4 Ultimate Ways to Decorate Your Seminyak Villas

The big project is almost over. You have built perfect Seminyak villas, which are going popular among vacationers in no time. Now is time for the fun part—decorating your villa! The right decoration works like magic. You can always commence special vibe by installing some sets of furniture in special style. Unlike house or apartment, decorating Bali villas gives you specific themes and larges canvas to create a true piece of art.

Choose A Specific Theme for Your Seminyak Villas

The key here is to choose your style and stick to it; avoid being carried on by a set of furniture. You’ll need to read a bunch of interior magazines and visits hundreds of homeware shops to make it right. Though lots of attractive furniture attempt to lure you, keep in mind to only buy an appliance that matches with your initial concept. Your furniture will greatly affect the ambiance, so choose your theme. Is it rustic? Is it a combination of modern and natural wood? Will you bring ocean inside the house?

Keep A Color Palette

In relation to your theme, choose one color palette that complements the design concept to make your villa really standout among the others. If your Bali Villas Seminyak is close to an ocean, incorporating washed white with light and dark blue can represent ambiance of the ocean. A combination of crisp white with ivory and light brown woods will extend beach atmosphere to the inside of the house. Don’t go off the palette. This color palette should be embodied in every element of your villa—the wall, wallpaper, furniture, exposed pillars, to as small as the carpets, lamps, and ornaments.

Incorporate Natural Wood

While crisps white wall is great to create the illusion of bigger and brighter space, natural color of the wood provides a rich contrast to it. Deep brown of the wood conceives tranquility and luxury feeling, while light wood can instantly bring out brightness and joy of the house, along with a modern spin inside a simple leisure. While comfort, luxury, and leisure is the main feature of a holiday villa, exposing woods in their bare form will never go wrong, even with any style you choose.

Install Large Sofas

As much as abundant space is needed inside a villa, travelers will really appreciate a good, large sofa where they can throw their body comfortably after a long walk on town. Just set spacious sofas with the table will make up the living room, so you can really invest in the big one without taking all the space in the house.

When done right, your Seminyak villas will embody its unique character, thanks to well-thought decoration, and make the guests feel better than at home!