Foods To Boost Your Brain Health And Functions

Eating three meals a day is important for your body. However, there is also more important thing, which is pay attention to what you eat. There are foods good for your body and there are some that are not. Hence, being selective in choosing what you eat can help a  lot in improving your overall health. There are also certain foods that can help boost your brain health and function. As we all know that brain is like the core for how our body function. By eating foods that are good for your brain, it will then affect the overall health of your body. And here are several superfoods that are beneficial to boost your brain health:

Barbecued salmon, fried potatoes and vegetables on wooden background
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Nuts contain variety of nutrients needed by your body such as protein, fiber, as well as unsaturated fat. Vitamin and minerals are also contained in nuts. Including nuts into your diet can help a lot in boosting your brain and overall health. Cashews for example, contain zinc, magnesium, and iron that are known to be good for improving memory loss, as well as other memory related diseases. Another kind of nut that is beneficial for your bran is walnut which is high in alpha-linolenic acid.


Blueberry is one of the most popular in berry family. Many studies show that this fruit can help with short-term memory loss. Also, it can help slow the aging process and age related diseases such as dementia. Eating blueberries regularly can also help improve the ability to learn, as well as improve motor function and skills. Blueberry can be made into variety of delicious dishes as well so it is easy to incorporate it into your diet. 


This is a very well-known fish everybody loves. This is also considered good to boost brain health because it is high in essential fatty acid which your body is not able to produce by its own. Hence, incorporating salmon into your diet will be beneficial for your overall health. Not to mention that salmon also contains high amounts of DHAs which can help improve memory loss and reduce the risks of other age related diseases. 


It is important to eat various vegetables on daily basis because they contains nutrients needed by your body. As for vegetable that is good for your brain health is broccoli. It contains high levels of vitamin K and choline which are good for to strengthen cognitive brain function. Folic acid in broccoli is also good to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Broccoli also benefit your brain to perform optimally from thinking, remembering, reasoning, imagining, etc. 


Avocado is full of good nutrients. It contains potassium, fiber, vitamin A, C, D, E, K, and all of the B vitamins. Avocado has high levels of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats or omega-3 fatty acids to improve heart and brain function. Also, it is good to help prevent age-related diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer. You can it avocado as it is or try mash avocado for your breakfast.

Berlin Delicacies You Should Try During Your Visit

Travelling in Berlin is a great idea because everything you need for perfect getaway is already there. Not only does the tourist attraction give you the best experience, the food scene is also something you can truly enjoy during your visit to this peaceful yet lively city. The foods in Berlin are worth travelling for that if you visit this city just for the foods, you don’t have something to waste, not even your money. The foods are varied so don’t expect only for street foods. Yes, Berlin has sausage vendors ready almost in every corner of the street. However, you should also try other delicacies that can indulge your appetite to the core.

Variety of foods to try when travelling in Berlin

The best things about foods in Berlin are taste and authenticity. For some travelers, the price can be expensive but it is relative though. To find out if the price is reasonable or not, you should really come and figure it out yourself. As for food recommendations to try during your visit to Berlin, here are some of them:

Konigsberger Klopse is East German version of meatballs. Berlin is indeed for meat lovers because you can find variety of dishes made from various meats. This one is popular dish is not only delicious but has its story about its origin. The meatballs are full of meat and covered in creamy sauce with lemon and capers. It is usually served with boiled eggs but you can also choose not to include it.

Eisben is for pork lover. This authentic dish is more like pickled ham hock. It is cured and boiled and served on an impressive plate. It is usually paired with pureed peas and sauerkraut as well as potatoes. Enjoying this dish is best in the classic environment. Eisben is one of the most iconic foods in Berlin that every tourist should try.

Blutwurst is also iconic dish in Berlin that is worth travelling for especially for those sausage lovers. It is blood sausage and served loose and hot. The best is to enjoy it with a serve of sauerkraut and potatoes. There is also another version of this blood sausage where it is mixed with linseed oil and Sorbian sauerkraut.

Currywurst this is also another iconic sausage dish you can find in Berlin during your visit. This dish consist of bratwurst which is sliced and served atop French fries then doused in curry ketchup. Then it is added with sprinkle of curry powder as finishing touch. You can eat it with provided plastic fork so you can enjoy it anywhere.

Halbes Hahnchen is appetizing dish you should try when travelling in Berlin. This is more than simple roasted chicken.  It is served with fried and salad with pickled vegetables. You can order a half or a whole. The chicken is moist and tender and the spice is just right. There is also another version where this dish is added with garlic sauce. This is one of the foods in Berlin enjoyed the most by the locals.

Top 4 Restaurants Seminyak Bali For Hangout

What do you want to do in Bali? Relax? Enjoying sunrise and sunset? Shower sun? Surfing? Dive? Hiking? All can be done in Bali. Bali offers its own magical charm and is able to attract the world’s attention. When an observed hotel, villa, restaurant, bar with an international level sprung to spoil tourists. The most prominent at this time is the trend of the international restaurant of various countries that became popular not only for breakfast, lunch or dinner but also for a hangout.

Best Restaurants Seminyak

If you ask where the happening place is currently in Bali, then the answer is Seminyak! Many best restaurants Seminyak from various countries, ranging from America, Italy, Mexico, Chinese, to the Middle East. Seminyak is increasingly popular because this area can be said to hang out the tourists or expats, especially those from Australia. It is easy to find best restaurants in Seminyak with exciting promos on certain hours and days.

Jamie’s Italian

Who does not know Jamie Oliver, a British celebrity chef? If you are in Bali and want to try the world’s top chef recipes. A combination of local ingredients and Jamie’s expertise, one of the restaurants in Seminyak Bali are worth visiting. One of the menu recommendations you should try is Cauliflower & Parmesan Fritters – cauliflower fried to crisp and golden brown, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and served with a spicy arrabbiata sauce.

Cafe Marzano

If you are a pizza lover, spaghetti and the like, then you should visit cafe Marzano. You will be served a pizza with a large size and a mesmerizing taste. For the price? Do not worry because the price is affordable. You can enjoy pizza and various other menus after enjoying the sunset on the beach double six.


This is one of the best restaurants in Seminyak that is happening and suitable for a hangout. If you are looking for a comfortable outdoor hangout, delicious and reasonably priced food. This is the perfect combination for a cheap hangout. Balinese restaurant Seminyak this one visited by many tourists over at 6 o’clock because the place and the atmosphere support for you spend time with friends or family.

Sea Vu Play

Sea Vu Play interesting place to visit morning, noon, afternoon or evening. One of the restaurants Seminyak Bali with semi-outdoor concept brings the beach atmosphere to you. Light dishes and main menu are ready to pamper your tongue. At nightfall, you can get ready to dance with international Dj accompaniment and the best bartender drink. Spend your weekend watching football league, and Sunday morning you can visit Sunday market that sells many accessories and fashion.

Many more restaurants Seminyak Bali recommendations are perfect for you to spend the night. Bali offers many conveniences and possibilities for you to hang out without having to spend a lot of budgets. Bali is the best place for those of you who want a vacation with a comfortable and relaxed.


Top 5 Bali Cuisine You Must Try on Your Next Visit

Talking about the natural beauty of Bali will result to no end. Now’ it’s time for adventure in another field. Yes for food! During your travel in Bali, it’s mandatory to try out their local cuisine, some of them are sooo good they’ll leave you with everlasting impression.

Top 5 Bali Cuisine You Must Try on Your Next Visit

1. Satay! Pork or fish

Whenever you visit Bali, trying their satay is an ultimate must! Usually they sell their satay in a small stall at sidewalks. Most of the stalls are selling pork satay, unless they specifically that it’s a chicken. If you are lucky, you can find good seller whose satays are soft and juicy.

Bali, however, has its specialty satay, the locally famous Satay Lilit (Twisted Satay). Unlike any other satay, where the meats are minced in cubes, Satay Lilit uses ground chicken/ pork/ fish meats marinated with coconut and Balinese distinct spices. These dense mixture is then twisted and twined around a thin bamboo stick before grilled, resulting in a very rich smokey flavor of tender meat. Try it!

2. Suckling Pig

Sucking pig (Babi Guling) is ridiculously popular among both locals or tourists. A whole pig seasoned with turmeric and then filled with a lot more seasons: coriander, lemongrass, garlic, chili, and many other Indonesian seasoning, before roasted for hours at coconut husks, resulting in a tender and flavorful meat. As other main islands in Indonesia are majorly occupied by the moslems, who you won’t find Suckling Pig in any other places than Bali.

3. All vegan food

The Balinese was divided into some hierarchy culture, and those belongs to the priests are forbidden to eat any kind of meat. That’s why vegan and vegetarian dishes are blooming  in Bali, especially at Ubud. Vegan restaurants are always within reach—from modest vegan warungs (food stall) upscale restaurant. Wide variety of vegan foods are available at your choice; the simple smoothie in a bowl, the traditional gado-gado salad (mixed vegetables, tempe, and tofu with peanut butter dressing), or fancy mix of raw food you mostly see in Instagram or health channel. Bali is a true paradise for vegan and vegetarian food.

4. Seafood

A must when you are around Jimbaran, the seafood here is just beyond amazing. Jimbaran beach has long famous for its fresh seafood, and they have grow a lot at its serving. Even though western-style serving are widely available, you should try the local version. Their grilled fish with chili sauce (sambal) is a winner, but the other dishes will tempt you too. Try fried fishes with Dabu-Dabu or other traditional sauce which will leave your palate with wonderful aftertaste. Other than fishes, you can always choose wide range of shrimps, calamari, lobsters, clams, crabs, and many other seafood in various seasoning.

5. Gelato (and its friends)

Gelato is always a good idea at any day in Bali.  The hot and humid climate here is perfect for a cup of gelato, sherbets, and ice cream. Gelato stall is a common sight in Bali, you can even begin a quest to find the most delicious gelato in town. Balinese gelato gallerias has awesome job in incorporating local fruits and delicacies into their product. Forgot the classic vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry; try the distinct tropical flavor that’s almost impossible to find at any other places such as lemongrass, kemangi (local basil), soursop, dragonfruit, coconut pandan, to bamboo charcoal. Be wild!