5 Things That Might Shock You During Your First Travel in Bali

You have heard everything about Bali. The tropical breeze, the surfer beaches, and the sunny island has everything you dreamed of a holiday. Just like any other travel destination, however, Bali is not that perfect. It has some situation and unspoken rules that might shock you upon your arrival, particularly if you are not used to traveling a lot. Knowing some of these tips can help you to save your near-perfect tropical escape on the island.

Motorcycle, Motorcycle Everywhere

The Indonesians love motorbike—or scooters—and many travelers are pretty unprepared to get surrounded by them. There are thousands of them, they run crazily on the streets, and the roads can be heavily congested. This is something you need to get used to. Motorbikes, however, is the easiest and cheapest mean to travel around Bali, especially if you want to go off the beaten path.

You Cannot Drink the Tap Water

Yes, the tap water is not drinkable. A little bit different than your home country, drinkable water is sold in bottled or canned water here. Yes, it can be troublesome to constantly buy mineral water, but that’s what everyone do here, even the locals. if you stay for a quite a long time, however, it’s advisable to invest in your own bottle and buy gallon water for your drinking supply. It’s cheaper and you’ve helped to reduce plastic waste on the island.

The Price You Got In the Market is Not The Actual Price

Shopping in open-air stall and market is hugely different than at boutiques or stores. Here, you gotta deal firsthand with the seller, and prices of the good are very flexible. Means, the first price you got is usually not the actual price—they have marked it up 20%-30% higher. Therefore, bargain! Actually, a bargain is expected here, so let out all of your bargain prowess! As rule of thumb, bargain half of the price you got, and slowly increase your offer until you got the mutual deal. Don’t worry, the seller will let you walk offer if they do not agree with your final offer. Just find another stall and repeat the process.

However, Not All Shops Are At The Same Range of Price

Sure, you love your shopping adventure in Bali, even so, when you do it at local art markets (which really have hidden quality gems at bargain prices). You even have established ritual spa per week as it is cheap and abundant here. However, don’t expect that cheap prices apply to all shops here. These fancy boutiques, hinge-end spa treatments, and high-end restaurants that lining up the upscale beach town can cost you the same as they are back home.

It Can Be A Little Too…Jammed

Some people still have this assumption that Bali is a sort of virgin tropical destination, despite the fact that Bali is actually one of the most touristy islands on the planet. While it might be true back in the ’70s, Bali has grown a lot, particularly in south coast beach towns such as the notorious Kuta and Seminyak.

As humane as it is, Bali has two sides of its coin. If you keep your expectation low and just enjoy the day as much as you could, you’ll eventually end up with one of the best holidays in your life.