Best Travel Destinations for Backpacking around the World

Backpacking is fun and challenging especially for travelers who like adventure and thrill. Backpacking is also good idea for budget travelers and has become a great alternative. Backpackers have their own criteria of what type of travel destinations they like. Some of them like relaxing places, some others like thrilling destination. However, there are certain characteristics of ideal travel destinations for backpacking such as the availability of hostels, transportation with low budget, affordable dining, and affordable tourist attractions. Those are main criteria in which backpackers look for great travel destinations. Here are some places around the world which consider as the best travel destinations for backpacking:

  • Nicaragua, specifically San Juan del Sur is a great travel destination for backpackers located in Central America. The tourism development in this place has not been too high. That is why this is rather view as new hot spot for most tourists. In the country, it might be one of the more expensive destinations. However, the standard is still affordable even for backpackers. There are many things to enjoy include secluded beaches, volcanic peaks, as well as pristine islands. You can explore the region using chicken buses, a local transportation.
  • Indonesia is great travel destination for backpacking. There are many laces you can choose to explore such as Bali, Yogyakarta, or Bandung. Those regions have their own charm and tourist attractions. Besides, the transportation and accommodation in Indonesia are considered affordable for backpackers. There are many options to stay while backpacking such as hostel, homestay, guesthouse, etc. The foods are also cheap so you don’t have to worry about your meals. Things to enjoy while travelling to Indonesia are waterfalls, secluded beaches, volcanic lakes, and many more.
  • Vietnam has been one of the most visited places by backpackers, specifically Hoi An. It qualifies as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The food and accommodation in this place are affordable. The foods are varied, delicious, and cheap. You can even try sample pastries while strolling around the city. It is highly recommended to explore the place on foot since the distance is reachable.
  • Ecuador has many cities to explore and suitable for backpackers. Recommended places to visit while backpacking to Ecuador are Quito and Guayaquil. In Quito, you can visit the Mitad del Mundo equatorial exhibit. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the 16th-century architecture in Guayaquil. The landscape and attractions are in wide variety so you can explore. Besides, the accommodation and transportation within the country are affordable.
  • Western Canada is also a great place to visit for backpacking.  This is where you can enjoy spectacular scenery in Canadian National Parks. You can do many activities which always preferred by backpackers such as camping, hiking, etc. There are many parks you can visit and explore such as Yoho, Jasper, Banff, Kootenay, etc. However, the attraction is not only relied on the wild because you can also explore the city parts where affordable accommodation is available. Recommended cities to explore are Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.