Find Out Best Country for Travelling Alone

Travelling solo is not a big problem but it’s should need consideration as well. Safety comes first for everything includes travel. If you have had a plan to travel overseas alone, you need to find out first best country for travelling alone. There are many countries you can visit for travelling. The thrill to travel alone overseas might trigger your desire to do it immediately. However, preparation won’t hurt. You need to fully aware of what kind of country you are going to visit before going there.

Recommended Best country for travelling alone

Some people who travel alone like to visit countryside, a real wildlife, or smart city. You can decide what kind of destination you want to be. You can either the most secluded places or vice versa. If you have no idea which country to visit when you are travelling solo then here are some recommendation for the best countries to travel alone:

  • Indonesia comes as one of the best countries for travelling solo. This is the place where you can find the infamous Gods of Islands, Bali. This place offers the captivating island along with original culture that the local people maintain. Aside from the nature beauty, there are also others captivating spots like ancient temple, and many more. This is also the cheapest of all countries to visit so you won’t need to spend much money.
  • Italy is the next recommended country for travelling alone. This is safe country to visit and there are beautiful spots you can enjoy. Aside from the natural charms, Italy also offers the best wine you can enjoy along with delicious local foods. This is the most sought destination for travelling, especially those who want to travel alone.
  • Next best country for travelling alone is France. This romantic country has been famous for local cuisine as well as captivating tourism spots. The infamous Eiffel tower is the most wanted spots to visit especially during night. Lots of tourists spend their night around Eiffel tower to feel the sensation. France is the place where you want to find intrigue and ancient spots.
  • Thailand comes as one of the best countries you can visit for travelling solo. There are many cities in this country you can pay a visit. This country consists of many ancients building and spots. Buddhist attraction with defensive walls were built long since 13th century.
  • New York City in the United State is your recommended place to visit alone. You can explore the streets of Manhattan alone. You will find lots of iconic landmarks. For you who are museum lover, you will find the best museums in the city. Don’t forget to pay Central Park a visit to find the fun of crowded people.

You can experience fascinating ride by going solo for your next travel. Travelling alone isn’t always lonely. With this chance, you will be able to experience self-discovery and eye –opening moments. Your passions will be fed well. So choose the best country for travelling alone now.