Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing Kids Bean Bag

Kids bean bags are so cute. They are so soft and squishy, washable, and come in vibrant color. Now, bean bags makers are competing in creativity which, lucky for us, resulting in a bunch of adorably-shaped kids bean bags chairs such as pastel bunny, fluffy burger, to Frozen Princesses and other favorite characters.

As much as your kids want their cushy chair, lots of attention need to be paid before buying the right bean bags for the little ones.

What to Consider When Buying Kids Bean Bags

Check Size and Age


It’s important to consider the size of the bean bag with age of your children to ensure the kids will sink into total comfort. Some manufacturers list intended age to their product, but it’s wise to always take notes of the dimension of the bean bags—some might appear larger than it actually is. For a rule of thumb, the bigger your kids are, the bigger the bean bags should be. Kids bean bag chairs generally can support children age 3 up to 7 years old, while the pre-teen and teenagers can opt for the medium one.


Fur, Suede, or Leather?


A choice of material for bean bags kids will largely personal. Fur and microsuede will bring forth great comfort, warmth, and sense of luxury for your kids, However, it can catch dust more quickly, more difficult to clean, and is not advisable for kids with allergies. The leather is easier to clean, but might not be really comfy for kids’ skin. Maybe you want to try cotton or nylon, which are breathable, strong, and super comfy.


Water Resistant


A child loves to play everywhere, and it means sometimes they would drag along their favorite plushy chairs to the garden, pools, or just some spot in the floor which happen to be—Oops—spoiled with some water. A water-resistant bean bag will save you with these troubles.




Remember when you scold the kids when they are wiping their chocolate-dripping hands to their clothes? Well, it can happen to the beanbags, too. Bean bag for kids should have removable, washable cover to keep the bean bags looks gorgeous—without spilled food and other stains.


Double-Stitched Lining


Children can get lost in their world and carried away with their play. It’s not an uncommon sight that they will jump on their fluffy cushion or even have mini wrestling with their siblings there. The double-stitched lining will prevent filler spill and keep the kids bean bags in the good shape.

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