8 Excuses Why You Need A Boat Charter Komodo

Komodo National Park continues to be one of the most popular destination in South East Asia and more tourists were charmed with its outlandish beauty. Unlike other National Park in the country, Komodo National Park is not a single destination. The adventures are spread on both underwater and on more than 20 islands above the water. It’s not only about the big stompy Komodo dragon, but also hundred miles of coral gardens, manta rays, turtles, flowing hills, and certain peaks where you can see the whole parks panorama that’s certainly takes your breath away.  And such adventure needs a special boat to take you to all destination.

Taking a shared liveaboard is the most popular practice in Labuan Bajo, Komodo’s one and only port town. But sometimes we all want to have everything to ourself. And that’s okay, because you can rent a boat charter Komodo exclusively for your own. Here are few excuses as why we think you’d need a private boat to sail around Komodo.

8 Excuses Why You Need A Boat Charter Komodo

Why You’d Need a Boat Charter Komodo

You are a party animal

Well, well. Always need a little space for your own frantic, don’t you? Provided with amazing scenery and total remoteness, Komodo is perfect to launch a party. A loud party without bothering anyone in the neighbourhood, if you wish. Just don’t forget to not lit fireworks or any other fire-inducing activities that can set the whole park in fire (the savannah-covered hills are highly flammable, you know.

You are on honeymoon

Suddenly the world fells like it is just for the two of you. Nothing is as important as the presence of your better half. Naturally, you want to dwell to the indulgence of Komodo’s alluring beauty just with your partner. No one wants to be disturbed by a bunch of overexcited youngsters when you are in honeymoon. Luckily, there are some boat charter Komodo exclusively made for couples—so you can pretend to own the whole world for few days.

You are on pre-wedding photoshoot

With Komodo’s surreal scenery, multicoloured beaches, undulating hills, and certain prehistoric vibe, it’s not surprising to have many couples come for pre-wedding shoots. And as you know, pre-wedding photography needs some space for its prep. Like, a LOT of space—for the gowns, camera gears, props, and the pre-wedding crews themselves.

You are taking an extended family trip

For the love of everything holy, let’s keep our (nosy) family celebration for ourself. Other non-relative passengers don’t have to hear loud loughs from your uncles nor volunteering to keep your nieces from jumping off the boat. You definitely need a boat charter Komodo for that.

You are having a sweet reunion trip

Sometimes, we have that one gang that we’d love to go on a trip together. Like your girls gang or the boys from sorority school. Isn’t it delightful to finally have a long gateway only with your closest friends before going back to reality?

You are a part of a dive club

Some people are crazy about diving and dive clubs is the only social community that can fill the gap in their soul. Naturally, a dive club would love to have a diving trip with their cherished members—and taking a private liveaboard seems like a logical answer.

You are on an office outing

Unless your office comprises of three to five people, you definitely need a boat charter Komodo to launch an exciting sailing outing. There are enough people to fill the maximum capacity of the liveaboard, and the outing will definitely make use the boat’s space to have a rowdy “team-building” games, too. Just like family, better keep your office business to yourself.

Because you can

Yes. Because you don’t have to be a Crazy Rich Asian to hire a whole Komodo liveaboard for yourself, whatever the reason is.