7 Days Nightlife Seminyak Bali To Kick Your Night

Bali is remarkable! Nightlife Seminyak Bali is amazing!! If you continue walking along the Seminyak area, many bars and pubs offer special prices. Happy hours at 7-9pm for a cocktail, or buy 1 get 1 free and many other promo specials. By night, the streets of Seminyak look more busy and noisy. In the morning you see the bustle and congestion of those who go to work. In the evenings, there is pleasure in the area of Seminyak.

Seminyak is an area where you can explore the nightlife. In Seminyak, every day is good to enjoy the nightlife. Are you solo traveling? No need to fear out the night and enjoy the nightlife of Seminyak Bali. Let’s explore 7 days Bali Seminyak nightlife !!

I love Monday!!

No more “I hate Monday” in Bali. Every day is a pleasure. At dusk, you can drop into Canggu, while enjoying a pizza party !! Do not forget the beers of beer or other beverages. Exciting !! Pizza is hot, and a party in Luigi will make you hotter!! Do not forget to stop by every Monday and Saturday to enjoy the hot “party” pizza !!

Exciting “all you can eat” Tuesday

When you are tired and want to enjoy the night along the area of Seminyak, try to visit the bar or pub while looking at the past life of the area of Seminyak. Would be great fun !! Promo dinner all you can eat also you can enjoy when visiting the area of Legian and stop by Sky Garden. This is one nightlife Seminyak Bali with a relatively cheap price. The roof garden is amazing, delicious food, music, and atmosphere will blow you away. Recommend one of the cool nightlife in Legian.

“No More Bored” Wednesday

You have to stop by one of the bars in Canggu, Oldmans! Amazing place with atmosphere, where you enjoy the night while enjoying the beautiful night sky and a nice place to meet up with friends, have a beer and chat. By nightlife, the atmosphere will look more chaotic and this is the time to party!

If you want to dance, Jenja Nightlife Seminyak Bali will accompany your beautiful night! Jenja has really good music, high quality for drinks!! Good deal, good vibe, friendly staffs, and perfect to spend your Wednesday night.

“Thursday” On Going the Weekend

Young, trendy and happening nightclub in Bali, Mirror! If you want to see rich kids spend thousands of dollars on bottle service, mirrors are the place. This is a luxurious nightlife and exclusive for dancing. Mirrors with the concept of luxury, exclusive and comfortable ready to welcome you with all the facilities for your Thursday night.

“Good Friday” To Start The Engine

It’s time you start the welcoming machine ahead of the weekend. Jungle nightclub is one you should visit while in Bali. The jungle is perfect for you to enjoy lunch, enjoy the sunrise and spend your night with partying. Pleasant people, excellent music, and good prices! Highly recommend enjoying the night with dancing and party in the jungle.

Party “Saturday” Time

Partying with the satisfaction and theme of Mexico? It will be so much fun !! You can stop by Mexicola in Seminyak area. Sparkling lights and the hubbub of the dance in the music is ready to give you the satisfaction of your Saturday night. If you want to continue your party, you can go to La Favela. You could spend hours in La Favela with the feel and decor is very “American”

Cooling “Sunday” Down

For those of you who want to party on Sundays, you can stop by some nightlife Seminyak Bali, like Jenja and da Maria with the feel of Italy. Recommendation for you pizza lovers, because de Maria serves a perfectly cooked pizza! Had a fabulous meal at Da Maria. The wood fire pizza is delicious.

The night of the week usually the men watch the ball game. The best place to enjoy an evening, hang out with friends while enjoying a ball game and a bottle of beer is Sea Vu Play! The perfect design and place to relax on Sunday. You not only enjoy and watch soccers but also enjoy a series of music from professional Dj.