Amazing Natural Wonders In Bali To Be In Your Bucket List

There is no one who can argue of how beautiful Bali is. It is one of the most wonderful and lovely place on earth. No wonder many people from around the world put Bali in their bucket list. In fact, those who have visited Bali admit they want to go again when they have the opportunity to. Not only full of natural wonders, Bali also consists of centuries-old manmade marvels that deserve proper appreciation. And here are several natural wonders in Bali that should be put in your bucket list for your next travel plan:

view from the Mount Batur at sunrise in the morning

Kintamani and Mount Batur

These are such a great place for those who love to indulge in more extreme adventure. Kintamani offers one of the best panoramic mountain viewpoints on the island. You will get to see the active Batur volcano as well as caldera lake from the viewpoints. You can also enjoy them from different angle by heading to the ridge of Penelokan. The contrast between green forest and dark volcanic ash only adds to the wonder that the nature gift us.

Nusa Lembongan

For you who like to have underwater adventure, visiting Nusa Lembongan is a must when you travel to Bali. This is a great way to get an offshore experience since this place is filled with beauty. This place offers crystal clear water that is just perfect for diving or snorkeling. There are many great places for sightseeing marine life including Manta Point, Crystal Bay, Toya Pakeh, etc. By exploring the underwater of Nusa Lembongan, you will get to see and observe sunfish, sea turtles, mantas, and other marine lives. 

Bali’s waterfalls

Aside from beaches, Bali also has plenty of waterfalls since they are surrounded by mountains. The best thing about Bali’s waterfalls is that they are located in more remote areas. Hence, it is best to visit them especially when you aim for serenity and tranquility during your getaway. Surrounded by dense jungles, these waterfalls are cascaded with clear water originated from the mountain. Not to mention that the trek to waterfalls are so worth all the exhaustion you may experience. 

Some of the most popular and worth-mentioning waterfalls in Bali include Singsing and Gitgit which are located in the west area of the island. If you head to the north, you also get to visit Yeh Sanih, the cool springs of Bali. Heading to the central west of Bali, you can visit Blahmantung falls situated in the Tabanan regency. 

Menjangan Island

Another underwater adventure you can experience is located in Menjangan Island. This is such a great place to explore and observe marine life. Not to mention that the water offers great visibility for you to fully enjoy your underwater expedition. The coral reefs are well-taken care of and pristine. This is one of the most recommended snorkeling sites by the locals. While having an adventure in Menjangan Island, you can also pay a visit to Bali’s National Park that hosts the original endemic habitat of the Bali Myna, or Bali Starling.