A Type Of Getaway That Can Be Good For Your Mental Health

If you are feeling so down and stressed out lately, it might be a sign that you need to take a day off or two, or maybe take a full week off and plan for a vacation instead. It is understandable that living in the world we are living today is so demanding. We are forced to keep up with how fast the world changes. And sometimes, you need a break from all the buzz that hurts not only your head but your inside as well. A well-deserved getaway is worth a try if you feel like your mental health is in dire need of a nice break. 

A Type Of Getaway That Can Be Good For Your Mental Health
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The type of break that uplift your mood

Suffering from a burnout is not a good experience because you feel like you do anything wrong but you keep pushing yourself even harder to convince yourself that you can. However, what you need might not be a push a pause. And that’s why an escape to your dream destination can be a good idea to help you disconnect from your stressful life. 

However, keep in mind that your problems will not solve themselves just because you go travelling around the world. They will still exist when you return. Thus, remind yourself that a getaway is not to escape from responsibility but to give yourself a break to empty all negativity out of your system before you make yourself ready to handle whatever problems you have to face. 

A slow travel 

Instead of travel to check all as many list of attractions as possible, it is more recommended to plan for a slow travel. It is the type of getaway where you don’t move in a rush. You take your time when visiting one place and enjoy it to the fullest. Being slow allows you to fully aware and appreciate your surroundings. It helps you realize the beauty of the place because you are paying attention to details not only making a side glance or taking a selfie. 

Slow travel benefits your mental health because you get the opportunity to slow yourself down. It allows you to reflect on yourself better while being in unfamiliar places. It helps you to think better of yourself, recognize what is happening to you, and what you really want in your life. A slow travel doesn’t have to be melancholic. You can still do it with fun. It will benefit your soul in the same way. 

A slow travel doesn’t have to make you feel all alone all the time throughout your getaway. You can go have a conversation with the local and learn more about their way of life and their relationship with the land. Learn more about their culture and their perspective of life. It will be such a meaningful experience for you. You might return with refreshed mind and lighter heart that make you able to think and see things clearly. It might help you to heal your soul and make it more contented. 

The Ultimate Guide of Choosing Holiday Villas in Bali for Every Travellers

Thinking of replacing your hotel room with holiday villas in Bali? What a brilliant concept! Here are our top recommendations for your first villa stay. Staying in a villa provides you with a ‘home’ – a private home away from home on Bali Island as opposed to a hotel room – and that makes all the difference! If this is your first time looking for a villa in Bali and you’re not sure what to anticipate, this post is for you.

Finding Holiday Villas in Bali for Couples (and Honeymooners)

Finding Holiday Villas in Bali for Couples (and Honeymooners)
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Private villas, by definition, provide greater solitude and a more serene stay. If romantic isolation for honeymoon in Bali is important to you, look for a separate villa with some acreage surrounding it, so you’re not too close to loud music or neighbors, and you’re not too close to prying eyes. Areas to consider include Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Benoa Bay, and Ubud.

Do when looking for honeymoon villas in Bali:

  • Villas with outdoor pools. Even better, a jacuzzi for romantic nights. 
  • Holiday houses on the outskirts of major cities with close access to nightlife and shopping. Ubud, Seminyak, and Jimbaran are perfect for couples. 
  • Villas that have sensitive alarm systems and in-room safes for your valuables.

What not to do:

  • Villas close to or in the heart of the city. Kuta might not be the best for couples looking for solitude. 
  • During the peak season, when surrounding resorts are overrun with people, or find a gated property (or one situated on a private estate).

Looking for the Ideal Family Villas in Bali

Looking for the Ideal Family Villas in Bali

When you have a family, you only want the best for them. Every family have different needs and what works on some families might not be working for you. If you are travelling with babies or curious toddlers, you might want to look at one-story villas or a vacation rental without heavy ornaments that can harm your babies. Other families consists with teens and large groups, and they might need bunk beds and villas with many rooms. So when you are looking for the ideal family villas in Bali, make sure to see: 

  • The required number of restrooms (you can never have enough bathrooms when going away with kids).
  • There are enough bedrooms to accommodate everyone (en-suite bathrooms are mostly appreciated).
  • Private balconies or terraces accessible from your accommodation.
  • Swimming pool with a fence (or check access to and depth of the pool to determine how safe it is to use around children).
  • Outdoor activities for all ages. If you enjoy watersports, for example, select a villa that is just a few steps from the sea. Benoa Bay, Nusa Dua, and Jimbaran are the perfect area for families who want quiet beaches and fun watersport. Do you enjoy hiking? A home concealed in the highlands or hills, such as villa in Ubud, will be a much better choice.

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The Right Holiday Villas in Bali for Single Travelers

The Right Holiday Villas in Bali for Single Travelers
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While solo travellers tends to prefer homestays, bunkbed hostels, or hotel rooms, there’s no rules that prevents you to book a whole private villa Bali for yourself. Some people do like being alone in their own space and sharing it with no one else. 

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Dos when you are looking for holiday villas in Bali for solo traveler: 

  • Look for smaller Bali villas with private pool
  • Choose popular areas with dense population and easy access to everywhere. Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, and Ubud are perfect for solo travelers looking for new friends. 
  • Choose a villa in Bali with breakfast option. You will have less motivation to stock up the fridge and cook when you are travelling alone. 
  • Look for luxury villa with cozy corners for relaxing or TV streaming services in their amenity list.

What not to do: 

Book a ten bedroom villa. You will feel isolated being alone in a large house. 

Renting a villa in totally secluded location. Always imagine walking alone back to the villa after late night party. It’s not always safe to walk alone in dark, isolated path. 

Being A Responsible Traveler When Visiting Wildlife Sanctuaries

Being A Responsible Traveler When Visiting Wildlife Sanctuaries

Everyone must agree that wildlife animals should be in the wild and not in a cage or limited space. Living in their natural environment is the most ideal for them. However, we also know that sometimes it is more harming for them due to many reasons such as habitat destruction, environmental changes, biodiversity loss, etc. Those factors put them at dire risk of extinction if humans don’t help. That’s why there are sanctuaries today to help wild animals survive. However, sometimes the lines between saving and entertaining become blurred. Many people are interested in visiting wild sanctuary just for the sake of entertainment and that is why we need to travel responsibly.

Giving support to the right place

It is important for travelers to support sanctuaries that put the welfare of animals on top of everything. The animals in the wild sanctuaries are usually rescued from captivity or abandonment. Some of them might be injured while being rescued. The aim of bringing them in a sanctuary is to refuge and rehabilitate. Suffered and in danger animals are priority to be rescued and get rehabilitation program in sanctuary. 

It is important for travelers to support the right organization that is there to help animals not to monetize them. There are wildlife sanctuaries around the world you can visit. Most of them are non-profit organizations. And there are also several sanctuaries that open ethical volunteering opportunities. This kind of organization needs lots of support and you can do it by applying for volunteering program if interested. 

What to do before visiting the wildlife sanctuaries

Before deciding to visit a wildlife sanctuary, it is important that you do your own research to find out more about the organization. Look for information regarding to their work ethic in helping and taking care of the rescued animals. Learn more about the organization’s long-term aims with the sanctuary. Find out where the animals come from. It is also essential to know more about how the organization value responsible tourism. Do not forget to also find out more about the resource the organization get and how they use it. Find out is they invest in their animal care. 

If you are unsure about the credibility of the sanctuary you are planning to visit, find out more about their partnership with similar organizations that work with animal charities. If they do work with those kind of organizations, it indicates they have high standard in taking care of the animals they rescue. A credible wildlife sanctuary exists to address specific problems such as providing home for animals coming from cruelty, captive environments, etc. 

Find out if the wildlife sanctuary provides some sort of enrichment or entertainment to visitors. Choose the one that do not provide those to visitors because wildlife are not supposed to be in close contact with human especially if they are going to be released into the wild someday. Choose reputable wildlife sanctuary that provide good environment for animals as close as their natural habitats which means no human interaction allowed. 

Tips For Exploring Komodo Island

Whatever your choice to explore Komodo Island, by luxury phinisi boat or backpacker, safety and safety is crucial. Exploring the island of Komodo is a unique and unforgettable experience. You will see ancient animals on this island, which are ancient animals that are still left in the world. Preservation of ancient animals and the safety of your trip must also be considered.

komodo island

Don’t visit Komodo Island alone

This is important! Never visit where giant ancient animals habitat alone because it will be high risk. Ensuring safety is paramount. You can look for open trips to Komodo island and join other tourists. Make sure you are always under the supervision of a ranger when you see Komodo dragons. Another important piece of information, do not force exploring this island when you are menstruating. Komodo’s smell is very sharp and will be dangerous when they become aggressive.

Stay Still

Do not make a lot of movement when you meet directly or close to the Komodo dragon. Many tourists want to take pictures at a distance with Komodo but actually, endanger safety. Try not to attract their attention, because safety is number one.

Do not smoke

Before exploring the island of Komodo, or the island of Rinca, you must pay attention to the condition of the two islands. The other island has more forest when you compare it to Rinca Island. The savanna dominates the island of Rinca. The savanna on Rinca Island is very wide and looks arid the canoe up the hill.

Imagine if you smoked on one of these islands and caused a fire. It will certainly be very damaging to the environment and the extinction of ancient animals. Traveling to Komodo Island is not just for fun, but we are also obliged to maintain the security and safety of the area.

Best island to see Komodo dragons

Many people say Rinca Island is the best island to see Komodo dragons in person. In terms of scenery, Rinca Island is almost the same as Komodo. Rinca Island features beautiful beaches and several hills. The land here is mostly covered by grasslands. You can meet many wild animals. Rinca Island is an area of about 18,500 hectares which is also home to more than 2,000 Komodo dragons.

If you decide to take an open trip, then don’t worry because the operator will take you to both locations. You can also enjoy activities such as trekking or enjoying the pink beach. Make sure that the open trip operator provides all your travel needs to Rinca and Komodo island. 

How Travel Is So Enriching For Kids

How Travel Is So Enriching For Kids

There are numerous benefits of travel for kids. Hence, it is recommended to start taking your kids with you to travel and see the world since their young age. Besides, travel is so much more accessible now with variety of options to choose that fits your needs and preference. With how easy travel has become, it provides your kids more opportunity see the world because travel is such an enriching experience for them. 

Travel is an enriching experience for kids

Travelling with your kids should not be more than about showing your kids that you can afford it for them. But is more like about giving them opportunity to experience and learn things they may not find at schools. And these are how travel can be an enriching experience for kids:

Travel teaches your kids diversity, tolerance, and open-mindedness

Those seem to be too big words for your kids but you don’t have to spell them out literally to your kids to make them understand what they mean. By travelling, you show your kids there are many perspectives they can see. Things they see during the trip may not be the same as what they usually see at home. It helps them open their mind, helping them grow to be more open-minded, tolerant, and respectful.

Travel helps develop your kid’s problem solving skills

Travel is an enriching experience for kids

When you keep your kids in their comfort zone, their creativity will stay stagnant because they lack of experiencing different things. Meanwhile, travel expose them to more experience, challenges, and problems. It stimulates their creativity to deal with various problems. It also teaches your kids to be more resilient because they are not going to be easily phased by things. 

Travel teaches your kids great history of amazing places

It is great to take your kids visiting historic places, buildings, or monuments. It allows them to see more. Even by just simply observing the site, they learn many things from history, architecture, mathematics, language, incredible figures, analysis, and more. Because a historic place is more than just a building. It has great story behind that your kids may get interested to learn it. 

Travel teaches your kids the joy of sharing and giving

Through travel, your kids learn that people sometimes have different kind of lives. There are many unfortunate people out there who are living not as comfortable as they are. Hence, they learn the importance of sharing and giving to other people who in need. During travel, you may meet unfortunate people or poor kids. You can take your kids to donate schools necessities for kids, etc. 

Travel ignite your kid’s curiosity, imagination, and sense of adventure

There are so many things to see and experience during travel that can ignite their sense of adventure, curiosity, and imagination. It helps build their creativity and critical thinking. When they meet new people from different culture, they are curious and start asking many questions. Along the way, it encourages their social skills as well. 

5 Tested Tips to Attract Luxury Travels to Your Elite Property Bali!

6 Guaranteed Tips to Attract Luxury Travels to Your Elite Property Bali!

Tapping the premium market takes a particular level of ability and understanding for luxury villa owners, boat and jet charter firms, luxury travel brokers, and others. Luxury travelers know exactly what they want. They will recognise a product that falls into their liking when they see it. The aggressive sell, flashing neon sales signs, cheap deals, and in-your-face advertising are not the key to reaching out to this market. Luxury travelers want a high-quality vacation, and this is how to put your elite property Bali in the market. 

Understanding the Special Market of Elite Travels

You must have a thorough understanding of what luxury travel is in order to thrive and reach out to customers in the luxury travel sector. Is it all about comfort and style? What is the difference between extravagance and exclusivity? Is it possible that a combination of all of these elements is at play? Luxury travel may be defined as extraordinary, personalized experiences, high-end quality, and distinctive design elements. Luxury is generally defined by the destination and location, as well as top-rated services.

Learn the Behaviour of Potential Market for Elite Property in Bali

Before promoting your elite property in Bali to luxury market, you must first identify and comprehend your market. This entails not just describing who they are and where they came from, but also defining what they are looking for. Because not all luxury consumers are the same, it’s critical to understand who your target market is before attempting to reach out, engage, and eventually interact with them.

Learn the Behaviour of Potential Market for Elite Property in Bali

Highlight Your Property Quirkiness to Attract Luxury Travels

Elite travelers do not all fit neatly into one box. In fact, individuals frequently have highly particular and specific preferences, and they anticipate a personalized, personalized experience. Focus on what you have to offer to whoever, whether it’s peaceful spa breaks, family activities vacations, or romantic getaways.

Connect with the Circles of the Elites

By attending events and frequenting places wealthy clients frequent, you’ll quickly become part of the club. You don’t necessarily become their best friend, but you’re in their circle and they trust you. Keeping in touch with previous guests, soliciting feedback, and acting on that feedback may also help you thrive in one of the most essential areas for luxury hotels wanting to maintain and increase bookings and reputation. 

Portraying the Luxury Right Through Your Online Persona

Looks matter in the realm of luxury vacation lifestyles, and there is no tolerance for looking shabby. This means that the superiority of your product or service must be reflected in your brand image. As starters, your website should be professional and portray a premium image that appeals to affluent travelers. Invest in high quality images (pictures and videos) and have them created by a professional. Aspirations, imagination, and desire all play a role in vacations. A shaky shot or uneven footage that fails to capture the soul of your product can put your company out of business.

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Become Part of Luxury and Elite Property Business in Bali

To promote your property, team up with a reputable agent of elite property in Bali, like Kibarer agency. You can then use a site that links you with premium passengers directly. Becoming a member of a private online catalog is significantly more effective than misplaced internet ads or e-blasts, and far less expensive than pricey print advertising in glossy magazines.

You may also find out what additional services are available surrounding your business through agents and your own research. Vacationers vacationing in a luxury villa, for example, may be interested in learning that they may take a beautiful yacht out to sea during the day or even arrive in style on a private jet.

Things Your Carry-On Should Have For You To Survive A Long Flight

A long flight is such a dreading experience. When you know you are going to have a long flight, you feel like you are going for a war. You feel like you need to prepare even your mental state to face it. Of course, a long flight can be exhausting and dreading for some travelers because being confined for hours in limited space can take a toll on their body. 

eye mask for flight
Young woman smiles as she places a sleep mask on her head during a long flight. She then smiles with contentment as she relaxes on the flight.

What to put in your carry-on to survive a long flight

Flying for hours can exhaust you to another level. Being prepared is better than not because then you will be ready for the flight. Your carry-on can be your life saver for a long haul-flight if you put the right things into it. What you have in your carry-on can help you survive the dreading long flight. And here are most recommended things to put inside your carry-on:

Eye mask

This is such a life saver for a long flight because it is almost impossible for you to stay awake. You can stay awake but it will leave you with more exhausted body when arrive in your destination. Having a good rest is one of they key to survive a long flight. With eye mask, you can sleep better. You can sleep whenever without waiting for the crews to light out the cabin or waiting until your seatmate stops using their reading light. 

Noise-canceling headset or headphones

You don’t now if you are going to have a nosy, chatty seatmate for your flight. However, a noise-canceling headphone will always save you from unwanted situation. Also, you can use it with the in-flight entertainment. At least, have your ear plugs packed into your carry-on so you can rest more properly. 

Compression socks

A pair of compression socks during a long flight make the difference. It can help prevent you from experiencing bloated feet. It can help regulate your blood flow during long haul flight. Also, it is not heavy at all so even if you pack a pair or two, it won’t weigh your carry-on much. 

Sanitizing wipes

You must already know that airplane cabin, especially the tray table is one of the dirtiest places. You don’t know what kind of mess will greet you when you open it. Hence, always ready yourself with a pack of sanitizing wipes. Also, it helps a lot during a long flight when you need to clean your hands without going back and forth to the toilet. 

Food and water

You cannot just rely on the meal service in the cabin for a long flight because it can be sporadic. Also, they are not always appetizing. Hence, prepare your own foods at least something you can snack on when you feel hungry. Bring your own water bottle and fill it up after security-check. You need to stay hydrated to survive a long flight. This way, you also don’t have to keep flagging up the flight attendants to ask for water. 

Raja Ampat Diving Liveaboard, Explore The Best Dive Sites

Not only famous for expensive vacation destinations, but Raja Ampat offers extraordinary natural charm. One of the popular diving Indonesia destinations throughout the world, and you must visit it. Explore many tourist destinations and the best dive spots, then you should try the Raja Ampat Diving Liveaboard. Hoping an island with a luxury phinisi boat is a unique and challenging experience. 610 exotic island clusters and a paradise for travelers.

raja ampat diving liveaboard - exploring the best dive sites in raja ampat

Raja Ampat Diving Liveaboard Experience

What can you see while diving in Raja Ampat? The experience of Raja Ampat diving liveaboard is not only seeing coral reefs but many relics of World War II. This beautiful and exotic island is blessed with an even underwater beauty, so there will be many underwater spots for you to explore.

Exploring Cross Wreck 

This Raja Ampat diving site is 300 kilometers from Sorong. The shipwreck that ran aground in World War II offers a stunning underwater panorama. To explore the Japanese wreck, you have to dive at a depth of 18 meters. The right time to enjoy this one diving spot is recommended to do it from March to November. Raja Ampat diving liveaboard not only offers luxurious sailing trips but also opens underwater doors with spectacular views. 

Blue Magic Dive Site

underwater beauty. You can find a variety of biotas, such as barracuda, red snappers, surgeonfish, and tuna. The view of the coral reefs is an attraction that you cannot refuse as a diver. To enjoy the underwater beauty, you have to dive at a depth of 30 meters, with a fairly strong current. It takes skill and high diving experience to explore the underwater life at Blue Magic.

Shadow Reef

This Raja Ampat dive site is located in Misool, at the tip of Raja Ampat. Shadow reef or Magic mountain is known as the number one diving spot in Raja Ampat. In this spot, you can see a mound of coral that rises as high as 7 meters. The underwater charm of the shadow reed is amazing because you can watch the fish that appear when the current is entering. You can see 2 species of manta rays, namely Manta birostris and already which can be seen around the reef.

Tanjung Kri

Your Raja Ampat Diving liveaboard trip is not complete if you don’t visit Tanjung Kri. One of the leading spots of Raja Ampat has a fascinating diversity of marine life. The number of fish in this one diving spot makes the sun’s rays from the sea surface not penetrate deep into. At a depth of 1-40 meters with a visibility of 10 to 30 meters, you can find sharing fish, corals such as snapper, fusilier, sweetlips, butterflyfish, and angle fish.

Experience A Side of Myanmar Culture Through Their Best Foods

Planning on visiting Myanmar somewhere in the future? Don’t forget to plan food hunting in myanmar. They have wide selections of foods that can make you feel happy and satisfied. The locals say that Myanmar foods are tastier because they are made from the heart. It is not only about eating delicious meals but also about experiencing the side of Myanmar culture itself. 

Most recommended foods to try in Myanmar

The characteristics of Myanmar foods are flavorful, hearty, and satisfying. You can eat in the local restaurants or have your own food adventure through the street or market in Myanmar.  Either way, enjoy the full ride of culinary adventure during your visit. And here are freshly cooked, flavorful, cheap foods in Myanmar worth travelling for:


Most recommended foods to try in Myanmar

It is noodle dish with many different versions. Generally, it is a combination of fish stock, rice noodles, fish, and spices. However, the garnishes and spice mix usually vary from one region to another. For example, Arakenese Mohinga tend to be spicy and sour. Meanwhile, Mandalay Mohinga has thicker broth. Then, Yangon Mohinga is considered the best in the country. It is made from murky fish stock, rice noodles, and garnished with pork pieces, chopped cilantro, fried garlic, and slices of hard-boiled egg. 

Shan Khauk Swe

This is another noodle dish from Myanmar. This hearty meal is made from rice noodles mixed with chicken or pork cooked with sauteed vegetables. Another ultimate ingredient is also added called mohnyin tjin. It is special mix of carrots, mustard greens and some vegetables which are fermented in rice wine. This noodle dish has clear broth and usually topped with pork crackling or fried Shan tofu. You can find this dish in various food stall and restaurant in Yangon. 

Chicken See Pyan

Chicken See Pyan

It is Myanmar version of chicken curry. It is a  well-known and beloved home-cooked meal usually served with rice. See Pyan refers to chicken fat. It slowly separates from the meat as the chicken cooks. Then, it is poured over rice. The ingredients to make this curry are garlic, onions, ginger, and cinnamon without adding coconut oil and spice mix unlike other curries. 


It is Myanmar snack love by many. The process of to make this glutinous rice snack take a community to finish. This snack is usually made during the full moon of Tabodwe which usually falls in February. This snack is part of religious offering to Buddha after the rice harvest. Htamane festival in Myanmar is one of the biggest celebration. Htamane is made from glutinous rice mixed with water, coconut, sesame seed, peanuts, and cooking oil. The movement to stir the thickening Htamane should be coordinate between the teams. 

Other recommended Myanmar foods to try

There are many other foods in Myanmar that are iconic and tasty. You may be interested to try Shwe Yin Aye (popular dessert from coconut milk), A Kyaw Sone (Myanmar fried vegetables fritters), Ohn no Khao Swe (coconut milk chicken curry), Laphet (dish made from fermented tea leaf), or Ngapi (Myanmar all-around condiment). 

Renting Out Your Property in Bali Benoa: 5 Tips to Do It Better

Owning a holiday villa in Bali can be an attractive option of investment, especially if you own one in Benoa Bay. Located in a quiet enclave, this coastal area is famous as the land of high-end resorts, stark white beaches, and thrilling water sports operations. It’s a perfect place in Bali to enjoy a calming and relaxing holiday. Before you rushed on buying a property in Bali Benoa for your second income, read on this tips. 

Renting Out Your Property in Bali Benoa- 5 Tips to Do It Better

Carefully Selecting Property in Bali Benoa to Buy

Know your consumer and know your product – two business golden standards that also apply to vacation rentals. Consider your reasons to buy property in Bali Benoa and choose one that align with your purpose. Eliminates houses by the budget and choose one that you can afford. Along with that, buy a house in Benoa that you’ll actually enjoy vacationing here. This will allow you to determine whether the rent you’re charging is reasonable, and it will also allow you to use the home while it’s not inhabited.

Make Your Property Stands Out from Ordinary

The appearance of a property is just as significant as its location. Properties that are quirky, lavishly luxurious, or social-media ready tend to be more popular. If you live in a typical, modern three-bedroom semi, it’s only natural that you’d want to rent somewhere different for your vacation. Log cabins, charming coastal cottages, ultra-modern five-star residences, and anything unusual stand out and draw attention. You will draw a consistent stream of visitors if you price it correctly. However, don’t give up hope if your property is fairly generic. Guests don’t mind if it’s located next to a lovely beach or a few minutes’ walk from a major attraction around Benoa Bay or Nusa Dua. 

Do Not Personalise Your Property Too Much

Do Not Personalise Your Property Too Much

Because the villa will not be your main home, be careful not to over-personalize it. Have a “theme” if you want to, such as coastal shabby chic, but stay away from anything too specific or you’ll limit your potential audience. This can be seen in too cluttered decorations, ‘loud’ colors, and unfashionable décor.

Neutral colors and simple yet comfortable furniture are your best bets. Prepare to replace sofas and beds every 3-5 years, as they may experience more wear and strain than a longer-term rental. Avoid light-colored sofas and furnishings, since they will require more frequent cleaning to maintain their appearance.

Equip Your Kitchen with Cooking Essentials

When guests go on vacation, they anticipate all of the modern conveniences. Dinnerware, cookware, pots, pans, cutlery, glasses, and other kitchen essentials should be well-stocked. White goods such as dishwashers and other white goods are required. Invest in an appliance repair policy so that if anything goes wrong, you can get it mended as soon as possible. By all means, guest love it when they can cook during their vacation in Bali. Especially if they are staying for long term. 

Do Not Neglect the Outdoor Spaces

Don’t forget about the outdoors. Guests on vacation love a pleasant garden to relax and unwind in on a hot summer evening in Bali. Set a garden table and chairs, and make sure the space is well-kept and planted. A gas or charcoal grill is a useful addition, but remember to clean it regularly. Consider supplying beach toys, such as buckets and spades, loungers, and beach umbrellas, for beachfront residences. In a nutshell, everything that can attract visitors and distinguish your house from others is a worthwhile investment.

Do Not Neglect the Outdoor Spaces

Live in Your Own Property Bali Benoa 

To get thorough understandings about your own property, try to live there for few weeks. For example, you can conduct deeper investigations about issues in the villa, which occasional spot inspections might fail to uncover. There are numerous things you might only notice after living there for a while, such as the water boiler needing re-pressurising, the dishwasher smelling, or a problem with a neighboring property. It’s a wonderful excuse for a relaxing long weekend away, and you can pretend to be at work when you sleep in.

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Take Advantage of Your Local Knowledge  

When you own a villa by yourself, you have a significant advantage over a vacation rental company. You’re familiar with the location, the major attractions, and how to make the most of a vacation there. Apply your knowledge to give the last touch to your Bali Benoa property. You can keep essential items like beach equipment and children’s toys in the house and allow guests to use them, as well as leave holiday suggestions based on your own experience. Pass on whatever you’ve learned. This will make your tenants feel at comfortable and enhance the likelihood of recommendations and re-bookings, resulting in a consistent annual income.