How To Create High Quality Travel Vlog

How To Create High Quality Travel Vlog

Travel vlogging has become popular thing in tourism industry. Many travelers start doing it for various purpose be it for self-entertainment, education, or share information. Some people do it as hobby while others do it for money. If you do it as hobby, you can enjoy it whatever it suits you. However, you may need to put in some effort if you want to make money. It is possible for you to become professional travel vlogger. For this, you have to make sure that you create only high quality travel vlogs. 

How to make impressive travel vlogs

It is very much challenging to make impressive travel vlog especially when you do it for first times. Sometimes it is about how you handle your camera, or how about the way you deliver your story. Or sometimes, it is about your editing. There are many factors that can affect the result of your travel vlogs and how your audience going to receive it. And here are some useful tips to help you create high quality travel vlogs and attract more audience:

Put in your best work

You may start travel vlogging as a hobby but when you wish for it to grow big where you also become professional in the field, treat it as your full time job. Make sure to put in your best work in the making process. Vlogging requires lots of works that can be frustrating most of the times. Hence, do not expect for fun all the time. The cycle repeats itself from planning, writing, recording, editing, and publishing. Make sure that you have enough time available to produce good quality travel vlog. 

Always plan ahead

Spontaneous vlogging might be interested but it is better if you can plan it ahead of time. Travel vlogging requires you to move from one place to another. If you just keep recording without a plan of where to go or what to do, you may just waste your file storage. You may not be so sure what to expect when visiting a place for the first time. But with planning, at least you know how to organize it so that you get interesting things to record. At least, create a general concept of your travel vlog so you know how you want your final video to turn out. Try writing a story line and try incorporate it throughout your filming. 

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Use appropriate vlogging equipment

To make high quality video, you need good quality equipment. It is understandable that not all travelers can afford expensive gears to make a vlog especially for first times. However, you can slowly improve your travel vlog by investing in better equipment gradually. You can do some research to know more about the appropriate equipment for vlogging from camera to microphone. It is highly recommended to opt for high quality equipment that is portable and lightweight. Hence, you can easily move around while travelling. It is also worth to invest in more reliable video editor tools and software. 

Organic Moisturizers is Becoming More Popular and This is Why

Organic Moisturizer is Becoming More Popular and This is Why

Every morning and every evening, we apply moisturiser to our skin. With so much repetition, it’s worth thinking about converting to a cleaner, greener recipe that’s better for both you and the environment. However, choosing a product produced without components you may want to avoid does not have to mean sacrificing texture, results, or your skin’s health. This concern then raise the needs of organic face moisturizer for people who want a healthier skincare alternatives.

Why Organic Face Moisturizer?

When it comes to eating, a healthier option will obviously be a natural and organic lifestyle. This is because our digestive system breaks down the food we eat. Then, our liver flushes out toxic poisons every time we eat. When we apply something to our skin, however, up to 60% of the synthetic chemicals may reach our bloodstream and accumulate in our body. It’s only natural and organic to use chemical-free (natural and organic) products in our skincare routine.

Limiting Unnecessary Chemical for Topical Application in Your Body

Consider all of the things that come into contact with our skin on a daily basis: makeup, scents, moisturisers, soaps, deodorants, and so on. It’s not just about what we eat; it’s also about what we put on our skin! Nature has already provided us with everything we might possibly require to keep healthy and happy!

Better Skin without Synthetic Ingredients

Better Skin without Synthetic Ingredients

Organic beauty products are just as crucial for your skin’s health as organic food is. Many non-organic beauty products on the market today contain alarmingly high levels of possibly dangerous chemicals. An everyday lotion can include a deadly mix of parabens, formaldehyde, and petroleum waxes. Organic skincare products wash, tone, exfoliate, and moisturise your skin without the use of any of these harmful synthetic ingredients.

However, chemists in the lab might interpret the term differently, “organic” things (such as food and cosmetics ingredients) are grown without the use of pesticides, hormones, and other chemicals. So, what distinguishes organic skin care from non-organic skin care? There are a few distinct perspectives to consider.

in the US alone, to be eligible for the USDA Organic seal, a skincare product must contain at least 95% organic ingredients. Organic ingredients can, however, be used in goods that don’t exactly meet the organic criteria. So, organic face moisturizer for any skin type should not use ingredients like mineral oil, cyclic silicones, or other synthetic ingredients to plump up the skin. Instead, they should use exactly what organic means; ingredients that are grown organically like aloe vera, centella asiatica, avocado oils, and the likes. 

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Understanding Paraben-Free Term in Organic Moisturizers

Parabens (preservatives found in sunscreens, lotions, and other products), sulphates (detergents found in shampoos and bath gels), and phthalates (chemicals found in fragrances and plastics) have all received a bad rap in the cosmetic and skin care industry as a result of several studies linking their use to an increased risk of cancer. Experts, on the other hand, believe that the research is at best inconclusive.

Parabens have been used in cosmetics for a long time. They are in there because they offer value to the items; otherwise, they would not be there. You don’t want to be surrounded by parabens and phthalates, though. Parabens can cause free-radical damage, and sulphates might irritate your skin or trigger an allergic reaction, so you might want to avoid them. 

Travel With Ease Full Of Meaningful Experiences

Lots of travelers experience many hassles that they can actually prevent. Travelling with ease is not impossible if you follow the main rule, which is to be prepared. Yes, preparation is part of your trip that you cannot skip. By being prepared, at least you can avoid unnecessary hassles. Even if you encounter problems, it is not something out of lack of preparation. 

Travel With Ease Full Of Meaningful Experiences

Travelling with ease and make the most meaningful experience

Travelling gives you opportunity to see new places and interact with new people. It allows you to appreciate your life more because you get to see other people’s lives too. It opens different perspectives which help grow your wisdom. Travel has many benefits yet it can be pretty stressful. To travel easy, here are some tips for you to consider:

Calculate your finance

Travel can cost alot especially if you don’t have clear plans. It is important to calculate how much money you are going to need for the trip. It is possible to travel on budget if you plan your finance well. Be realistic about meals, admission charges, and recreation. You can opt for cheaper alternatives for your trip such as staying in motel instead of luxury hotels. You can also eat at a local family-owned restaurants. 

Pack light

One of the most common discomforts when travel is dragging your luggage throughout the trip from your house to your destination. Dragging heavy luggage can take a toll on your body. You may get exhausted even before doing any meaningful activities. Hence, it is more recommended to pack light and bring only what you are going to need for the trip. Packing light also help reduce carbon emission because the more a plane weighs, the more carbon emission it produces. Hence, be more mindful with what you are going to pack. 

Take pride in your appearance

You can be your true self during your trip but that doesn’t mean you can just ignore good hygiene and cleanliness. During your journey, you will get to meet new people and they will judge you from appearance at first so the way you dress can represents what kind of person you are. People might shy away from you  if you give off the impression of someone who is unkempt or careless. Hence, always practice good hygiene and dress appropriately to help you travel with ease. 

Follow the rules and guidelines

Many travelers found themselves in troubles because they tended to try new things without calculating the consequences. They got to the point where they tried to violate the rules made for visitors or tourists. To keep you away from trouble during your trip, follow the rules and guidelines designated for you. If you are prohibited to enter certain place, do not enter it just for the sake of feeling cool or brave. It only shows you are incapable of being a decent human being who respect others. Always be respectful to the local customs and traditions even if they are different from your own. 

Bali Family Vacation In Nusa Dua, Plan Your Great Itinerary

The most popular beach resorts on the island are also the greatest places to stay with children in Bali. You may take your family on a fantastic vacation to practically any of Bali’s best beaches, and there are plenty! Bali family vacation Nusa Dua is very popular and a favorite of local and foreign tourists.

Bali Family Vacation In Nusa Dua, Plan Your Great Itinerary

Bali family vacation plan

Which one you choose is primarily determined by the type of family vacation you seek. Looking forward to relaxing days on isolated beaches or a destination with plenty of family-friendly attractions and restaurants? Perhaps a mix of the two? We present a summary of each of Bali’s famous family-friendly districts to help you understand where you’ll be heading. Or where you will stay?

Best Bali family resorts Nusa Dua

For the sheer variety of experiences on offer, the best family vacation to Indonesia is hard to top. Let’s check where to stay during a family vacation in Bali.

Holiday Inn Bali Benoa

The calming Tea Tree spa to the Kids’ Club, which keeps active kids engaged from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Everything about this family-friendly resort begs you to unwind. The rooms and suites all have a private balcony with views of the Indian Ocean or the lush natural surrounds. The beachfront restaurant offers a relaxed dining experience by the water.

Holiday Inn Bali Benoa family resorts

The Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa offers a healthy and tasty kids’ menu at the restaurant, complete with nutritional meals that youngsters will like. As one of the best Bali family resorts in Nusa Dua, they provide cooking class activities for your kids. 

Club Med Nusa Dua

Club Med routinely rates well in these categories. Perhaps because of their unique ‘trident’ rating system, or perhaps because they’re particularly family-oriented.

Club Med Nusa Dua

Club Med Bali offers a wide choice of activities for all ages. From taking a swing at the Flying Trapeze School to crab racing and Indonesian classes to pizza cooking. Use the spa, main pool with swim-up bar, and private beach if you just want to unwind.

Bali family vacation 1 day trip

Tanjung Benoa beach is the best place for Bali family activities in south Bali. There are 12 types of water sports ranging from banana boats, jet skis, parasailing, snorkeling, sea walkers, and others. Besides the water sport activity, you can visit the turtle island which is green turtle conservation.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Culture Park South Bali

The statue of God Vishnu riding the mythological bird Garuda, is a masterwork that took 28 years to complete. In 1989, the great artist I Nyoman Nuarta had a concept, which he implemented in 1997 and eventually completed in 2018. 

Landscape picture of old Garuda Wisnu Kencana GWK statue as  Bali landmark with blue sky as a background. Balinese traditional symbol of hindu religion. Popular travel destinations in Indonesia.

They eventually installed the remaining 754 modules of the statue with the help of the artist’s team! With simply a ticket, you may now see the 121-meter statue standing tall in the middle of a gorgeous landscape. Choose between walking or riding a Segway across the park, and don’t miss the incredible Kecak dance at sunset!

Bali Safari Marine Park 1 day trip

Animal parks and attractions in Bali, which feature rare kinds of fauna, provide an awe-inspiring experience for children of all ages.

The Bali Safari and Marine Park in Gianyar are the largest and one of the most popular wildlife theme parks on the island. If you wish to cool off at the onsite water park, bring a change of clothes, a towel, and swimwear.

Bali Treetop Adventure Park Bedugul

Both kids and adults may have a great day out at Bali Treetop Adventure Park in Bedugul. Where they can tackle numerous tightrope courses. Suspended bridges and spider nets are among them, as are thrilling Tarzan jumps and flying-fox lines, all of which provide a distinct kind of adrenaline rush.

Brave young child in safety harness climb high on tree tops, pass hanging bridge obstacle in adventure rope park. Outdoor activity,  active lifestyle in summer scout camp on family holidays with kids

Some of these courses allow you to test your agility or even zip through the air in the Eka Karya Botanic Garden’s trees. The park is a wonderful complement to the otherwise magnificent garden. There are seven different courses to choose from, each categorized by age and skill level.

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Unique Traditions In Japan That Make You Want To Visit The Country

Japan is one of the busiest and visited countries in the world. One of the main reasons why people love to visit this country is because of unique culture Japanese people have. Even though they are known to be one of the most advanced countries, the people living in Japan don’t forget their origin, culture, and traditions. They embrace them all in their daily lives even with how modern the world has become. 

Japanese unique traditions to learn more about during your visit

Japan has such a remarkable and rich culture with deep historical background. If you plan on visiting this country, here are unique traditions Japan you might want to know about:


This is a unique Japanese tradition of taking off shoes. In Japan, you don’t wear outside shoes inside. They consider it as rude and unclean if you do it instead. The Japanese people believe that the outside is dirty and the inside is clean. Hence, wearing outside shoes inside can transfer something dirty. Hence, you need to take off your shoes upon entering someone’s house or place when visit the country. You can leave your shoes on the little porch available in every house in Japan. You will be provided house slipper by the hosts to wear inside the house. 


Hanami is a Japanese tradition of flower viewing. The flowers the Japanese people adore the most is Sakura. It is unofficial flower of the country which usually blooms between mid-March and early May. The Japanese love to celebrate this occasion and they have been doing it for centuries as part of their culture. Families and friends gather around under the trees to admire blooming Sakura up close. The flower itself symbolizes hope and new beginnings. 


In Japan and some of Asian countries, bowing is part of the culture. Japanese people greet each other by bowing and  the bow itself can be varied. It can be a simple nod of the head to a complete bend of the upper body. To greet a friend, they give slight bows since it is considered casual encounter. As for showing respects, saying thanks, apologizing, or making a request, people give a deep full bow. 

Kurisumasu ni wa Kentakki

This is a tradition Japanese people have been doing to celebrate the merriness of Christmas. They love to visit KFC and order some chicken to celebrate Christmas since turkeys are very rare to find in the country. The KFC Christmas buckets are not your usual fried-chickens. Instead, it is a package full of meals filled with whole-roasted chicken including sides, wine, and cake. 


This is a Japanese tradition to celebrate the first sunrise of the year. It is when Japanese families wake up to see the first sunrise of the year. They usually head to a shrine, mountaintop, or a beach to watch the first sunrise. The tradition of watching the first sunrise is considered a good luck of the year for Japanese people. They wish and pray for the year ahead to be full of luck.

Komodo island Liveaboard Budget & Best Time To Sail

Komodo National Park encompasses three big islands, Komodo, Rinca, and Padar, and smaller islands (1,800 km2). The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was created to protect the Komodo Dragon and its natural habitat. The Komodo National Park conservation area protects a variety of different terrestrial species. Komodo is now well known for having one of the world’s most diverse marine habitats. Most tourists, choose the Komodo island liveaboard with various considerations.

Komodo island Liveaboard Budget & Best Time To Sail

Komodo island liveaboard budget

You could assume that affordable and komodo island liveaboard budget don’t fit in the same sentence. The Komodo sailing is best known for its manta ray scuba diving. A liveaboard is an ideal method to dive into the top places in Komodo. Many choices of boats to determine your Komodo liveaboard budget. And there are options that you can take to determine the type of your Komodo dragon trip.

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If your budget is limited, an open trip can be the right choice. Open trip means you will join other people with a budget-sharing system. The available cabins are usually sharing cabins. Pemilihan kapal tergantung budget anda. For standard boats, the facilities you get are no private cabins, with or without air conditioning with basic amenities.

Komodo liveaboard with comfortable facilities requires you to spend a fairly high budget. This means you have to take a private tour of small groups. There are many choices of Komodo liveaboards with a capacity of 2-12 passengers. It is possible to sleep on deck! This is clearly a choice for the low-maintenance traveler who is eager to experience the ocean boat vibe.

Best time visit Komodo island

If you’re traveling with the goal of seeing the animals, you should know that certain seasons. The rainy season in Indonesia lasts from April to June. You can enjoy the lush greenery and blooming leaves. You can swim in the calm and crystal clear waters at Komodo beach.

September to November is ideal and a great time to dive in Komodo! Manta rays, marine turtles, neon fish, and whale sharks are among the highlights.

August is a busy time. It’s best to book accommodation in advance. There’s never a bad time to visit the fantastic island of Komodo it’s worth knowing what to expect at any given time.

How To Stay Energized When Travelling Abroad

How To Stay Energized When Travelling Abroad

The anticipation of travel is exciting because you already imagined what you are going to do and see. However, it is very likely that your energy and excitement get depleted the longer you spend your time travelling abroad. Keeping your energy up can be challenging too especially when you are just casual travelers, not a seasoned adventurer. 

Keep your energy up when travelling abroad

The thing about travelling is that it can be very much exhausting especially when you travel abroad. There are many factors that affect your energy level such as jet lag, long flight, too much walking, late night endeavors, and more. So how can you explore the world without running yourself ragged?

Sleep is key

Keep in mind that your body is restoring and recharging during a sleep. When you lack of sleep, your body doesn’t get the recharging process it deserves, hence energy depleting. No matter how energetic you are even after the first few nights exploring the cities, do not form a habit of sleeping late. Get at least six to seven hours sleep per night. If you have difficulty of getting sleep, take sleep aid such as melatonin that can help you sleep easier. 

Keep moving

Keep moving

During travel abroad, there are so many temptations you encounter such as greasy breakfast, hearty lunch, delightful dinner, and fun street foods hunting. Indulging yourself when travelling is just fine. To avoid feeling sluggish after all those indulgences, walk around the city and keep moving. Or, you cal also get up early for a seaside run so you get that energy maintained. Take every chance you get to stay active and get moving. 

Drink, drink, and drink!

One of the major reasons of fatigue or depleted energy during travel abroad is dehydration. Your body keeps moving when travelling so it needs proper hydration to function. Hence, always carry your own water bottle to stay hydrated. At least, drink water every one to two hours per day. Always listen to your body because sometimes drinking 8 glass a day is not enough when you are under scorching sun because the heat can be unbearable for your body. 

Stay fresh to stay energized

Yes, it is true that you feel energized when feeling fresh. Hence, it is important to keep up your good hygiene routine. Pack your beauty and hygiene essentials with you and do your routine just like usual. By feeling clean and fresh, you feel more energized to continue the exploration especially during summer. 

Make good decision about your eating habit 

While it is fine for you to indulge yourself with any kind of foods you see during a trip, it is still important to stay mindful with your choices. It is not realistic to eat full of healthy foods for every of your meal. However, find a good balance to maintain your energy. Eating well and healthy means providing your body with a diet rich in diversity. It is not about restricting your body from eating particular foods. 

Turning A Vacation in Jimbaran Bali into A Perfect Digital Detox Getaway

Turning A Vacation in Jimbaran Bali into A Perfect Digital Detox Getaway

As with any vacation, the first step is to figure out where you want to go. Are you looking for a cold-weather getaway or a warm-weather getaway with a spa? Would you rather stay close to home or travel to a new location? Those seeking restoration and relaxation in the form of a restorative retreat will almost always select the latter in both cases. A wellness vacation should take place in a secluded region that is delightfully temperate and sun-drenched. Imagine having some quiet days in a seaside villa in remote yet beautiful location like the Jimbaran, Bali. 

Why You’ll Love Getting Unplugged in Jimbaran, Bali

You’ll love waking up to the bright sunshine of Bali, surrounded by opulent furnishings, tropical gardens, and limestone cliffs at this Jimbaran locale. Jimbaran is one of Bali’s most beautiful seaside towns, with most of the area backing on to a stunning coastline of soft golden sand and spectacular jagged cliffs. The exquisite scenery combined with a laid-back beach vibe is one of the main reasons why tourists visit Bali and come to Jimbaran to enjoy all the delights of the water that this section of the island has to offer.

Find the Perfect Villa in Jimbaran Bali for Your Digital Detox

Find the Perfect Villa in Jimbaran Bali for Your Digital Detox

What can make you feel peaceful in your holiday? Is it a home with breathtaking oceanfront view of Jimbaran Bay where you can stare to the border of the horizon and watch the sky changes color throughout the day? Would you rather stay in a fully-serviced villa with private maids and chefs or do you enjoy seclusion and prefer to do things by your own? Do you find that a luxurious villa with private pool in Jimbaran Bali would help you to destress and relax? Try to find what you want to indulge in your vacation house during your digital-detox trip. 

Book A Relaxing Spa Session in Your Villa for Body Rejuvenation

You’ll feel your problems melt away as soon as the spa therapist start its therapeutic massage. Try some Balinese spa combined with Ayurvedic techniques and organic materials from the island. This will help you relax and feel lighter, calmer, and more refreshed. Feel your skin get revitalized with facials, body wraps, and exfoliations. 

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Take the Whole Morning for Yourself

Checking one’s smartphone first thing in the morning is a habit for many people. It not only disrupts our sleep cycles, but it also eats up crucial time during the day. A digital detox vacation allows you to reclaim that time and do whatever you want with it. To start your day off well, read a book in the morning sun, prepare a nutritious breakfast, or exercise. Admire the luxury of the villa Bali that you rent and take all the time you need. You won’t want to go back after only a few days of substituting your morning social media updates with these healthful and pleasant activities.

Walk to the Jimbaran Beach Whenever You Want

Walk to the Jimbaran Beach Whenever You Want

The best thing from Jimbaran is its beaches. Jimbaran Beach is one of Bali’s most beautiful beaches, stretching over four kilometers along the scenic shore. When you visit Jimbaran Beach, you will find clean sands that are ideal for sunbathing, and you can easily rent a sun lounger and enjoy the views while sipping on a fresh coconut. The beach is much less crowded than places like Kuta, so if you want to spend a relaxing afternoon by the water, this is a fantastic option. Spend some time in the nature, put your phone for emergency calls only, and let the ocean breeze restore your physical and mental well-being.

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Do What You Love During Your Trip in Jimbaran or Try A New Thing!

Do What You Love During Your Trip in Jimbaran or Try A New Thing!

A digital detox vacation is an excellent way to reignite your passion for your activities. It allows you to spend your time anyway you choose without being bothered by annoying notifications. These are perfect conditions for putting extra effort into your favorite pastimes. Look into the local museums and heritage places in Jimbaran if you’re an art or history enthusiast. Immerse yourself in the rich and unique Bali’s heritage without being distracted by technology devices! 

It’s also an opportunity to pursue new hobbies. Be impulsive and spontaneous; see what’s going on in your neighborhood and step out of your comfort zone. Who knows, perhaps attending a surfing class in Jimbaran—one of the best region to surf in Bali—on the spur of the moment can lead to the discovery of your new life-long passion!

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Meet and Talk to the Locals

Meeting up with the locals while on vacation is an excellent method to form new acquaintances. Don’t be afraid to speak up! Introduce yourself to someone at a neighborhood hangout spot. Try to talk to the caretakers or staffs in your villa Jimbaran Bali. You could learn about a completely new way of life or form lifelong companions! It’s a good reminder that interacting with people in person is much more pleasurable and meaningful than texting.

Amazing Natural Wonders In Bali To Be In Your Bucket List

There is no one who can argue of how beautiful Bali is. It is one of the most wonderful and lovely place on earth. No wonder many people from around the world put Bali in their bucket list. In fact, those who have visited Bali admit they want to go again when they have the opportunity to. Not only full of natural wonders, Bali also consists of centuries-old manmade marvels that deserve proper appreciation. And here are several natural wonders in Bali that should be put in your bucket list for your next travel plan:

view from the Mount Batur at sunrise in the morning

Kintamani and Mount Batur

These are such a great place for those who love to indulge in more extreme adventure. Kintamani offers one of the best panoramic mountain viewpoints on the island. You will get to see the active Batur volcano as well as caldera lake from the viewpoints. You can also enjoy them from different angle by heading to the ridge of Penelokan. The contrast between green forest and dark volcanic ash only adds to the wonder that the nature gift us.

Nusa Lembongan

For you who like to have underwater adventure, visiting Nusa Lembongan is a must when you travel to Bali. This is a great way to get an offshore experience since this place is filled with beauty. This place offers crystal clear water that is just perfect for diving or snorkeling. There are many great places for sightseeing marine life including Manta Point, Crystal Bay, Toya Pakeh, etc. By exploring the underwater of Nusa Lembongan, you will get to see and observe sunfish, sea turtles, mantas, and other marine lives. 

Bali’s waterfalls

Aside from beaches, Bali also has plenty of waterfalls since they are surrounded by mountains. The best thing about Bali’s waterfalls is that they are located in more remote areas. Hence, it is best to visit them especially when you aim for serenity and tranquility during your getaway. Surrounded by dense jungles, these waterfalls are cascaded with clear water originated from the mountain. Not to mention that the trek to waterfalls are so worth all the exhaustion you may experience. 

Some of the most popular and worth-mentioning waterfalls in Bali include Singsing and Gitgit which are located in the west area of the island. If you head to the north, you also get to visit Yeh Sanih, the cool springs of Bali. Heading to the central west of Bali, you can visit Blahmantung falls situated in the Tabanan regency. 

Menjangan Island

Another underwater adventure you can experience is located in Menjangan Island. This is such a great place to explore and observe marine life. Not to mention that the water offers great visibility for you to fully enjoy your underwater expedition. The coral reefs are well-taken care of and pristine. This is one of the most recommended snorkeling sites by the locals. While having an adventure in Menjangan Island, you can also pay a visit to Bali’s National Park that hosts the original endemic habitat of the Bali Myna, or Bali Starling.

Raja Ampat Trip & What To Prepare

The Raja Ampat archipelago is located off the coast of West Papua. When arranging a trip to this amazing region, make sure you leave enough time to travel between islands and see all of the most beautiful sights. Whether you’re a diver or not, you won’t want to cut your trip short because Raja Ampat has so many great places to explore. Sorong is the main area your Raja Ampat trip. At first appearance, a trip to Raja Ampat appears to be rather expensive. Exploring Raja Ampat, even on a shoestring budget, is possible with a few pointers.

Aerial view of paradise islands in turquoise sea with reef islands coastline, beautiful lagoons. Indonesia - raja ampat trip

Raja Ampat Trip Budget

Raja Ampat liveaboard budget is an important point that you have to prepare. To take a travel package to Raja Ampat at least you have to spend a budget of around $2000. To save the budget, you can do a backpacker with friends or look for an open trip. If Jakarta is your starting city, flights to Sorong range from $118 – $200. A round trip means you need $400 for a plane ticket. 

For lodging, the price offered varies depending on the facilities. For cheap accommodation, you can take a homestay with a budget of $21. Meanwhile, resort-class accommodations reach $210. 

For backpackers, choosing an island to stay on based on proximity to the chosen activity is important to save time and money. The island, located in the Dampier Strait, is easily accessible from Waisai and provides excellent diving and snorkeling options.

Arborek has a small village in Papua which is close to a dive spot where you can meet manta rays. Kri Island offers pristine white sand beaches and is the best diving spot off the coast. Waigeo and Gam islands are perfect for trekking and wildlife viewing lovers. 

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Many homestays will offer the opportunity to see stunning underwater views. Just a tip, make sure the guide is properly certified and the equipment is well maintained. With shallow coral reefs visible at all depths, snorkeling is an alternative for those of you who don’t want to dive.

You can take advantage of the trekking offer during your Raja Ampat trip. Seeing wildlife should be guided by a local guide who you can rent through the homestay. 

While in Raja Ampat, don’t try to jam everything in. You might want to take a few moments to wander about and just take in the sights and sounds. Raja Ampat is unlike anywhere else on the planet. 

If you’re diving, give your body some time to recover. While you may not feel it while diving, diving is similar to resistance training, and you may experience soreness, especially if you dive numerous times each day. Relaxing and recovering from diving can be as simple as going to the spa, sunning, and eating a wonderful dinner.

What to prepare

sunglasses, hat, sandals for raja ampat trip

You also need to prepare various equipment needed while in Raja Ampat.

  • Sunblock
    • The weather in this area is also quite hot. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you prepare sunblock first.
  • Hat & sunglasses
    • A hat is useful to prevent you from feeling too hot when doing island hopping or trekking to certain tourist destinations
  • Waterproof camera
    • make sure to prepare a waterproof camera before going to Raja Ampat. As an alternative, you can also bring a smartphone with a high-end camera that is waterproof
  • outdoor shoes or sandals
    • There are several tourist attractions, such as Pianemo or Wayag, which require you to do trekking with quite challenging terrain. With such conditions, like it or not, you have to wear appropriate footwear, either in the form of shoes or outdoor sandals.
  • cash (ATM available in Waisai)
    • You don’t just have to pay for boat rental, lodging and food. You have to pay a fee to pay the Environmental Maintenance Service Tariff (TLPL), which is IDR 500 thousand for local tourists and IDR 1 million for foreign tourists.

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