How To Sleep Comfortably In Your Car When Travelling

There are many options you can choose when it comes to travel accommodation. You may choose to book a hotel room, hostel, or even choose to sleep in your own car. For this, you need to be aware of the consequences that may come. For example, booking a hotel room means you are going to rest rather comfortably with variety of amenities. Meanwhile, choosing to sleep in your car means more discomfort you probably experience. It may also put your safety at risk. 

How To Sleep Comfortably In Your Car When Travelling

Can you choose to sleep in car when travelling?

You can opt to sleep in your own car when travelling if it is what you prefer. There are also benefits of sleeping in your own car. The most obvious benefits is save your money. By sleeping in your car, you cut down accommodation fee. You can use the money for buying gas to travel more, or buying tickets to cultural events. Other benefits is freedom. You get to choose where to park your car and have your nice little rest. Here are several ways you can sleep in your own car comfortably during a trip:

Pack your car with essentials

Pack a bunch of sleeping essentials that will help you rest more comfortably such as warm wool blanket, comfortable clothes, sleeping bag or sleeping pad, bottled water, foods and snacks, pocket knife, towel, wool hat, gloves, small tool kit, eye mask, and lighter. These may sound a lot for just sleeping in a car but you might be surprised at how you are going to need them for the trip. 

Keep everything organized

Just because it is your own car doesn’t mean you can just let everything scattered everywhere. Since you have lots of things in your car, keep everything organized so you can save time looking for items when you need them. You can sue organizers as well to keep everything int he right place. 

Opt for safe, free place to park

Your safety should be your priority because you are going to be more vulnerable sleeping in the open even if you are in your own car. Don’t just pull over anywhere. Instead, look for signs that say you are allowed there. You may opt for parking lots of major chain stores or religious building since they are relatively safer place to park at. 

Keep your privacy and lock your door

You don’t want to wake up with someone peeking inside or try to sleep but what you see is dark surroundings that looks eerie. Hence, always keep your privacy by blocking the side that faces human or automobile traffic.

Ventilation and comfort

For better ventilation, you can buy window screen and wedge it around the opening of the sunroof. It let los ventilation while keeping the bugs away. Also, make yourself as comfy as possible for sleeping by using a pillow to support your neck and head. You may also fold down the back seats to allow more space for your body to stretch out more comfortably.

Komodo Sailing Trip (Labuan Bajo, Indonesia) With Navila Liveaboard

Deciding to travel to Flores across the blue sea with exotic islands, you have to rent a liveaboard. Komodo sailing trip takes you to enjoy the warmth of the sun on a phinisi ship. Komodo liveaboard offers a unique and enjoyable holiday experience where you will stay on board throughout the cruise. One of the phinisi Navila liveaboard boats offers sailing holidays around the remote islands and harbors of Labuan Bajo. Learn, feel, understand, taste, and touch new things while building the adventurous spirit within you.

Komodo Sailing Trip (Labuan Bajo, Indonesia) With Navila Liveaboard - deck area

Labuan Bajo port, gateway to start your Komodo sailing trip

You will see the bustle of the Labuan Bajo port when you arrive there with rows of phinisi docked. Arriving in Labuan Bajo, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a fishing village that is now more focused on being a stopover for ships that will sail. 

Komodo sailing trip with Navila liveaboard with a passenger of 12 people, and the length of the ship is 28 meters. Navila liveaboard is highly recommended if you go with a group. 6 en-suite cabins with ac, 3 outdoor relaxing areas, indoor dining area with ac, and equipped with snorkel gear. 

The fun thing is that you can enjoy the sunset and views of the islands and islands of Labuan Bajo which have 2 beautiful contrasting colors on the deck. During the dry season, the islands and hills look yellow, and during the rainy season, the surrounding scenery looks green.

Snorkeling is an activity that is awaited by tourists. You can see the stunning underwater beauty. The advantage of the Komodo sailing trip is that you can save time to reach many islands and enjoy the amazing underwater scenery.

Luxury liveaboard Komodo destination

Visiting Komodo national park

Komodo Island is an island where the original habitat of ancient animals is a world tourism icon. On the island of Komodo you can do trekking and see ancient animals along the way. Rangers will guide your trekking journey and help protect you from Komodo dragons who can suddenly become aggressive.

Kelor island

You can capture the beauty of Labuan Bajo by climbing to each hill. On Kelor island you will be invited to climb the hill. Kelor Island is indeed uninhabited but is one of the destinations in Labuan Bajo that must be included in your travel list.

You can also snorkel and see coral reefs and various colorful fish. Considering that Navila liveaboard does not provide diving equipment, for those of you diving lovers, you can bring your own diving equipment. Kelor Island is very suitable for free diving activities because the waves on this beach are quite calm and not dangerous.

Padar island

This island is included in the 3 largest islands in Labuan Bajo. Padar Island has a dry climate with views of shrubs and grassland trees that create a beautiful savanna. This island is one of the exotic islands in Indonesia that you must visit.

Rinca Island

The island is located off the coast of Padar island with no less enchanting views. Rinca Island is different from Kelor Island because it has supporting facilities for tourists such as homestays, stalls, and public toilets. You can do trekking activities with routes that vary from short to long routes.

The Idea Of Renting a Holiday Home For  A Vacation

It might make sense for people to plan adventure trip as a way to refresh themselves after being restrained in their own home for almost two years due to the global pandemic. however, you might be surprised at how many people are interested to rent a home holiday for their gateway. It seems that more and more people have considered about going out of their house just for a change of scenery. Hence, the idea of renting holiday home for a vacation is not too unreasonable after all. 

The Idea Of Renting Holiday Home For  A Vacation

Benefits of renting home holiday

Aside from getting a change of scenery, there are other benefits you can get from renting a home holiday. It is a great opportunity for you to unwind and create new memories. It is reasonable for you to want to rent a home holiday when you are in desperate need of a break. It is also a great opportunity to boost your energy. It is good for your body and mind to recharge from all the stress and routines. 

Even if you are still bringing your work, your kids and their school assignments to your holiday home, it is still great experience since you are being in new environment that give you that energy boost you desperately need. You can also rent holiday home located near the beach, mountain, and so on. It has become easier to rent a holiday home since you get to choose from so many options. 

It is pretty simple to plan

Renting holiday home is considered easy. You will have your holiday booked and ready in advance. You can book it one or two weeks prior the D-date so you get to plan the itinerary, what to pack, and even finance. What you may find a little bit of a hassle is finding and securing a place. The rest is pretty easy to handle. 

What to consider when choosing holiday home

Searching for your dream location of holiday home can be tricky and you need to take several factors into considerations such as budget and necessities. The first one is when you have to find out how much you willing to pay towards renting a holiday home. You can set up your budget first then find a holiday home that fits. When budgeting, keep in mind that there might be other expenses to cover such as cleaning fees. 

The second one is necessities which refer to all essentials you want to have. You can list your own essentials of what necessities that you must have such as parking space, access to public transport, extra living space, etc. However, you may want to add some list of luxuries you want to have such as a prime location of holiday home that is near the beach, private swimming pool, gym facilities, etc. 

By writing down all the lists, it is will be easier for you to find a place that closest to your ideal holiday home. Therefore, you know what you want and what to look for.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Concrete Building Construction

Concrete construction offers many advantages to home, resort, or villa owners, including energy efficiency, durability, and low maintenance. A concrete building provides a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment while also benefiting the environment. Many of these advantages result in long-term financial savings for villa owners.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Concrete Building Construction

Benefits of Concrete building construction

Energy efficient

The high thermal mass of tightly sealed concrete walls, combined with insulation, eliminates drafting and results in an airtight, high-performance, energy-efficient home.

When compared to wood, concrete mass slows the movement of heat through a wall. As a result, a concrete villa will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than a wood-framed house with equal insulation. Concrete also reduces air leakage when compared to wood-frame construction, which accounts for the majority of energy loss in your home or villa.

Low maintenance

Concrete construction produces low-maintenance homes with wall systems that retain their shape and integrity over time. A concrete wall’s exterior is more resistant to wind and heavy rains than a wood-frame wall. Stucco, brick, or a concrete texture product are common concrete wall facades; none of these products require painting. A solid and robust exterior concrete wall will not dent and thus resists hail and flying debris damage.

Earthquake resistance

Homes or villas built with steel-reinforced concrete walls provide the stiffness, strength, and ductility to withstand the destructive forces of earthquakes. Reinforced concrete walls withstand earthquake compression and tensile forces.


Concrete structures provide healthier environments by containing fewer airborne allergens, molds, and toxins than most wood-frame structures. A concrete wall system prevents outside allergens from infiltrating the house or your villa. Concrete is more resistant to mold and mildew than wood. Mold can cause headaches, severe respiratory infections, and immune system dysfunction. Concrete has lower volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions than wood. VOCs can cause irritation to the throat, eyes, and nose. VOCs can also cause nausea, headaches, and kidney, liver, and central nervous system damage.

Design Versatility

Concrete provides architects with a great deal of design freedom. Concrete’s free-flowing nature allows architects to incorporate more unique shapes and custom features into their home designs than wood or steel houses do.

Additionally, during the construction process, builders can easily adjust the concrete walls for a home without delaying production.

Because the manufacturer can produce exact amounts of concrete for a project, environmentally friendly concrete house construction generates minimal waste. Builders can also break down recyclable concrete into rubble and reuse it for other construction projects.

Concrete construction has several other environmental advantages:

  • Heats and cools with less energy.
  • Materials are obtained and manufactured locally, reducing transportation energy.
  • The service life lengthens the time between reconstruction, repair, and maintenance, and thus the environmental impacts.
  • Absorbs CO2 over its lifetime, reducing its carbon footprint.
  • Concrete production consumes significantly less energy than steel (1.8 percent) and wood production (0.5 percent)

Long-Term Economic Benefits

While concrete villas are more expensive to build than wood-frame, they save money in the long run due to lower utility and maintenance costs. Concrete building are extremely resistant to fires, severe weather, and break-ins. As a result, homeowners with concrete homes may be able to obtain lower home insurance rates than those with wood-frame homes. The design frequently allows for smaller-capacity equipment for heating, ven­ti­lat­ing, and air-con­di­tion­ing, resulting in additional savings for home­owners. Concrete homes frequently outperform their wood-framed counterparts in terms of resale value.

Best Ways To Grow And Improve Your Travel Blog

Best Ways To Grow And Improve Your Travel Blog

It is possible for you to become a successful travel blogger and become professional one in which you earn a good living from blogging. In fact, lots of people today rely on travel blog as their main income. Turning travel blogging into a job is highly possible today. However, there are challenges that you should also anticipate. 

Overcoming challenges in becoming professional. Successful travel blogger

With the technology and advanced lifestyle of the people today, it is easy for you to share your story on the internet, allowing it to be more accessible for more people to read. If you do it for fun, you won’t be too concerned about building audience and all. However, making travel blogging your job means you need to take it more seriously, and expect for variety of challenges. 

To stand out from the crowd

As it is easy for anyone to be a blogger, it has disadvantage. It is more challenging to make your travel blog standout from the crowd. Dealing with the competition can be tough especially in your initial journey. However, with a little bit more persistence, it is possible that you grow and improve your travel blog overtime. 

Build your audience

If you want your travel blog to be one of your source of income, take it to another level by growing your own audience. You will only earn income with your blog if you have a decent audience. Once you gain growing, loyal readers, money will follow later. 

Create useful, informative content

Create useful, informative content

Make sure that your content is useful, informative, and interesting to read. You may write your travel journey and share the stories on your blog but people may not care. Always provide something of value to your readers, regardless the type of content you prefer to share. 

Do your research

Before building an audience, you need to target them. What kind of audience you want to attract then how to make them interested in your blog. Make sure to find out what topic they like the most so maybe you can make some improvement accordingly. 

Boost your blog using social media

Social media plays huge role in almost every part of our lives. It can be useful for you to grow your travel blog. You can draw in more audience from your following, build your online presence, and engage more with your audience. 

Consider SEO strategy

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a strategy most people used to boost online visibility and rank on search engine like Google. You can spend time learning more about SEO, how to link with specific niche, etc. 

Build your network

You need to build your reputation and credibility as travel blogger. Hence, network with others in person at conferences, social events, etc. It is a great start to build professional relationship. Potential business partners, colleagues, and clients will think of you over someone they have never met before. You can also build network online by guesting on other’s blogs, collaborating with other bloggers, etc. 

Hidden Tips to Rent A Villa in Canggu

Hidden Tips to Rent A Villa in Canggu

Whether you’re traveling to the Bali as a family or with a group, value the experience of immersing yourself in the local culture and community, or want more privacy and autonomy than a resort can provide, renting a luxury Bali villa in or a private home can be a great alternative to booking a hotel.  You might want to stay in Canggu, one of the coolest coastal area in Bali right now. With all the beach clubs, surfer beaches, trendiest restaurants, and cafes with exceptional cafes, no wonder that Canggu is hitting its popularity. Booking a villa in Canggu is as simple as browsing in online travel agent, but there are some hidden tips to maximise your stay. 

Start You Villa Search with Budget & Needed Amenities

Begin your villa search with an estimated price and a list of a few must-have features. There are enough wonderful villa rentals out there to fulfill any set of criteria, unless you’re shopping last-minute or during busy weeks like Christmas or New Year. This list of features and amenities might not be perfect for everyone, but it should give you idea:

  • Private pool
  • Kitchen with kitchen amenities
  • Laundry room
  • Kids-friendly features
  • The amount of king beds, queen, bunkbeds, and cribs in the property
  • The number of bathrooms
  • Internet access
  • Daily maids
  • Chauffeur
  • Nannies on request
  • Ocean-view or garden-view rooms
  • Check the Villa Layout

Depending on who you’re going with, the layout of the villa can be vital. If you are travelling with young kids, for example, you don’t want their room to be far from yours. Single-level villas are ideal for families with older children or toddlers, while couples will welcome a villa with various “pods” for more seclusion. If you’re traveling with another couple, find out if there are two master suites that are equivalent in size. You don’t want to be determining who gets the big bedroom with the great view by tossing a coin, or deciding who should pay how much more for it. Also check villa Canggu with private pool; some villas have very unique pools that can add more value to your vacation. 

Don’t Let the Price of Canggu Villa Deter You

Don’t be put off by the price; simply do the math: Villas may appear to be more expensive per night than hotels, but keep in mind that you receive all of the bedrooms for that one payment. The cost of renting a villa, meals, and drinks may be significantly less than the expense of staying at a hotel or resort. It typically works out to be a better deal than a resort when split up. You also have the entire pool to yourself. According to Smith, a nice cottage in Berawa can cost as low as $250 for a week, while a luxurious 6 bedroom villa Canggu can easily cost $25,000 a week. However, it really worth the money especially if you are booking for many people. Compared to a hotel room, you will be able to use the kitchen to cook and the laundry to wash your own clothes. 

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Luxurious Seclusion in 6 Bedroom Villa Jimbaran

Think About the Benefit of A Villa

Don’t Let the Price of Canggu Villa Deter You

Consider the privacy issue, which is one of the major benefits of renting a villa rather than a hotel. Nothing beats having your entire family under one roof instead of spread out down the hall when you’re on vacation with them. Parents appreciate being able to put their children to bed and still spend time by the pool or in the hot tub. Calculate the value of that to you and plan your trip appropriately. You can also look for a Canggu villa near the beach, even if it’s not a beachfront, it’s still give you the advantage of shorter trip to the beaches. 

Save Money By Booking On Shoulder Season

Consider booking a villa during the shoulder season to save money. The peak season for villas is from December 15 to April 15, and you can save up to half off during the “golden weeks” right before or after.

Book the Villa Canggu Early Before Your Summer Getaway

If you want to go on a holiday vacation, make your villa Canggu reservations as soon as possible. Some vacationers wait for last-minute offers, but this might be dangerous because owners frequently utilize their villas if they don’t obtain a booking. By late August, the majority of renters have secured their villas for the holidays.

More Villa & Vacation Tips:

Villa Ubud is Perfect for Wellness Escape!

Want A Total Relaxation? Look for Fully-Serviced Canggu Villas

If you don’t want to do anything on your own, search for all-inclusive villa rentals which have a crew including a cook and a cleaner. It could be a bit more expensive than the usual villas in Canggu, but the service are totally worth it. A more luxurious villa will also have a private masseurs and even a chauffeur. 

What Travel Trends Will Look Like In The Future

In the past two years, there have been major shift in travel industry. So many things happened and caused huge changes in how people see travel today. Travelling today is not only about taking leisure vacation. The essence of travel today is more varied depending on the individual. Today, travel can be about visiting families who live far away, work-related reasons, or healing. However, there are more to consider when it comes to travelling today. 

Smartphone displaying a valid digital vaccination certificate for COVID-19 in male's hand, public area background. Vaccination, disease immunity passport, health and safty travel concepts

About travel today, and in the future

One of the biggest concerns is safety. Also, there are so many documents needed just to be able to travel and enter a country due to the global pandemic. It has made travel to be a tenuous thing many people are reluctant to go through. Seeing how travel industry has shifted significantly, it is reasonable to think about what travel trends will look like in the future. It is highly likely that the world will keep going and form various trends people will or will not like. 

Complete connection

It is predicted that the way we travel in the future will be more connected. It will be easier for travelers to share their travel moments with others. Although it has already started, this kind of travel connection will get bigger in the future. Travelers will also instantly check your smart watch or smart phone just to find out instant or special deals. It is highly likely that Google search will be replaced by more advanced travel apps. 

The explosion of luxury travel

Travel on budget has been in travel trend for so long. And it is predicted to be disappearing gradually. Affordable travel will no longer be an issue for many travelers in the future. Luxury travel is predicted to be exploded in years ahead. Many more young travelers today have considered taking luxury trip and no longer feeling tied to budget. They no longer want to stay with basic accommodation. Instead, they want lavish set up that can make make the most of their travel experience.

Digitization of travel documents

You may have experienced yourself how you need to carry a bunch of travel documents. However, it seems that the travel trend in the future will be paper-less. Travel documents are going to in a form of digital data that can be saved  in electronic devices. You will be able to save your travel documents on your smartphone to be scanned to pass security check. 

The shifts of travel trend in the future

No one can accurately predict how travel trend will evolve. Even though we predict based on what we are seeing today, there is no guarantee that the travel will shift to the direction we predicted. There are other factors that can affect how travel trend evolves. Just like what happened in the pat two years where the global pandemic hit out of nowhere, we can never predict the future on point. Focus more on what matters to you regardless if travel is something you need or want.

Property Development and the Importance of Bali Contractor

Property investment in Bali provides very lucrative prospects. The province of Bali also has various other advantages that are able to encourage a high level of Return on Investment (ROI) in Property. The main factor driving the high-profit prospects of property investment in Bali is the very easy access. Advanced transportation infrastructure provides very easy access to various mainstay tourist sites on the island of Bali. Infrastructure progress is the main attraction for property developers and investors to invest in the province of Bali. The selection of a Bali contractor for property development whether villas, resorts, hotels, apartments, or houses are very crucial.

Property Development and the Importance of Bali Contractor

Tips to choose a Bali contractor 

To facilitate the work, the Bali construction company will cooperate with other parties such as suppliers of building materials and interior designers. It will be more efficient if you know the team involved in the construction of your home. That way, you and your team can communicate easily. Choosing a Bali contractor should always be considered. This is because the contractor can influence the results and costs of the house to be built. You must really pay attention to the costs and expectations that will be realized. 

Legal Entity Bali Contractor

You must ensure the legal status of the contractor you choose. The ideal Bali developer usually has an official operating license, is a legal entity, and has a clear operating base. Professional and trusted contractors will certainly not be separated from positive reviews from customers. If you are having trouble finding reviews from the building Bali contractor you choose, you can take advantage of internet technology. Make sure your chosen contractor service gets lots of positive testimonials from its users.

Formulating a concept before getting the right contractor is not the right step in choosing the right building contractor services in Bali. However, at least you have to get an idea of ​​the expectations of your residential development.

This is intended to make it easier for you in the process of selecting a Bali construction company. You can do this selection by regarding the specialization of the contractor services of your choice.

If you want to build a villa or resort, then you should choose an expert villa and resort builder in Bali. In essence, you have to choose the services of a contractor with a specialization that fits your concept and desires. 

Make sure the price details are in detail

A Bali contractor company can be said to be professional if it is able to formulate detailed cost details. Of course, they will not do this haphazardly.

They will know which one is the most cost-efficient and optimal. Because cost is a sensitive matter, you must ensure that you have studied the cost reference provided by the contractor before the work process begins. That way, you can fully control the costs you incur.

Bali developer’s process and work

Knowing the process and work results of the contractor you will choose is an important thing for you to do. To get information about it, you can look it up through a digital trail.

Given the increasingly sophisticated technological developments, how to choose the services of a building contractor in Bali on this one is quite easy to do. Many well-known contractors have left their mark on their web pages. There you will get information about their culture, work ethic, and level of professionalism.

In addition to this method, you can also identify the process and results of contractor services from the testimonials of service users before you. This is a natural thing for you to do. You can ask for the contact of the service user who can be contacted. Ask various important things which of course relate to the services of the Bali contractor you will choose.

Warranty Agreement

Neither you nor the Bali contractor company can fully predict the condition of the building after the construction process is complete. You certainly do not ignore the possibility of problems that arise after the renovation process. A good contractor service provider is able to overcome this.

They will provide a guarantee or guarantee of their work. The discourse on this guarantee will require contractor service providers to be more thorough and ensure the team works with optimal results.

Learn More About Workation Where You Work While On A Vacation

We all know that the term WFH or Work From Home has made us interact with each other less and less. WFH is when you work with unlimited working hours and a noisy environment that doesn’t sufficient for working. More people have been trying to find solution to increase work productivity without causing burnout. And that is how workation was born. 

Shot of a happy tourist woman sitting at the beach cafe and using a laptop.

Implementing workation idea

Workation is a combination of working and vacationing. It is a type of vacation while working remotely. This is a type of vacation that is considered to be the most suitable for today’s circumstances. This is a different from WFH because workation allows you to feel more relaxed, and enjoy different atmosphere. So aside from work from home, you can instead work from the beach, work from hills, work from the village, etc. 

How to plan for workation

Planning workation needs several consideration. Aside from choosing the most suitable place that fits your working and vacation preferences, you also need to consider your finances. Make sure that you calculate the cost you are going to spend in advance so you will be more prepared with the budget. And here are other tips to plan a workation:

Always follow the protocols

Health protocol should be incorporated into a habit no matter where you are. The covid-19 might disappear sooner and more people get vaccinated. However, it is still vital to incorporate good hygiene into your routine to keep yourself and others safe. 

Pack your equipment

Aside from packing your vacation essentials such as clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen, and toiletries, it is also important to pack your work equipment. You may need to pack your laptop, charger, and various work-related items. Make a two separate lists of items you need to pack for vacation and work. This way, you are more organized and can tackled packing more easily. 

Opt for more serene places

During your workation, it is more recommended to avoid crowded places and opt for more serene spaces instead. Aside from risking your health and safety, it may not be conducive for you to work in noisy space. You may want to hang out in a cafe while completing your work and it is just fine. Just make sure to stay safe and choose rather less-crowded cafes.

Practice mindfulness

Working and vacationing might sound interesting. However, it is also possible for workation to strain your body because you feel overwhelmed with the amount of work to complete and your vacation agenda. Hence, take breaks from time to time and practice mindfulness. You can do yoga in the morning, taking a leisure walk in the evening, or simply enjoy the nature in your surroundings. 

Plan in advance

It is best to plan workation in advance. You may have to tell your employer about your plan. You may also need to make other important preparation before going somewhere for long period. Also, it is more recommended to book your accommodation and transport needed for workation plan early to get the best deals.

Komodo Rinca Tour, Exploring 3 Instagrammable Tracking Route

The Komodo tour package will definitely take you to the big and small islands on the island of Flores. Rinca Island is one of the big islands in Flores with spectacular instagrammable views. Komodo Rinca tour offers 3 trekking routes for tourists. You can choose short, medium, and long trekking paths. Short and medium trips take about 1.5 hours. For long tracking, you need about 3 hours.

From the island of Pulau Padar, on the hilltop, view of a colorful and natural sunset in the famous archipelago of Komodo in Indonesia. Komodo National Park is worldwide famous for its diving industry and is considered as one of the best location in the World.

Komodo Rinca Tour, Trekking with Ranger

Your Rinca trekking trip must be accompanied by a ranger. Rangers are local residents who are familiar with the ins and outs of the island of Rinca. The popularity of Rinca Island and other large islands is a blessing for local residents. The local people’s economy is lifted by the large number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting.

Trekking on Rinca island is a challenge for travelers. You may suddenly meet Komodo while on the trip. This is the reason why travelers who want to do trekking must be accompanied by a ranger. Rangers are very experienced when Komodo dragons suddenly become aggressive. 

Rinca Island, Labuan Bajo, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia - June 13, 2016: Group of people, walking inside the forest, doing the trekking, encircle the Rinca island in Labuan Bajo

Ranger will be armed with branched wood and guide your trekking journey. You will also be provided with branched wood if a Komodo dragon suddenly moves closer and more aggressively. You need to know before doing trekking on Rinca island, that Komodo has a color similar to rocks. They are usually shaded by trees so you will hardly recognize them.

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Komodo dragons are carnivorous animals that can chase their prey at a speed of 20-30 kilometers per hour. Their sense of smell is very sharp and can smell blood from a distance. Tourists, especially women who are menstruating should report first so that the ranger can pay extra attention.

Komodo dragon, in the middle of savannah, a giant lizard, endangerd species, one of the most primitive animal in the world, last dinosaur on earth.

If you arrive on Rinca island in the afternoon, you should take short or medium trekking. Long trekking will take you through the forest and allow you to meet more Komodo dragons. You will also pass by Komodo nests laying eggs when doing long trekking. The view of your short or medium trekking Rinca tour is no less amazing. You will see the expanse of meadows and views of the savanna.

You will also find some wild animals such as deer and wild pigs which are prey for Komodo dragons. All the animals and the state of the Komodo National Park are deliberately left wild and natural. These wild animals are protected, so hunting wild animals here is also not allowed.