low prices. What can you get around the villa area?

Bali, Small Island Like a Piece of Heaven

For an island the size of Bali, rich in diverse fauna. A family vacation with a visit to the zoo gives children pleasure. You can ask for transportation information to tourist attractions from the villa where you live. Local people will be very friendly and help you find transportation, of course at an affordable price. Some sacred temples become charming and amazing tourist destinations. In the midst of modernization, the Balinese still maintain the traditions and beliefs inherited from the ancestors.

Exploring Bali underwater

If you want other challenging activities while staying at Seminyak villas, you can try diving, sea walkers, and snorkeling. Trusted and experienced dive operators will take you to see another amazing world in Bali. A world where you will see thousands of unique and rare fish species. There will be many happy memories, not only the memories of staying in Seminyak villas with luxurious facilities with international standards but also spectacular underwater views.

Debunking the Myth of Bali Tattoo Studio

The phenomenal surfer paradise, Bali, is full of tattoo studios lining up in Legian, Canggu, Petingeget, and other primary streets. The growth of tourism and the laid-back island vibes boost tattoo popularity. It’s now one of the trendiest lifestyle and a popular itinerary among tourist coming to visit the Island of God. However, there’s a lot of false myths surrounding the world of tattoo studio in Bali, and most of the times, they are quite misleading. Here, we are going to go deeper into the myths and talk about misconception that actually are totally unrelated with this lifestyle. 

Myth of Bali Tattoo Studio

Bali Tattoo Studio Are Not Safe for Inking

Anytime a topic of tattoo in Bali is thrown, we will get question such:

“Is it safe to get a tattoo in Bali?”

We’ve heard it too many times, at too many places. It’s on casual talk between travelers, tattoo enthusiasts, travel forums, and even blogs. People doubt on getting inked at Bali tattoo studio just because it’s Bali—not some European or American country. The truth is, tattoo safety has no relation with the country/ destination you are in. The safety of tattoo relies heavily on the quality of the artists and the studio itself. We can’t deny that some tattoo shop in Bali are not following international safety and hygiene standards. Especially those small shady shops with murky working areas. However, a lot of tattoo parlours are now catching up with world class level of safety and apply tight selection of tattoo artists who are not just talented, but also know how perform hygiene practices, cleanliness, and disease controls.

It’s just about using your common sense, really. Bali has a lot of tattoo shop following international standard. It’s about how you do your research and find the best parlours in the island. 

High Infection Risk After Tattoo Bali

Lots of tourists complains infections after getting a tattoo in Bali. Sometimes, the problem is not the Bali tattoo studio itself. Most of the time, it’s the poor aftercare and lack of awareness. 

You see, a lot of people are getting a tattoo due to holiday impulse. Some of them don’t really think about getting a tattoo before landing in Bali. And when you get a tattoo without proper planning, you won’t think much about sparing enough time for the tattoo to heal on your holiday. Remember that tattoo is basically an open wound and takes around 2 – 3 weeks to heal. During these period, you can’t swim, dive, surf, play in the beach, or even just soak in a bath tub. This is the mistake of unplanned tattoo on summer holiday. Many people—who impulsively get a tattoo—can’t wait that long, especially when beach play is waiting on their itinerary. When they fail to resist such temptation, they are doomed for infection. Believe me, with beaches as gorgeous as Berawa, Nusa Penida, and Uluwatu, it’s really hard to resist such temptation. 

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Most Tattoo Studios Are Dark and Rugged

You know the typical. Dark painted walls, selections of ‘intimidating’ tattoo designs displayed on doors and wall surface, and dorky decorations that overall give off rough and rugged vibe. While you can still find some of typical parlours down in Legian’s Poppy Lane, nowadays tattoo culture is changing. A lot of tattoo studio steer away from the old, typical interiors and leaned towards progressive design. Take example of Koloni Tattoo, one of the most modern tattoo studio in Bali. The studio is flooded with bright natural sunlight coming from large glass windows—replacing almost the entire walls. Another example is Artful Ink, which studio is thick with glamorous renaissance decors. Rugged tattoo shop is so yesterday—tattoo culture is so dynamic and can actually fit to any personality!

Best Tattoo Places In Bali And Where To Find?

For 2 consecutive years, Bali has successfully held a Bali tattoo expo event with an interesting, large and well-packed concept. More than 100 tattoo studio booths or non-tattoo studios. Tattoo artists involved are also not half-hearted, ranging from Jakarta, Batam, Manado, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Austria, the Philippines, India, Egypt, and even Slovenia. The tattoo contest lasts for 3 consecutive days by displaying the tattoos they made during the event. So where are the best tattoo places in Bali?

Distinguishing Best Tattoo Places in Bali

Want to have a tattoo but at a low price? Don’t just choose a tattoo studio! The bargaining event for tattoo prices often happens even though the results are not necessarily good and quality. The incident occurs a lot when someone is sorry after the tattoo making process is complete and the results are very disappointing.

Best tattoo in Bali always uses the one-off equipment. Some equipment that must be used once discarded such as needles, gloves, place of ink, and residual ink. Logically, it’s natural that the price of a tattoo will be expensive. If you are offered to make tattoos at low prices, imagine how much equipment you have to share with other people. Safety and cleanliness are certainly the main things in making tattoos. Surely you do not want to consider the health of a tattoo at a low price.

Most experienced and professional tattoo artists from the best tattoo studio in Bali charge expensive rates, and of course, the results are very satisfying. Best Tattoo places in Bali may be a little tight, where you have to do a medical check-up to find out the skin texture. What is the function? To be able to determine the color that suits you best.

Tattoo studios that set prices cheaply, then you need to be vigilant. Whether the equipment they use is not a waste or the tattoo artist associated is still working while studying. But don’t expect the results to be satisfying. This is the reason why you should compare and look for the best place to get a tattoo in Bali.

In fact, we are looking forward to carrying a tattoo for life. The choice of finding the best tattoo places in Bali is a necessity, in addition to making proper preparations and an appropriate budget. Don’t think about removing tattoos because the price is very expensive. Paying and getting the best tattoo results for you can enjoy a perfect tattoo.

5 Important Things Before Choosing Canggu Tattoo

The art of tattoo this one is indeed endless to discuss. Scratches, lines, and initial sketches become attractive and unique tattoos when combined. Tattooing is one way that is used to express expressions. The fact is that tattoos have been deeply attached to the modern era in people’s lives. Old symbols that are used in various tribes in the world to show rank, spiritual up to appreciation for courage.

In Bali, tattoos are known as “mencacah”. In its time, tattoos in Bali were only used for elites such as shamans, rulers, and religionists. Because tattoos in Balinese society are considered only suitable for those who are considered close to the Gods. At present, tourists can find several tattoo Canggu studios with services from professional tattoo artists.

How To Choose Tattoo Canggu Bali

Today, tattoos are a work of art and represent a person’s nature, characteristics, and thoughts. Bali is one of the centers for tattoo artists, wherein 2018 the Bali Expo Tattoo is held. This is a meeting of tattoo artists from all over the world and is increasingly catapulting the name of Bali as a tattoo art center.

The Seminyak area is one of the many tattoo studios that can be found. If you are on vacation in Bali and are interested in making tattoos on one of your body’s spots, then it’s easy to find tattoo Canggu studio for the best tattoo artists.

Choose the Trusted and Certified Tattoo Canggu studio

In fact, it’s not easy to find and choose a safe tattoo studio. Why? Until now there is no official certificate from the health office. Given that Bali is prone to various diseases, then how to choose a trusted tattoo artist to avoid infection. But now there’s no need to worry because the tattoo Canggu studio has been officially certified by the health department. Make sure that the tattoo studio you choose is truly trusted and certified.

Ensure Equipment Used Is Hygienic

This is the most vulnerable. Tattoo equipment! The needle used must only be used once. Make sure that tattoo artists use gloves and make sure the ink used is safe and certified. This is an important prevention where all tools must be sterilized, because tattoo is an action to injure the body’s skin so that it can avoid HIV AIDS.

Selection of Ink Colors

Choosing quality ink colors and certified health is important. This is expected to prevent allergies and irritation to the color of the ink. Errors in the selection of ink can cause allergies or the worst is acute allergies which are usually through blood vessels.

How To Do Tattoo Treatment?

Small needle puncture wounds are prone to harmful germs. It is best to clean using an anti-septic cleanser for the entire surface of the tattoo. This prevents infection due to injuries caused by needles.

Best Bali Photoshoot Package for Couples in Love

For many couples that are in love out there, you may feel that you can give anything in this world to your love. Sometimes, it can be the impossible things and sometimes, they are things that are easy to get. For many reasons, many of the couples will be agree with me that giving each other the special and memorable things can be the great one. And one of that can be the best Bali photoshoot package for both of you.

Best Bali photoshoot package for couples

That will be making sense if you are in Bali at this moment, and if you have been here for days or weeks of traveling, you’d better think about this before you left for your country. You have realized that you can’t be here at anytime you want because you are from the different country. So that, make your traveling stories more special by taking one or two photography package in Bali.

You know that you can counts on Bali regarding to the beautiful landscape, exotic beach and underwater, tropical weather, tasty foods and refreshing drinks, and more. With all the supported and beautiful nature, you are possible to catch some perfect moments as the great photographs. That is why you will need the Bali photoshoot package to frame the memory with someone you love.

There are at least 2 options you can choose related to where the photoshoot will be taken. You can ask the photographer for taking pictures at outdoors as your chosen spots, or you can get the conceptual photography by get advantages of the photography studio (indoor). Getting both of them will be great, but even if you can only get one, that will still also the perfect one.

Many of the couples i have seen before also get their underwater Bali photoshoot package. Mostly, that were the pre-wedding photography services and the photographer or the studio is providing that special package surely for the special couples who need it. You can also use the same service or the others if you want.

If you have been in Bali for weeks or months, you will also know that almost every months in a year, many of the sacred and holly places for they who are embracing Hinduism also held some rituals that attended even up to hundreds of people. Then, it can be one of the rare sight to be seen and will be perfect to be captured with the photographers you have been asked for their services to capture more local wisdom, religion activities and cultures.

Bali is really perfect for any kinds of photography concepts since it has offering us many accessible things. You can get the traditional looks of images with your couple at the rice field up to the modern theme of photograph at the modern and popular buildings. We can say that Bali is the new small world where many of the residents from other countries are here. Sometimes I think that you can even meet any people from any countries in the world. That will also will add the uniqueness of Bali that you may can included into you pictures if needed.

The important thing is, since you are in one of the best city or island in the world, you are deserved to get the best and great images to be remembered, and whatever Bali photoshoot package you are hired, that will be the perfect step for your future memory.

Nightlife Seminyak Bali, Where You Can Party Every Day

Partying in Seminyak? Seminyak is not only popular with a row of luxury hotels. Bars, restaurants, clubs and nightlife variety entertain the night of the tourists. It’s easy to find nightlife Seminyak Bali. There are many recommendations and best reviews for you to visit. Seminyak becomes a fun nightlife icon of Bali.

Many Bali Seminyak nightlife is happening and visited by many tourists every day. Do not be afraid of getting bored in Bali. Bali is not only rich in customs but also a perfect place for you to party. What kind of nightlife are you looking for?

Ever enjoyed a nightlife with a beach-style costume? Nightlife Seminyak Bali is perfect where you do not have to dress up. Dancing casually barefoot along the beach will be very impressive.

Bali is always full of surprises for you. Nothing will be missed while you are on vacation. If this is your first time enjoying Bali Seminyak nightlife, there are some best recommendations.

Sea Vu Play

Designed to provide comfort. Pirate theme looks unique from other nightlife. You will serve by waiters using pirate crew costumes. You will see the difference between morning and evening ambiance at Sea Vu Play. If you want to dance, Sea Vu Play is one of the nightlife Seminyak Bali you should visit. The strains of international Dj music and bartender blend add to your night.

La Favela

This is one of the most popular and happening nightlife in Bali. The issue of racist action from the La Favela party that rejected guests from Indonesia. But this did not happen to some other Indonesian guests. Nightlife in Bali has its own policy and refuses guests who do not provide comfort to other guests. This is right for the security of La Favela.

Ku De Ta

It’s time you try to visit Ku De Ta. Nightlife with a comfortable, luxurious, and classic atmosphere is the perfection of Ku De Ta. Want to dance under the moon? Then you should not miss a visit to Ku De Ta. For young people, this is the coolest hangout and happening place. Tourists willing to wait waiting list to be able to enjoy the atmosphere in Ku De Ta.

Bali not only offers its natural beauty and rich customs. Many interesting activities that can be done. Diving, surfing, snorkeling, biking, hiking, and more make Bali very interesting to visit throughout the year.

Discover Remarkable Bali Indonesia Nightlife

Bali is not only a part of Indonesia. Bali becomes part of the world as a popular tourist destinations destination. Who does not know Bali? A tourist destination where all the fun can be found easily. What pleasure do you want? The beach and white sand? Panorama?  The calm and relaxed atmosphere? Sunset? Sunrise? Dive? Snorkeling? Mountain climbing? Nightlife? Culinary? All offered Bali to pamper and please tourists.

Bali Indonesia nightlife popular and happening that offers a party paradise for everyone. No need to confuse where to spend your night in Bali! Whether you are solo traveling, group or family vacation, Bali is the perfect getaway! For nightlife lovers, Bali is right for you. Rows of nightlife Bali ready to welcome and provide a memorable night. The party and dance will enliven your night while in Bali.

The popular and happening Seminyak nightlife offers many sweet surprises for you! Some Bali Indonesia nightlife that can be visited during your vacation.

La Favela

La Favela offers to accompany your evening from 11 pm, every day! La Favela can be said one icon nightlife in Seminyak with free entry and Rp 35.000 + + for a bottle of star beer. When you feel less, you can enjoy other beverages from the hands of professional and reliable bartenders. Enough to make you dance and sweat all night long.


One of Bali’s nightlife is located between Seminyak and Kuta. Jenja is an urban nightclub with 2 levels and one of the best in Bali. In the basement, the best place to listen to techno music and upstairs feels more relaxed with Rn’B and old music. Most visitors Jenja are tourists and expatriate aged 30-40 years.


Want a cheap and lively dance? Skygarden offers something different for you. You can start at dinner time with a promo all you can eat under $ 10. Followed by relaxing and enjoying the skygarden atmosphere. Towards the evening, it’s time to party! If you want to be more efficient, come before midnight to get a special discount.

Sea Vu Play

Tired of dancing and sweating? You must visit one of these bars! Sea Vu Play offers a different nightlife than others. The combination of club and bar with some open space can reduce your sweat when dancing. The accompaniment of music from the international Dj enliven your night! Sea Vu Play is one of the best Bali Indonesia nightlife you should visit along vacation. When the weekend arrives, you can invite families to enjoy Bali Sunday market held in the area of Sea Vu Play