Bali Tattoo Studio – Why Are There Many Tattoo Places in Canggu?

When you’re looking for Bali tattoo studio to get inked on the island it’s inevitable that you’re going to come across Canggu as a place where many studios or parlors are located. Canggu Bali tattoo has now undoubtedly become a favorite place for many tattoo artists opening up their tattoo shops. The Bali-based tattoo artists are not just from Indonesia, but all over the world as well. But what makes Canggu so interesting? 

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Bali tattoo studio Canggu as a new and upcoming destination 

Canggu is a small coastal village that you can easily reach from Seminyak. From the main Sunset Road, it takes only approximately 10 to 15 minutes to reach either by scooter or car. Unlike the overly crowded Kuta and Legian or the upscale Seminyak with its many boutiques, Canggu is so much more laid-back. Many have mentioned that Canggu is so reminiscence of Bali of the old days. This charm of Canggu and its surrounding areas make the place a trendy destinations for those who travel to Bali and seek for less touristy alternatives. 

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Canggu Bali tattoo 

Tattoo artists from all over the world go to Canggu Bali tattoo and establish their own Bali tattoo studio. If you do your research well, you’ll find several established Australian owned tattoo shops Bali that maintains the tattoo standards and hygiene like how it is back home. Aside from Canggu, many tattoo shops can be found in Bali tattoo Seminyak as well. Sure Bali tattoo risks exist but just like in any place where you’re traveling for a tattoo, as long as you protect yourself and conduct your due research, chances are you’re going to be fine. 

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Finding professional Bali tattoo studio in Canggu 

Sure Canggu has a lot of tattoo places. But are those places really run by professional tattoo artist Bali or are they the same as those shady tattoo places in Kuta and Legian? So far from our observation, most of the tattoo studio Bali we saw in Canggu are beautiful studios run by professionals in the industry, far from the cheap, quick-cash image some tattoo parlors in Kuta seemed to perpetuate. However, just like when you’re considering to get a tattoo back home, make sure to always do your due research. 

How to find the best studio tattoo in Bali 

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Researching before you make any tattoo deposit should always be a prerequisite whenever you’ve decided to get a tattoo; whether it’s your first time or your many times getting one. Do this after you browse Bali tattoo designs inspirations. It’s always wise to be on the side of cautions rather than feeling sorry for yourself later on. And the best way to go about this is to research!

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As someone who wants to get inked, what can you do? 

  • Find your tattoo artists. Just like when you’re going to tattoo anywhere, find the ones whose style and portfolio speak to you. 
  • Meet your tattoo artist before you strike a deal. 
  • Go to the Bali tattoo studio before you make any kind of deposit or say yes to any deal. Being present in the tattoo studio in person is something invaluable that will help you decide whether a tattoo place is worth your investment or not.